Wisam Sharieff – Day Of Arafah – Hajj 2018 Vlog Day 8

Wisam Sharieff
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What anti moral Hanjo more than

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the Day of Arafah

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Peace be upon you around you and make peace emanate in all that you do. Welcome to day eight in the middle of a stand storm and some lightning up here.

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John nothing there.

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It's with expands beyond the heavens and the earth. So basically Allah subhana was honest trying to explain to us that Jana, that paradise is something that is beyond human comprehension. It's something that we can't really imagined. And there's a Headies Bootsy in which the prophets are suddenly he says that Allah subhanho wa Taala says regarding Jana, Jihad mana even in Jana, there are those things that no eye has ever seen before. So imagine the absolute most beautiful thing you've ever seen in your life. Jana has something that's infinitely more beautiful than that. What that was on on Semia. Right? no ear has ever heard the sound before. So they say imagine the most

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beautiful voice you've ever heard before, or the most beautiful music you've ever enjoyed before. Jana has something that's infinitely more better than that.

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It has those things that have not even crossed the minds of mankind, Allah hood and this amazing, unimaginable place or

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it has been prepared for the people.

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And then Allah mentioned

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the first of the buses are headed out.

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The first of the buses are headed out to Ottawa. It is 3:30am

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and I got great sleep. It's hard to believe right? Got wonderful refreshing sleep. There are the VIP bathrooms and then there's that everybody bathrooms.

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I'm going to the everybody bathrooms

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gives you new definition to the word hole in the wall

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to law and welcome to the eighth

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day of Aqua,

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Terra, it doesn't have to be financial charity can be anyone.

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Any good deed.

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Right, every single good deed is an act of charity, even smiling at the face of your right this is all charity, it's all part of generosity.

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Post would do

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on the day of

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about 4am. This is the gym rock building.

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I understand that we've had an amazing ride together. And I feel like I've illustrated that joy and happiness can there's so many opportunities for them. There are enormous amounts of opportunities for them. But today on the day of Autozone for every day that we Westerners are, let's say those who are on YouTube or who are viewing this now for every time that we would laugh out loud today. Out Loud. How about a moment of reflection within to smile within every time that you would laugh out loud today. I'd like you to smile within with a moment of reflection, a moment of remembrance. And I know it's tough to think about but a moment of silence. Stillness, purposefulness, wholeness, that

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feeling you get as I pull upon these strings of the heart, and you hear these words and you're like, they feel like more than words. So today if you would take a moment, not solely of silence, but to smile within

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entering a state after Whoo, do you want to maintain at least I do personally want to maintain a feeling of respect, a feeling of dignity, the laughing the joking, which there plenty of room for

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they don't seem so well placed here. So let's take a moment and find a single breath so that we can write it out.

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love bacon law Humala bake love bacon Sharika

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in Alhambra, one near Mata laka one mole Na, Cherie ganache.

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Love a con loll Munna bake bake Allah said he gonna cut up very in Alhambra one year much like one motor

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vehicle along

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a narrow matter that guy was more

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chatty guide I love bake along my lab bake, bake

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bake in Alhambra, one near Mata like our molk luxury garlic

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the Ioh K experience is about making the hard decisions even when you don't want to use the wheelchair. You got to follow your mirror making the hard decisions Muhammad man I know you want to walk

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forgive me but we need to just pick it up

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take a look

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at the gun

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one year

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God I love bank along my eBay love bank

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Jedi gonna kind of vague in

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there we go

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this is my first time taking the train to Allah and obey the bagel journey Ghana Ghana

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one near mother

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law surely new experiences first time here must be Allahu La La who were in a walk down this area take the train for the first time get out of on keep that state of mind one moment at a time

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care Bay

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Bay Bay gonna ready good.

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We had

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one yeah

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love Very good. Shirdi gonna gonna bake in under one year muda Leko and more.

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Surely you gonna know bake

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bake love bacon

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in under one. I hope you enjoyed please subscribe and continue spreading your joy

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