Wisam Sharieff – Completing 4 Pages of Quran in One Day

Wisam Sharieff
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses their progress on a project, including completing 49 pages and finishing 40 pages a day, as well as a long process of counting up to 15 words on a page. They emphasize the importance of memorizing words and keeping up with the process. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of not overestimating the length of time it takes to make a page and mentions a video about a coffee drink. They also discuss the idea of contract law, including witnessing and staying at home during busy days, and express anxiety about going to a bar visit.
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blouse here doing his thing. I don't think you'll mind be go for blouse in there. I think we did something that even we thought, oh, how are we going to do belcarra Now we're at the end of 49 pages. And I think it's an a tremendous blessing from Allah subhanaw taala. I wanted to share it with you guys as salaam alaikum. Guys, we are at the tail end here. If you're checking out with us, you've probably been with us for most of the journey. So just want to give you a quick start here we started in at the beginning of Surah Fatiha and yes, anyone could say they finished five pages, 10 pages, 15 pages, 20 pages we finished pages to when they finish a juice and a half with a pin it

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finished 40 pages when they finish the whole second juice. Yep. Now there was the last nine pages to finish Surah buckler. So this is the beginning of the third section, third chapter, third barrages. And we finished finished and we went hard, but we had to hit almost a plateau of three pages a day. And we've kind of broke four pages once but then went a little kooky the next day, yesterday, we came in and finished four and we started late. Oh, we should all know the story about that one. But we can catch that one. We came in below spent an extra hour setting up on top of after I came. And then I sat down and recorded for 15 minutes and later on the 15 minutes that I have to stop. I'm

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going to I'm going to vomit like my head is splitting. I need 30 minutes below and I came back two hours later. I don't know whether it's because he's nursing a pregnant wife. But he took really nice care. And he what he didn't push me I literally for two hours fought the headache. Then just got up at 234 and said, Let's go. And then we didn't stop straight four pages. So then we came in and I thought I would be groggy, my voice would be tired, I would be overwhelmed. But we just cracked five pages today. We started on five pages. And then at four Bilaal came in he goes, What are you doing? What? What, you know, what shortcuts are you're taking? And here's the truth, I'd love to say that I

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have super skills and that we just, you know, we shrunk time. But here's the reality friends, here's a page that we did, can you you can visually see it. I know you can lean football in Lavina, Ocasio feasability law, do you see how enormous these words are? 1234. Okay, so that's explains four words, maybe five words to a page. Now if I bring you back to the days where we were barely making three and we were exhausted? I'll cut you back here. How many words? How many words on a page, how many words on a line 1234567. And you essentially double. So with all due respect, when we pull a case, I can memorize a page a day, just know that this smile is looking right through here. Because what's a

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page a day a page a day of what? You know it, there's so much relativity to this. So I want you to get comfortable with I can memorize 15 lines. And maybe tomorrow, it's gonna be a little tough, but I like the idea that you can do it consistently. And now we are on that long stretch where the ideas are big, but the words are enormous, enormous. Right? Like, look, guys, look at the scene, this scene is bigger than the word. And what does that mean? That just means that these were longer words and I and they wanted to fit the 15 lines per page. But look at the mastery. We were talking about it below the nine. Yes, this is all amazing math. But imagine one extra word would throw off the

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largest ayah in the Quran. I have 282 Yeah, you are living ama no either. That die young, don't be deigning. Illa agilan Musa Manufaktur. Boo. And the amazing process is below this is an entire idea of contract law. One idea about contract law. It's not poetic or beautiful. I mean, it's a hard core. If you're going to do this type of transaction, then you have witnesses and then this happens. And then that happens. If you're traveling. If someone forgets, make sure if you're a witness, don't double cross anyone. It's like every scenario that a human could go through. But look at that. They fit it perfectly on one page. And that is it, my friend, the end of Surah Bacala. These last two

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verses as per the Islamic belief were not revealed in this world, all of this angel through a prophet MCCA you know that stuff sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, these last two verses

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from a treasure chest between beneath the throne of God. Take your time with that. If we if we believe in smug for three hours in a Lord of the Rings movie, why not fathom the reality that these two verses were gifted to mankind? From a treasure chest between beanie

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The throne of God to me it's it's very powerful just to say so I thought we would share that all when you guys see the videos and like oh we're all bubbly yesterday splitting migraine with nausea still got four pages 100 a lot and that just shows friends you belong could have called it out like oh man what is this? I'm waiting here I'm gonna go take a break, go do jujitsu he sat on the clock he sat on a two hour timer just waiting. Okay My talent is sick, what do I do not give up and he took it till the end so I feel like there's so many lessons to be learned here. And just to throw it in if anyone saw yesterday's Instagram, I drove to lifetime This was before we started and Bilal

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said we need the black table. So I drove to lifetime Park walked inside and then walked out and I made an Instagram and it looked like I had worked out for an hour but no joke I parked walked inside so hello to the receptionist, looked at my phone walked around the reception table came outside I was like is this deceitful to make a YouTube didn't make an Instagram but yeah, that's where I started my day lifetime except only for four minutes. So with a pretty Hocus Pocus, Instagram real workout and migraine for two hours. We are here I give us access to all of us and me a part of this Baraka go to Baby Baby below was coming soon. I said I want to like I thought What about your

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feeling? What's your take? I'm just surviving allergies, bro.

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This hotel is not allergy friendly. This specific. Our new studio was not hypoallergenic. No Bill, I went to Starbucks and ordered some medicine ball on off the menu medicine ball, which was like two three tea leaves and it worked. Then he was like, I'm gonna go get another one. And he came back and he's like, they're gone. I'm like, How is the stuff from the secret menu gone? How many people ordered it? But it turned out one of the sachets to make it had been used and sold without kickback without a medicine. That's it on my side guys. A little bit of brain fry because I'm coming up on five pages. So I feel like I should say one minute don't feel oh, in the middle of my speech. But I

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think you guys are ready. Tomorrow's a big day. If you catch this before October 12. Tomorrow we will be broadcasting live. The last page of SORBA see you guys tomorrow. Solomonic

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