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Juz’ 15: Al-Isra’ – Al-Kahf 1-74

Al-Isra’ 44-111

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To build a house similar to several urban woman fee when the seven heavens and the earth and whatever is in them exalts a law, it does the speed of Allah. So what should we do?

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We should also do the speed of Allah. The best speech is to do the Quran, Allah, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was asked as to which words were the best, he said, Those which Allah has chosen for his angels, and his servants, what are those words Subhan Allah, He will be handy, he

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also returned in a Hadees that when the Prophet knew her and his son was near his death, he said to his son, let me advise you, I'm going to give you some piece of advice. And among the things he said was, keep saying, Subhana Allah He will be hungry, he for it is the prayer of everything. Subhana Allah, He will become the is the prayer of everything. And by it the creation is given provision.

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Meaning when the says upon Allah behind the either provided, so whoever wants provision, money, then what should they say they should increase in their the spirit of Subhana Allah He will be handy he and the two words two statements which are light on the tongue but heavy in the scale, what are they supposed Allah He will be hemby soprano la hittar Aleem, and you see in the month of Ramadan, when you can't be munching on your chips, right or your granola or your nuts or your snacks, but the mouth needs to move. Right? So engage in the vicar of Allah develop this habit now, busy yourself with things upon Allah, He will become the soprano lie behind the soprano line earlier and there's

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different versions of this. And there is not a thing except that it exalts Allah by his praise, but you do not understand their way of exalting. You don't know how they do the spirit, but they're doing it indeed he is ever forbearing and forgiving. And when you recite the Quran, we put between you and those who do not believe in the hereafter a concealed partition or barrier. So what is being recited doesn't reach them.

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This upon Allah He will be having the 10 times quietly, quietly, yourselves.

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And we have placed over their hearts coverings lest they understand it, and in their ears is deafness. So even though they hear they do not really take in what they have heard. And when you mention your Lord alone in the Quran, they turn back in a version they're disgusted. They don't like the contents of the Quran, we are most knowing of how they listen to it when they listen to you, and of when they are in private conversation. And this is something that we need to think about. Allah knows how we are listening to the Quran, when we are apparently listening to it. So for example, in Sinatra, we're as we're standing and listening, Allah knows how well we are listening. So watch your

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thoughts. Don't drift away. I mean, it's natural it will happen. But bring yourself back, bring yourself back again and again. And listen more and more attentively. When the wrongdoer say you follow not but a man affected by magic, look, how the strike for you comparisons, but they have strayed, look at the examples that they give about you the descriptions that they give about you. And when they do that, in reality, they have strayed, so they cannot find a way and they say, when we are bones and crumbled particles, will we truly be resurrected as a new creation? Say be you stones or iron, or any creation of that which is great within your heart? resurrection is real. It

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doesn't matter what your body turns into, after you die, Allah will resurrect you and they will say, who will restore us say he who brought you for the first time a law then they will knock their heads toward you and say when is that say perhaps it will be soon on the day he will call you and you will respond with praise of him and think that you have not remained in the world except for a little while. polarie bediako Lottie here our son, and tell my servants to say that which is best, meaning whenever they speak, whenever they open their mouth, what should they say?

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allottee here accent Isn't this amazing? This message is coming over and over again in the Quran. Do you remember the first Jews?

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Remember the first Jews were kulula nasty. Hasina. And again, the akula t Yes. And they should say good words, even when angry, even when irritated, upset, tired, sleepy, cranky, whatever it may be, but say that which is good. Why? Because indeed child porn induces dissension among them meeting shape on causes facade how through our words through our speech, so say what is good

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indeed, chatline is ever too much.

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unkind, a clear enemy, meaning he tries to make us earn through our speech also.

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I mean, when it comes to food treatment likes to have a share of that, right? Everything that we do shaytan wants to have a sharing that where then can we put down our cart? Even with respect to the tongue, how can we be relaxed, we have to think about what we say here what we say,

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your Lord is most knowing of you, if you will, he will have mercy upon you, or if you will, He will punish you. And we have not sent you a profit over them as a manager, and your Lord is most knowing of whoever is in the heavens and the earth. And we have made some of the profits exceed others in various ways. And to David, we gave the book of the Buddha, say, invoke those whom you have claimed as Gods besides Him, for they do not possess the ability for removal of adversity from you, or for its transfer to someone else who can remove it. Only Allah, those whom they invoke, those whom they invoke, meaning the people or the beings or the angels, that people worship they call upon for help.

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Who are they in reality, they themselves are invoking Allah, unless as they seek means of access to their Lord, striving as to which of them would be nearest, and they hope for his mercy and fear his punishment, indeed, the punishment of your Lord is ever feared. So would you ask a beggar to help you? Would we ever ask a beggar to help you a person who's needed themselves to help us know? Who is it that we asked the one who can actually help? And who is he only Allah, and there is no city, but that we will destroy it before the Day of Resurrection or punish it with a severe punishment, meaning no one's going to survive in this world forever. Each is going to meet the consequence of

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its deeds that has ever been in the register inscribed, and nothing has prevented us from sending signs except that the former people denied them. And we gave them all the she camel as a visible sign, but they wronged her. And we send not the signs except as a warning, because the machine demanded miracles. So why isn't it that the miracles were sent? Because people don't learn from miracles. And remember, when we told you indeed, your Lord has encompassed the people, and we did not make the site, and this is referring to the Islamic Lodge, which we showed you, except as a trial for the people, as was the occur stream mentioned in the Quran, also a trial for the people,

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and we threatened them, but it increases them not accepting great transgression. What if Colin Miller equitas, Julie Adam fosatu, and mentioned when we said to the angels Prostrate to Adam, and they prostrated except for Iblees? He said, should I prostrate to one whom you created from clay? At least said, Do you see this one? Do you see this one whom you have honored above me, as it pleases saying, Oh Allah, this man, Adam is even deserving of the such that that you've ordered me to do to him? If you delay me until the Day of Resurrection, I will surely destroy his descendants except for a few. So what did Chaplin say?

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That I will definitely sees men. And who else? Who else

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is children,

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I will surely destroy his descendants, the Atlantic Canada, the reata, who has children, which means a chip on was not just after Adam, he's after Who? Every single one of us and it means that every person who will be born chalon will be after them.

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Since the time that they are little, since the time that they are little, which is why we learned that when a child is born, what does one do? smacks him boxing. This is how much he hates human beings. How does he welcome a baby in this world by poking him by hurting the baby. This is how much he hates us. But we don't take him as an enemy. We forget that he is our enemy. And this also shows to us that shaitan does not leave anybody, even children. Meaning he's after children also, once even remotely lower anyone. He was in the marketplace and he passed by a small girl who was singing, right she was singing and like moving her body. And it almost said if shaylen had left anyone he

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would have left this girl

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you know it's amazing little children who've never seen music and dancing and you know such videos or anything like this in real life. What happens to them when they hear music the first time

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it's like they're attracted to it right. And not just that dancing. Such a huge fitna man.

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Little children, it's amazing because she doesn't leave them either. So never think that children are safe from shape lon.

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As much as headline is after you is also after little kids two year olds, three year olds 5671 every

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human being is under attack from shavon. So as older siblings, as parents, as adults, we need to be concerned about children protecting them from shaitan. Also, and we protect them not just by saying to us and saying it like 20 times. All right? Yes, that is essential that is important of God, we have to say, for the purpose of protection, but in addition to that, we also need to see what they are reading, what they're listening to, who they're playing with, what they're talking about how they're interacting with each other, what part of their body, are they touching, what they're thinking about, you know,

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engage with them and guide them. Many times, children are ignored. You know, for example, there's a party somewhere and all the kids are in the basement playing all the kids and just shut the doors. If the noise doesn't come. I never send my kids to such places never ever, I'd rather they be antisocial. Then they go to such places and where there's no supervision. And I don't know what they can hear what they can see or what somebody can do to them. What somebody could do to them.

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You know, My son is only five years old.

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I don't know where I have no idea where somebody said to him

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pointing their middle finger. This is a bad word.

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Can you imagine?

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Any? It shocked me? It scared me scared me that this is a child who's probably never heard that word. I don't know where he learned it where he picked it up. Who said I asked him he said one of the kids that he plays with. And I thought this kid comes from, you know, a family where there are concerned about a laugh, and you know, and and such things, and I'm sure they are. But the thing is that we have to be extra careful about children now because a fifth night is great. It is great. Never think that your children are safe from shape on as you you know, check yourself what you're watching on TV, you switch channels. Likewise, just because it's a cartoon, don't leave it on.

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Don't leave it on just because it's a cartoon, it could be teaching them worse things.

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So be very careful because Chevron is after each and every one of them. Each and every one of us.

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Allah, Allah said go, for whoever have them follows you. Indeed, hell will be the recompense of you and ample Recompense. What steps is minister Tata Minh home basaltic and inside to senselessness sense, meaning drive them crazy, crazy, so that they just they're blindly following you. You're leading them astray. And they don't even think about what they're doing, what they're seeing, how they're acting, how they're behaving. They've gone mad, literally in obedience to you. And this is what happens when a person becomes a slave to a pawn. He can say a string of curse words, and he doesn't even feel it. He doesn't even feel that it was something bad.

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So what steps is minister thought I mean, home basaltic and inside to madness to senselessness, whoever you can among them with your voice? And what happens when people are listening to music? Why is it that they scream?

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Why do they scream so much? And it's as if they cannot help but move their body? What happens in concerts? Would you say that this is a sensible crowd? Hmm. Would you call that a sensible crowd

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and assault them with your horses and foot soldiers, meaning literally race in order to attack them use forces, use forces don't just do it alone. have others with you, to attack people to mislead them and become a partner share their wealth and their children share their wealth and their children. Remember, our food also is not safe from shavon you have to say Bismillah even when it comes to making money, we have to do it in the right in the Hillel permissible way and share their children how sad that a mother gives birth to her child, she raises the child she suffers so much for the sake of her child and at the end, her child is a slave to shape on

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this believer in Allah are more obedient to shape on than he is obedient to Allah, what a big loss.

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And we have to start young we have to start when children are young because generally it is said oh kids are little talking. when they're older that then we'll teach them what Salah is and who Allah is and who the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is. No, it starts from a young age. It doesn't mean we frighten them. And we scare them and we threaten them all the time. Don't do it with love. Teach them what they need to know. And promise them promise them but shavon does not promised them except delusion, meaning his promises. There is no reality to them.

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The prophets Allah loves them said that the bell is the musical instrument of champon.

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You know, like these

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wind chimes in times we have them outside our house.

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So, bell is one of the musical instruments of shape pawn off shape on it's an instrument of shape on. Why? Because when you're listening to it, are you going to say soprano law you would be handy?

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Are you going to say that? Know what happens on the slightest sound of music? It's as if people cannot help control their bodies. The body just starts shaking. This is agelessness laferla. In there eba de la sala, Karla himself on shavon has the freedom to lead ministry. But can he lead everybody astray? No. Allah says My servants, there is for you. no authority over them. You don't have any control over that meaning you cannot trap them. You cannot lead them astray No matter how much you attack them. They're safe from you. Why?

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Why? Because Waka fabula Beco Akilah sufficient is your Lord as Disposer of affairs, meaning they rely on him and Allah is sufficient for them. So when a person relies upon Allah asks Allah for help to counter shaytaan suggestions, then the attacks of shaitaan even though there are certain he is safe from them, Allah will protect this person from shade lon. So who is it that we need to protect us from shape lon? Allah, the vicar of Allah. And this is something that we need to make a habit of remembering Allah and teach our children also. It is your Lord who drives the ship for you through the sea, that you may seek of his bounty, indeed, he's ever to you merciful. And when adversity

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touches you at sea, last are all those who invoke except for him. But when he delivers you to the land, you turn away from him, and even as men on grateful, then do you feel secure, that instead he will not cause a part of the land to swallow you, or send against you with a storm of stones, then you would not find for yourselves and advocate? Or do you feel secure, that he will not send you back into the sea another time and send upon your hurricane of wind and drown you for what you denied, then you would not find for yourselves against us an Avenger. And We have certainly honored the children of Adam, and carried them on the land and sea and provided for them of the good things

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and preferred them over much of what we have created with definite preference. So think, so many blessings of Allah, what are we doing in return?

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Think about that day, when we will call forth every people with their record of deeds than whoever is given his Record in his right hand, those will read the records and injustice will not be done to them even as much as a thread inside the date seed, they will take the record happily, and whoever is blind in this life will be blind in the hereafter as well and more astray in way. And indeed they were about to tempt you away from that which we reveal to you in order to make you invent about something else. And then they would have taken you as a friend, meaning they wanted the profits on allows them to change parts of the Quran or parts of the law that Allah had revealed, right, that he

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should accommodate their wishes. The Quran should be according to their wishes, and their requests was basically that he just touched our idols just show some respect to them, just acknowledge them at least.

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But the Prophet sallallahu Sallam did not. And Allah protected him from that, if we had not strengthened you, you would have almost inclined to them a little. So no compromise should be made indeed for the sake of pleasing people. Then if you have compromised or knowing the truth, then the outcome would not be good at all. We would have made you taste double punishment in life and double after death, then you would not find for yourself against us a helper and indeed they were about to drive you from the land to evict you they're from and then when they do, they will not remain there after you except for a little that is our established way for those who had sent before you of our

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messengers and you will not find in our way any alteration. The fact is that when somebody has something and you take it away from them by force, how long are you going to enjoy it?

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Can you can you enjoy it for long eventually either you will leave it or it'll leave you

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established prayer at the decline of the Sun from its meridian meaning once the sun begins to decline, which is known time after that point onwards, then start establishing the prayer. So local prayer, and after the Lord ends also prayer after also ends, motive pray after events or Isha prayer until the darkness of the night and this is referring to sought after Isha and also the Quran of dawn, meaning recite Quran at fudger time when during your Salah. Why? Because indeed the recitation of Dawn is ever witnessed, witnessed by who, the angels meaning the angels, they come especially to listen to the recitation of the Quran that you do in Florida. They come to witness it to watch it to

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attend it. So

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are we offering them?

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How much of Quran do we recite in federal prayer we need to think about that. And from part of the night, pray with it as additional worship for you. It is expected that your Lord will resurrect you to a praise station and say my lord caused me to enter a sound entrance and to exit a sound exit and grant me from yourself a supporting authority. While OSHA has a call Belfield in Alberta, Canada who call and say truth has come and faltered has departed, indeed, is false or by nature ever bound to depart? It's not going to stay. When who knows the domina Anima. Who was she fell on? Well, what many? Well, is either one Amina Illa, ha Sarah, and we sat down of the Quran that which is healing

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and mercy for the believers, but it does not increase the wrongdoers except in loss. So on hearing the Quran, there are some who increase in faith. And there are others who begin to oppose the Quran, who hated even more who don't accept it.

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And when we bestow favor upon the disbeliever, he turns away and distances himself and when evil touches him, he is ever despairing. Why because he doesn't believe in Allah. If he believed in Allah, on receiving a blessing, you would have thanked Allah, and on losing something you would have turned to Allah asking for help, say, each works according to his manner, but your Lord is most knowing of who is best guided in way. And they ask you about the soul about the spirit. What is it? What is the spirit, say, the soul is of the matters of my Lord, it is one of his creation, and he knows best about it. And mankind has not been given enough knowledge except a little. And this is

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something that we need to understand that we cannot know everything. We cannot know everything. It's not within our ability. We have a limited, you know, brain and that brain has limited capacity. We cannot comprehend everything.

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And if we willed we could surely do away with that which we revealed to you, then you would not find for yourself concerning it an advocate against us, except as a mercy from your Lord.

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Did you understand this ayah. If Allah wants he can take away the Quran. After giving it to a person we could surely do away with that which we reveal to you. We could take that away, you could forget it. You could become like you never knew it. And you would find no advocate against us, meaning what would you do to get it back? What can you do? Which lawyer can you hire? So if you have any part of the Quran, then what is it? Mata Mira basic, it is the mercy of Allah, the mercy of your Lord enough Allah who cannot alayka Kabira. Indeed, his favor upon you has ever been great, saying if mankind and the jinn gathered in order to produce the light of this Koran, they could not produce the light

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of it, even if they were to each other assistance. So if you leave the Quran, then what would you take in place of it? What would be your source of guidance then, because there's nothing like the whole and that all of people and all of mankind could come up with nothing at all, which is like the Quran, there is no substitute to the book of Allah, there is no substitute to the guidance that Allah has sent.

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And We have certainly diversified for the people in this quote, from every kind of example, but most of the people refuse anything except disbelief. And they say, we will not believe you until you break open for us from the ground a spring. This was impossible in Morocco, but the demand ended as a miracle, or until you have a garden of palm trees and grapes and make rivers gush forth within them in force and abundance, or you make the heaven fall upon us in fragments as you have claimed or you bring Allah and the angels before us, when they align the angels come before a person than what's left.

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Or you have a house of gold or you ascend into the sky and even then we will not believe in your Ascension until you bring down to us a book we may read. At the end, they come back to the book. Right? And the book is in front of them. The book is already here, say exalted is my Lord, was I ever been a human messenger meaning I never claimed that I could show you all of this. I'm not here to show you amazing things. I'm here to deliver a message to you.

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And what prevented the people from believing when guidance came to them except that they said has Allah sent a human messenger? Say if there were up on the earth, angels walking security, we would have sent down to them from the heaven and angels as a messenger, say, sufficient is Allah as witness between me and you? Indeed, he is ever concerning His servants Acquainted and Seeing and whoever Allah guides, he is the rightly guided and whoever he sends a stray, you will never find for them protectors besides Him, and we will gather them on the Day of Resurrection fallen on their faces, blind, dumb and deaf, their refuges hell, every time it subsides, we increase them in blazing

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fire. Generally what happens to fire once it starts burning eventually, it

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cools down, it dies out. But here this fire will only increase. That is their recompense because they disbelieved in our verses. denying the verses that Allah has revealed is a crime. And they said, when we are bones and crumbled particles, will we truly be resurrected in a new creation? Do they not see that Allah who created the heavens and earth is the one able to create the likes of them? If a luck and create the sky on the earth can he not recreate us again, when we were so small, so tiny, compared to the sky and the earth, and he has appointed for them a term about which there is no doubt but the wrongdoers refuse anything except disbelief. so stubborn they are. say to them,

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if you possess the depositories of the mercy of my Lord, then you would withhold out of fear of spending and ever has men been stingy. And we had certainly given Moosa nine evidence signs, so as the children of Israel about when he came to them and fit our own set to him, indeed, I think are Mussa that you are affected by magic. Musa said, You have already known that Nan has sent down the signs except the Lord of the heavens and the earth as evidence. And I think of your own that you are destroyed. Because you reject the truth. While you know it. Look at the confidence of musasa. He's not affected by the propaganda of Freetown, because sometimes people accuse us falsely accuse us.

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And we're not what they say we are. So don't get affected by that. overcome it. Like when the people call the prophet SAW the loss in him with a man, what did he say? I'm not a mom, I'm Mohammed. So if Iran said, You are affected by magic, musar listened and said, No, I'm not affected by magic, I think you are going to be destroyed. Because you have rejected the earth of Allah. So he intended to drive them from the land, but we drowned him and those with him all together, and we set off to fit our own to the children of Israel, dwell in the land and when there comes the promise of the Hereafter, we will bring you forth in one gathering, and with the truth we have sent the Quran down,

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and with the truth, it has descended, and we have not sent you a prophet except as a bringer of good tidings and as a warner and it is a quote on which we have separated by intervals that you might recite it to the people over a prolonged period, and we have sent it down progressively 23 years, say believe in it or do not believe indeed those who are given knowledge before it. When it is recited to them, they fall upon their faces in frustration, and they say, Exalted is our Lord. Indeed, the promise of our Lord has been fulfilled, and they fall upon their faces weeping and the Quran increases them in humble submission. Why is he the one who sure the Quran increases them in

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humble submission to Allah say, call upon Allah or call upon the Most Merciful whichever name you call upon. To Him belong the best names and do not recite too loudly in your prayer or to quietly But seek between that and intermediate wave will call Al Hamdulillah, Hilary Lamia, Walden, and say All Praise to Allah who has not taken a child and has had no partner in his dominion and has no need of a protector out of weakness and glorify him work a bit who that could be wrong with great glorification meeting say Allahu Akbar. So this could be to say Allahu Akbar, Allah is the Greatest. Allah says, You should say what Kabir with Akira.

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Right? So what's the benefit of saying Allahu Akbar?

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What's the benefit?

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What's the reward? Because if Allah is telling us to do it, and we want to do it, we should know what the benefit is. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, well, Allahu Akbar tamila oma Bina summer he will Allahu Akbar saying it once it fills what is between the sky and the earth.

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It fills the space meaning you get that much reward the space which is between the sky and the earth, you know, sadly, we don't give much importance to that.

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We don't really Yeah, I remember my my heart You know, I'm a really good person. But a lie is telling a set of beat sale level aka the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he encouraged us Ibrahim s&m sent a message, Vicar is so important, but we underestimated look at the other. When a person really says it with his heart. It fills what is between the sky and the earth. In another had these we learned that he who says Allahu Akbar 100 times before the sun rises and before it sets, then that is better for him then freeing 100 slaves

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saying Allahu Akbar how many times 100 times when, before the sunrises and before the sunsets. Now these days, I don't know about you, but after whom it takes me a very long time to fall asleep. Takes me

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Long time especially when you have to pre fader and then you know you're not in the habit of sleeping after surgery. So these days, I have to get a few hours in at least. So it's difficult when you're lying in bed trying to force yourself to sleep, engaged in the care of Allah say, Allahu Akbar 100 times, or it's before the sunrises, right, which means after fudger has come in and before the sunrises, so when you're wrapping up the kitchen, everybody's gone and you're left in the kitchen, say Allahu Akbar 100 times, and it won't take long. Likewise, that if all time when you're preparing the photo waiting, then say Allah hope but 100 times it's better than freeing 100 slaves

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and the Prophet sallallahu sallam, whenever he would return from a reservoir, Hajj or Umrah he used to sit that beat three times at every elevation of the grounds every time he'd be going up. All right, in his journey, he would say Allahu Akbar, Allahu Allahu Akbar three times at least three times he would say, you say Allahu Akbar 33 times over there, but that's supposed to be a part of 100 separately. All right, don't worry, Stu it It won't take long inshallah. What are the some other times when we can say Allahu Akbar, when do we say the Quran?

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Salah That's right. We begin the Salah with Allahu Akbar, right and in the Salah. We say Allahu Akbar many times, say it consciously now. Imagine ma baina sama you will.

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This is beautiful. What else can we say Allahu Akbar is? Okay, when you're driving, but when are we are required to say Allahu Akbar. Yes, as good. When we're going up climbing up. You know, the prophet SAW the loss and when he heard about a particular people who had betrayed him, he said, Allahu Akbar, he said, Allahu Akbar. So whenever like a huge daunting task comes your way. Or like some some news that could be quite disturbing. Say Allahu Akbar, at that time, and when you say Allahu Akbar, just picture this in your head, the space between the sky and the earth. So the Lord who saw generous, right, and this generosity can only come from who the one who is truly the

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