Companions Didn’t Recite with Pazaz or Maqam Like Today

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I know that Sahaba for a fact did not read way out. Oh, Mila Yeah. Dyneema Nakamise UCOP they didn't read like that, like, how did they? I think it was much more to the way I call me la Yejide min. Nico, I don't know. Like we've come very far.

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I don't know that they read with as much.

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And they had that that read, I think, no, even the melody they were more about the meaning were much more even today's best reciters more. But they must have been like, oh, the P lie or gimana come.

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I think it would have been a lot more spoken than it was as much as we do. But that's a whole nother discussion. Sound is speeding what it was, I think it was a month or two Khurana de la was started to slow calculated rhythm. So it's kind of interpretive of how much rhythm how much low. I know for a fact there was never as a hobby. You know, it doesn't offend this mean.

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Mine your III? Like I don't know. I don't think so.