Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P10 106B Tafsir Al-Tawbah 53-54

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the negative impact of negative values on people's behavior, including deeds and fear of God. They emphasize the importance of acceptance of deeds as a means of achieving good reputation and fear of Islam. The negative impact of negative values on people's relationships and reputation is discussed, including the negative impact of reciting the Quran and the need for people to be aware of their behavior. The speakers emphasize the importance of fulfilling God's right of the greatest person and avoiding becoming a barrier to good deeds.
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Lesson number 106 Surah totowa is number 53 to 63 all say, and fugu you all spend Dhawan willingly o or Gohan unwillingly learn, never Utako Bala, it will be accepted men come from you. Why? Because in ACOEM indeed you all contem you have been Coleman of people faster keen once or disobedient.

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In this ayah the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has been commanded to tell the Muna Philippine to tell the hypocrites, what

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that all hypocrites go ahead and spend in the way of Allah, whether willingly or unwillingly do so in order to attain Allah's pleasure, or do so out of social pressure in order to look good before others. However, for whatever reason, whatever the state of your heart is, in whatever manner you spend, it will not be accepted from you. Allah will never ever accept your charity, your sadaqa you will never be rewarded for the spending, you will never be rewarded for the sacrifice for this effort. Why? Because in the concomitant Coleman faceting you have been a people who are Fast 18 Faster pain is a poor enough facet. One who crosses the limits, first, aka Tamra Tamra date, first

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of all, meaning when it's become so ripe, that it comes out of its skin, have you ever seen that the skin of the day it dries up it cracks up right. So, when something crosses the limit, that is set for it, it crosses the boundaries, that is Fiske. So for everything there is a limit. So for instance, as people we have been prescribed certain limits, right. So for instance, towards others, what are the limits that we interact with them, we engage in conversation with them, but we should not cross the limit and start mocking at them and start hurting their feelings, right, and start lying to them. We should not start back biting them, all of these sins in whatever shape or form

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they may be, what are they in reality, Fiske crossing the limit, right? So in quantum calm and faster can be because you have been sinful and disobedient, you have been crossing limits. This is why your good deeds are not going to be accepted. Now. What is the background of this idea? Remember that these verses were revealed with regards to the expedition to the MOOC. And that expedition was a very, very serious one. And a very difficult one, the prophets of Allah wa sallam, he made an open declaration that every single able person was required to come. And before he never did this, before, it was always like whoever is able to come come, or the Prophet sallallahu Sallam did not

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tell the people exactly what the mission was going to be here. People were informed from before and everyone was told to come along. But what happened because it was a difficult journey, and the enemy was strong. Some people they made excuses, all right, and others their hypocrisy was exposed at this time, because if they were really truthful and sincere, what would they have done? They would have gone along, but because their loyalties were not with the Prophet so a lot of said I'm not with Islam. This is why they were coming up with the most lame excuses just in order to stay behind. So one of the excuses that one one of the richest people of Medina came up with was what? That I have

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heard that Roman women are very beautiful. So please don't put me into fitna if I go there, I'm going to end up committing sin. So please don't take me over there and expose me to fitna, please allow me to stay behind the prophets of Allah Islam. He just turned his face away from him and allowed that man to stay behind what was that man's name should have been face. But this man

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wanted to make sure that he still had a good image before the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he didn't want to look like a bad guy. So what did he do? He said, but I will help financially.

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If there's any, you know, financial aid you need, I am more than ready to help you with that. And many times this happens, that we know we're doing something wrong and our heart is telling us, right, our heart is telling us people are looking at us. What are you doing? What are you saying? So what happens instead of admitting that we're doing something

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wrong and fixing that problem, we try to cover it up with something else. We try to make it up through some other way. Like, for example, some people, they don't spend much time with their children, or they're not that good with their children. And in their heart, obviously, they feel bad, what I'm doing is wrong. So what happens? Then? They ask, Do you need any money? Do you need any stuff? Would you like any toys? And what happens? They try to make up how by giving money. But that child, that teenager will have the best cell phone in his hand. But still, he is crying or she is crying. Why? Because of the way that the mother and father are treating them. They feel that they

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don't have a good relationship with their parents, right. And as a result, they are suffering in silence. They're crying in loneliness when they're alone. But the parents think everything should be fine. Because, look, I bought her a cell phone. I even got her license, I also give her you know, a pair of keys for the car. What more does she want? What does she want good treatment from you? Simple, right? A good relationship with you. Not all that money. But what happens is that some people, they're strong enough, they're bold enough to come and face their weaknesses and admit them and fix them. And others, their ego prevents them from doing that. So they said, no, no, I'm right,

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not doing anything wrong. Instead, I'll do something else to make up for it. Allah subhanaw taala says over here unfuckable Tawaran o Chohan spend willingly or unwillingly Thoran, in obedience from a Torah, happily willingly in obedience to Allah and his messenger got on opposite of that it is to dislike something suspend. While you dislike at heart spent grudgingly you don't want to give it but you're giving it you're spending, why just so that you look good out of social pressure.

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But regardless of the state of your heart, it's not going to be accepted from you. Why? Because in quantum Coleman, fancy team.

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What do we learn from this idea that Allah subhanaw taala does not accept deeds, no matter how great they may be? From just anybody. There has to be a reason for the acceptance of deeds. And all those reasons is what sincerity that it must be done with sincerity for the sake of Allah soprano data. Right? And another reason for the acceptance of deeds is that a person is obedient to Allah otherwise, also, in general, also,

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think about it if a person has a bad reputation, okay, a bad reputation somewhere. Because of the kind of work they're doing, or because of the work that they're leaving, they have a bad reputation, then what happens? Even if out of the blue, they produce something good? Does it have any value? Is it appreciate it? Is it welcomed? Know? A person might say, but look, I've done it right? But then he's told no, but what have you been doing for the past three weeks? What have you been doing? Since the time you were hired? Right? They're reminded of their past history. This one report that you've produced means nothing, because what you have been doing thus far, is useless. Right?

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So likewise, in the concurrent, uncommon faceting sins, they prevent deeds from being accepted.

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This is why Allah says, Hello, facility CAFA enter into Islam entirely, completely. Don't compartmentalize your religion, that you say, Yes, I will obey Allah when it comes to eating. But when it comes to dressing,

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when it comes to interacting, yes, I'm really good with my parents. But when it comes to my siblings, I hate them. Now, a person has to be striving to be better in all, all the aspects of his life. But many times we think that just because we're doing one good thing, everything else should be okay. But it doesn't work like that.

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Many times that happens, we think, Oh, I'm studying the Quran. So what if I, you know, was rude to my mother? And so what if I did this to my husband? And so what if I said this to my neighbor, what's the big deal? You know what, I'll go read more Quran and I'll be fine. But remember the rule that good deeds, there is bad deeds, is an

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Indian Hassan it you the hipness, a

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it also works the other way. bad deeds, erase good deeds, then nullify and cancel the good deeds of a person, no matter how good they may be.

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In quantum Coleman fast your team Allah accepts from war in Nanaia acaba Allahu mineral, mineral water clean, those who fear God, those who have fear of Allah. So those who fear Allah, then they're not just fearful in one aspect of their life, you know, they're fearful in every aspect of their life, their clothing, and they're eating, and they're speaking and they're interacting, and they're going to the masjid and they're going to school and they're going elsewhere. It's the same servant. He doesn't change colors like a chameleon. All right, he is consistent. He is fearful of Allah. So when a person has this kind of reputation with his Lord, then his good deeds are accepted.

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And if a person is hot in he deceives Allah, he deceives people, that his good deeds have no value, that it doesn't matter how much a person is driving unfuckable Thorne Oh, come on. He can spend a million dollars he can work nonstop for entire week. But will it be accepted? No. in Namibia Tocopilla me now with the

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woman Menara whom and it has not prevented them um that DOKO Bella it is accepted men home from them now for call to whom they're spending Neff Akkad is a poor love, never call and what is Nevada that which is spent unicorn in fell right to spend. So never caught refers to their spendings meaning that which they spend

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in the way of Allah. So what is it that is preventing their charities their expenditures from being accepted? What is the hurdle? What is that hurdle that has come between them and Allah so that the good deeds they're performing or not being accepted by Allah? Do you understand? There's something that has come in the middle? There's something that's come as a hurdle that's preventing the good deeds from being accepted. So what is that? Allah tells us in that accept it is nothing but this simple and what is it that unknown kufan will be Lehi will be assuming that because they have disbelieved in Allah and His messenger. First of all, Gopher, but don't the hypocrites say they

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Don't say that they believe yes, they do. But it's just a verbal claim that the man is not in the heart. It's just lip service. It's just a claim. Eman is not actually in the heart. Because if Eman was in the heart, then only statements of Eman would come out of the mouth and a person would not make fun of Allah, His revelation, His Messenger know. So first of all, because they have disbelieved in Allah and His messenger. So what do we learn from this? The first barrier, the first hurdle that comes between a servant and his Lord mean, servants deeds being accepted? Is what gopher.

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So if a person is performing, you know, the greatest of actions, the best of deeds, but with COFA, then his deeds have no value, they have no value. Why? Because if he has not recognized the right of the greatest person, and who is the greatest, Marcin, Allah subhanaw, taala, the one who has done the most favor to us, if a person does not recognize him, his rights, and he's going on performing various good deeds, do those good deeds have any value? No. Think about it, if there is a son, or let's say a daughter, right? And she is extremely disobedient to her parents. She doesn't have any respect for them doesn't show respect to them at all. So as a result, the parents they put their

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foot down and say, if you really want to be with us, you better do this. She says, No, I'm not going to do it. I don't care about you. And she leaves the house, okay. And then she gets married. And she says, you know, my mom and dad, they don't even acknowledge my marriage. They didn't even come to my wedding. And then what happens? She has a baby and she says, My parents, they don't love me because, look, I had a child, and they have no interest in my life. I got my degree, and they're not happy. Why are the parents not happy?

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Why are the parents not happy for any of the achievements of their daughter? Why? Because she has gone against their wishes. She has hurt them. She has refused to treat them like parents ought to be treated. So as a result, no matter what she achieves in life, it doesn't mean anything to the parents.

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isn't at all. It doesn't mean

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anything to the parents because she has missed one of the basic things. And if she fulfilled that, right, she treated her parents with respect, then even if she became the greatest loser in life, her parents would still love her, isn't it? Why? Because she treats her parents the way they deserve to be treated. So even if she failed that school, even if she ends up with a divorce, her parents still love her, because she is an obedient child. Right? So what do we learn over here? That the first and foremost requirement is what? Amen Billa Amen. Bill a soul. If a person is not fulfilling the right of Allah, the right of the messenger, then no matter what good he accomplishes in life, it doesn't

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mean anything at all. It doesn't mean anything at all. And you see it's Eman biller and Emmanuel Rasool. Right because they disbelieve in Allah and His messenger, the greatest Mercy on us as Allah subhanaw taala and after Allah subhanaw taala, who the prophets of Allah radiocentre Because he is the one who received guidance and conveyed it to us, He is the one who showed every way of righteousness and goodness to us we learn in a hadith the Prophet sallallahu sallam said that there is nothing that will lead you to Jannah except that I have informed you about it. And there is nothing that will lead you to hellfire except that I have warned you against it. So he is really the

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greatest Morston from amongst humanity for amongst people on us and every single one of us, because if he did not convey what would we know, life is about

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who he wouldn't. Our lives would be nothing they'd be meaningless. So really the prophets of Allah Muslims, your son on us is great. So those who reject Allah and His Messenger, their good deeds mean nothing. Secondly, what's the other reason for their deeds being rejected? What is the hurdle? When I do not salata and they do not approach to prayer, they do not come to the prayer Illa except we're home while they're Kusa, Allah ones who are lazy. Go salah is a plural of Caslen from calf seen lamb and who is Caslen? Someone who's very, very, very lazy. Okay, lazy does not mean slow. We think if someone is slow, they're being lazy. No, there is a difference. Some people are naturally very quick

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and speedy, and others they don't have that speed, but they still do the job. All right, like for example, if there's a turtle would you call it lazy? No.

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It's not lazy. Why? Because that's the speed that Allah subhanaw taala gave it. All right, that was written in its other that this turtle cannot walk faster than the speed. Right? Because learn is what it is that a person he doesn't want to do it. He doesn't want to do it. So even if he has the capacity to do it. What does he do? He delays and he procrastinates right. And he finally does it but grudgingly dragging his feet. dragging his feet. I have a question to ask you. Which house chore Do you detest? Washing dishes. Okay, anybody else? Yes.

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Putting away the laundry. Okay. I agree with that. I hate that job. What else? What else do you detest? Okay, let's take the example of laundry. You have a pile of laundry, right? So what happens? You know you need the clothes desperately. Because you need your white hijab for the class. Right? So what happens? Somebody says, Oh, fine. I'll put in the machine for your say, You know what I'll put in the machine for I don't have to wash my hands. So I'll just shove it into the machine. You do that? And then eventually you go transfer to the dryer. And then what happens? The clothes stay in the dryer. Right? Are you very busy? No, no, no, no, I'm just tired. This really tired. So the

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clothes stay in the dryer until they shrink, right and they get crumpled up. And then what happens you get the pile out and you put it on your bed. What happens and you don't put it away. So when you have to go to bed you transfer that file onto your chair.

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And then when you have to sit down to do your work then what happens to that file goes back on the bed

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until what happens you keep taking loads away from that file until nothing remains except a few socks or something. And then you're like whatever. I'll just put them away. That is being a salon.

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Okay Allahumma in the row the becoming an i jersey.

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WildCare sadly, oh Allah I seek refuge with you from weakness and laziness. Why is this laziness a problem? Why? Because it really really slows you down. It doesn't let you do anything. Because the woman he wants to go and take you know, a nap, you think, oh my god, the laundry sitting on the bed. So what happens? You sit on the sofa

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and your neck is hurting? Right? But you know the No, I'm supposed to fold the laundry and then I'm supposed to go to bed. But I don't have the energy to do that. So maybe I'll wait a little bit longer. Is that laundry going to disappear by you just sitting on the sofa? No, you have to go and face it. This castle is slowing you down. Right and is making you neglect what is more important in life. Right? And as a result, your work is just increasing increasing and piling up. Now what is mentioned over here, what are you doing a salata? Illa humko. Salah. They come to Salah lazily. Why? Because they detest salah. They don't like to pray. It's a burden. It's boring. Again, I have to

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pray. I'm tired. I have this to do I have that to do. So what happens? They keep delaying and delaying and delaying.

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But as the prayer are they forgiven for the prayer? Just because they're delaying? No. You could delay it until the last two minutes even. But are you going to be forgiven for the prayer? No, you still have to perform the prayer. And as Muslims, we realize that we have to perform the prayer. Even if we don't like to. Even if we find it difficult, you still have to do it. You can't get away from it. Just like the laundry. I mean, you have to put it away. There is no choice but to put it away.

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When a tuna salata, Illa, huncle salah, now, if you dislike doing your laundry, I understand.

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I understand, if you dislike doing the vacuum again, it's understandable. And you know what, it's not a big deal.

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It's not a big deal. It happens many times at your laundry sitting like that sometimes for a whole week. But what's the big deal? You're going to put those clothes away, you're going to use them again, they're going to end up in the wash, right? Because they're only clothes. After all, how important are they? You just need to wear them and use them until they fade away until they get ripped and then you get rid of them. Right?

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So clothes if you have a lazy attitude with them, it's not a big deal. But Salah if a person has a lazy attitude with the prayer, is that a problem? It's a big problem. Because first of all, it shows how poor that relationship is with Allah soprano. Third, how far a person is from Allah, that he doesn't like to meet him. He doesn't like to go and talk to him. He doesn't like to go and stand before Allah and thank you for all the things that he's been enjoying. And praise Allah for his perfection. seek forgiveness for all the sins that he's been accumulating. He doesn't want to do that. It shows how distant a person is from Allah, how distant he is from hide from goodness,

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every time that the time for a particular prayer enters, a caller makes an announcement saying that all people come and extinguish the fire that you will have lit for yourselves and what is that fire, the sins that we've been committing. So some people they get up they perform will do and as they're performing will do their sins are washing off, from their arm, from their face, from their mouth, from their feet, sins are washing off. And when they perform the prayer, then that fire is extinguished. What happens then, again, they go and light a fire for themselves. They commit sins, they disobey Allah. Again for the next prayer, a caller calls out, come and extinguish the fire of

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sins that you have lived for yourselves. And this happens five times a day with every single prayer. And at the end of the Hadith we learn some people, they go to sleep in a good state when they're clean. When they've purified themselves and others, they go to sleep so they spent the night while they are covered in sin,

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covered in sin smothered with sin. You like a person is filthy, he is covered and fill some people that go to sleep in that state who those who have been too lazy to respond to that call, who have not washed themselves.

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So when a person has this kind of attitude with the prayer

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Then imagine how far behind you would be from other good deeds. Right? Prayer is the most important. One of the first things right? And if a person is lazy when it comes to prayer, then how would he be when it comes to reciting the Quran?

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Think about it. Would he's recite the Quran happening willingly? No, if he can't come to prayer willingly, how can he go to recite the Quran willingly. If he cannot perform the salah happily, then how can he remember Allah in the morning in the evening, happily, he can't do that. Salah is the first thing, it's the foundation, it's the basis of your relationship with Allah subhanaw taala. And if that is weak, then the entire religion is weak, then a person is spiritually hollow, there is nothing. So the moon Aphakia Allah says, When I tune a Salah to Allah, or homecooked, Salah, they come to prayer lazily, and because of that their good deeds are rejected. So even if they come and

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perform the prayer, like in Hadith, we learn that a hypocrite waits until the sun is about to set and he rushes to perform the prayer. And he backs at the ground like a chicken. He's such there's just like a chicken, or a bird backing on the ground. This is how he prays quickly, quickly, quickly rushing through the prayer. The heart is not involved nothing at all, he doesn't gain anything out of that prayer. So even if he's performing that prayer, because he came lazily,

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will it bring him any benefits? Will it bring him any reward?

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Allah is the best judge. Think about it. If you ask someone to do something for you, and they say, Okay, I'll just do it. And you see where you're sitting? Can you please do it? Yeah, I'll do it.

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Again, after 10 minutes, you see there haven't moved. Can you please get up and do it? Stop nagging me. Stop telling me again and again. So what happens if somebody is behaving like that? You know what, you keep sitting here? I'll go do it myself. Right. I'll go do it myself. I don't need you. So if someone is doing the work that you ask them to do lazily, are you interested in their performance? No. Are you interested in their effort? No. It doesn't look good anymore. You don't like it? So why do we think Allah subhanaw taala will accept our prayers. If we are performing them lazily? We're coming to prayer lazily. We're performing Salah lazily. I mean, think about how we're

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standing in prayer. Sometimes, I'm amazed how verses hang like this. I mean, as if you've got no life and you head is hanging off to the side. And the posture is so poor, you're standing before what Bill aalameen Stand properly, hold your hands together properly, show respect in your posture, either close, closed, yawning with the mouth open looking here, and they're going to record lazily getting up with a big sigh. I mean, this is laziness. Would you like if somebody sat like that in front of you? Would you ever like it? No. What do we want? If somebody is talking to us, the better setProperty the better pay attention, the better focus. And if you don't want to do that, you're

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more than welcome to go get up and leave. But at the dinner table, there are certain manners that everybody has to observe. Right.

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Every place demands certain attitude from us and in prayer, what is demanded from us what is expected from us as what respect for Allah azza wa jal? So out of that respect, don't be lazy. When coming to prayer, and also in prayer.

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You know, like men are told be a man. Right? Meaning, get your act together, stand properly, show that you have strength. Allah gave you this able bodied, all of that food to eat. Not that you'd stand lazily in front of him.

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So Allah tuna salata, Illa wahome ko salah. Another reason why Allah Yun feel cornered, and they do not spend meaning if they do spend anything in Allah's way, how are they spending it in, except we're home while they carry home once a dislike and they don't really like to do it. They're just doing it out of social pressure, because then they will look bad in front of others. So their heart is not really into it. They're just doing it to look good. So in our homecare, it won't. They don't enjoy doing the good work. They're just doing it to please people. So what do we learn in these ayat? What is it that becomes a reason for the acceptance of good deeds? obedience to Allah subhanaw

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taala. Secondly, Eman is a

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Allah and His Messenger, thirdly, Salah, performing a properly happily and then spending in the way of Allah or performing any other good deed but how? Happily willingly for the sake of Allah with excitement with joy? We think about it, how is it that we sit in front of the computer happily? How is it that we're watching television? Happily even if we're physically tired, our heart is fully into it. Alright, so show that happiness to the one who gave everything to you.

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And on the other hand, what is it that becomes a barrier? What is the becomes a hurdle to that person's good deeds are not accepted the exact opposite disobedience to Allah, this obedience to Allah. Secondly, secondly, in this ayah What do we learn look at the ayah after disobedience than what

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before that disbelief in that unknown Cafaro so call for thirdly, laziness and fourthly

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gara dislike

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let's listen to the recitation of these verses.

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Pupil Baldwin, go hunt

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your dog or melamine?

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CB one

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2.42 In

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the morning

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learn you are the ones who really want to own us fall in our home cool Santa

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