Crisis in Gaza – A Test of Leadership

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He does a test for every lead up. And there's a test for every Prime Minister and Minister and President.

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Allah, Allah subhana

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raises boom he wants

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and brings down who he wants,

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it gives wells to whom he wants, deprives wealth of whom he wants.

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If sickness to whom he wants

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and health, the home he wants.

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All that is the color of the garage and merging

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and to the one who is being lifted,

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and to the one who is being brought down, and to the one who is afflicted with sickness, and to the one who enjoys health, to the one who is in the lack of luxury, and to the one surviving and poverty. All of those are just questions on a test paper.

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Because you were sent here for a specific duration for an amount of time to be tested, tried examined, graded class classified before you turn and return to your real abode.

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On a dialer

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as the Honda Motor, Well, hi, I'm

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Lea blue or goon, or you can accent

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the one that created death and life to test you. Try you examine you to see what you have, you will come with the best of these holida Isla will never do come Bill Haley was shall repeat and we will test you and both good and bad.

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So you're enjoying health.

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What is the test of health? Whilst healthy? Were you grateful to the Lord for the health he gave you? Did you use that health in a way that was pleasing to His Majesty that you worship and do good

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and when he tests you with

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lack of health and sickness, the job as a calamity patiently, did you have solid Enesta Varma did you accept the color of the ocean Maji Did you show acceptance or above that river?

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Do you see that the one living unhealth is not to get hold the arrogant that no I am special. So Allah Allah Azza has given me health KNOW the ONE and sickness should feel that I have committed it wrong and therefore Allah Buddha is is punishing me.

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Both are questions on a desperate

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some are tested what wealth

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he has money.

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With money comes its problems

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with money comes heedlessness with money comes arrogance of Versailles. Do you see him Baba?

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Or Raja who stamina when we give him someone?

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When the Vienna wealth comes agelessness comes.

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So Allah Allah is the test. Now I have given you wealth. My servant, what will you do?

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I studied the lives of those who won lotto.

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And pretty soon they ended up worse than they have started.

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Like as in the poverty that they experienced after lotto was that the poverty that they had come into before Lago so what did you do with the millions that Allah gave you? First of all, you earned the firearm so it has no banca second you spent that on a woman wife and sons.

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You see, it would have been better for him to have been in poverty. You wouldn't have committed those wrongs and those things. So a question on the test paper was well, and our question on the test paper is poverty. So poverty comes out.

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I'm so hungry and hands, check to check living counts, what will be your situation?

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When you fall apart? Will you sit in a corner and catch yourself?

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Will you question the decree of the Quran Shema G then for Ireland Lemery memory?

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Will you stretch your hands towards her arm? While you're still wrong getting taken?

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Will you turn to drugs and selling drugs? When in the house of another person so that you could live? Do you see that that's a question on a test paper that you can do set. So whatever happens in life, the elements know that this is a test from the township machine, and fire limo.

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And Allah keeps testing a servant

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and keeps trying a service until the deeds of the servant become evidence for the servant or against the servant and the day of judgment

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on you what you would be before he made you. But if he rewarded you or punished you based on his knowledge about you, you quite upset how I would have done differently.

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So he brought you into this world live. Let your deeds be affirmed jafco You're against. Sorry, the day of judgment comes, your armor is presented, your deeds are presented. You can't say out by then and do it because their data conserve enough sickly Oh Malaika Has Eva, read your book of deeds, meaning your reco watch the movie of the life that you live enough evidence against.

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So when you watch the events unfolding around the world, watch it with the correct lens.

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Currently, in the Gaza, there is a genocide unfolding.

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There's a test for the husband's.

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So a test of the Sobel

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test of the istrouma test of the Eman test of the file a test of the heart. And from what we can see they are shining light gold on this test paper.

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I saw a father hold a lifeless child who has been killed up like this. And he says, Oh Lord, take from us until you please. Like it's okay we have surrender to your will. If this is your decree, take control you have meaning we will show submission. We will show patience. We will show faith, we will show perseverance.

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And whilst it is a test for the residence, the same question as a test for the rest of the world.

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Does that test for those that walked the hallways of power?

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Does the test for me and you? There's a test for every journalist on the planet that does a test for every leader. And there's a test for every Prime Minister and Minister and President.

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You saw what was unfolding.

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I showed you pictures of cam on your feet. Your intelligence reported to you. Where was your heart? Where was your wife? Where was your backbone? They selected you elected you put you in office please. When it's time time to leave you misled

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you coward. You flinched. You bet you failed commiserations to you, you watch the genocide and you could have stopped

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its address

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one lie and I'll leave it as this. They will rise in the court of my role.

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And for every oil from Allah will ask and Allah would hold to account are the dialer. But my name is Allah zahlreichen firea here where my yarmulke

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Thou shalt grind Yola, whoever does an atom of good deed, he will see it as then it will be shown to him and the Day of Judgment, both the deed and its compensation and whoever does it from. He will see it. Both the DEA and its compensation