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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah Amin, Obal. Mom, dad or any folks experiencing post stroke difficulties, facial paralysis, or anything in general where you feel like your face is frozen, maybe you don't want to give it a name right now, I welcome you to part number two. In our first part we just accepted it was going to take a little time to get used to massaging our face forward, finding the the jaw joint and just waking up that side of the face with like tap and open fingers

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and just getting that face going and if we want to do it on the other side as we didn't do it last time, which is moving through moving the facial tissue and usually the paralysis is going to be on one side so I stuck on for the right side but I do want you to keep it generally open exercise number one and we're going to

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we're going to take a look at health cue there are several YouTubers out there that could help you with this as well.

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But today, we're going to do some great exercises. We're going to focus on raising the eyebrows and frowning while doing is the either so first here are who bIllahi min ash che on your regime that's heard that your ear knows it. Or ooo B lie he mean as che Banyule Rajiv,

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push it test your breath. Now I want us to practice

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we're going to practice raising our eyebrows

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tuck the chin to give yourself more more space

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now I want you to try it you're gonna be squeezing you can feel your scalp you can feel the muscles you're almost like I can but I can't you can I want you to focus in and you can

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felt it. Now I want you with me

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or who bIllahi

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min ash che or near Raji

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are Uzu bIllahi min ash, a Borneo Raji.

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Let's do that exercise, pause, rewind me take me back the minute or two minutes. Let's do this again. But I think you see it when you're with the single activity.

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It's tough. When you keep the mind engaged. All of a sudden you're doing a fantastic job of seeing the face keeping up with you. There are some wonderful things for us to do, which we're going to be working on incoming. We're going to feel our cheek with air. We're going to take a fork and we'll lift it up and down with our mat with our mouth. There are 20 Plus exercises to do but we've done one today with these the either congratulations friends.

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love goddess Kalapana in Santa Fe, Sunny Dakota him

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you're going to be in your perfect, most perfect form was salam aleikum and peace until you all have a beautiful day.