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Wisam Sharieff
AI: Summary © The speaker is conducting a face expression video series on a Facebook page. They are focusing on frowning and using basic body language techniques such as raising their eyebrows and putting their tongue in the side of their mouth. They encourage viewers to read the Quran and use it for their own personal purposes. The series is sponsored by a Facebook group called "the silos of love" and is meant to encourage people to visit the series.
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Peace be upon you. As salaamu alaykum wa Rahmatullah. Welcome me, Apple. Great to see you. We're here for a third lesson. Today's lesson in our facial expressions of Quran.

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We've talked about some basic exercises. We've talked about raising our eyebrows. I want to start today. Let's hear our phrase, Ruby law he Mina Shame on you, Raji, we discussed that already. But in today's sunny duckweed series, we're going to be focused on

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frowning frown. frown. Okay, there we go. We're gonna take that regular face you might be like, I'm always frowning was I had?

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No, it is.

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It is the relaxing of the face and pulling it down.

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I'm frowning with my eyebrows. With my face.

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I can't read Quran, you do feel a little sad.

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But we're going to turn that on. For today. We're going to put our tongue

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Mm hmm.

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We're going to start close to the nostril.

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And we're going to keep moving together. So let's try it. Start close to the nostril

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draw lines up and down.

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that one's tough. If it's on the paralysis side, you can't get to that insight by China. Who cares? Who's looking at us? They don't know to be grateful for their face anyway. So I mean, come on. I know it looks funny. Who's looking? Is your face Allah is listening. Mm

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Up and down. I personally here due to face trauma during childhood, have a band, what seems to be like scar tissue that goes inside hear her I put my tongue up and down. I hit this chord and I made a boo. You might feel like, Oh, it's too hard.

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It's meant to be stretched. And we'll get there when we put some gloves on. We're gonna stretch it out. So up and down

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make the circle and I think you got it. I think you know where we're headed with this now. So if you're set

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put your tongue into the side of your mouth.

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Okay, I'll put your tongue

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you can feel some blank areas where we discuss that this is the seventh cervical nerve of the 12 cervical nerves. The Seventh One has been impinged and hence this Bell's palsy named after the surgeon who came up with it.

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You are having paralysis so we're just going to wake up those what you feel the tingle or that numb feeling. We're going to wake it up how do we do it? After you really painted the inside of your mouth. Look at me below. Be bees try it with me. It's tough. I know this is hard. beasts like a kiss. You want to kiss your grandchild. Bees me. Liang beasts. Mila. Come with me. Beasts. Me Mila. Bismillah. Here ra ma Neil Brahim. Huh?

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Bismillah ly your RA Manuel Rahim. What do you need to do? Beasts? Miss Love beasts. Me love you raw? My new raw him. Last time try it. I mean herbal relax. Let your body Don't get tense in the shoulders. Be Smith lie Hill ra my new ra e team.

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I mean, you told me you would never recite again. What are you doing? Allahu Akbar. Oh Kabira Mom Dad. Amo. Jada? Jada de Nana Nani Dada, daddy. Thank you friends. Don't give up on the Quran. It wants to be recited. And these young kids do

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don't know any advocate, we need you to read. You're the one who can do this. I'll see you as we keep coming. Let your family number member know if this is working for me. If this is working, is this good for you? Let's do it. Let's keep going. There are many exercises we can do health Q, there are surprisingly many physicians are many youtubers from the Far East India lot of physicians from India who are doing specifically some great physical therapy work on on facial expressions. We'll talk about it more and put some links in the description but what's more important you're reading Quran it's happening Thank you Allah was said I want a good market Allah

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so let's dedicate our series to isin love God the HELOC panel in Santa Fe

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sunny Delco in friends a lot of people might laugh or say oh look at that funny faces that he's making. And the person with the paralysis.

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You might feel funny, did I? I didn't. I'm here for you. And you're here for Allah subhanho wa Taala recite the book. Be ACEN Allah azza wa jal wants it for you. He made it for you. was salam o aleikum wa rahmatullah. If you enjoyed this series, please send love and salaam out to those who sponsored it are those who are in mind? Oh Allah bless those who made this series available for me. I mean, I will I will take that dua was Salam aleykum

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