Omar Suleiman – A Major Hidden Benefit of Fasting Regularly

Omar Suleiman
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weeks since we've been blessed with a winter, I've been trying to remind people pretty routinely to fast Mondays and Thursdays and some of the narrations that we have about the blessing of fasting Mondays and Thursdays. And Pamela, you know, when it comes to the winter, you have all of these narrations from the seller from the pious predecessors, that referred to winter as the spoils of the believer. Why, because a lot has made the day short. So fasting is easy, and the nights are long for prayer. And though the days are shorter, the reward is not decreased. The days are shorter, but the reward with a loss of Hannah Montana is still just as great when we fast these days that a loss has

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that has given to us where the sunset comes so early. Now when you talk about fasting, typically you hear about the rewards of fasting when Ramadan comes around. But I wanted to talk about some of the rewards of fasting that we probably are either unaware of or are not as explicit, but they have such meaningful consequences in our lives. So you can go through the ones that the prophets I mentioned, that are explicit and that specifically refer to the reward in the hereafter. So for example, the Prophet slicin mentions that whoever fasts three days of the month, it says if they have fasted the entire year, why because a good deed is rewarded at the very least by 10 times 10. And so if you're

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fasting Ramadan, and that covers 10, and you're fasting three days and the covers 10, then it covers the entire month, therefore it covers the entire year. And so it says, If you meet a loss penalty to having fasted an entire lifetime, you have the Hadith where the prophet SAW son mentions the gates of Paradise, and he mentioned Salalah, and he was selam de la Yan, a specific gate of fasting. Now, the gates of genda, the gates of Paradise, that referred to good deeds that we might do at their usual times, are for people that are distinguished by those deeds. And so for example, there's Baba salam, the gate of prayer. Now we have to pray to be Muslims, but the gate of prayer is for those

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that are distinguished with their Salah, likewise with charity, likewise with fasting and so on, so forth, and what makes a bucket of the law and was so special is that he was distinguished in all of the deeds, and therefore he is called from all eight gates of Paradise, there will be a lot of time I know, I mean, Allah subhanaw taala to make us have the same station ultimate, I mean, so you have a special gate of agenda, dub rayyan, for those that are distinguished with fasting, so how long do you have the Hadith of the Prophet Sai somewhere he mentioned, that whoever fast one day for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala, Allah will put between him and the Hellfire, the distance of a journey

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of 70 years, one day is like a lifetime of distance from the fire may last pentatonic protect us from it alumni mean, so you have that headache, you have all of the Hadeeth, which talk about how fasting is distinguished and what it brings about of sincerity, where you have the head, the frequency that all of the deeds of the son of Adam are for him, except for fasting fasting is for me, and I reward accordingly. You have the Hadith that refer to fasting as a form of patience. And of course, fasting is a sub, it's literally the act known as a solid patients and the profit slice I mentioned it for those that were having trouble getting married, for example, he said slice of the

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fasting is a shield. It is a way of maintaining patients, and it's a shield from that which one fears. So you have those heavy, that's kind of what I wanted to talk about. And of course, you have the Hadith of the deeds being presented to a loss pounced on on Monday and Thursday and specific. And therefore, you know, the prophets like some said he wanted to be in a state of fasting when the deeds are presented to Allah, you have the Hadith about Monday, being the day that the prophet SAW son was born. And so it's a form of gratitude to a loss panatela that the prophet SAW son would fast on Mondays, and we too fast on Mondays, all of these ahaadeeth, right. But somehow, lo one thing

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that I think we really may not pay attention to is the unique way that fasting builds character, fasting builds character, how, because if you're fasting, particularly Mondays, and Thursdays, by the way, which is the son of the prophet SAW the law and he was on them, and you're fasting in a way that you're not just abstaining from food and drink and your desires, but you're abstaining from those other things that we're reminded of with the Festival of Milan where the profits lie, some talks about a person who doesn't leave off idle speech and doesn't leave all false testimony and a lot of dead has no need for they're leaving off of food and drink if they don't leave off those

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things. And so we're reminded every day on the lawn about the importance of fasting from backbiting as well and fasting from gossip and fasting from false testimony and the fasting of our limbs from

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Things that are displeasing to a loss of Hannah Montana. And, you know, I want you to think about that, in regards to our Mondays and Thursdays, Monday is the first day of the week where, you know, we're really getting into the mix of things, and everything peaks on Monday, right? Everything has increased usage on Monday. And if a person is going into the beginning of the week fasting, and they are specifically trying to fill their day, with things that fill the soul and things that bring them closer to a loss of Hannah Montana, as they are starving themselves and removing themselves from food and drink, and their shallot, their desires. And in the process of that, they're also cutting

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down on their social media time, they're also making sure that they're they're very mindful about their usage of technology, that they're very conscious about what they're saying, in their conversations that they're paying, they're not looking at something that is going to be displeasing. So their eyes are fasting, their ears are fasting, their tongue is fasting, their fingers are fasting, right, all of these different faculties are fasting for the sake of a loss of hundreds on by holding back from things that are displeasing to him, somehow imagine what that means for your character for your flock, if you're not just fasting on Monday and Thursday to get the reward. And

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you know, it's just natural that just like people might not take their voluntary prayers, you know, they might rush through their voluntary prayers a little bit quicker than they do their obligatory prayers, you know, we might not take our voluntary fastest seriously as we take our fasting animal bond. And of course, the obligatory is more serious than the voluntary, but trying to bring about that same, that same level of consciousness to avoid those sins that pollute the character, particularly when you're trying to, you know, keep your fasting intact, you're trying to keep your character intact, as well. Imagine the implications of that for a lifetime. And so some have a lot,

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you know, it's not just bringing about that will run the gate of fasting for Jenna, but you're trying to make sure you're praying your son knows you're abstaining from the things that are forbidden that cause a person to be bankrupt on the Day of Judgment, because Eliza just causes their deeds to be taken away from them because of their bad characteristics. You are giving Salva pot you're giving charity during the day of fasting. So you might be opening the gate of charity for yourself as well. You might be visiting a sick person, or you know, visiting the graveyard or doing some of these other actions, right, calling and checking in on people all of that, to beautify your

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fast and in the process, beautify your character. And you're not just getting the reward of fasting for an entire lifetime. But you could be changing your character for a lifetime. And in the process, elevating yourself in the status in the stations that would cause a person to be higher and higher and higher in the agenda. And so it's not just that fasting removes a person from Hellfire for a distance of a journey of seven years. It's that most people fall into the depths of Hellfire because of what their tongues pronounces the prophets. I mentioned because of what the tongues harvest of slander, of gossip backbiting of evil. And so you're abstaining from that, too. So it could be even

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more so how to love in the seven years. It's not just the gate of paradise of fasting, but it's also pushing you to the other actions that open the other gates of paradise. It's not just the reward of fasting a lifetime, it's not just the reward of your deeds being presented to a loss of Hannah Montana while you're fasting, it could be that because you're fasting, your deeds are also being presented to a loss of hometown and you're not backbiting because you're fasting, right? And so I just wanted us to really reflect on that. And let's encourage one another, let's encourage one another, obviously, when it comes to voluntary good deeds, you know, it's good for a person to keep

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some of it secret between them in the loss of Hannah Montana. But just like with charity, just like with other good deeds to promote virtue, let's remind one another and so find a fasting buddy fine. You know, if you have your family around you and they can fast push them too fast. If you have some friends and you want to encourage them by saying hey, and I know people are doing zoom have thoughts now let's do Zuma thoughts together, but just remind one another in the night, and let's keep our oma are bleeding oma in our DRS the Prophet sites have mentioned and this is another benefit of fasting that the do out of the fasting person is accepted until they break their fast. So let's keep

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each other in our prayers. But isn't it time, especially while we're fasting and the list goes on and on of the benefits of fasting? May Allah subhanaw taala make us from Allah Ameen makers from those that are devout, that stand in prayer that fast regularly, that give charity regularly that are devoted regularly, that Kadena la Cathedral in backyards. Those that remember a loss of contact frequently from the men of the women. May Allah make us of those categories that are pleasing to Him. I mean, a loss of

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Candidates out of find us worthy to be entered by His mercy into the highest level of gender to serve those in the companionship of our Prophet sallallahu wasallam allama mean to Zack more Hayden was to lie to lie. He will go

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