The concept of ‘Via Negativa’

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How you come to someone

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when he know that he has he has this power or that benefit this benefit? If I tell you that, you know, the foodbuy he's not an Indian. He's not an Arab. You know, he's not a gene. He's not an angel. He's not an island. He's not an horse. To tell me what, what are you going to do? Are you going to use it for any purpose? You know, it's just I keep saying that food is not an end is not of course. He's not a flower he's not a rose. He's not a sky he's not heaven. What purple in there really? Tell you what he is to iClicker if I say he's an accountant, then Okay, we'll go for him for this purpose. If you keep seeing a lead now this alert now this alert now does tell me what the

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purpose of adjusting then how good to ask him anything. You know, it is enough to say that nothing like to him that's just that's what you need to do to basically don't compare it to anything. The best things you have to sell nice or comically shy. Then after that, you need to know what he does to say his creator okay to then at least I have a problems and no solution. He can create a solution for me as a creator. He's forgiven Oh, that's good to know. To him when I do see I can ask Him to forgive. He has power to have no power I can ask him to to do something for me. He doesn't he knows everything. So I should be careful he counted here 70 I should be careful. You need to know what he

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does. If you just know that what he does not do to what what will happen that basically there's no reason for you to come near to him the one of the problem is that people who talk what a lot of philosophers and political limine they're more keen to set you what he's not that they're working because the partner actually and even a botanist cannot prove a lie. They prove Ruby Yeah, they're what they do. So they will say hidden now this is not this is not this. So our concern but I say about the full bike in the heel not one that I gave him example if I keep saying all those things Tell me doesn't make any difference sorry if I keep saying all the day million times that is not

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this is not an add in that a grass feed notice guy had not a moon he's not a son. He's not this not that. If I say millions of his attributes negative doesn't make any difference. But I say one positive thing that no he is kind of person it will make different though he's kind of person to a you know it always be nice to one a positive attribute we'll make an error to him in for a lie you need those positive for negates and he said Subhan Allah so Allah indicates to Allah means you know he had no for no defects are but didn't have to say Alhamdulillah you know he had all positive things you know, he creator he's the one who gives him $100 deficit to do that reviews where he does

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favor to upon other people. So bahala refers to though that reviews which he makes that is superior to everything he had no different no four that's what he says 100 that move on. You don't need to say he's not this is not this. How much better because he knows that he's not a bucket is not hot is not you know farther away Natasha. Can you get to anywhere negation unnecessary problem, one sentence enough, nothing like also vanilla and then move on. Then you sell cardi a de la Busey a semi reserved and you do what you need to do. Then you come here

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is a clear