Arabic Sound Series #7

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As salam o aleikum wa rahmatullah and welcome to the seventh video in our Arabic sounds video series in sha Allah, today, we're going to be tackling three letters. Pretty straightforward won't take you a whole lot of time today. The first letter is the letter calf. The first letter is calf. Now I want you to kind of say the word with me say cat, Kate, say the word kind.

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It has a sound in it. So let's try it together. Because that Lika bring your tongue out for the doll, please bring it out. Cause Lika Ka. Fantastic. Let's try the word there. Lika can? Let's try the word. Oh, here's a good one. How about

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that Lika? You did one now do HIPAA law or care. You did the scratch for law for care. Holla Orca. Good. That's going to take a little time I go over that. So the calf is pretty simple. Now we're going to move to the next letter. I want you to know that it's not in the throat, off the surround circle, but two dots is not in your throat. Let's try together. Ball. All I want you to think of a crow. Oh, when it makes the sound doesn't go caca. Nor does it go on God and some very weird crows. If they sound like that. Let's try it again. All all. Watch this. You don't want the Oh, so think again. Let's say the word Cough. Cough that's kind of in my mouth. Let's pull it back a little bit

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off. Fourth, fourth. Do you see the rounding of my mouth at all? Off? No, you don't really see a cough. I'm not saying borth off. Try it again. Off, off. Great. And for some of you who say cough or who scratch the sound, I want you to think middle of your mouth start saying care, care, care. Care. Or, or or it's still in the mouth. Great. So care. Now let's try some examples. Say how or how. Or let's try the same example we did before. Scratch it.

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Or hollow Orca. Great, great. Now the last one, pretty simple, pretty straightforward. I want you to blow the air and say F say off. Turn it off. Now I'd like you to say Fair, fair grid. You know all these letters counted off with me for da ha Fattah. Ha, ha ha ha. Let's try another one blow through it. F word Judah. Now you remember that strength, F word Judah of wotja. Great. Three letters for today. I'm sure you're ready for the next installment in sha Allah. I'll see all of you very soon. I pray and recommend that you rewind these videos. And I know the letters are going forwards and backwards. But again, we're putting them in an order that you can practice them to the best of your

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ability. So don't worry about the order because care and all are very similar. In sha Allah I'll see you all soon. Take care was salam ala Warahmatullah