Arabic Sound Series #8

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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I welcome you to video number eight of our Arabic sounds Video Series. Today, three letters, straightforward. You know all these sounds are ready yourself. So if you can say them with me, LA, Ma, Na, that lamb, meme and noon. Today we're going to practice l m, n. I want you to use your whole tongue when using the L and say, law. Why Allah when Allah? If you're not using your whole tongue, you're going to end up with a law luck is strategically to become a short sound. So use the whole front and say, law. Oh Wila Oh, walla. Walla. Try the word by Lala side of the tongue. fill the air with the Lord. Ye Allah Allah.

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Great. I think you have a pretty clear Can you try one with me? Beside me? Lala. Mila.

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Mila, great. The next letter is mean. It is a the sound of your lips coming together and say it with me ma. Now I want you to press your lips and just say how

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can you hum say, hum.

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Now I want you to say Ah, ma, ma, ma, ma. Great. Try the word. Ma li ke ma Leakey. Maliki good. Simple. Let's try the word. Jaya man. Ah GEMA GEMA. Great. As long as you're not saying ma, ma, si are the top lips not moving GEMA GEMA or MA Catawba. Or ora Ma. Let's try it out raw. Manny. Great. The last letter for today will be the letter noon. If you can say now, say Suba

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Suba ha Na, na, great Suba ha no more. Fantastic. So we've seen a couple of Nunes, if you want to end on a simple example. Then you can say

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noon, noon. Let's try one simpler one with a jugs start with strength. John, Nan Khun. Are you saying John Narkom? John nah, John. Nan comb. Great. You have some solid examples. Rewind where you can please listen to yourself on this one. You're gonna have to record yourself and listen to John Nall, or more. Listen to Jay I'll Na, R ra Manny. Until next time, I'll see you soon was Salam aleykum Warahmatullah