Murtaza Khan – Morals Series – Episode 21 – Mercy

Murtaza Khan
AI: Summary © The importance of showing mercy and compassion towards others is emphasized in Islam, with a focus on finding a message from the Prophet Alaihi that describes his mercy and compassion towards his children. The speakers stress the need for acceptance of natural tendencies and moments in life, avoiding double standards, and avoiding harms and not wanting to be criticized. The importance of avoiding accusations of harms and not being caught in the act is also emphasized. The segment ends with a discussion of the importance of culture of fear and avoiding harms and not being caught in the act.
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After praising Allah Subhana

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sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we stopped in the Hadees to discuss the headache about benevolence,

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about kindness and goodness, tolerance. Another word that we can use as being merciful towards other individuals,

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the theme of mercy will continue inside today's howdy in data Hana

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by the prophet SAW the Larson mentioned that Heidi, instead of saying,

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Allah Subhana, Allah

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manaia humbleness. Allah doesn't show mercy. To those who don't show mercy to other individuals have mercy towards mankind.

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Before we inspect or begin to speak about this Hadith,

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we can pause and begin to reflect how concise these words are,

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or are concise many words of the prophets and the Lord said,

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what is known as jomi, will Kenyan.

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And he was given a very precise, accurate verse. short, simple words, full of immense, great meaning.

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There are times you may even just say to an individual laptop bump, don't get angry. Two simple words in Arabic, with English three words, has such a profound meaning.

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And deep understanding a person can write

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a magnanimous work on just these words, of controlling the anger

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that you find that these a Hadith of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam have concise words.

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the well collected of these handy is a collection of UMNO with 14, Ahadi were actually 42 ahaadeeth does every single Muslim should study these ahaadeeth

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because these are these are concise words, profound meaning deep meaning benefit the individual Insightly life.

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And amongst the best, the best explanation written of these 42 A Heidi, what is known as Joanna and Kelly, when Hickam Hambling who took these 42 A Heidi, and added 10 more to them to make them 52

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in some approximate two volumes, and some prints that we find are 300 pages, each explaining these precise words at the bottom of the cylinder, and the deep impact it should be inside our lives. Because appropriate it should have Sarah Sarah, 1 million people and in our in her underwear, he

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doesn't speak of his own desires. What he speaks is divine intervention, relationship of Allah Subhana Allah. So his words are accurate words, have deep penetration, deep meaning does the present takes the word the prophetic words the prophetic guidance, it should change the individual, change the personality. That's what the impact of the Prophet Allah upon his followers around him. You know, Guru Murthy, the new takes about in the realms of darkness, to the light of a loss of power data by the permission of Allah Subhana data that this these words of today that we find there are lots of

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Malaya humbleness. Allah doesn't show mercy to do those who don't show mercy to mankind to the people around them. And this is a key concept.

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It's under format that we find that a lot of time God wants us to share the bounties share the blessings, shared the goodness, because the essence of all four by all virtues and goodnesses return back to Allah Subhana Allah.

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Allah mentioned wax income as an indica show goodness to people that Allah shown goodness to you. So when a person begins to show goodness to people, it's not weakness. It's not pleasure of the people. In seeking the pleasure of Allah Subhana Allah is acknowledging the near the bounties of Allah Subhana Allah, and that's mercy, firmness, painful of mercy and compassion, kindness. The intent of delivering is to humanity is to earn the mercy of a loss of Canada Anna and that's the human being to practice being merciful returns back to Allah Subhana Allah

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That is the intent. In a hadith in Sahih Muslim that we find the very day that Allah created the heavens and the earth. He created 100 parts of mercy

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and forgot one those 100 parts of mercy. He said one part 100 of the mercy, he sent it upon the earth, that one part of mercy that we find, the mother begins to show, a Chicago Rama, mercy and compassion and kindness towards a child and children, and even animals that any mentioned begin to show goodness towards they, the offspring are the animals that have been given to them. And a lot so Canada has reserved 99 parts of mercy with him, and he will treat his servants with these elements of mercy 99 paths on the Day of Resurrection. This begins to at least help us to understand the mercy of Allah Subhana data can tell the island of SR Rama, Allah Subhana Allah rented it upon

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himself to be merciful. And it seems sort of suited and around a lot. Some verses later mentioned ketalar a boom Anna nuptse Rama, your Lord has written it upon himself to be merciful.

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Does you find that remember, discuss that to go to the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah in certain states is more preferred. And a person should be spreading amongst humanity, spreading amongst Muslims, a concept of compassion, of mercy, kindness and kindness towards human being, then a heading that we find around a Muna, yet humble Rockman those who are most similar to one another, Allah will be merciful and kind to those individuals. It hammelmann fill up your humble Manifesto. Be quiet and gentle to the people around you. What would you earn, you will earn the gentleness, the mercy the compassion of Allah Subhana Allah

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subhanho wa salam, Oman, Qatar, Qatar, Qatar Allah Subhana Allah had the incident of human dignity.

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As a local linguist is begin to discuss that you find that Rwanda, compassion is taken from the same Duda of linguistics of raha, which means the womb of the mother, because the mother contains compassion for the child. And so you ever breaks the ties of kinship, breaks a link with Allah Subhana Allah, Who ever serviced and ties vena cava for marks the major sins that we find is to break up your ties with your family members. And many times we mentioned that people complain that maybe my family members don't keep ties with me. What does it mean to keep ties with him? Are the prophetic traditions that mentioned every time you keep ties with them, they break off ties with

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you, they route towards you. They don't acknowledge you. But the believer is the one who again, keeps ties with them, builds ties with them. That's what the believer is, because why are they trying to earn the mercy and compassion of Allah subhana wa Jalla? Does he find amongst the many merciful components of Allah Subhana Allah that is bestowed upon all of us. Amongst the greatest blessings that we all know, is a blessing of Allah Islam Alhamdulillah Allah de Hidalgo he had the

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praise be to Allah Subhana Allah, Who guide us to this, Deen Islam, the Pope of Islam, if we didn't know the path of Islam, or was it bestowed upon us, we will be as barbaric

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will be as same as the rest of society around us. That we portray that look at a tree, look at their behavior, look at the etiquette at the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah, that he deliberately away from them, guides us towards Islam. So let's say mercy and compassion to be inside our hearts, that could lead people to the path of mercy towards the path of forgiveness. And thus we find this ultimate blessing after Islam. The second blessing that bestowed upon Muslims upon his Muslim oma is the center of the prophets of

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Allah and

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it says sudo, Allah mentioned that

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he, indeed was conferred a blessing upon the believers, that he sent a messenger from amongst their own selves, the teachings of the Buddha bow, teach them to Scripture, and he purifies them. Why can we learn Moby and prior to this they will manifest as

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misguidance This is a prophet, the prophet of mercy. At the end of October we find out

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to how

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then the sutopo that we find, indeed has come a message from amongst your own self. It troubles him, it worries him that you don't come to the path of guidance forever worried over you standing over you.

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How do you feel a little bit more money. But all for Rahim, Allah describes describes him as the Most Compassionate, The Merciful One frame you will know when you turn away, turn away from the parking lot for good has to be alone.

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When you turn away from the park, have a lots of Hello data. Then I placed my trust. We are upon a loss of Hello Diana, and he's the master, the owner of the magnificent throne. You know the five foot men come to find inside the Quran. Allah Subhana begins sort of speaking about Allah Subhana Allah, speaking about the book, speak about the revelation, and many times in different foods that we find a lot complete the sewers, speaking about the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, because the Prophet alayhi salatu salam has been sent by Allah Subhana Allah at the end of so towards the end of Sudan and beyond that we find one the answer, Nikita

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we know send you except with a mercy to all of the words. This verse is placed inside so to come via the surah to defer to the speaking about the prophets. Why did Allah found our place this verse, When it name of the solar is an MBR, speaking about the prophets and inside for us, that the most magnificent favor upon the believers is the Prophet alayhi salatu salam and the Wii U older, the movement in May unfussy him, the prophet Elijah, closer to the believers, even in their own selves. And then suppose that you read about the mercy, the compassion of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, many books of Syria that we find what comes to mind that we find lcss

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Namibia and Cobra Lima masucci volumous work that we find, praising the Prophet alayhi salatu salam praised him speaking about his life, and he made it sound a bit a surah a minor works as well, given the title of concise and have been some of the most specific characteristics of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, even though this book needs a great tactic of research, to sit down many fabricated narration or the narration, but the point being here, of writing about the life and focusing upon His mercy, his compassion, that should ignite our faith, of how the Prophet alayhi salatu salam was towards the subjects around him. Another verse, it's actually to talk about that we find on Sunday

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in South Africa, second level, three upon them, meaning ask Allah to forgive them, show them mercy, indeed your prey upon them. Second, look at Sierra second magnet Toma, Nina or Rama, you said that your prayer upon upon the people is a form of

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a form of tranquility inside their hearts are a form of urashima mercy. This application of the Prophet Allah is not to set up is a full of mercy, compassion, that you find the Prophet alayhi salatu salam,

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very bravely did he pray against people. Most of the times he would pray for people. Even when they harmed him, they troubled him. He would pray for them pray for their guidance. That was the compassion of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, and just to deliver show us his compassion, because some of the people in our society they think that being compassionate, being merciful, takes a ruler takes away your manhood away from you, as the

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who are a source of love Allah. And no individual can argue about his manhood, about his strength, about his power, about his mind that was given to him. You find the narration that we find in the human body that we find one of his daughters, she sent a messenger to go and tell the profits of the boat and my father, that my child, my son is about to pass away. He's in a state of illness.

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So he responded to the message. Maybe I'll come at the latest state is not that severe. We'll pray for the for the child.

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When the messenger came back and deliver that she needs to go prompted me to go and call my father Go and call him that my child is at the final moments of his life.

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So the properties of took two V's for pennies, and he went,

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and he held the child. And then you find that he began to weep for food and

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he began to weep. The people around him said, Now they are sudama. What is this? what it is that you're shedding tears? What what are you weeping about?

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He said, this is the Chautauqua, the compassion that Allah placed inside the hearts of the believers.

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That habit will not show mercy to mankind show mercy to people. So we find

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we people think that may travel the human being, whether it be their children, their parents, their loved ones around them doesn't take anything away from the individual is a natural feeling. What is forbidden Islam is to go beyond the limitation, to wait to cry, to complain to lament that was forbidden in Islam. Another individual that posed the question to him that is individually embraced his children. Eight 910 children.

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He never showed any love or compassion to any of his children. He said, This Amanda compassion is snatched out of his heart, taken out of his heart, love and compassion is the way of the believer to show love to his children show love towards people around them is how a believer should conduct himself amongst the individuals that they love, especially being merciful to individual family members and relatives. The Quran mentions a

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defective chapter of Quran Where is a young woman it assigns it a lot harder creation that happens in life and death that we find woman a woman and as well. For amongst his signs. He's placed your spouse's latest guru, Elena Bader kumada, Tamara in the fetal

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place, love, immense love

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wahama compassion and mercy between you indeed there are signs of individuals who may ponder and reflect regarding this.

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This is how Allah describes family members place love and compassion between the believer amongst your family members. And as you find that mercy and compassion, as many of us discuss, when a person enters into their home,

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it shouldn't be a state of fear

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that a family member say them, the children fear them. It should be a feeling of happiness, contentment, that we find a man that you find is the one that takes care of his family members. He feeds what he eats, he dresses and what he dresses. he avoids hitting him in the face, even though I've mentioned another minute make me

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a real person doesn't hate women.

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as they progress I've never had any of these wives never hit any of his wife. He never raised his hand in the other room, except for the enemy, for

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example, should be the appropriate place to center and just be fine. If I never too humiliated. They will just speak rudimentary words towards us, to despise her to see her, avoid abandoning her, and likewise overlook her many mistakes. All this is based upon if you were to

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in Abuja, when you have a long discussion, what does it mean?

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To live with goodness? These are all elements of living with your family members, the goodness of taking care of them

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fit the facility they need to overlook. And we rejected to look at the kookiness of the woman. And you find the prophetic tradition, the woman created for the benefit of Adam, if you try to straighten it, you will break it, man.

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You have to accept certain aspects about a woman is different from the man when he says

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the woman is not like the man. This should be the basis of our society. Because the basis of this society has been fractured. The base of this society is fractured, because they say that the man is exactly like the woman. The woman is exactly that the man. Both they share the same aspects. This, they say exactly the same thing.

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argument is such a simple argument returning back to the Koran. When I said

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the woman will never be like the man, the woman pays the child for nine months. The woman means the child, the woman has a biological makeup on you different from the man. So how can we share the same traits? How can we begin to just turn a blind eye for the society sign up and try to teach that may Allah forbid that men and women are one gender or even the cool of nature to be shaped by both genders.

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Way of Life is this

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understanding of life is this that men and women are exactly the same and have exactly the same price. This is breaking up the fundamentals of society. breaking up the structure of society is not hold upon society. Give every single individual the Jew right would have to carry on inside their life. A woman doesn't share the same traits. It is done as a man what is

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striving and struggling of a woman had to have her performing hajj. that's a that's a jihad. She's not obliged to do Amanda, and no one should expect you to do that. No one can expect a woman to carry out the task with a man has to carry on inside inside society. Each of them have their own role. And as defined as mentioned by the German Oriental, it will be a great help. It will be a great help to dismantle Islam. If we could push the Koran inside and push the woman women that women outside it will dismantle the Islam. The Quran, yes, it may sound harsh, is orthodox.

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The Quran mentions

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remain inside your homes do not come out the wave jania read that the CDs

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are sorted after reading the field. Mmm, Toby andalusi, famous Mufasa how he speaks about women. This is speaking many centuries ago, he highlights that women would come out in date of jelenia with scars on their heads, the end of the showing, the inner rings are showing their necks are showing their chest is showing the necklaces are showing

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how the Java jania This is the job of Germany

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alone. Look at the state of our society today, even optimistic about centuries ago. What is the etiquette of a woman how to conduct themselves how to behave. And so what we find the so called Western world is that the same suit I mentioned for

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Morocco, the same suit I mentioned for

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a woman should never be alluring, deceptive inside a speech, she should be broad brush and straight to the point for the people be more or less the disease comes into the heart of the individual will

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the disease as problematic diversity dimension is desire.

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So when people say that, so to the wife of the woman is not desirous. It has no elements. The woman was different from the man's voice. If the woman lost her voice speaks in a beautiful voice.

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The Quran says that in the rain and around in the heart of a human being. That's what the Quran is mentioning. So now either we are trying to challenge the Quran or we found some new form of Islam that we think that will fit into the modern world. You know at the moment in Wall Street, they've released an article about business ethics and etiquette and I don't want to sound derogatory how they prefer the disbelieving individuals. They release acres how to engage a business with the opposite gender land. This man we will

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never sit with a person of the opposite gender in private. never sit with her we didn't never seen a private room never speak to a private room and even consider their own business meeting or to be segregated. This is Wall Street America at the moment we as Muslims we begin to shy away you know in America they have fully Institute's which are dedicated to only women who go and studied. In India they have a train that runs only for women are the backward people.

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Are they believing in a medieval practice? Now Muslim come and say, Well, this is some medieval practice in the sixth century, we can implement this in our environment around us. The essence is the economy.

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Because India is not just a sickness is sicknesses inside their hearts, they don't want to remove it from their heart. They don't want to try to purify society. Islam is a form of mercy, compassion, to take people away from diseases, to purify humanity, to make them to become good citizens and individual being merciful to the individuals that we love the idea to us if I'm being merciful to the people around us, Muslims or non Muslims alike that we find a Muslim you shouldn't live a life of double standards of how they conduct themselves, some rare occasions whereby some rights of Muslims maybe may be taken away for a justified implication inside the Sharia, which may exist. But

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it doesn't become common practice, that a person takes away their rights away from them, that you can steal from them robbed from them, take away from their property, not give them the Jew, right. That's not how a Muslim is. And the biggest concern that the Muslims should have of the people around them is that these people are lost individuals. These are individuals who are heading to a journal. Does you find a hadith in Bukhari that we find that a prophet gives his parable that I'm lacking a personal Kindle a fire ignited a fire and you find that the most of the insects are going towards that light. And I tried to prevent these moths and insects, but they overcome me they enter

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that person enter into the fire that broke the ice of zombies trying to stop people to go into Janda

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almost incubating we shouldn't be here to condemn people to the Hellfire especially people who are living it's not afoot for Muslim to condemn any individual. But if you're a non Muslim dies, then there's no harm in condemning them. Muslims should fall into this trap that maybe Allah will forgive them. Whoever is known to be a disbeliever

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for Khufu,

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apparently disbelief is apparent. never shown any any elements of buddy works in the car that we find friendship, coffee, coffee,

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adult status will commit to for themselves. We make no

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no excuses for for for disbelieving individuals, no excuses for them. There is no sign that they took the Shahada, or inclination to Islam than the principal there disbelieving individuals working x.

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for Muslims, you always find an excuse. You're always finding excuse. No Muslim should condemn another Muslim to China, and especially Muslim leave this world then a person should always speak well have them speak to them, always praise them, and is the subject clearly a person which not only knowledge wise, a person may need to write certain things about the individual, but a person that even then treads a fine line, not to say something which is inaccurate about the individual to malign the individual because their good deeds have stopped. Their bad deeds have stopped. But it could add more good deeds

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by the bad deeds that we committed. So Musashi always be looking at the focus of grammar, mercy, compassion, encouraging individuals, speaking well of people, encouraging individuals, likewise by How to Be merciful towards one another, as documented, be forgiving of each other's faults that we find. feel sympathy for others suffering,

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day in and day out. know people try to explain, well, this is mainly because of their own sins, or do we really have to mention to people have loosened up suffering in the world.

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empathy and sympathy they find is a wave a believer

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should be should be worried that his Muslim day was suffering. We don't eat well, we don't just dress well, we don't have a good life. We don't have parents, we don't have siblings. This is a sign that rat must be taken out. And a person doesn't have the compassion to people around them. This is a week where the suffering of the people around them doesn't awaken them alive, qualified to love each other, for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah to visit other individuals in times of sickness, to be there financially or otherwise, for another Muslim. This old shows mercy and compassion to the other individual not to oppress, or do any form of injustice to another individual. But despite that

00:29:51 --> 00:29:59

by slander, despite or lying to one another, am I qualified under hate, or Chrome for a reason for no legitimate reason?

00:30:01 --> 00:30:27

Some of us have become, just to find individually something to argue about something to speak ill about another individual, something to find faults about another individual. It may be that Allah Subhana, Allah in His infinite mercy, has concealed the person's mistakes, concealed their life. And I begin to expose our sins. And as we find it, it's a machine that we find that mercy. There are

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animals that get us into paradise. We find it Howdy, aim to do good

00:30:34 --> 00:30:41

inside your life, and be portrait, be balanced and just inside your life don't fall into an element

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of excesses of inside your life, and be of good cheer, happiness, goodness, and none of you will be admitted to Paradise by the virtue of his deeds. That is America, we give up doing deeds

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mean that we give a big deal. He's not trying to highlight or we shouldn't rely that thinking that I have done this inside my life. I've achieved this in my life.

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In my life, that Now by default, I deserve paradise. The companion poses question, not even you are profitable. Ah, no, even you, he said, not even myself, I will not even enter into paradise, except for a loss pantalla enshrouds me covers me with his mercy, that even the profits of allegedly saying that I like was the honey they continued, I remember that the most collaborative deeds.

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the most regular actions even happen to be small actions. These are things that I love,

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on a regular basis, on a regular basis of giving a sadaqa does he find a charity that you find if a person gives it to their loved ones, to the family members, double triple the reward for keeping ties of kinship, giving them taking care of them, placing love and affection inside their hearts reward is increased for an individual takes care of the family members may be in a state of need. And that's a conclusion that we find in naramata money

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at the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah is close to move to the good news, as we began with what's it gonna look like?

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Goodness, when we start to reach perfection inside of that goodness inside Allah, Allah subhanaw taala is, is close to them. And therefore they meet me speaks about Maria Subhana.

00:32:41 --> 00:32:56

Allah, Allah is a close, a close to a lot kind of we don't believe in individuals who have certain traits and characteristics almost close to them. And as if I knew when Allah is the ally, the friend of an individual,

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the individual will always be successful.

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Unlike the need to protect individuals who believe will always be with those individuals. And likewise, when inside strange inside the same soul

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and even as a cipher, the Holy Spirit speak about mercy about compassion, speaking about the distinction between Hellfire and paradise, about how these individual will come on that day or has it been told to us to believe in Allah that will they be told to do by look at the end result they will ask or send down upon us some food

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even some water send it down upon us. But Allah Allah will see PDP budgeting I will say that this has been made her on upon you may have you know even a drop of water will come to the people of Jane

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Doe Mota, the people will say on the

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yellow we will give everything

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all our family members all our wealth, all our property, everything everything to deliver ourselves from the fire.

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And I find it some research on you and speaking about other companies worth speaking about Jeff Johnson, he said that you find that that is that is will eventually become we become

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that you find that ships will be able to float on the amount of kids that we should

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but we are super something less than that.

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We all shoot for one penny now.

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We asked you for one statement. And now you do sacrifice everything inside your life. Everything you do now afraid. We asked you for Kenny Makoto he

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asked you for

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and you stayed away from them. You know

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what though? He

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You know, believing individually Mr. Hardy, the pseudonym Timothy was

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accepted it is handy to be authentic.

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You find a personal con many things on the day judgment, parchment books, squalls of sin will be there of the individual, old places placed on Amazon.

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And if I want one one, aka, one paper will come. personalising. What is this one paper? What will this one paper do with all of these clothes, of mouth seen by the rules of civil disobedience? turning away from a bar was just one paper? What would this do on that day? This one take, we place an escape, and we take away everything else.

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If you don't put a piece of paper out,

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the belly, the conviction inside was hot, why

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would you

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me inside the house, there's an element of disturbance

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that you want to return back to.

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Inside the house, surrounded a life with obstacles and difficulties, trying to find a way out

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of their lives. And we come or we condemn people. We condemn other Christians and say these people will not make it to gender

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is only Allah Subhana Allah is infinite mercy. And if you find 100 verses later Allah mentioned where Amati was.

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100 verse exactly ladies are sorted out Allah mentioned, the mind mercy encompasses everything. And inside it could seem not to mention, the indeed My mercy will overcome my anger is something that Allah wrote down 50,000 years before the creation of the heavens and the earth, that he's mercy will overcome his anger, that he will show mercy, specifically, specifically toward the believers for the Muslims. We have lots of different places and the need to shape an immersive reality to make us amongst those individuals. download an overlooked and Miss guidance is amiss judgment, errors and mistakes upon this type. consumerism covers them up and expose them in front of the rest of

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humanity. melonheadz consider all of us inside this dunya inside

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