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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah everyone. Welcome to video number six of the Arabic sounds. C video series.

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Acetamide ecomo Rahmatullah. I welcome everyone to the sixth installment of the Arabic sounds video series. Today's objective is going to have four letters in it. These four letters, not difficult at all, something you might have heard possibly in the English language, something that you can relate to. The sounds are simple, I want you to go ahead and try them with me. The four letters we're tackling today are ball, volleyball, I law, so let's try it together. It's a little fish with a line that comes out of it, the fish with the line that comes out of it, take your tongue and press it to the top teeth and just bounce it off a little bit. Thought thought thought thought thought Thought.

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Thought thought thought thought thought thought. Don't all the lips and say it with me. Or for this one has a little art in it. You've noticed a few that do. Let's try it together. For that was taken in an example of a word for mu or mu bar IMO. Great. Let's try another one. This one is going to bounce bounce a little bit. l blamo. Elbow.

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Elbow, elbow. Make sure the lips don't Oh, and also keep in mind that the sound is going to be pressed against the top two teeth. Ball. Ball. Great. The next letter straightforward. You're going to do the exercise for the simple zipper. Take your tongue lick the end of it. Tongue is out. Is that out? Isn't it? It's not they get out.

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Here with me. Give a little gas to the bike. Mm hmm. wall wall wall. If your tongue is not coming out completely, you're gonna get a lulu your motorcycle be broken. tongue out like a blender hit the button. I'm the sound here vibrates. So vibrate it with me please, wall. Great. Let's try to three examples. Why lemma war. Love my war lemma. Great. Let's try another example within Elif L. Lambo, l. Lambo.

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Lambo. Great.

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And I think you need one more example, right? Because you've been watching these videos for about for the last six months. So let's try the word war limb. Bring your tongue out.

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vollem volume. Great Hamdulillah

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we pray that you can now take the next two letters and write down the word write the word for me right on the top. Lift. Don't push. Lift. Don't push. Lift, don't push. Now I want you to lift the sound Don't push it. Lift it with me it's two seas. Ah ah ah it's like biting a big apple. Ah

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great. It didn't take a lot of effort and it's not overwhelming. Let's try it together. Ah ah the name of the letter is online. Great. The first example is Ah Ma la ora masala armella it does you don't have to lose your lunch in order to say this correctly. And let me show you an example. Say raw fair. Ah. Which means to lift or he lived. He lifted so I want you to lift it with me. Rotha I offer I do see other sounds kind of just lifting and coming right out. You don't need to say it off all what am I doing? I'm pushing their don't want you to push. Let's try it again. are off. i Great. A simpler example that would help you lift it in the middle of a word is Ma ghoom Ma Ma goon

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Excellent. So I know you're waiting for this example because everyone recites it in their prayer daily Alhamdulillah here have been I mean, as opposed to all I mean, don't all your mouth and lift the sound. The last sound for today simple. It's a we do it every morning finished brushing your teeth butts modern side and you gargle your mouth. Lift your head law law

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All Whoa. Or you know, your gargling salt or salt water or whatever it is. Try it again. Law the name of the letter line. So let's try it together. Law foul raw life outlaw life at all. Fantastic. Let's try the word or fear. Can you hear it in the background? Oh, that little gargle law feed off here. And in Surah Fatiha what we read daily, now Looby they got that blood in there, right? They tried together. Gargle it now new movie. Now movie. Great. So today we did four, press the top teeth, bring it now bring it out of the mouth wall.

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I gotta make sure you lift your eyes, gargle your lines. I'd like you to kind of press tap on your thoughts and vibrate your voice. I pray I get the opportunity to meet with all you again. We're getting pretty close to the end. I'll see you very soon for Santa Monica Warahmatullah