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To be upon you, around you and May peace emanate in all that you're doing. If you've been on the lifestyle ride, you've gone from stand, Quranic supplications, you wrote yourself chronic transformation, that transformation possibly included. Better prayer. So you took postures of presence, you took postures of Salah, and that allowed you to to shape your day around your Salah and giving you the chance to grasp the perfect day. What was the perfect schedule? What would be the activities and routine that would make you experience the perfect day again and again? Then you got into your perfect day and realized how much of your day had nutrients going in and out of your body.

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So you took nourishment to understand how to bring the light in. Now I'm ready for poor postures of request. It is that postures of dua that you've been no waiting to open up and communicate with your Lord through your posture.