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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh brothers and sisters, welcome to AQL onlines pre Tajweed Class B isn't Allah Our goal is to take you through a bit of a journey, possibly from wherever we are right now, starting in California, I want to take you all the way down to Dallas. And as we take this journey in a few series of videos, I want you not only to take a physical journey through the blessings that Allah subhanaw taala has given us here in the United States. But I want you to take a mental journey to realize that memorizing, reciting, reflecting and reading the book of Allah subhanaw, taala.

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And even just building a basic rhythm, it's going to take some time. So before I teach you the technical aspects, I want to take you through nature, because that's where the most original sounds are formed. And those sounds help us relax. Also, those sounds help us reach a state where we realize that the natural sounds around us are mimicked in the beauty and the recitation and the rhythm of Quranic recitation. So be isn't Allahu Taala I hope that you join me along as we're here in Casa Grande Ruins in Arizona. And you can see that these civilizations they lasted they were beautiful, but at the end of the day, this civilization have to be hit by a

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unrelenting drought. But at the end of the day, there is nothing left of them except us out and fill out the remnants that they left in the ground, I want you to realize that there is something that you can leave behind forever and that is your Thilawa of Quran, your recitation will shine in your good deeds, more than any other action that you do when you recite solely for the book solely for the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala. When reciting his book, by Ethan Allah, I want you to take in some of the sights and the sounds, but most importantly, I want you to start this video series getting comfortable reciting the book of Allah. So we're gonna be making some sounds, I'm going to

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be stretching showing you the best way to breed some similar sounds that you'll hear in the Quran that you're hearing here in nature, we're gonna try to make that connection be isn't allowed. I'll talk to you soon. For now all I ask that you do is praise Allah subhanaw taala in the best and most pure way, say subhanallah Alhamdulillah and Allahu Akbar, brothers and sisters, something that we do on a daily basis, but we're not necessarily aware of one of the gifts of Allah subhanaw taala that we don't always calculate is our breath is our breathing. Allah subhanho wa Taala blew our spirit into our body. And we realized that our soul is a gift from Allah subhanaw taala. And a recognition

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of that. So is that breathing that we do daily, every breath that you've been given has been calculated. So if you are going to be taking these breaths, why not be aware and conscious of it. Buddhist monks when they enter into their original study, when they get to the monastery to learn, one of the first things that's done is their head is dunked into a bucket of water, almost until they are unconscious, they come right to the point where they gasping for air they almost are about to drown. And when they are pulled out, the lesson that is taught is these breaths of air were taken away from you. Now every single breath after that point is a gift from their Creator. So now we

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realize that every breath that we take is a gift from Allah subhanaw taala. What I would like to do with you today to prepare you for the best recitation of Quran that you've ever had in your life. And that will lead you to the retention of the book of Allah, we're going to practice some basic breathing techniques. Now, in order to do this, I really do need you to stand up. So try your best to stand up. I'm out here in an open space, I really recommend on your mobile device or on something you couldn't carry outside, take it outside and try your best to stand up straight and I want you to stretch your arms out as much as you can. What we're going to do here is a basic breathing technique

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that we're going to practice in class when we meet each other. But for now, we're going to do it here. First off, you're gonna plant your feet shoulder length. So these are your shoulders, your hips, and you're gonna go straight down to your feet, it's all going to line up Fair enough. Now I'd like you to pull your shoulders back not awkwardly, but some of us tend to stand with a slouch. Pull your shoulders back, it's gonna become one straight line. And now what I'd like you to do, it's gonna be three steps you're gonna do step number one, try it with me breathe in through your nose.

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Hold this breath. Now you usually feel like okay, I've taken a breath. I want you to take another breath through your nose.

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Now you feel the apex of your lungs. But wait, now you're gonna hold this breath and take it in through your mouth.

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Now you can feel it here. Now you feel as if your chest cavity has expanded and now I want you to let the

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air out.

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Now we're gonna practice together that's two in through the nose, and then suck one into the mouth, you will feel your lungs lift up, you will feel the opening of your diaphragm, you'll feel like you have access to your diaphragm that's a space underneath your stomach will give you a little bit more air. Let's try it again. And as the wind blows against that deep breath in through your nose,

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I can through your nose.

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Suck it in through your mouth.

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Do you feel it, you feel your stomach. Now I don't want you to let it out. I want you to just tighten your stomach muscles with me with me. Let's let it out like a air out of a tire.

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That's it, you're not letting your stomach muscles go again through the nose.

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Again, through the nose, suck it from the mouth

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and hold it here. You feel it on the sides. You feel the apex of your lungs. Now don't let it go. I want you to squeeze your stomach now with me

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get it out.

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Now you've let the air come out of your lungs. But do you notice your that your your abdominal muscles are all tight. One more time relaxed in through the nose

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once again

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and suck it in through your mouth.

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Give it here. Now I'd like you to let it go with the word Suba

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Allah, let it go with the words pucker your lips Subhan Allah, I encourage you to do this exercise through the nose twice. Suck it into the mouth once 10 times in the morning 10 times in the evening. Let's be real, that's going to be tough. If you can get it a few times in the morning few times in the evening can be fantastic. But remember, it's not just breathing in and letting it go. Once you tighten up those abdominal muscles, keep them tight. And then breathe up here. I want you to live and function recite Quran at a higher state. When you get into this practice and a few days we'll be reciting Quran together you will know exactly how to get into this state. This is lesson number one

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be isn't Allah. We're headed out from Arizona. We'll see you in the white sand dunes was salam aleikum wa rahmatullah