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AI: Summary © The importance of balancing sex and family is emphasized in Islam, with men and women playing a crucial role. The success of Islam is attributed to fulfilling family responsibilities, including healthy eating and staying healthy. The speaker emphasizes the need for men and women to live a healthy lifestyle, including healthy eating and staying healthy overall.
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Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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Alhamdulillah he Nakamoto who and a sterling you know who and I still fiddle when we learn him in Shuri and fusina woman say the aroma Nina may Mejia Hello fellow moving Dara. Woman you know

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when I showed her the hula Sheree Kedah wanna shadow under Mohammed Abu rasuluh Amalia kulula Barracuda Allah

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Hamid RO Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem.

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When they are thrown in in CERN and fa

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la la Vina ermine huami la sala healthy water. Wow. So Bill helped me with a wasabi Sabra.

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So the

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honorable orlimar respected elders, brothers, mothers and sisters.

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As a human being, we are required to fulfill multiple roles in life.

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On one side, I am the servant of a law, my commitment to Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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On the other hand, I'm a family person.

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I'm a son, to my parents,

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a brother to my siblings,

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a husband to my wife,

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and a father to my children.

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I've also got my responsibility towards my community.

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I've also got my professional life ahead of me.

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And I've also got my own personal growth.

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So you can see that there are different roles a person has to juggle on a daily basis.

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And the important thing is, when a person diligently fulfills each of this role.

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It leads him to a meaningful life.

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And that's what I want to speak about today.

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Living a fulfilling life, living a meaningful life.

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And that is not possible. When a person does not have balance in his life. In order to live a meaningful life, a person needs to live a life of balance. He needs to fulfill his commitment towards his creator.

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He needs to fulfill His covenant with a loss of handling with Allah. At the same time, he needs to fulfill his family responsibilities also.

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He needs to fulfill his commitment towards his broader community. And at the same time, he needs to strive for excellence in his own professional life.

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Wherever there's imbalance, the quality of life suffers.

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And wherever there is balance, a person leads a meaningful life.

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And the sherea is beautiful Allahu Akbar.

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I'll go on to illustrate how Allah subhanaw taala wants a believer to lead his life in this world. Allah wants us to excel on every front in life.

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A lot wants us to be good community members. Allah wants us to be good husbands. Allah wants us to be good children. Allah wants us to fulfill our covenant with him also. And Allah one says to live a life of balance. I'll give you an example. And we'll start off our talk with this Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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paid salmaan Alpha zero the alota lon who was a Buddha there.

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So once Selman allphotossee paid him a visit, just to see what kind of life is living,

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he gets home. And the first thing he notices is that the wife of Buddha is the cheval.

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She's in a shabby condition.

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So he asked her, Molly Araki, metabo Villa, a wife of a Buddha, why are you so disheveled? Why are you so shabby? She's so she replied. A hookah with the lady said, Oh, hello, June 5 dunya. Your brother a Buddha. He's got no interest in the dunya. He's got no interest in women and other aspects of life. What do I do? Who do I dress up for? When my husband has got no interest

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A little while later, he comes with food and he tells salmaan eat.

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I am not going to join you for Indian Solomon. I am fasting today. So salmonella Farsi did an amazing thing and I want you to just follow closely.

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He said, Marina be alkylene hat.

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I am not going to eat until you don't join me in this meal. I am not going to join you. I am not going to eat.

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So anyways, he forced him and he broke his Rosa he broke his fast and he joined him in the middle.

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When it was nighttime, a Buddha showed him the place where he's going to sleep. And he engaged he started with Sala salmonella first he said wait wait wait hold on, hold on. Go back to sleep.

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Amazing. After some time he comes again to the masala and he wants to start his salah and sell man and Pharisees says no no hold on hold on Go back to sleep.

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When it was the last portion of the night. He told him wake up. Let's read Sala together and they perform the huddle.

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In the morning he explained to him in Europe because

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we're in the NFC collega Hakan or in the Haleakala

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or with the DA

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verily your Lord has a right over you indeed

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verily your body your own personal being has a right over you also. And indeed your family also has a right over you. For RT Kula de Hoxton haka.

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Give every person they do right in life, a law hook,

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fulfill your duty towards your Creator also, fulfill your duty towards yourself also, fulfill your duty towards your household members also, for our clique couldn't let it happen hochkar give every person they do right. There is the balance you need to draw a Buddha.

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In the morning he approaches Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam with the DA says to the Prophet of Allah. Olivia de la Sol model first he visited me yesterday. He made me break my fast. He made me go to sleep at night.

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And he gave me these advices the Prophet of Allah said Sir, the Casal man.

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Indeed, salmaan has spoken the truth.

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Allahu Akbar, say Allahu Akbar,

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Masha Allah Subhana Allah, give every person that you write. He made him break his fast.

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He made him sleep at night. And he gave him pertinent advices which you and I need to emulate in our lives. We need to do away with extremism. If a person excels in one field, at the expense of another, he is not throwing the balance in his life a lot.

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And that is why we follow Mohammed sal Allahu Allah, He will send them because of the balance that he has in his life. on every front, he was perfect. He was perfect as a husband. He was perfect as a prophet. He was perfect as a leader. He was perfect as a community member. He was perfect in every role that you can think of. And that is the beauty of he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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So the point I'm starting off with today and I which I want to emphasize throughout my talk, is that throw the balance in every affair of your life.

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I mentioned our first commitment is towards our Creator.

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Every person needs to understand male or female, young or old, elderly or young, educated on educated, every person needs to understand that I am first the servant of a law and my allegiance and my commitment lies with the last panel dialer. I understand that there are certain commandments that are directed towards me.

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And a person who leads a life of balance. He understands that he needs to fulfill His covenant with Allah subhanaw taala. Allah says in the Quran, return to Him teacher or to one by one on victory. What you call me Salah. What is your call funa, Yeoman Tata Kala woofie Hill kulu Allah.

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Allah has praised the businessman in this verse.

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Allah has called him misery char. These are men who

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when he then calls out how Yala Salah when the morning calls out, hi ya'll fella, they drop everything. And they answer the call of the thing. Allah has praised them highly in the Quran. And Allah is saying these are true businessmen.

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These are true businessmen who understand the duty towards the Creator. And they diligently fulfill the order for loss of hand with Allah. In this one verse, Allah encapsulate the spiritual part of a person's life.

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That when Martin calls out, he gives preference to the call of Hassan,

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what you call me Salah. What he does is

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he fulfills the obligation of Zechariah.

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And a lot goes on to say your whole funa Yeoman did the Columbo feel kulu Allah before, he understands that one day he is going to stand in front of his creator.

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And he understands that I am here for a purpose in life. He understands that together with the other rules of life that I need to juggle through, I also need to prepare for my IRA. That is an astute businessman. There is a clever businessman who understands his obligation towards his creator. So leading a life of purpose, leading a meaningful life lead in a conscious life demands that when the call of athon is made, we abandon everything and we call and and we come to the house of Allah subhanho wa Taala that is balance in your life.

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If a person gives himself fully to the dunya at the expense of his ophira then he is losing out and amazing allow one SAS to excel in our dunya Also, look at the verse relevant to the occasion. Yeah, you know, either new really solid romeoville jamara for sorrow either the killer was the como la come in Quinton tala moon. Allah says when the coal and the athon is given for Jumeirah Salah, abandon all form of transactions and come to the house of Allah. And what is the law says for either your solar to fantasy roof in

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the womb In fact, the law

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when the Juma Salah is over, go back to your businesses go back to your profession will be to whom in fact the law Allah has referred to the rosy as his case.

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Look at the reference a law makes. So Allah wants us to throw the balance between our era and our dunya that is our first role that we have discussed today.

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The second role that we need to fulfill is a family role.

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I am a son to my parents.

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What does the law say to me? And I'm throwing my lessons from the Quran.

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While Kabbalah buka Allah tabuteau illa

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or bill Wali, Dania Sana Allah says we want you to be kind towards your parents.

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In my yoke lovin nine duquel Kibera a huduma okina Houma falletta Coloma

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Wollaton her Huma wakulla colon Karima was filled with magenta heavily meaner Rama, Rama Rama Kumara biani, Saavedra.

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This is one of the glowing chapters of Islam.

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non Muslims are attracted to Islam, by reading verses like these, where Allah says, We have said to men, be dutiful, towards your parents, fulfill your role towards your parents, fulfill your duty towards your parents.

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If they require financial assistance, let us help them out. It should not even come out from their mouth, we should be there.

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They gave the life force they sacrifice their careers in their jobs for us. Today it's our turn to pay back and to see how we can assist them once they have grown or grown old.

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Fortunate or those people for whom the doors have

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and for whom the doors of gender is open today. Also, fortunate

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and fortunate are those individuals who are able to serve their parents

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So I need to understand that I need to fulfill my commitment towards my parents also, I am a son, I am a daughter, to my parents.

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This is called Living a meaningful life. And every role is intertwined with the other.

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Our commitment towards our parents is also very bad. Because the law is commanding us to do so. A Sahabi comes to the Prophet of Allah. And he says, Allah, I want to join the rest of the Sahaba in the expedition that is about to take place. He asked him an important question and a point of reflection.

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He asked, Are your parents alive?

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said Oh, yes, oh, no, we have a law they are alive. He said go back and serve them

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a law but look at the balance in the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam.

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Yes, the expedition will be fulfilled by a group of people. But you need to see to your parents at this moment. Your parents are more important to you.

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Another part of our family function is

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I am a brother to my siblings. That's another important function I need to fulfill.

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Especially if our parents are late in the Senior Brother, or the Senior Sister in the family needs to fulfill this role. And he needs to fulfill this function in the family to see that the family is united to see that the family are gathering on regular occasions to see that the families are bonding to see that the children are mixing with each other. This is a role of life which is a Bertha also, Allahu Akbar. And this is the amazing thing, or a burger is not only Sala, Sokka and Hajj, which is undoubtedly very important. But these family roles are equally important. When the DNA Yes, Lulu and Emma Amara will be useful. Allah says those who unite and those who uphold those

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relations which Allah wants them to hold. Two steps are very beloved to Allah, a step that is taken for salah and a step that is taken for the sake of unity Allah hopper very important.

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The third role is a family person. I am a father to my children.

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They say if you want to be in your children's memories tomorrow, we need to spend time with them today.

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We are worried about us foreseen to the educational needs for seeing to the financial aspect.

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But we also need to spend quality time with our children. manner how the world is done, whether the who may not even have been holed up in a house and the best gift a father can give to his children is good.

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Good character, but that can only come if the father is investing if the mother is investing in his or her children.

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What memories to our children leave our homes with.

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In Nevada Allah duck Kufa crema, the profit of a lower sitting in the house and he heard a knock. He said that is my Fatima knockin.

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This tells you how close the profit of a law was with his children. Do you actually know who's knocking on the door? Allahu Akbar, that is Fatima knockin and she has come to our house at the irregular hour, something has come up, open the door for how close was he to his children a lot. He would regularly kiss the forehead of his daughter Fatima rhodiola talana a lot. We know his conduct with his grandson Hassan and Hussein plane with him while he was performing Salah. This is the Sierra we need to follow a law. He fulfilled every role to its requirement and that is why he is the greatest of human being.

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The fourth role, I am a husband to my wife, I need to fulfill that role also.

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If a man succeeds in his company, and he climbed the corporate ladder, he becomes the big shot in the company. If he reached the top, listen to this, if he reached the top at the expense of compromising his family, when he gets there on top, he will get the salute of his boss. He will get the salute of his colleagues and his co workers, but his family will resent him. Why? Because they are bitter about it. He did it at the expense of neglecting them.

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Same situation, the

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Man climbs to the top.

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But he fulfilled his family role also, when he gets there on top, he is happy. His family is happy, and everybody's happy. If you are excelling in one field at the expense of the other,

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you are not throwing the balance in your life. So become the best in your profession and in your business. But let it not be at the expense of your family. spend quality time with them. I want you to ponder on the incident I'm going to share with you

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it is the Battle of better the first battle in Islam. It is the decisive battle of Islam. It is the deciding factor the prophet of a wise crying in front of Allah, our life my Sahaba tomorrow are destroyed in defeated there will be no one to worship you on the surface of the earth tomorrow.

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That's how important this battle was.

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Satan are smart enough fun comes out of his house and is ready to join the army. The Prophet of Allah said oath, man, your family is not well. She is critical. Holbeck

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Allahu Akbar. Look at the balance in the Sunnah. On one side, it's the most decisive battle in Islam and history. Probably after this day if they lose, there'll be no Islam left. On the other hand, you got a man whose wife is critically ill.

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What does Mohammed Salah lawlis teach the Ummah that even on occasions like these, if your wife or your partner is critically ill, and you have to decide between the two,

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you need to know what to do Allah.

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The Battle of better is over Othman. laffan just finishes the Berlin procedure of his wife, and a caller calls out Allahu Akbar, upper Shirou Abba Shirou glad tidings be to you all Muslims, the Muslims have come out victorious in better Allah

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once said his his wife, one says it's a battle of butter

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throw the balance. If it is done at the expense of sacrificing your family. We are not throwing the balance in life. Yes, our professions are important and I'm saying this unequivocally Also, our businesses are important. But once we are well settled in our business, once we have found our feet in our careers, there is no excuse. Absolutely no excuse to compromise on our family life at the expense of Xperia X excel in another field. So the message today brothers and sisters in Islam is lead a life of balance. By leaving by leading a life of balance, you will find inner peace,

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you will find inner serenity Sakina which Allah subhanaw taala speaks about. So a man needs to fulfill his commitment towards his creator. He needs to fulfill his commitment towards his family. He needs to fulfill his commitment towards his his his community in last few moments, again say that I was not a fan. My commitment to my community is also important.

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The Muslims come to Nigeria to munawwara there's no Sweetwater season Othman purchases the well of Roma. This is his commitment towards his community.

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He purchases the well of Roma. Cape Town is going through difficulty in terms of water, if Allah has blessed us with the finances, and if we can put up borehole projects. First tomorrow bill Kaaba falls tomorrow, Bill Kava, that's your commitment towards your community. Allah what

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the army is about to leave in the book, The Prophet of Allah makes an announcement, who is ready to fund the expedition of the book, again, say the northmen often comes forward. That's our commitment towards our community. The Masjid of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam becomes small, again or Smirnoff fun, presents himself in lieu for your agenda and he extends the masjid of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, that is his function. As far as the community is concerned. Brothers and sisters, I end off here. Let us leave behind a legacy. And that can only happen when we lead a life of balance. Let us fulfill our commitment to hold

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creator, let us fulfill our commitment towards our parents. Let us fulfill our commitment towards our siblings. Let us fulfill our commitments towards our children. Let us fulfill our commitment towards our partners. Let us fulfill our commitment towards our business. Let us fulfill our commitment towards our community. When a person leads a life of balance, fulfilling all these roles which I've spoken about, he is on the path to success.

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He is on the path to success. May Allah subhanaw taala bless us all, while Darwin on hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen