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AI: Summary © The conversation covers the importance of trusting the Lord of the Middle to overcome difficult experiences and overcome pain. Hannah is pregnant and experiencing pain in her body, while a woman named Camilla talks about her mother and family's actions. The importance of trusting the Lord is emphasized, and a study on backstage sex and a dragonfire is mentioned. The speakers emphasize the need for a trusting faith to allow the woman to make an effort to work and drink water from a stream. A speaker thanks everyone for joining the session and mentions a future meeting.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam Salam aleikum Alba cattle. This is real Rosie. We're coming up to the stories of the prophets, Episode Number 63.

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And today inshallah Allah we are.

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We're still talking about medium. And we'll be talking about the eSATA. He said, So Mary and Isa and at Masada.

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Yesterday, we were talking about Mary,

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she was

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serving beta mock this owner, she was serving the odds, the worshipers in our courts and

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her age we're talking about, you know, the, that those emotions that she had, and she released them in two main things or she used them in two main things. The first thing was, you know, the a bed of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And the second thing was her benefit network and that

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benefit network who was

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serving the most the worshipers in beta democracy and he doing, you know, voluntary work, and this is what she was doing at that age. You know, in her early early 20s, maybe late teens,

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many of them was very special. We talked about how Allah subhana wa tada favored her. Like he favored the

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Milan the wife or for the family of a Milan. And we talked about the four Greatest Women in general as the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam said the greatest for women of Jenna

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hadisha into hoilett and ESEA been to sem, LA to Freetown and, and Maryam ability and Milan and Fatima into Mohammed. These were the four Greatest Women that the Prophet mentioned. So awesome. In Jenna, and Miriam was one of them. She was special indeed.

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And in terms of her a bad data and in terms of her concentration and dedication and devout worshipper, yeah, Maria makuuchi, the Arabic It was really a cool, what came our king, or Mayor or Mary O'Connor to be obedient to your Lord was God and makes us look to your Lord white guy and make a call to your Lord subhana wa Tada.

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And then we talked about how the angels started talking to her, you know, yeah, Maria Yeah, Maria or Mary or Mary.

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And then Zakaria, we talked about Zakaria when he sponsored her, you know, when they why she needed to be sponsored because her father you know, the Milan, Milan died, she was, you know, in an early age and and then she needed someone to look after her. So much of men came because they all sought the Agile the reward of you know, of supporting somebody who was working in the woods, and then came you know, and then they had to draw lots and or to cast lots, you know, it's like doing a, you know, like, head or tail. And then it was the caddy yet I didn't see them. We talked about Zakaria who won the lottery and he you know, took care of medium it has said the angels has lost kind of what it

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says in the Quran

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with regard to you know, zecharia that he used to go and bring her food.

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Cool llama da da da has a carry on me

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was in the head is

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whenever there's a Korea used to enter you know, bringing her food and that place of worship that she used to do her record on versus Was it the end the hottest car he would find somewhere else he would find you know, some means of of provision. You know, for her because she was busy the one has a bad app. And then you know it was a courier was the one who would bring her food with every time as the last panel says every time the courier would bring her food, he will find that she already has some type of food, but the type of food that she had was different than the type of food that you know that was that was that people were having you know during that time, meaning that if a

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carrier was to bring her food, known to to grow during the winter time, he would find food you know that grows within the summertime, they would find food for her that she was already having there and then he would tell her how did you get this food she would say this is when India lights from Allah subhana wa Tada. The angels used to bring her food if

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was to bring her food that was known to be you know, that grows during the summer. You know, she would have Florida that grows during the winter, you know, likewise so somehow a lot of times Kenya was bringing her food. She already has some food. Right. And the angels we used to bring her food and Zakaria when he asked her she said who I mean en de la? It is from Allah subhana wa tada yeah mighty mo in the LA stuff IQ at the high school was about five gallon he said I mean, or Mary or Miriam Allah Xhosa has favored you and purified you What's the fact again one more time and favored you and my brothers and sisters Allah subhanho wa Taala he creates and he selects Allah subhanho wa

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Taala creates and favors This is the the Sunnah of Allah in this universe he creates any favors, right? Allah created the seven heavens or the seven skies and then he favored the seven sky Allah subhanho wa Taala created the you know, the the Jeanette the heavens and and favorite the highest level engineers and that to fill those Allah subhanho wa Taala created mankind and from mankind he favorite the prophets, Allah subhanho wa Taala from those prophets see favorite or lesson he favorite High Five from those profits and from those five organism he favorite Prophet Mohammed Salah Lyceum so Allah surgeon, you know he creates any favours even from the prophets as Allah

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subhana wa Denis is and so to Bukhara silica also, for whom Allah but those were the prophets we favored some over others. Eliza just spoke to some Allah subhana wa tada befriended some, you know, so this is again the Sunnah of Allah subhana wa tada in this universe. So as

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Mary was devout in her worship, one day Allah subhanho wa Taala sent to her or upon her an angel Did you believe that they sent him in soft medium, so Let's marry verse number 17 feitelson la Hallo Hannah Fatima Bashar. So we and then oh, Hannah, Eliza just sent his voice he's solved that means when we say hello Hola. You know the soul of Allah that means you believe that a sinner that's what it means you believe that a synonym is known, you know to have that name. Hello, Hola. So for the method, I have a Shiva he came in the form of a man. He came in the form of a man

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she is she does not normal man. She's other than Zakaria and those that she serves in the beta mock this and she is a very chaste woman she does not know for the round or whatnot. She is hasha she you know she devout or she now she dedicated herself to serve beta Magnus all of a sudden she sees this man that she has never seen before.

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And she got a little bit scared.

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She got scared on any human human encounter.

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I seek the fusion of men from you be Be merciful be be good. Yeah, don't don't try to harm me.

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She did not know who she who he was. Sure she sought refuge in Allah subhanho wa Taala seek refuge in Allah. Amen. minca in Colombia, she thought this man may harm her may cause her some evil whatnot. Maybe she thought she didn't know who she was. And then he told her father in law and I'm so lucky I have a lucky.

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Lucky I am lawsuit from your Lord, to bestow this gift upon you the abenaki from the name of Allah Allah Wahab the B store of gifts. What a beautiful name. Hello HEB Leah Bella key whenever a lot of talks about children in the end or you know when he talks about

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husbands wives, children in the clan brothers and sisters he uses hubba hubba What have you whatever from the name of Allah and what have you know the gift from Allah subhana wa Tada. So he says, I'm gonna sue from your Lord, the abenaki to be to give you lemons. akia lemons, okay? She's not married, to give to you with a with a righteous son, with a good son with a righteous son. But she was a she was she was a chaste woman. She was virgin, the medium of law, and she had no relationship with no man. And now you're calling only on ammo and mem Cessna. One I'm a Kumari. She says How can I have a child? How can I have a son? How can they bear a son? Where let me assist the bishop? I had

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no contact with no Mashallah had no contact with anyone. Whenever cooperia stuff Allah was not a prostitute. I was not you know, I'm not a prostitute. I had no contact with the man. How can I have How can I possibly have a child

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or leakycon or a book? Who la hain likewise, that's what you're

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It has decreed it is something that is you know,

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some whatever Allah desertion wills or he has to say is B and it is Oh Allah Xhosa has to say is B and it is who is a in Kala karateka. Another book. That's how your Lord has decreed. Your Lord has decreed that you shall have a child or marry. Your Lord has decreed that you shall have a son, that you shall have a child. And that is, you know, that is not much for Allah as as early as to say is B and it is for Hamlet behavior. Tibet, me makkonen kasuya. Yeah. So she became pregnant.

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Miriam alayhis salam, she became pregnant.

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When she conceived him, she would draw herself because her belly started showing.

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But this woman She works in beta mock This includes serving the worshipers. How can she have a baby? How can she get pregnant? So she felt really embarrassed, being pregnant? The devout Miriam the lucky I decided that I'd be the ponyta Millennium pregnant so she would drew herself to a remote place to remote place trying to stay away from the eyes of the people. She did not want to, you know, feel embarrassed or or be embarrassed for my father.

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My father, he didn't NACA Allah to a tourney mid to

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welcome to initium and sia, Allahu Akbar. And then the pain of childbirth. As lust Pinilla to Allah says in South medium, the pain of childbirth drove her to the trunk of a palm tree. Like I mentioned she was she went to withdraw herself to a remote place and then now she's you know, she's having the you know, the pain of childbirth and she's about to you know, have the baby and then she What happened? For sure Alma hub, Elijah in the when she was by a, by by the trunk of a palm tree. She somehow last 100 feet in those, you know, contractions. You know, she was started feeling those contractions. I don't know, what did she say? on it? Yeah, they turn me to

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walk on to an SEM men see, oh, my Lord, I wish I have died. before this happened to me. I wish I had died while continuous and messy. And I was like a forgotten nobody would even remember me. She wished you know, death for herself. Instead of that, you know, what she thought was to be an embarrassment. You know, me being pregnant. People think I'm a

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stuffed full. I'm a prostitute. You know, whereas I was working, you know, chaste and working as a as a servant in beta mock this and now I'm becoming pregnant. So she wished death. She was I wish I died when I had died. And then I did not have to go through this.

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takhti tassone

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for the Java book, or the Java book, kita Taki. Sorry. And then Dungey bleed again. The angel, he he

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inspired her spoke to her that haven't been sad, don't be sad, or marry. She was sad. She was, you know, not disappointed, but she was sad.

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So gibreel called upon her telling her not to be sad.

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Data is set here. And provided a live version has provided beneath you a stream. We need to there's a stream so she can drink from that stream. She can because she was given those, you know, she was going through those constructions. And she was going through that trial birth you know, pain. So Allah subhanho wa Taala provided her or beneath her of a stream, drink from the stream, and ajala bukata ki Surya well huzi na came in just enough Allah to solve it. alake Europa

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pusaka tada auriculata van zakia and then Gibney inspired her for what she believed and he said I'm inspired her to what to shake the the the the trunk of the palm tree. And is something not only reasonable, but something amazing how can a girl a woman week going through the child's birth to shake the trunk of a palm tree to palm trees huge. It needs hundreds and hundreds of people to be able to shake them and not to shake it I needed one person one man wouldn't be able to shake that tree. You know 100 people wouldn't even even to shake that tree and hundreds of people to be able to shake it. You know a palm tree. So yet God Linda was telling her huzi Aliki visit in Nevada to

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socket Allah kilotons a you know shake that palm tree

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rotam otavi is a type of daith you know, beautiful type of they will fall off from that tree and you can eat from them.

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Why would he tell her that? Why would he tell her to shake the tree? You know, she's a woman number one, number two, you know she's going through pain of childbirth, about to give birth to a baby. On top of that he didn't have to shake the palm tree, she won't be able to shake the palm tree.

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here what's happening brothers and sisters is Allah subhana wa Taala wanted her to make an effort, make an effort to work, but you put your trust in the Lord of Iwaki the Lord have have, have been subhanho wa Taala Yes, make an effort. But put your trust in Allah subhanho wa Taala make an effort, shake that tree, shake it, you know, maybe you won't be able to shake it, just make an effort. Put, you know, shake that palm tree, you know, the, the, the the dates will fall off from the tree, eat them, they will help you through your childbirth, love aka, they will help you to your childbirth and drink some water from that stream. It will also make you know or facilitate the childbirth

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process. There's so many lessons here brothers and sisters. Right? A woman who's giving childbirth you know who's about to you know, conceive a baby on the altar, deliver the baby here

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go into a lot of pain, you know, the sisters would know you know the pain the the contractions that you get during you know, childbirth, you know, it's it's a lot of pain, right? And on top of that, not only that hardship, you know, you need to shake a tree for the for the dates to fall off so that you can eat from them. So but here you know again, like the man who came to the Prophet Mohammed and so sudden he told him jasola Shall I leave my my camel? Or shall I tie my camel? You know, because I know what should I do? Leave my common and do my thing? Or shall I tie my camel and do my thing the prophet SAW some says to come and make tau a

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token code is not in our code means you know not that you

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just use the means. You use the means but you put your trust in the Lord of the means you put your trust in Allah subhana wa Tada.

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Yes, use the means. Go to a doctor if you're sick. But don't put your trust in the doctor who you think is going to give you a Shiva. The doctor will not give you a Shiva. The one who will give you Shiva is Allah subhanho wa Taala. Right? So but do use the means go to work. But don't put your trust in your boss who's going to give you a paycheck. Put your trust in Allah who's our Zach? But do go to work? Right? Don't go Don't Don't stay and think Allah will pay your expenses. No, you need to go and make an effort for Allah to provide you for you to pay your expenses for you to pay your bills. You can just sit home and say Allah who would provide me because Allah is Allah is the

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provider, he will provide me he will provide me I know, money will not rain on you. You know it's nonsense, right? Even the one who is not devout, does not islamically dedicated, you know, would think you know, of course I have to work to make some to make a living. Right? Yeah. So what the thing is, you work to make a living, but you put your trust in Allah subhana wa tada and lucky because he is the one who, who enabled you to wake up in the morning subhana wa Taala He is the one who enabled you to find that job. He's the one who who facilitated you know the ways for you and the path for you some kind of what he's the one who, who blessed you with a good enough to be able to

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wake up and go to work. Who is the one who protected you and save you for many things that were be but that were to happen to you subhanho wa Taala so always put your trust in Allah. And this is the thing here this is the lesson you know, with many of

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you been telling her to shake the tree. She won't be able to shake no tree, but she's making she's taking action. She's making a move. She's making an effort. The dates will fall she will eat from those days and she would drink from that stream.

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Well in this event, Zeki Yeah.

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And then she gave birth

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she gave birth

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two A's allihies Sara, Lisa, Lisa them another you know, again, like I mentioned you needed a great woman to give birth to

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you needed a great woman to give birth to a great man. He sat he said up brothers and sisters, I will not be able to talk about ASAP you know in this in this

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session because just talking about ASAP would require you know, so many would require maybe another two sessions inshallah Tada, I would postpone that until next week. I will postpone that. Until next time.

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week so,

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she would give birth and if she gave birth she would go to her family she will go to back to her tribe. They will they will see you know this woman come in, you know this chaste woman marry and then she's coming holding a baby. You know whose baby is it? People will start accusing her whose baby is it but Allah subhana wa tada as Allah subhana wa tada says in the end again, it's a medium for that be he Acoma her middle. She came to her home to her tribe carrying her who tried and then the people accused her right away. You have a look at GTA and ferrea credit via comma. Fallujah. Yeah, Maria O'Malley What did you do? What happened to you? Yeah, man. What did you happen to LA GTA

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and feria you You brought some you know, you brought this what what kind of sin is this? Mecca buki your mother was not was not a stuffed full of prostitute know your family? How can you you know you committed such a sin, you know, bring in this boy, you know and whose boy is it? And Allah subhana wa tada will make a PSA talk.

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While he was still in the cradle, where he was still a baby Phil method. And the Mad means in that cradle, he was still a baby, you know, a day old baby or so we'll be able to talk to Ben slowly and tell them who he was at his center. For more in Sharla hotelera. A detail about the study of eSATA, his slam about the miracles of eSATA. He said them about him having or saying about the prophecy of Prophet Mohammed atta. He said, I'm talking about you know, the crucification or the crucifixion, you know, is it crucification or glossy fiction? Was he really crucified? And he said he said him? Was he crucified? Was he elevated? He's he dead? Is he alive? We know if he's alive. When is he

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going to come back? Is it going to come back? When is he going to come back? What are the signs of him coming back? Do the Christians believe that Jesus is dead? Or is he alive? You know, today wait and what level on what gender what rank is he in? You know, he said he said because the prophet SAW some he met him prophets a lot of stuff he met he said he said him when he was ascended into the heavens, where did he meet him? It his setup, right? What are the things that Ray said he said him said and his struggle again with benefits law in all that we will save for next week and shout out to her brothers and sisters as a common law here again, Metalab bless you, thank you for your

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May Allah Subhana Allah bless you all. It's Margaret time here in Toronto. So I've got to cut it short again. But as of next week, inshallah Tada. As time we've changed, we would pause the new time is in shallow data, again, is that Camilla head? Thank you so much for joining. May Allah bless you, Melody Ward, you and this is the other zazzy checking out. salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. By the way, this, these sessions are all recorded on Facebook, Instagram, on on YouTube, right WW, YouTube,

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slash user slash the advertiser, so you can always go back and watch them and share them as well. inshallah, we'll see you next week. Brothers and sisters, those of you on Instagram, those of you in Facebook, so that might look like Hello, cat. Talk to you next week in Sharla. Somebody

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