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telera Man Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Shafi Don't be able to see in Mohammed also lie Salalah Heidi, Vitaliy was over salam to Steven cathedral.

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I want to share with you Amen sisters and I

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want to share with you

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a port, somebody said,

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learning is not memorizing data.

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Learning is changing behavior.

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He said learning is not memorizing data learning is to change behavior.

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To give you two examples, one,

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supposing you are a smoker, which I hope you're not, but if you are,

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and you get this video, you get this short course on some data about the harm, fullness of cigarette smoking, all the industrial possibility of lung cancer this is one

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now you watch that very carefully, you memorize it completely.

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And then you say I have lunch and learned about smoking and I can recite for you this whole thing. without any problem. I will learn

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why use this movie because I can decide the whole thing is

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right makes no sense. If you really learn about the harmfulness of cigarette smoking, what what has happened to stop

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stop or is it simply that if you do not stop smoking cigarettes, it means that you have not really learned about the harms of smoking no matter even if even if you memorize that booklet. So, it makes no difference.

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I had heard many times

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about the

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benefits of walking as a 10,000 Steps somebody said if I can distill for you the secret of good health and put it into a little bottle that would be 10,000 steps

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10,000 steps in five months probably 2000 steps to mind.

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So I just told you that now

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all of you are learned about this

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10,000 steps is the secret to good health.

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Because the reality is that majority if not almost all the problems of which is geriatric illnesses or geriatric ailments or illnesses are the result of

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sedentary behavior of not walking enough not moving enough so 10,000 steps

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you know when I learned when I consider myself we learned about ourselves is when I started walking 10,000 steps which was now about from July onwards.

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Last three months I do an average of between 13,000 to 15,000 steps every day

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right every six to seven months every day

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walk stitch

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don't like to

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do that.

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Yeah, that's my brother.

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The reason I'm saying this to you is because this is our problem, not the Zealots walking and walking about Islam.

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We all know we all know at least the basics of the deen we all know what is halal we have you know what is haram? We know we should not make sure we you know we should not do

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right we know we should pray five times a day we know in the Salah we must have for sure. Concentration Allah subhanaw taala Yes, who doesn't know this?

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We know this.

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The key is still it doesn't help us in life. Allah Masha Allah.

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For the same reason, knowing about 10,000 steps won't help you walking 10,000 steps will help you

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we know about Islam

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but do we do Islam? Do we actually practice Islam?

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That's a question each one of us has to ask ourselves is not a general statement very everywhere. But each one we need to ask I need to ask myself am I practicing Islam completely because Allah subhanaw taala told us very clearly Yeah, you know the whole office will make fun when I thought Have you heard about the shutdown in the locker room I do movie never said oh, you will believe enter into Islam how much? Completely?

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Totally more

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source of Islam

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don't like sit on the side of the pool and put your foot in the water and test the water is it cold not cold No. Jump into the water completely dive down

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drink some water all right.

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Immerse yourself in the deep. And I is to who? Who is the addressee? Yeah you have those who believe

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I already believe either what is there to me now I'm already a Muslim What are you telling me?

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Obviously there is something that farla is saying doesn't simply talk for the sake of Allah. Allah said this why? Because this is the entering Islam. Lila Hello Lavon surah is the door

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so I entered the door hamdulillah Good, good. Better than being outside

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in the code at least I will say

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but is it enough just to stand inside of the door for the whole of your life just standing says

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So imagine the fantastic palace there is a dining room that has fabulous food all free. Right? There's beautiful bedrooms you go sleep there.

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There is fantastic media room you go watch anything you'd like to watch. And and so there's

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none of that you don't touch any of that you're standing inside in front of the door.

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Does it make sense?

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Sure. You're not outside the house? No, no doubt about you inside, but you have not tasted anything from this house.

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This is the problem of

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what I call selective obedience.

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Which is not from Islam. Allah subhanaw taala did not allow us to do selective obedience, because selective obedience is disobedience.

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What is the meaning of selective obedience? Obedience means there are three things to do. And I choose to do one and three but two, I want to.

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So when you are selecting what to obey, you are automatically selecting what you will not obey. So selective obedience is disobedience. Selective obedience is arrogance. You are saying for example, to Allah Subhan Allah and Allah Allah you Yara you may want me to do this and this but I will decide you hold on right? You will have you you can have your

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you know your orders and your wishes. That's okay. What I will decide what of this I will do.

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Effectively in our behavior we are doing we are saying this to Allah Now we learn.

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We say he doesn't matter who you may want me to do this.

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I will decide what I will do.

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Allah has no need for this.

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No other half

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the students rather I overheard as I was leaving chef Jose foil mousseline. Why

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Hawaii will live, mousseline the man is doing so he is praying and Allah is saying we

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want you

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because that Salah is coming with arrogance, Allah you know homens Allah de Ahimsa Hoon people who want to delay the salah why do we

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hire Sri Alpha hold as a yeah okay you want me to come while come I'll come in Mount good time when I feel like coming not convenient for me just now.

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You want me to pray now? Sorry. I will pray

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you gotta wait

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why why is Allah's rather than as a sub somebody who's praying this this for a truly Mussolini is not going to somebody who's not doing Salah know

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who's praying but in the whole idea of Salah is submission is a real deal.

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But when the person is delaying the Salah, when the person is saying I will pray when I feel like break. This person is negating the very essence of the meaning of Salah. Salah I assume Allah does that come with an alibi

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for it called an O Rabu or slim.

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Kala Islam to

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Allah subhanaw taala said I Allah, Allah say to him submit, he says I have submitted no delay. Submit I have submitted it and say hold on a second here give me five minutes, no.

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Submit app submit.

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There is a value in obedience in complete and total obedience in company in total fifth.

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One day says and I will walk up and say the drama of your Lanois. They were having an argument. There was an asylum came there rasuna Santa sallam said to say drama

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When all of you doubted me,

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he was the only one who had no doubt.

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He was the only one when I presented to him Lai ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasool Allah instantly he accepted

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he said leave my sabew alone

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he's a lead my companion and alone

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he made

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I remind myself when you Allah subhanaw taala

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chose this Deen for us. You didn't choose you didn't choose it for yourself. I didn't choose it. Allah chose for you and

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I'm not saying that Allah said it.

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Ali Omar Abdullah whom do you know what one to enable Benevity what are the Tula co Melissa Medina.

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Allah say today I have completed my blessing on you have completed my narrative on you. I've completed my, my my gift to you. And I have chosen for you.

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This deed, Allah chose this deed for us. And like give this Dean to us.

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This is a dean. This is not just a bunch of rituals to worship.

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These are your worship after you're out of the masjid then you are king No.

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And act of Allah is the act of Allah the slave of Allah is the slave of Allah until he reaches his grave.

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With that is the greatest level of honor is to be the slave of Allah, not the same as a human being. That is that is Zilla, that is disgrace that is haram.

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the slavery of Allah is the greatest honor.

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So Allah the Hazara, the Abba de la la middle, merci

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merci the hara Hillel Masha

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Allah said he is the one who took Glorified is the one who took his slave from

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our budget haha

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either Machida

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Baraka Ha,

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no idea who I mean I had

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him know who he was Samuel was

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one lie,

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Allah said he purified the surroundings of Gaza.

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His main holy Masuda.

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The West Bank has been Halima Alex

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Holtz is made out in Messenger.

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Let's say

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Walla, he put

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he put there people who he loves.

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He opened the doors of Jana above them

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and he called them and they go to

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the drug complaint.

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they have the Ayatollah

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they are the signs that there is faith.

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They are the size that we do not fear that they are the signs that there is no anxiety in us

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that we will be killed the law

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at hamdulillah

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These are the signs

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that dizziness stroke

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there are the signs that the Dean has today 1500 years later.

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There are people who stand firm like rocks on whom the waves of foreign sharks smash themselves

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that one child that has more strength and power than all the armies in the world

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now it Haleakala

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that has value what we have there is value what we have

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to do is not it is Dean didn't come to us free. There are people like those who are still paying the price for the seat

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because topping the price is one second believe it once again.

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There are people who will wear them in gold and give them if they live with the

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remember my friend from South Africa told me once they had gone to Alex and in Nevada and Jed they were they're unethical. And there was one young boy or maybe 10 years old.

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Who's to be with them he's dragged around with them and so on. And so what then wonderful by the way, everyone sort of loved him very much. And

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they said to the bike you come with us we'll take you to South Korea will take you to South Africa We'll look after you we'll send you the best schools and this and this and resell money or to your family also.

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So now I will come

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so every outcome is a call your parents

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call you when the call is better.

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So instead of the parents this kid is here he is here it is they are having trouble finding food to eat you know the poor people

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so we'll take you that you will never lack for anything and if you're not TWA taking you will keep you as your as ours like our son. We come back here

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instead why

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he said if I go Who will look after this

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if I go Who will look after this

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Hamdulillah that this Deen

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that we are Muslims have among us people like this.

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We ask Allah

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to make them schaffen for us and we beat Allah

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that we can ask Allah Insha Allah we did not do anything, but because they did this.

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For us also.

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Make the amygdala smart Allah gives us a book What's the real value of Islam in our hearts that we truly learn to value this wonderful West which are like us and give us free without any effort.

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Any of it? I was born to religion.

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I did nothing.

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But there are people who struggle and commit to the the the Allah bless them. There are people who are the first generation they stop

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I don't even know what generation I am but for the people who are the first generation Islam because they accept Islam

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and hamdulillah

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hamdulillah they are blessed.

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We ask Allah subhanaw taala to give us the toffee to appreciate his deen and to fill our hearts with a love for this deen and we ask Allah to give us of you to practice this Deen completely and totally with love and with with joy and with enthusiasm and with energy and with focus. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala then to reward us in keeping with His grace and His Majesty, or sun Allah and Allah will carry while he was happy