Mirza Yawar Baig – Rizq

What you get is Rizq and what you give is Rizq

Rizq is commonly understood only as what we receive. We lose track that our real earnings are what we spend to please Allah. This lecture reminds us of the importance of keeping the perspective with respect to our earnings which will remain with us when we meet Allah.

What is Rizq? What do I need to work for? What happens if I don’t work? Can I increase my Rizq, especially material wealth by own effort? What if I take shortcuts with respect to permitted and prohibited means? All these are eternal questions that plague the mind and confusion about them is more often than not the reason for people to fall into the traps of Shaytaan or to become victims of anxiety and depression. Today especially in our consumerist world, the so-called growth economy which seeks to replace every aspect of our lives with its own imperatives, it is essential to get our bearings on what our Rabb wants from us and ensure that we don’t fall short. This essay, written by someone who went through the same dilemmas and anguish and arrived at an understanding and peace of mind, attempts to look at all these questions and more in the light of the Qur’an and Sunnah so that doubts are cleared and the reader can focus on what is really important. This is not a ruling or Fatwa on the issue of Rizq but an exploration and discussion on the questions and answers relating to it. If anyone has any legal issues they need clarification on, they should approach a Mufti for that. I hope this essay will be the means of peace of mind, clarity about our roles in the home and in our careers and the means of gaining the pleasure of Allah.