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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the upcoming week's lesson on the Prophet story, including a challenge from a young man and the importance of shaping the story of the past through the use of "we" and "we" to describe actions and emotions. The title provides a brief overview of the history of the Prophet's message of new, including the loss of life and the consequences of actions of their siblings. The segment also touches on Subhanoss. , a man who travels from country to country and taught people to love and pursue deeds, and the importance of learning about life's complexities and the "hasn't been met" concept. The segment ends with a discussion of the best person to learn from.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. But your brothers and sisters will continue this week and channel to Allah will we start last week in our lesson of stories of the Prophet story, the prophets name is Salam. And we stopped in the store of new Haile Salam. And obviously, as we reached the end of last week's lesson, we realized that the order we were supposed to go in, and the order that was announced was that we would do the story of Idris and SLM. And then the story of newer, what had happened is that I forgot we didn't have the data, the lesson the week before that. So it was in my mind that we finished the trees, but

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actually, we hadn't started. And I went straight in the story of Noah and I remember they maybe about seven, eight minutes into the last episode that we hadn't done the story of the trees. So it was bit difficult when I bought I think, eight to 10 Different platforms now mashallah, as we do here live. And it was difficult, obviously, to do live to have to go back and to cut and all of this, it wouldn't be possible. So we said we're finished the sort of north. And then we'll go back a bit in history and shallow town and do the story of Idris and SLM. And then we'll go into the story of who at SLM in Chautala, obviously, is not the way we want it to go. But that's the way and

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Hamdulillah that it happened in insha, Allah him that it's so good and as long as we benefit, and we learn from the lessons that we need to learn from the story, Inshallah, that's the important thing. We stopped in the last lesson, no story. No, Allah is

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talking about the reply that he received from his people after so many years of Dawa, that each generation was becoming worse and worse, and they made his life and Islam even more difficult for him. And the challenges that were more and three generations, no one of them none of them even believed.

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And it got so bad that they came in, they say they came in, they challenged him. And when they challenge Nurhaliza they're challenging Allah subhanho wa Taala because No, he's a messenger. He's been sent by Allah subhanho wa Taala with a message. And as we know, we learn from from from the last episode 22 to one there was a wonder as all the prophets came to give glad tidings and to warn his people of the great punishment that will come to them if they disobeyed. But here they are coming to challenge newer they said, Follow Follow your new budget deltona back 30. Darren as you dispute with us and you frequently disputing always disputing with us. They said Betsy Nabi Mata, a

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donor in contempt of Saudi appeal. So bring that what you've been promising us if you're really true for all of these years, be Be careful, be warned.

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Answer the command, say Hola Hola. Hola. Do good stay away from bad he's calling them to do what's good for themselves. We mentioned this story in depth last week. All of this this beautiful message has come with a reject it and now they're challenging him to bring the punishment SubhanAllah. And one of the stories that the Buddha said he mentioned

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that a young man was walking with his young grandchildren grandchild on his shoulders, the piggyback, as we say, walking with him on his shoulders. And subhanAllah he said

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to him when he saw no he said to his grandson, look, my son he said, Beware these that that's the the liar that cut them. The one who warns us and causes us to worship a God that we don't know about and tells us to leave worshipping our statues. He said So beware of him. He's warning him for it. And his grandson asked him a question. You know, he's very young. He said,

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If this is what he's doing, then why are you leaving him alone? Why don't you guys do something about it? The grandfather said what are we supposed to do? The grandchild said, let me down from your shoulders and I'll show you what you should do. He got down and he grabbed a rock and new Haile Salaam. He was pretty he was praying he was prostrating Institute on the ground. He came in he hit him with the rock on his head. And it opened up the head of new head a Salem at this time no I made the DUA which comes at the end of sore ignore when he said I lay Salem when loss of Panatela said we'll call or no Hoon Rob be lettable Allen out demon al khair farriner the year. Oh my lord, letter

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will do not leave upon the art upon the earth. Any of the cavity of any disbelievers as an inhabitant in the into the room. You will live lewrie bedika Well are you do LF as your uncle Farah and deed if you leave them

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they're only going to have from their offspring fed Iran khalfan, the wicked disbelieving Kufa.

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After this, Allah subhanho wa Taala revealed to know that

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No one else would believe from his people. We're all here, Eli nor when and who lay you mean a metal pole maker in lemon, Ireland that no one is what was revealed to know that no one will believe from your people except for those who have already believed. Bella. Terra is the mercury of Adderall. So not Do not be distressed by that which they do. And this is a very important lesson for the Duat that we hear this type of thing because a lot of us we work hard for the Dawa. But sometimes we don't have the numbers we don't have the followers. We don't have the viewers. We don't have the shareholders or brothers who are focused on giving down to non Muslims. Now a lot of people are

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accepting the message very few Shahad there's very few followers. But here Allah tells no and it's a message for all of us, who train ourselves as do it by following in the footsteps of the province La Mesilla Villa deputies Bhima Kenya fellow so don't be distressed by that which they are doing class. You relayed your message you've done your job, you've done what you're supposed to do So Al Hamdulillah then the command came from Allah subhanho wa Taala for new Halley's salam to build the ship to build his ark when he said subhanaw taala was not in full care we are only now we're walking in and can construct or to build the ship under observation and our inspiration and that is because

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Sam have no idea.

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Ships are not known to know about ships during this time so

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ship weren't known.

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People didn't know how to build them they didn't overdue for no ships are used before. Here is an inspiration from ALLAH SubhanA Asana revealing to him by hitting the revelation on how to build this ship. Then the Lord told him how to deal with the disbelievers when it comes to them what's going to happen to them. He said build this ship. And then he said we're allowed to have the Navy let the Nevada move into humara pool and do not address me concerning those who have wronged and D they will be drowned. And as he was building the ship Allah describes for us. What happened with his people was known Furukawa called Mr. Murali he met a woman called me he saw crewmen that he was

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constructing the ship. And every time and he a group of his people would come by sucky Roman, that they would make fun of him and something in a very important lesson. So the very beautiful in this ad. And solitude

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was the reply of newer, nor even though he didn't have a lot of followers. The only people who follow Him, as you mentioned, were the ones who were the weak ones, the strong and powerful ones, the leaders.

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All of them refused to follow the hack. But yet because he knows the hub is with him, he knows the truth is with him, he has a why he revelation from Allah subhanho wa Taala he wasn't scared to relay the message. He wasn't scared to respond to them. And that's what comes in the next verse. He said with all the thicker all of the certainty, he said Paul in Tesco Rumina but in this code will mean Come come at us for all come at us Harun he said that if you mock us then we will mock you just like you mocked us and then he said for sofa to Ala Moana media tea here or there when your Z well yeah hello. Well yeah, hallo Allah, he had a movie. And he said, you're going to know who the punishment

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will come to that will disgraced him, and upon Him will descend either boom will be an enduring punishment in the hereafter in the Hellfire oh the Billa May Allah protect us all from the Hellfire open alameen and then Allah's command came at the end. When it all came down to the end, Allah said had either a Munna he said until our command came with Farah a to know. And the the to know and to know, is the oven just names we know the ones that make the bread and today when it overflowed, and that was a sign for know that the command that the amount of Allah subhanaw taala had come at that time. Allah then said to know all mill, fie, Herman coolin, Zhou, J neath name who Allah He said,

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Some know that take with you two mates from all of the creatures, what I like and your family. So North Dakota, malice, Salem, all of those who had believed and we said as we came in the narration of human at best that it was at people only who would even know it SLM. He took all of the believers with him and the family members that he had believed in him and other than his wife and one of his sons who were from the cafe removed from the disbelievers. And he took from the animals to mates of each and he put into the ship. On the bottom were all of the animals on the middle deck was no movement in the building.

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We're on the upper deck was the birds and so little calmer. Allah subhanho wa Taala describes for us from the beginning when they lied and denied the message of new until the punishment that comes to them. And very short, but very powerful as when Allah said Kev about Kubla Hoon, whom Komono him that they denied before the people of New buckets that will have dinner. So they denied our servant our abs will call who and they said about him Majnoon that he's a madman was du jour and they threatened him.

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So what did you do as all of those who are attached to Allah subhanaw taala at the time of difficulty he returned to his robe subhanho wa taala, raising his hands in dua for the robber who aneema volu boom van Josue Oh my Lord, he invoked to his Lord, I am overpowered. Fantasio so help helped me Allah. Then Allah subhana wa Taala sends down the punishment upon his people prefer to have wordless EB murder him on me. So we open up the gates of the heaven and the mat the rain came down on hamir pouring down.

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Well first, imagine my brothers and sisters and we'll give him if I want you to imagine and to visualize what's happening. So Allah tells us first of all, he's open up the gates of this guy, and the rains coming down. How's it coming down when Herman it's coming down, pouring down. And then a law says with a jungle out and the word for jedna we caused the earth to burst or to explode. And he starts exploring what glue you will end with the spring spring. So you have water coming from the top and just just just pouring down, heavy rains coming down. And then from the from the earth, the springs are coming out and you would have also, as we know from other words, that the waves are

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going to come in from other parts as well.

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Here also panna Watson's journal with a journal of the Union. Well, Chappell, who Allah Marino got Podio and then the waters they met, in a matter that was already predestined. You have the waters coming from the sky, the waters that are coming from Earth, the waters that are coming in from the sea, and the tidal waves, or the tsunamis that we've been seeing the days that we live in, all of these different waters are coming in for the destruction and the punishment to happen to these people, that Allah said, Well, how many know who, and we carried him knew and those who believe with him, but how many now who I'll add that the Elwha in will do so we carried them on the construction

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of Elwha a planks and do certain nails, nails and planks that he prepared I lay salatu salam carrying him in the believers upon that ship that he had prepared for this great day. To God be you need to Jezza and lemon Cornucopia is selling under observation as a reward for those who deny this is what they got. They got the reward they got what they deserved for denying them the the clear message that Allah subhanaw taala had sent to them, And subhanAllah as you go back to their story, originally, they were all born upon to heat. It's a couple of generations they want to straight. So in the reason history they were upon pure monotheism. And then they want to straight but they

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refused to come back to panela to the truth, and they denied and they challenged the law Subhana wa Tada and challenged his Messenger, and they received the punishment that they deserved, and a little upset about that punishment. Because what's the objective? When Allah tells us these stories in the Quran, when we hear these stories of the past nations or history, when they denied and their punishment, Allah said, while petagna I attend for Hellman muda cube, and we left it as an iron as a sign. So is there anyone who will be more techie who will be who will remember there was going to remember and benefit from this reminder that Allah said if a cave I can either be one odo and how

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severe was my punishment, ma'am and my warning, and then the story of Noah here and it ends in sort of

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sort of common Wanaka Sumner or an alley victory for help me my decade, and we have certainly made the Quran easy for remembrance. So is there anyone who remember something very interesting. As we talked about the stories, the prophets Anyways, if you look in Surah comer, and these verses start from verse nine,

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you'll see that the all of the province except for the end and Musa had a bit of a different ending, but all of the other prophets and their stories that are mentioned here, and sort of tomorrow, all of them stop with the same exact verse that I just mentioned where and when all said well, Acharya Sana Anneli the creeper Hellman with Turkey, we made the Quran certain we have made it easy for remembrance. So is there anyone who's going to remember and if you want

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Want to stop and make a bit of a debate on this is probably many things that you might be able to abstract and benefit when you reflect on why each of their stories ended with these verses. And one of the things obviously is

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to attach us to the Quran, we see what happened to them. This is telling us that the Quran is our safe net. It's our robots, the habit of Allah subhanaw taala the rope of Allah that's going to keep us safe the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, he said turn up to V Kuma intimacy to be he leant over nobody that I have left with you that will give you hold firm to you will never go straight after me. And he said, Kitab Allah, the book of Allah. So here, that's the first rule. The second reminder is that the objective of the Quran is for us to reflect on the stories and to take the remembrance the remembrance of what happened to the past nations and what they went through. In order for us to

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be it for it to be a reminder for us to not fall into the same footsteps of shame upon that they fell into May Allah protect the soil and Alameen as they're on the ship, Allah subhanaw taala describes, and will obviously when we talk about the stories of the mbf My dear brothers and sisters, we're going to jump from I had to I had throughout different sources, and inshallah I will try to tell you, most of the times, we don't go into particular all the time, what is bringing different different I add members, most of these if, as you mentioned now, like from Seward, who was in sort of common, they're all orange, yellow Tada. But nonetheless, you'll find that sometimes you

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might bring an iron from here and I are from there, just to the Satori inshallah is clear, and sorted and sorted, who the last panel Wattana mentions the story of what happened when they were on the ship and the story what happened between Noah and his son, I also want you to visualize this, this is very,

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it's very, very deep, how Allah, you know, makes it something that you can actually, you know, just reflect on and visualize as you can see it. And as they're on the ship, and you have the water pouring down from the sky, gushing up from the exploding from from the springs of the Earth. You have the waves coming in from the coast. Allah said, Well, he had surgery be him, the moj in Khilji ban. And it said with them in the ship, sail with them through ways Cal zhiban not just small waves, waves Khilji belt waves like mountains, as though they're no he sees his son outside. He hasn't gotten with him in the boat. And Allah told him that it's going to be for you Alec and your family,

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your family, the believers in your family. He calls out to his son, whenever the new Hoon ignor who were canovee Matt Zelin, he caught out to his son who was apart from them. And he said, Yeah, Bonilla, it'll come mana when I took him a while caffeine to come with us come aboard with us and don't be with the disbelievers, his son who wasn't from the believer. Subhanallah he said all as we Ilana jevelin Yeah, Simoni ja Simoni Minal. He said I'm going to take refuge in a mountain that will ya see ya see morning that protects me from the map from the water. News that Nurhaliza salami said call us email yo mama mean, I'm really ill Emma Rahim. He said that there is no protector today.

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From the decree of all law from the amount of Allah except for who who Allah gives mercy. And then as we're visualizing these mountains, and I'm calling his son, you have what a Erica man Oh, my son, come aboard with us.

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Allah then says we're hurler. Bina Houma el Mojo for Kerala middle mobile happy that the waves came between them and he became from those who are drowned Subhan Allah

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the Quran when you reflect on it's very very deep and it's mine and its meanings if you if you take the time not just to get to the end of the stories to stop and reflect on how deep that is. How a lot makes it then it's something we can really visualize seeing those waves coming and seeing as it's going between him and his sons upon a lot of emotions very, very deep.

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When you look at the aftermath, but what happened after that, also unsorted hood ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada then said in the verse was comes after that will be laid out do a blurry murky and said Oh Earth swallow up your water. We as who are clearly will rebuild

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it and then it was set to the sky, withhold your rain and the water, subsidize it. And then Allah said we're cool there was still without a god, that it the matter was accomplished. First of all, Allah's command was accomplished. And this ship came to arrest on the mountain known as El Judi. And he then said what do you love? What are the little poem and volumes

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In a way with the wrong doing people, then the new beginning started for new and the believers during that time. And then mankind began to spread after this, and they spread through time, Adam, and then all of those were destroyed, they became a very small number again, and then they begin to what the spread out again, after the time of new holidays, salam, there's a couple of lessons that I want to mention before we look at the story of eateries at a salon.

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The first thing that we need to gain is it a great reminder from the story of new holiday Salem, is the danger of over exaggerating and praising the Salehi and the pious people. And many Islamic groups or sects. They fall into this with their shacks, or even some of them call them their saints, where they over exaggerate into praising them and many of them have fallen to shirk. That's why you'll find that many of these groups who worship graves and they even some of them worship ones who are alive and some of the worship their saints or their ships that are dead, all of them falling into the same trap that the people of New fell into, and this is the Quran. And he is telling us the

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stories that they took the salah Hain these names that we mentioned, are mentioned sort of knew. They weren't from the past up, they weren't from the Shia thing and they were from the soil here and we're encouraging people to worship Allah as one and to do good deeds. But the people then were misled by shaytaan. To end up to be encouraged to worship to remind it to worship Allah and then eventually to worship them and they fell into shirk. So whenever you have a lulu for Salah when you have any extremism, and you exaggerate and overpraising the salah hate, it needs to shift, at least a bit down, like many of the Muslim groups and sects have fallen into today, unfortunately, what

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Lumsden The other lesson really gained from the story of Noah is the patience of the day. Even if there's not the outcome that you have there. We're doing 950 years of Dow patients. And that's something that's that it's not easy. And if you were asked somebody, you know, to wait 95 days, the patient that we would go crazy, trying to give down to people for 95 days, and no one was answering. And we're going through difficulty Subhanallah and we're all coming online. Now. No one's attending for 95 days, something very interesting, shuffling with the mean Rahim Allah Tada with someone who has seen him reach where he reached, and the days that we live in, where you go, and you have made

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or 1000 students who sit there in front of him, when you will see at the last part of his life, you know, hundreds of students and the big events in 1000 students that when he started, he only had two students. That's it. You only had two students in the beginning. But he continued this how the day is the one that was teaching, when he's giving Dawa, whether you're teaching the Muslim community or the outreach to the non Muslims giving them Dawa, as well, that you have to have supper. And there's what Allah wants us to learn from this story. Also, the torch to heat is the foundation of the Dow, the Dow of new and the Dow of all of the NBA, as we see throughout the Quran time and time again,

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and we're going to see in all of their stories as well. Also, one of the many things that we benefit is the different approaches and different styles that he used and giving Dawa. And he would call them secretly, openly nighttime daytime scene, when is the good time? When is it time that works for this individual wins at time doesn't work for that individual, reminding them of the blessings of the Name of Allah subhanho wa Taala to bring them back to worship, the one who the creator, the one who blessed them with these blessings. Also the issue of the numbers. That's all not about the numbers, you might be someone who's very smart, someone who's very good in your Dawa. But you you

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don't have the followers and you don't have the numbers as someone else might have. And this is that we know from the Hadith of the Prophet is that Prophet might come and he has a handful of followers. Other ones have one or two and some of them have none. And he had no holidays Salam, he only had 80 followers. So it's not about the numbers. It's about doing our job. And the end of the day as the Prophet alayhi salatu wa sallam said that the end of time that Islam is going to be leave it's going to be strange and he said, No glad tidings to the strangers May Allah subhanaw taala make us all from the water but in the strangers you have a blind I mean, and also from the great lessons that we

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benefit from this is at the end when you look at the story of Noah Ali salam how he built the ship and a desert area where there's no water there's nothing but Allah commanded him to build it was not a full class though the ship he didn't hesitate he immediately implemented it and did an enacted upon the kind of a law even though perhaps he didn't understand how it was going to work. No one has any ships we don't know how ships work. Here we are in the place there's no water but I've been commanded to do it so I do it. So the same thing with the believer. A lot of times even if you don't understand the ACHEMA at this time maybe later you understand the wisdom behind things being made

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for you and you act upon it Bismillah let's get now go back or backtrack now inshallah Allah to the story of Idris we should start in the story of Hood. But as we forgot, in the last episode, the story of Idris and we started with story of Noah, we're going to backtrack a bit inshallah Tada. Idris Ali Salam was known for his piety. And it said that he would worship Allah subhanho wa Taala 24/7 Day and night. And because of this, Allah chose him for prophethood after she

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After Seth, Seth, the son of Adam Alayhis Salam Allahi wa salam. Allah said in the Quran about Idris Ali Salam, what cortile kita be Idris. And remember in the book Idris in who Canis de Ican Nebia. And Didi was a man of truth and he was in a beat, he was a prophet. And Allah said all of that now who, McCann and Alia and we raised him a high station high status. And what does it mean the mccannon Alia and this high status, we're going to mention shallow Tala at the end of his story. So quick facts about Idris Ali Salam. He was born in Babylon, Babylon, and he was the father of the grandfather of no Hyundai Sonata, the father of the grandfather of new Hyundai sedan, and a law

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revealed to him a scripture, Allah revealed to him a scripture of 30 pages. And he met Adam at Islam. He was born during the time of Adam. And he spent 308 years with Adam. So he's from the any of the grandchildren or great grandchildren, whatever, from Adam. And then from that, but he he didn't meet him and spend some time with him, and obviously benefited from his teachings, and then continue to spread it and teach it to the people afterwards. We mentioned

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a couple of episodes ago, something very interesting about the dow A, B threes, that we really, really need to focus on as to that. There's something very unique about his Dow, first of all, you know, he traveled from country to country with his father believed him, they all went out and Dow and is there any we see now some of that, and they will travel from country to country from land to land, to teach people to hate and teach them about good manners and teach them about Islam. So here's Subhanallah you see the DUA when we travel, and we go out to teach people and to give doubt, it's the way of the MBM and this is the mansion, and the story of Idris and Islam that he would

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travel from country to country. What made his Dawa so unique is that he didn't just teach the people the affairs of the deen. He also taught them the affairs of the dunya as well Subhan Allah will teach them deen and it will teach them dunya as well. So for example, when he went to Egypt, he taught him how to benefit from the Nile. He taught him what to do when the water levels were high, how to benefit from it, and what to do when the water levels were low, and how they could benefit they could still benefit even when the water levels were low. And this is one of the main objectives of the day, is that the people that they achieve happiness and success in all spheres of life, that

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they're successful in their deen and that they're accepted. They're successful in their dunya as well.

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Idris Ali Salam he was the first person to ever do many things. For example, He was the first person to establish cities people before lived a nomadic lifestyle. So they didn't have cities. He was the first person to ever establish cities he established 188 cities he was the first person to write with a pen. The first person is so close he knew astronomy and math and all of these things that we studied today he was from the ones who found it many many of the of the sciences and knowledges everyone loved Idris Ali salaam obviously when you're coming to give someone the best of the dean in the dunya people are going to love you and when people and when you do something for almost a pinata

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and you strive for a law or law puts the love of the people in your heart Allah mentioned this and sort of Maryam when he said in a Latina Ahmed who I'm you know solid hottie so yeah Jariwala whom are right Nana with them. So yeah, jello, la whom our man with them, that those who do the good, who believe and do good deeds that are emancipation and Wattana is going to put love for the minimal love and the people with hearts for them. And the Prophet alayhi salatu wa sallam he mentioned this as well that when Allah loves one of us, that he calls out in the Skycoaster Gibreel and tells them he goes out to Jabril and tells him that I love so and so's love, love him then Gibreel calls out in

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the sky and says that indeed Allah loves so and so. So love him, and the angels love him and then he's given the caboose he's given the acceptance and the love from the people upon the earth. But just even though he was loved by the people, also he faced difficulties just like any of the prophets would face in their Dawa and that's why Allah said what is Mariela Idris Waddell Kiefel cool luminous serene, and ismail Idris, and they'll keep it all of them are from the slavery in their from the patients that if the patient wants what's called now on V rock, Medina and we entered them into our mercy, in whom Minnesota he that indeed they are from the soil at him.

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When we look into we said his story that Allah mentioned and sort of Miriam want to know who McCain and Alia that we raised him a high station. What was his high station of his high status that a law raised him with a law blessed him with a spoon

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I should add a special reward that he would get every day for all of his good deeds, or equivalent to all of the good deeds on the people on earth during that time. Imagine that Subhanallah so we want it to increase and to get even more rewards for the hereafter. So he requested that he could go to Allah subhanho wa Taala ask him for a request to increase in his life so he wouldn't die at certain times he would increase in his life in order to do more good deeds to accomplish, more reward and more agile and more has an ADD and fill up

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as he was going up to the heaven with angel who was with him on his back, he reached the fourth heaven and they met medical moat the Angel of Death. Angel of Death was surprised. He said Who was with you? He said it's injuries other angel he's a who's with you? He said, It's injuries. And he said, why? What is it he said because I didn't understand any that Allah told me to take his soul today to go to take his soul so you can almost no way too early to take his soul now. And here he is in the fourth heaven. So Allah subhanho wa Taala took his soul in Jannah. Allah took his soul and Jana and that's what's meant all of that now home. mccannon Alia that we raised him in a high

00:31:10--> 00:31:51

station, a lot took his soul then, as Fallout reminds us of reminder, as a lot of tourists in Surah Nisa, a nomadic owner you drink, you drink you three KOKUMO note that wherever you will be, you drink cocoa note that the mote the death will overtake you, while Oh condom V boo Jim Moshe yada, that even if you were within towers of lofty construction, subhanAllah whatever your time comes, the Angel of Death is going to find you wherever you might be. And that reminds us as Muslims, that we must strive for Allah subhanho wa Taala to to obtain their highest status and to strive for our deen so that when we meet the angel of death and then after that we meet the Lord Subhana wa Tada that

00:31:51--> 00:32:08

will meet him and the bed state and that he will be pleased ALLAH SubhanA wa sallam and that brings us to the end of this episode inshallah. So next week we'll continue with the story of who that is Salaam and so then Allah knows best Allahu Allah masala Selim of Aragon and we were Hamid. Where does that come off? Hey, Rama Salaam Alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh