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AI: Summary © The speaker gives instructions on a QR C course on a page and emphasizes the importance of reading and writing while listening to a recording. A jumbled mix of random characters and symbols makes it difficult to summarize, but speakers encourage viewers to try a video on a YouTube video and encourage them to make it available to others. The speakers also discuss rules and regulations related to a video game, including the use of "people" to describe personalities and encourage viewers to make it available to others.
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Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh brothers and sisters, I welcome you to Q RC Quranic reading circles, hosted by AQL online.com. Today's our final day or our final page for surah. Yaseen. I'm praying that thus far, you've been keeping up with the recordings you've been practicing. And following along, we're going to start today in the 100 series. And this is going to finish the final page of our 100 speed. So let's get started today, I'm expecting today that you feel a little bit more comfortable. And I might be testing you a bit today. If you feel like wow, he's not really breaking down the words as much. It's because I'm expecting you to kind of have a grasp on when

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you're skipping certain letters. When are you connecting and holding. And if you're still having a little bit of trouble, remember October 1 of 2012, we're having our QR C class will which will be available to you but we're also having our 100 series like how to read Quran. So if you want to take a quick refresher if you want to get caught up on some of the technical points, because here I'm really just reading to you I'm not teaching as much as I feel some of you might need. So look out for the course that way you can exactly know this is a w this is a Connect, how do I build and construct words that I'm not sure what to do with. So let's start today in sha Allah, and today try

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to give me a little bit more energy a little bit more push. It's the final page. So we want to we want to show that we've we've done a little something over the last five or six pages. So application alphabet Rulu. Let's try it together. Rusu BilLahi Mina shade on yo Raji. Raji, let's do ourself, do me a favor, and this will eventually help you don't read along with me as much as reading after me. Because when I'm reading and you kind of stay within my volume, it's going to sound like you're reading it just fine. So try to get right underneath your voice lift up the sound and say ah

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ah Ooh, do bIllahi min ash shade on your Raji.

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Use the pause button where you need to let's start today. Ah, why Lem? While M yellow and hollow bar na Lau whom I'm Mima? Level Hui um me ma this meme is kind of bunched up for you it's two memes with W on each lo whom me ma me let let it shine meme Lam Anta Jaime let a dean

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and Arman and na Madden now there's a far after it so floated. And men for men for whom, for whom Allah, ha, Ma, Li Khun sol, la ha, ma li cocoon.

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Let's try it again. A de na you knew this but I want you to touch the SE and Armen common foe whom la ha Malley Akun excellent. I a number we're gonna start with 72 Was l was allel nah ha. Was allel nah ha. Nah ha lifted up. First part of the throat was a lull nah ha love whom? Love whom firm in her firm in hell aku boo whom? Roku boo whom why mean her sharp sound yet Kulu sharp from the first part of the throat yet Kulu and I in number 72 Was that letter? Nah. Hello whom? I mean ha. Aku boo hoo, Mormon Hi. Kulu ya KU Lun. I am number 73 While whom fee ha mana fee ru mana fee ru wama Sha Yi boo. Mana Firo WOMMA SHA ri bu Alpha Allah Yash who rule

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goon goo rune I am number 74 connected hold that what the hell do what the hell do you mean? Do needle Allah He mean do needle Allah He really had that

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low whom kind of caught you on that one because it's double shot that takes little time.

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Lee had Diala

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Lee had Allah I love whom lifted, the throat lifts the sound in your throat and your tongue. I love whom Yun slaw rune Yun slaw rune. You now floated with me. Your slaughter rune, your slaw rune

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i a number 74 What the or zoom in do nee do need

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really had that Allah Allah who use law rune is 75 law. Yes, da blee we saw this combination before once. Already. Law Yes. Deadly. Deadly. top teeth. Little bit of tongue more tongue deadly. Deadly law Yeah, yes. Delta V Runa. La Yes. Del plea. Runa I'm gonna say it one more. This is your chance to pause and rewind. Ly Yes. The plea Runa Nelson nows law whom kill the pump NAT na Knouse ra whom nows all whom while whom love whom? Well whom Lau whom, June Doom connect them both June Doom now flooded doom. Doom Doom, Doom um More. More. War. More war rune while home Lau home joy. Do

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more, more rune i a number 75 Love is deadly rule nine else are all home while home Lau home. June do more. Wall rune. If you haven't been doing this thus far, I do want you to work on it right now. Have a recorder open on the side. Pause and then listen to yourself. Are you saying no Surah no. Or are you saying na Knouse ra NESARA or nows raw raw raw fish

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can't think of what a lion says raw. Try the word raw raw. The ASAN is what you need. wahome la home June Doom more La La Rhune excellent.

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I a number 76 fella. Check your breath fella. Yeah. Zune care. Yeah, Zoom care. Say it. Zoom. Care. You're gonna float the noon into the Cath. zonca fella. Yeah. Zune care or cow or calf then off so in front of the dangly thing behind it, fella Yeah, Zoom Calco Lou whom? I'm gonna let you pause and rewind this one, fella Yeah. Zoom. Girl Bolu whom?

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Fella Yeah, Zoom girl. Oh Lu whom in NA lembu na Lambo you've been seeing iron connects all in the last page. There was like five of them today you're gonna commit. Now Lambo Lambo, MA You see, see Runa see Runa what you're gonna get here is our raw full mouth raw it's going to be heavy because something on top, you see rule Na Ma use your rule now. Your li noon in NA Allah MUMA you see rule now wama your li no noon again with the commitment. You are Lee noon is 77 While M while M

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Our lamb your one year raw lamb connect you're in San Jose with me in San new now floated in San while you're all you're all rah rah our lamea

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sir no and or law for ha allowable or allow or don't need the lips for this one Hello Bona who our LM You're in no and now or allow Erna who all apana who mean new mean new now you see your tongues already up there for the noon just drop it for the towards the teeth mean notepal not bought bought bought I mean not all 13 I mean not all 13 for either who? For either Hua now say no poor 14 Now floated deal, fair deal, fair deal fair either who Hall sleeve Mubi in hos hos Hall saw Horsley, Horsley. Moom will be in is 77. While you're while you say no and now or allow or now who mean no or

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mean no both.

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either. Who? Who were ha who were hoarsely mum will be in

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excellent we're starting 78 starting to come towards the end so you got 100% effort put in here. Wet law raw bear? Well bald on bang well ball law by Lana world bald or by Lana Mercer Allen connect to the wild masala

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maths fellow

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methylone one C. One C don't give me NASA NASA said we're Nursia Remember we saw this twice before it's not hostile or it's called

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all and then stereo. Why? PA or? And then stereo pa where NASCIO

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while Laura ballon Thurlow wanna see?

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All me your ye me your ye all me your Yin Yin Can you hear the ye yield? iron with a line on the bottom? A lot of times I'm getting a feeling it's catching you at home and you're like you Yeah, and you kind of like gagging on it. Take it easy and separate the sound say you yield yield. Walk away. Leave it alone. Now. Three. Pull it down like a shutter. Re your ye are evil we all stuff right because that guttural sound? Try it with me. Re relaxed good mouth of all ma real warm

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we're here Rami all me your Yean re warmer. We're here. We're here. Or army or army? Ball ma your heel real warm our here army.

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Excellent. Let's round out at 79 pucker and smile. Goal. Your ye Hal levy goal your ye

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ha I want don't want I want to hear the difference between the spice your hot spicy and then flat hell hell levy all your II had levy an Shah. Aha. You're going to go into float this like the word

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and SHA, and SHA, SHA.

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wrong. Meme Rashida Melrose raw mat rat, mountain raw mountain raw Dean is going to start with the stereo. You remember the first lesson of our 100 series The first lesson on how to stop was when you stop you put a spoon at the end but dads are changing letter. So one of the rules was Maratea is going to change into metal raw and

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123 So and count them out. We're who B were who are be coolly all pain, all pain.

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All the gnarly lift up your iron, hollow clean highly. Well who won't be Cooley call? Clean Isley

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good iron number 80 and levy you see the baby noon here. You're not overwhelmed. You're starting with a Fatah align on the top and levy. Anytime you do see this. That's where the 201 100 series the actual live class is going to benefit you tremendously. We discuss when a verb and SMA Shara or a word that's indicating those who Jhala those who so you're going to start out with a lady and if you were going to connect you to have the use the noon but we're not connecting and I recommend at home to 100 Speed don't try to connect is together. Let's knock it out together and let the job Isla Lizzie Jah Allah alone. Me Nash, me Nash, Sharjah V Mina szegedi scratch it. Oh, Ma. l body Muna

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szegedi body. Now, listen, I hope I didn't hear just hear you say not on, right because then you're not following along the video. And at the end of the day. I can't correct you at home. You can't read along with me because at the end of the day, you're gonna say Menasha god, oh, God, you know, Ron, and you can be like, oh, man, I read amazing. And I hope you do but did not today. So let's let's try. We're coming to the end of the surah so I might not see you after this. Let's try this together. Let's try one more time. I lovey Jah Hola. Hola, Cancun. I'm Jah. Hola, hola, Cancun, Mina szegedi

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worry now or worry now for either to mean who? And don't say it with me for either.

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And doom for either.

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Now floated and don't add to mean who am I to mean who do p do to P do? Do the dude just like the word most Kleem we saw it twice in the last page. We saw the cough with the two key dune. So we saw the golf with the line on the bottom. So pucker to the dune not a K but clay clean dune excellent Allah V Jaya Allah Allah aankoop Mina szegedi

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body now for either

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to mean who do the do and stretch the dial a little bit more. Our laser our laser we don't have it in English maybe in the south a little bit more. A so open your mouth a little bit further. Yeah please. Our laser, our laser levy holla pass holla us holla pass us all.

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All holla Samah YT while our bar to commitments well

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B or DD in be all DD in rain now lifted up with me be all DD in Isla Isla

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Hey, Lou all dropped the noon Yashoda for nasal sound, Annie Yeah, and yeah, it's gonna go in the mouth and go in through the nose everyone and yeah, I Yeah, the talent here The trick here is getting it out starting in your nose and exhale through your mouth and IE Yeah, any new or myth left home please don't say Miss La home Miss Miss Love home bella bella 123 connect well who?

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Well who?

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Haul lamb shudder you're gonna let the sound travel around your mouth. One lump whoo Ha, love cool. Call love bowl Lyerly the game here with Wahoo Well, Hala Alim is going to be letting every sound complete Wahoo i One

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bowl I Ollie

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rewind that might be nice. In

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Ruhul starting iron number 82 in

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minimum three Maru who is

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order che Adnan dropped the noon and yeah, a Yeah. And he Akula Allah who couldn't fire Kuhn said couldn't fire cool. Now floated Kuhn fire gufa good fire Akun beginning of the i 82. In

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ru who is

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that che

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that Che E N EY Akula love who goes failure Akun and with a great deal of pleasure honor, and I make dua for every single student. Most importantly, I make dua for the ACO team who sat together to edit this and to make it available to you. I make dua for Milan Abdel Nasser who spent his time doing the fcrf Syria scene and every one of advocating Quranic literacy wants you to become an advocate wants you to become someone who has love for this book for genuinely It is an honor for us to read these words together. And if you're at the 100 speed, a love level of reading I know this was a blast someone there someone with you and I really pray that we were of some service and benefit to you

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with a great deal of respect and honor we say for sober for seen ba for sober Hannah Lam connecting hold for sober Hannah levy be BND he Melaku to Melaku to Cooley, che EU wa che you were Elaine he to Georgia. Oh, Rune for soba Ha, lovey B and D Milan uncool to cool cliche molekule to cool, cliche you, Eli ELA he to Georgia rune Sadak Allahu La Aleem a sentence that is showed it's a sign of respect when completing the recitation of Quran so that when you finish a recitation, you now know that you're not just going to chat about anything while reciting Quran. It is not something that's mandatory for you to say, but we say out of respect so we build a culture of the Quran, that when we

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are reading Quran, we're not just shooting the breeze and looking around, we are uttering the words the speech of Allah subhanaw taala. So we have a sense of respect, honor and tradition one reading Quran, we say that the greatest truth has been spoken by the Most High, the most worthy of praise Allah subhanaw taala it's a great honor to complete the surah with you. We are looking for your feedback. We're looking for any positive comments that you have noticed keyword positive, but if you do have any suggestions that we want, we can make better. Please do let us know. In sha Allah, there's there should be a link below for you to send in your comments. If at any point there were

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any mistakes

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And I would say in the all five pages there were approximately maybe three or four places where we did pronounce a word or maybe recite the Word The First Time incorrectly We ask Allah subhanaw taala has forgiveness and as our QRC Quranic reading circles widen and as they expand, we will try to cut down on those so we asked you and our creator for forgiveness in sha Allah be Ethan Allah, I hope to see you in the next Surah Take care and keep advocating Quranic literacy design Allah who played on any mistakes or my own anything good from these videos is from our Creator. Subhanallah bigger or better is that Yama is the phone was Salam on Alan Moore Sydney and Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen

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and we have all the studio here and the staff who edits and puts a lot of effort into it. Please make dua for them. Just like Khalil Hayden was said. Armonico Warahmatullah