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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah brothers and sisters. Welcome to Q RC hosted by AQL online.com. We're now in the 200 series. And at this 200 speed, we're not going to start the fifth page of Surah Yaseen up to now I really hope that you've benefited from the videos but I need to know that you've benefited by practicing with them. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to be leaving some tests for you I'm going to be leaving a few words that I really want you to be focusing on because we only have two pages left to the surah so I will be doing my best to virtually be trying to hold your hand and carrying you through this process, but I need you to give me as much effort as possible

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inshallah. So let's start together with the word application

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Uzu bIllahi min ash shade on your Raji start with the word ink you're going to float this noon, but and it's going to indicate that there's a calf after it. Ainge cannot eat

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soy had down he that for where he that?

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Either home, bring that tongue out, and Dean uncle at home if you're saying Fiza then you're not giving us the same respect as if we were sitting together for IE. The whom Jeremy rule lead Dana, Jeremy rule. Dana Parker. Blow more. Wall more. Wall rule rune more Barun iron number 54. Fell yo man say it with me please. Fell yo man. Fell yo Mala to Lambo Neff soon. Che say enough sunshine. Now if you were reciting it, I need to hear the cinch. Neff Sunil Shah Neph Zulu che l O Allah to Jesus Zona wala to Giselle guna II love

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to eat lamb.

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Tomb da Maroon? A try one more time. Wila to Giselle guna e Lankan to

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MaryLu goon excellent. I am number 55.

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In na in NA s hobbled Jana let's pull it together knows in else.

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Jen 90 Yell mama fi show Volin

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show huning key ki Hoon. Fill the air in. Else have bulging? D O Murphy shoe GuLing

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ki Hoon.

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Excellent. I am number 56 is going to read home more as word Jew whom fee? Willa Pauline Allah. Or II Ki Moon, Turkey goon Island lifted. I ll or E Ki Moon Turkey goon 50 Now we're going to start item number 56 ll R R E Ki Moon Turkey goon

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left home law law

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57 Let's try together love whom fee ha

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key has to

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find key home to allow home whom? Ye Allah whom ma da rune ma yet they're rude rune. Say it with me. Salah Moon Golem. Now you're going to float it. Salah Salem, Pa salah.

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Meal rom Bill Rahi

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seem to rush at does I want to hear both of them heavy or sound mill Rob Bill Rahim Salah

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bola um mill from Bill Rahim I even hear it slightly off here Let's try together meal Raw Meal Raw Meal raw milk raw heme touch your lips one. Zhu Li Elma au Halle Mooji The Moon one Dan Zulia OMA au Halle Mooji de Moon 59 Now's your chance to rewind.

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Now I am number 60 lm everyone at home I need you to take the time to separate the sound. Lm LM Ah

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ah ah

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ah heard it ELA Camilla Bernie

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l hola da boo do commit to it. Just like ah hada se da boo doo Allah da boo doo sheesh do shame on love da boo do not commit into the shin boo shave Claughton in now who Laocoon Naidu womb Mubi in in now who Laocoon I do whoo I'm Mubi in look for that extra hold with me man noon with a W on top of it 61 What I need what I need I'm connect what I need now boo doo knee has slid on boom most Dell Kleem what I need then get the iron. What are near goo do any ha has sleep at all. Most? The Kleem separate the sound. It's not about the flowing voice. It's about identifying each letter. So it all boom ba ba boom most the most poor team or most

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that got it most their team. Why Allah God Wallah at apples while our order Wallah. Order our boy. Our boy lambing gum, Meng comb GB Lang wala, or the owl boy lambing comb, float the noon main comb GB bilenda Cathy, long

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the cool new da de lune ta P. If you're saying da de lune then you're going to the Elif part and you're being you're jerking the sound Don't jerk it.

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Down Dankook new da de lune slower da de lune has that bring the tongue out air from the bottom has V Jahan Jehanne no more lengthy one to two

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to do soon. I have a number 64 at this point. Feel the air is low head yeah oh man me man. Good to float it. Good to tech food rune is loud who had yet my be my uncle. To deck full rune. l yo man. Aloma Elia Wuma. Now d mu. Pa is heavy. I hear a lot of people saying no knock the more say nah Lel mana. Le Leo man na l yo man now. Now. D MU Isla now Diem

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was he him? Minimum stretch do at least two to three here is

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why he him what to get Lee Munna what to get Lee Munna

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ad him want ash had do what ash had who julu Who's

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our julu Be manca no Concarneau YAC Cebu don't say the word out of julu home for me please. Our Judo home home don't press your lips together say home be home be our julu

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beam my aka no yak see Woon one oh Nisha. wallow wallow Nahusha

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Oh La. Oh la la wala ownership.

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Ola bombers no love bombers na Isla na

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wala guna Shah

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bombers now.

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Isla ah you need him. Let's try it again. I love ah you need him just Do you remember there are four examples on this page. There's the top of the page where you have ah HUD ah HUD then you have what are near boo Dooney you're also going to see it several times here. Here's one example while I was gonna show

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all love bombers nah, I love our you need him. You need him? Blow it then bounce it. First. turbo boosts first turbo boosts first dabao boost sleep at all Blaha and now you will sleep rune for an hour. For an hour you will see rune same word pattern next idea we're starting in 67 Wallow wallow Nahusha

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meme scene ha llama Sal Sal llama self now whom Allah Maka Ana de him. Isla Magana de him firmers doubt law firm us, Dan wall, dad or firmers del baru Moogly Moogly yo,

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yo, IR G rune body's gonna take its time. Let's try it together. Say moody Moogly yo, wha Moogly yo, wha mobile yo, y la yo orgy rune. I am number 78 We're going to press and hold the noon shudder. Woman No, I mean, who knew Nine Keys who feel oil or? Woman? No, I'm

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me. Who knew neck keys who feel all

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I gave it that much time I really would appreciate if you would do the same feel while

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relax the jaw jaw because after new not kids who feel Hulk I'm not really focusing on any ions any guttural sounds. So say no neck keys who feed the oil or Furla AlFalah. Commit to it. Yeah. De Lune Furla Yeah, de lune clean Loon. The last two is 69 and 71. I love them now who share all all

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belly love who? We can't stop there if you're gonna say no who, but if you're stopping law, again, one. I let them know who share or sheen I'm commit. She share all share all

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Mr. Bell he lives

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in Hua in Hua Illa Illa or Illa lifted up in Hua in the room,

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the crew and now bringing the wild sukoon the crew Alcor in Hua iLASIK Aruba, Vic runeword

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Mubi in bore commit at noon, or an ohm Moby in Leo's Vilar Leo's the lamang Kana noon sukoon followed by Val it's floating noon second followed by Caf it's floating with me. Lee urine V raw Mang Khanna Hey, yeah, hold that yeah on your mouth. Hey yo, why Yeah. Hey, God. Oh Lou Isla

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fidi calf ed in New York.

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Hey, yo, wire head coil wire he wire head coil kolu Oh, Lu, I

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feel it in. We have one more page to go so expect a little bit more work in the next page. But that's fantastic. You're almost done with Surah Yaseen, and I pray that Allah subhanaw taala blesses you to be an advocate of Quranic literacy. I pray that the videos are helping you some people like to pause some people like to recite afterwards but I definitely recommend have a little recorder open on the side and try to keep pausing, record yourself, then listen back, listen to and use the technology that's available to you. Otherwise Allah is the Greatest giver of everything clean and pure. Can't wait to see you for the last page design block Laden was salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.