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Where Is The Real Qiblah?

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So without hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah Hamdu lillahi Hamdan you off in your MO You can film as either or SallAllahu ala Sayidina Muhammad wa ala early he was socially here Germaine Allahumma aluminum and pharaoh now on foreigner beamer I limped Anna was it an Irishman? Yeah, carrying rubbish or actually soldering, basically Emeril heterodera Positive melissani of coho coli or visit near ailment or visit near ailment or visit near Alma, Allahu Allah, Allah, Allah Masha Allah Who Salah wanted to add it has an ADA shaped salah. Welcome everyone to another class on Surah Al Baqarah. And we're on Iron number 144 of the secondaries.

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Allah said bodnarchuk A Luba jQa. For sama in Fela, unworldly and Nikka Kubelet and Allah when you are Joker shutaura MSG they

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were using a condom for our Lulu her come shutaura We're in the Latina Auteuil Kitab Allah Allah Mona no Hakuna Roby him Allahu Allah.

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Allah said that, perhaps or over shorty the word but sometimes translated as perhaps sometimes definitely. So definitely we see who sees Allah sees we see that you are Mohammed, keep turning your head to the skies. When the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam had been moved. After the hijab of course to Medina, he's moved all the Sahaba removed. The prophets Islam longed to pray towards the Kaaba.

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Essentially he was told to pray towards bathe in this now the prophets IS LM is longing for the cab. So what he would do sometimes Salallahu Salam, you'd start looking up in the heavens hoping that Allah will, Allah will think of what he's internally hoping for his internal eat internal hope is that Allah subhanaw taala is going to turn him towards the Kaaba that he's going to be able to face towards Mecca, he's going to be able to play face towards the same house or the same place of worship that Ibrahim Ali salaam had erected along with this marry. So Allah says Kadena Raka, Luba Jagan for Scylla we are watching you as you keep looking up at the sky fella and when Liam Nick, aka

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militant Allah, and we're going to turn your face over towards a fibula that you're happy with a prayer direction that you're happy with that you're pleased with. Though when leeward, you have a sheltered al Masjid Al haram. So do what turn your face towards al Masjid Al haram. Now, this is the first time Allah is telling the prophets Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam to turn his face towards an investor that held on there's going to be a number of times you'll say this is the first of them. Okay? He's directly telling him this is basically the abrogation and some scholars say and it's also reported from Ibis that this was the very first time a ruling had been abrogated. The first

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abrogation before the prophet is praying towards Bates and muck this and now this is the first abrogation and that's why, in this particular rule, Allah subhanaw taala doesn't mention it once. He doesn't mention it twice. He mentions it three times, to reiterate the importance of this rule that it's not like there was a mistake over here, there's a rule that I'm giving you on this. This is an abrogation the previous rule has been abrogated. And so, except this rule for our lever jakka Chaparral masjid, this is the first imperative. Well, hey Zuma quantum, for when you would you have come shutaura And whichever place you happen to be in, then turn your faces towards the table or the

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direction of the caliber of the Qibla

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or in a Latina, who will Kitab la Ala Moana Nahoko, Mara beam and those people who have been given the book, they know that this is true. So the Morpha city and dimension that technically, even the Jews and the Christians, they know that this was supposed to be the direction of the Qibla they were the ones were changed. And so when that change happened, as the religion was given to the Prophet to Salam, the prophet followed what was known among the People of the Book and then Allah Subhana Allah Allah changed them back to the original direction of the Qibla and that is the Kappa Beta line Hara. But notice Allah says shutaura Masjid Al haram, he doesn't say shuttlers GABA direction of Al Masjid

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Al Haram as a whole right? And that's because when you are in Makkah, you're supposed to face directly towards the Kaaba. And as you can no longer see the cabinet anymore. Now you face towards the masjid. And as you can no longer see the masjid anymore the actual bricks and bones of the Masjid. Now you face towards the general direction of the Masjid. Okay. And that's why the word shuffle

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direction you do face towards the direction some people again, as I mentioned last week, some people have this idea that anywhere between the East and West No, that's not how it works that had

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If it's weak, b It's an author of a Sahabi. See, it's referring to between the East and West. Like, isn't the center point between the East and West? Not the entire 180 degrees. Okay, fine for what leverage America shutaura industry that held on? Well how you feel now quantum for our low would you have come shutaura And whichever wherever you may be, then turn your faces towards the direction of msgid Haram. We're in the Latina Otto Kitab and those people who have been given the Book lair Ala Moana, and that will help on the robin they know for sure that this Qibla that we're facing you towards his truth from Allah azza wa jal, when Allah who will be Horfield feeling alone, and Allah

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is not heedless of what they are doing in terms of hiding, the real direction of Ibrahim Ali Salam stood

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by some people came to the Prophet to Salam, they said, Okay, so you say they knew the actual Qibla is the Kibler of Ibrahim or the direction of the house that was erected by Ibrahim Ali Sara, people follow you. This is the People of the Book. Jews and Christians both came and they said, but we need one thing.

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We need you to bring us a sign

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from God.

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So Allah says, well in a data Lavina O'Toole Kitab equally ion, Marta, Jakob letak, if you were to bring the people of the book, every single sign, they're not going to follow up

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warmer until he tapped me on a letter and nor will you follow their Qibla because you're not going to give up the religion that I'm giving you in the direction that I'm telling you what I'm about I'll go home be tab you're going to be letter about and some of them are not going to follow the direction of each other as well because although they didn't look this although Jerusalem is the direction was the direction towards what Jews and Christians both prayed, but they prayed slightly in different ways, okay, towards in terms of the direction as well. So they had a different way.

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In terms of exactly where towards Jerusalem, they would pray as well. So that's why Allah says woman, baboon Batavia and tiblet about some of them are not going to be following each other's Dibbler as well the Jews are not going to appropriate and accept the Qibla of the Christians and nor will the Christians accept the Qibla of the Jews. So none of you are going to end up following anyone's Qibla. So don't even listen to their idea about bringing an AI bringing assign one in the back to our home member or the manager or communal will be in the liminal body mean, after the alien has come to you. If you end up following their desires in them asking you to carry on with bated

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muck this because one of the things that Jews were saying is that if Mohammed continued to follow our Qibla than we would have considered obeying Him, we would have considered him a prophet. But now he wants to also change the Qibla he's come over here is causing a fitna and another fitna is causing his people were all praying in one direction, he wants them to pray in different directions as well. So Allah told the prophet to send them if you follow their desires in terms of the Qibla.

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And that's why I say it's an important topic, the topic of the Qibla because Allah is making it a matter of desires, right? Some people are like, No, it's not a big deal and even even massage it. Well, it's logistically speaking for us to correct the direction or a cupola is going to be a big problem.

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The blur is a serious matter. Allah is calling it a matter of your desires right? Now, I understand sometimes within the concept of Qibla, you can have HD heard as well. You can have disagreements, some people will say, you pray in one direction. And other people will say another direction. I really mean this, for example, in the the early Muslims when they came to North America,

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they all used to pray se

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this was the idea all across North America all the way, the earliest graves that we have of Muslims in the 1930s. And even before that, they're all facing the old direction of the Qibla. So to speak, right? This is before we had, you know, Google Earth and technology to be able to figure this out really quickly. So people were all praying, se many of them are hurting, but the older bastards, they're still. I mean, you can see them towards the southeast. It's only in the 1970s that people they someone wrote a book and that book, the idea was that the shorter direction to Mecca, is northeast, for both Canada and also the United States. It was around this time where this debate

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started. And there was lots of fatawa given from scholars across the world and lots of books written and even some people they started to say your prayer is invalid. Right. So people started to invalidate each other's purse. There are so many fatawa without the invalidation of prayer, one of the ones that comes to mind is at the Osaka, the famous prominent bhakti from Egypt, he gave his fatwa and he said

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Anyone who prays northeast prayer is invalid. Okay. So the I mean, my point here is what

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all of those discussions that they were having about your prayer is invalid and my prayer is right, and I've got the right direction and they've got the right direction. All of that is not important because this is HD had some people, they decided that because generally North America is north of Mecca, right from the North Pole perspective, then south east makes more sense from a completely textbook definition of which direction that people are supposed to be.

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Some other people, they decided, well, now we can geographically estimate directions in different ways. So we'd know that if we go north east, it's a shorter direction. Okay. So then this group, they decided and they went with this new Qibla are we going to say the people that were praying se they're also reaching, by the way, the Qibla as well, they're also reaching the kava, but a longer journey, meaning that the distance between them and the Kaaba would be longer. So are we going to say all of their prayers are unacceptable? No, this is not what's what's intended here. That's not what Allah means over here. That's why Allah subhanaw taala he says, Liquiline who Jadwin who am

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overly high, everyone's going to have a direction they're going to face, you're going to have disagreement about where you're what which way to pray, sometimes that can happen. Right? That's not what's being said over here. But there's some times people who are just negligent, they're like, I'm not even gonna bother. I know I'm wrong, and it doesn't matter. That's unacceptable. Well, in the back of our home, if you follow their desires, mimbar the manager a criminal in either lamina volumen if you follow their desires after this illness come to you you are from the people of loom AlLadhina attina, whom will kita

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the people who we've given the book to Yeah, the foreigner who they know him, him, or it both are possibilities him meaning they know the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, they know the prophets Islam. It's reported, although there's a weakness in the chain as well, but it's reported that Irma was a Bobby came to Abdullah had been Saddam. And he said to him that AlLadhina attina, Hamid Kitab, Allah Allah for now, can I funa Abner Han those people who have given the book to the People of the Book, either gospels, the Psalms, the

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Taurat, those people who were given the book too. They know him, just like they know their children. So you asked him, What do you do you really know him like you know, your children? So again, it's a report, he said that? Yes, when I saw the prophets, I said, Lynn, between you. And he was from the Jewish scholars who accepted Islam, when I saw the Prophet salallahu, alayhi wasallam. Between you, I could tell him apart from all the rest of you, through the descriptions that we have in our books, and this is true, there are descriptions of the Prophet salallahu, alayhi, wasallam, in the Old and the New Testament. So he said, I could tell the prophets I set him apart, and he said, I knew him

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more certainly than my own child as well. He said, As for the children, it's possible that it couldn't be it was from someone else. But as for the Prophet, his description is completely the same as we have in the books.

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So Allah is saying those people to whom we've granted the book, the know, the prophets of Salaam, just as they know, their children, were in a 30 year coming home lake to moon and haka or home, yeah, lemon and a group of them. They hide this truth. And they know. And by the way, you know, in recent times, we have had people like Emma D, that we've come out, and they've expressed the existence of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam in the Bible, but this is not a new phenomenon to our tradition. We know this for centuries. We know this as early as the second and the first and even before that, why? Because these books were there and people studied them, the scholars of

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Islam, they studied them. There's one book by Dina where he studied this in the third century and he talked about all of the descriptions of the prophets SLM in the Bible, in the Torah, and also the Psalms of David as well. So, we have enough information in these books to tell us that,

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that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has been foretold within these books and Inshallah, one of the days I was thinking actually, of doing a lecture about the existence of the prophets and Sullivan, in all of these, these works in sha Allah the Bible in general Jimmy by

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L. Hakuna robic, l Helcom. Arabic The truth from your Lord

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This is the truth from your Lord.

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Okay. Now this can be translated by the way in two different ways. So number one is he or it is the truth from your Lord either Qibla is truth from your Lord or the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam is truth from your Lord or that truth is from your Lord.

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Understand, the truth is from your Lord or here it is truth from your Lord.

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So how do we understand each one of these? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa Salam is honestly really a Prophet from Allah azza wa jal, which is true, the Qibla that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has given has been given by Allah azza wa jal is also truth from your Lord.

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And every type of truth comes only from Allah azza wa jal, because Allah azza wa jal is Al Huck. He is the source of truth for Allah, the Quran and Amin and mum terrine so don't become doubtful about any of these things don't become doubtful about the prophets I seldom, he is truly from Allah azza wa jal don't become doubtful about the Qibla that Allah has given you. This was in fact, the Qibla of Ibrahim and A salaam he established his house, don't become doubtful about anything that Allah says because the truth only comes from Allah azza wa jal

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people. The thing is that this idea of believing in a portion of the Book and disbelieving in another portion,

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I want you to ask yourself, do you really believe in every single thing in the Quran?

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I can't begin to tell you how many times I've met Muslims, who will say, Yeah, I'm a Muslim. But you know, this one right here doesn't settle well with me.

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Say, I don't understand this. Okay?

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But this doesn't settle well with you.

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If that's the case, then you've got to make your shahada all over again.

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If you have doubts that this word is from Allah azza wa jal, and you want to double guess Allah azza wa jal, you've got to do your testimony of faith again. This is the modern way that people have become jarhead all over again. There was a different type of Gi Helia that people had in the past now they have another type of Joe Hillier, the other type of Joe Hillier is like, Okay, I genuinely believe in Allah and all this stuff, right? But then this one right here, I've got a double guessing. You have to certainly believe that anything that Allah is going to give you is going to be truth. The truth is from your Lord.

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The prophets I seldom said by Allah, no one is going to become a true believer until his desires also become they also become subservient to what I've been what I've been given. So you have to train yourself there is a spiritual training in this you have to train yourself to first say that, I know this is from Allah, completely accept it. But then after that, I need an explanation that's acceptable. You need an explanation hamdulillah but this is not settling. Well with me that's a different story because this is the word of Allah. And if you believe in what Allah is saying, and if you believe that this is really from Allah azza wa jal, then you wouldn't have the audacity to

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say such a thing Allah is saying and Hakuna robic truth only comes from Allah azza wa jal, and everything that comes from Allah has got to be truthful at akuna minal monitoring, don't ever become doubtful about what Allah has to say. Don't double guess Allah, double guests your understanding, maybe that will fester was wrong? Maybe you haven't completely understood the picture. Perhaps you're unable to see the hikma the wisdom and what Allah has to say, but to say, I'm not really sure about this one here. That's a problem.

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Allah continues and he says Willie coolin, withdrawn who am Lee and every one will have a direction towards the which they face. And that's why I said that whole feed after it happened in North America. The whole disagreement about southeast versus northeast. There's the you don't have to I mean, people got really far there was so much division that occurred in the 80s and even the early 90s. Because of this until people generally they started to face 90% of the massager today in North America, they face towards northeast, there are still a few methods for sticking to the Sunnah. Right? And they say that

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we're praying towards se but having denied such jihad is acceptable.

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But to say everybody else's prayers bothered because there's still that going on as well. There's still that going on and fatawa out till now, and people are still rehashing all this information, who are like, well, everybody else was praying northeast, they are praying a bath in prayer, which is 90% of the Muslims across North America. We say everybody's gonna have a decision they make stop making people's life lives hard. Both parties agree, se also leads there and northeast also leads there but the difference of opinion is about which one gets there first. Okay, actually, there's no difference of opinion about that everybody else

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So of Greece, that northeast gets there faster, but the idea is that

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the selfie students, they will be like, that methodology is inaccurate. You can't use compasses in modern geography, you have to use the

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you have to use the tools that the books have said, This is what they say they say, books haven't given us the ability to use compasses. So we're not going to use it. But I say, you know, these tools are supposed to help us. But the point of the matter at the end of the day is if somebody wants to pray this way, or they want to pray that way, Allah says will equal in Bucha, who am worldly everyone's going to have a direction they're going to face what's more important as festival hierarchy raise to do good it's about how much you pray, not about your little disagreement about which way I've got to do it. It's about how much you do it. Allah told us in another verse as well

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that lay sell the run to elude you. Welcome to Bella machinery. Well, it's not that Allah wants you to face the right and the left. He wants you to do the good. That's what's important. Okay, we've generally figured out this is the direction of the Qibla this is what people have agreed about. Everybody agrees this is leading us to Cabo Hollis. Now let's pray. Let's cut out the disagreements. Let's cut out the disputes. And let's focus on the prayer while equal in which you had to Who am worldly first step your call Herat. Aina Mata Khun TB Kamala, who Jamie Ha, whichever way you happen to be Allah subhana wa Taala will bring you and recollect you all together, wherever you are. You're

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in the east, the West, the North, the North Pole, the South Pole, Allah is going to recollect all of you together all over again, in Hola Hola, kuraly che in Kadena Allah is capable of all things now the second time Allah subhanaw taala

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he says the same rule though he's already said woman how you feel how Raja will leverage her Chaparral Masjid Hara, wherever you end up going towards make sure at the end of the day you're facing towards al Masjid Al haram. The second time he's saying this now, right? This is the second commandment, imperative from Allah azza wa jal to face administer that haram. And the reason again, I mentioned already is because this is the first time a rule is being abrogated. It's very difficult to think of the idea that, Oh, we're praying in this direction, and suddenly we're going to be praying in another direction, some of the Sahaba they thought What about all of our prayers, that we

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were praying towards faith and look this right? Allah subhana wa Tada said, Allah is not going to waste away your faith that your prayers, so that's not a problem, but to make sure and reiterate, and to emphasize so that nobody double guesses this law. Allah subhanaw taala gives it to us a second time as well. And there's no other hikma that the scholars really have mentioned except for this one. Okay, well inna who will help on Arabic and that is truth from Allah azza wa jal al Masjid Al haram. That is the truth from ALLAH, when ALLAH who will be law feeding I'm Tara Malone, and Allah subhanaw taala is not heedless of what all of you are doing now, I should stop here and say

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something else. And that is that in terms of facing MSG, that haram, there are two groups of scholars one group, they say that you have to face it, no cab, you have to face the exact spot of the cab. Okay? Meaning you have to work hard to figure out as best possible which direction is perfectly aligned with the Kaaba. Okay, another group says, No, generally the geometers GABA, the general direction of the GABA is acceptable. You don't have to literally get a linear line between yourself and the GABA that doesn't, that's impossible okay.

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Now, the group that says you have to face exactly the line of the kava, they say the further you get, we understand it becomes more and more difficult. So, so basically, you have to try to face the exact direction of the GABA, even Taymiyah. He came, and he record recollected these two opinions. And he said that, at the end of the day, the people who are saying you have to get the exact direction of the car, but they admit also, that when you get further and further, this becomes very, very difficult. Okay.

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So, at the end of it all, there really is no disagreement that the idea is that you have to try your best. Try your best. Take all the means that you can possibly take. You have all these apps that will give you the general direction, yes, they're going to be a bit shaky as well, depending on how magnetic that area is right? So it's going to be a bit shaky, but generally, if you are able to get as best possible in sha Allah, your prayer will be acceptable. Let's say you pray towards a direction and then later on your phone starts to go towards another direction. Are you going to have to repeat that prayer? No, you made your ha ha that that time

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Have you tried Hollis? Now next prayer you try again? And that's that's about it. Okay.

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Jamie, woman how you through Hora data for when lever Do you have a shot already Masjidul haram. And again, wherever you happen to be make sure you're facing the shutter MSG that held on the direction of a Masjid Al haram.

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Well, how you feel my Kuntum and wherever you happen to be for well Lou Would you come Chaparral? And wherever you happen to be, then face, the direction, even cathedra. He said the first rule that Allah said the first one, the first time Allah said face towards a Masjid Al haram. He said this is referring to when you're in the vicinity of the Kaaba.

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As for the second one, it's when you have gotten away from the vicinity of the Kaaba, but you're still around Mecca.

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And the third one is when you've completely lost and you're further away because Allah subhanaw taala in the last one he says, What are you doing my quantum fellow Allah would you have come shutaura wherever you happen to be, even if it's far you're traveling, then face the direction at least the Elia Kunal Ignacia Aleikum, her jetten, illa livina valamar, so that people don't have any arguments against you, except those people who will do volume. What does this mean? Again, this is still discussing the historic phenomenon of Jews facing beta knock this and Christians facing beta knock this as well. And the prophets are Salam now facing the tablet. So he's saying reaffirming

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Allah azza wa jal, wherever you are, your direction is supposed to be the Qibla. And also, this does another thing that unifies Muslims wherever you go. You're looking for the Kremlin. And usually, as I said, with that small disagreement that I mentioned, generally speaking, people end up agreeing and even now 90% of Muslims across North America agree this is one of those unifying factors people pray towards the Kaaba Illa Allah deen of Allah moment.

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Except for those people who have transgressed fella to show him

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Don't be afraid of them. Well show me and be afraid of me. What do you demand in a metallic console I may also perfect my blessing upon you. I gave you the Kaaba Baitullah Hill haram. So this is among the name of Allah azza wa jal, it's among the blessings of Allah that Allah had made us face the same direction that Ibrahim alayhi salam used to face in the house that Ibrahim Ali Salam erected as well. Whether Allah contacted dune and that's where guidance lies. It lies in the fact that you face towards the Qibla and we'll stop here but isn't in my data. Ask Allah subhanaw taala to allow us to be from the people of who meter me