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Wisam Sharieff
AI: Summary © The host of QRC leads a practice reciting and writing down video series, including reciting letters and discussing the origin of "immost" and "immost." The group gives examples and instructions for setting up reading sessions, including a post about Zach Allah Clayton. They encourage practice in reading and setting up reading sessions.
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Salam o aleikum, wa Rahmatullah brothers and sisters. Welcome to QRC Quranic reading circle, hosted by advocating Quranic literacy. We're praying we're asking Allah subhanaw taala that you've been following along AQL online is really focusing on being there virtually. So the 200 speed, what we're reading at today is really going to try to have you follow along after me, try not to recite with me, because what happens is when you recite with the recording, you can stay within my volume level. And as long as you're in that it sounds like you're reciting correctly. So let's keep in mind, these are videos, and they're really there for you to pause to rewind, and I'm going to do my best to give

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a little bit of a healthy space for you to repeat with me. So I'm hoping and praying that you have your dream notes out with you, or at minimum, a notebook that you're writing afresh. Again, if you haven't taken a course, with AQL online.com Live or online, I want you to have something a place where you can write down the things that you grab from this recording, which is meant to be a supplement, which is meant to be maybe you can get to a course or maybe you don't have access to a Quran teacher. So have that notebook out with you and the seven awesome letters, ba saw bah bah, bah, HA and HA they're always going to be pronounced with that awesome. So let's start together

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application apples. Rosie will be la he Mina che on your Raji top of the page let the sheen spread through your mouth wash Shem SUTA GD li moose the God really loves

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moose the otter really love

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their Lika del or the rule. I zz Isley I'm taking small pauses after the lamb connects for the letter iron lifted up the Licata the roll, Azizi Ali

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will comma or will Ormeau pond down now Humann. Zilla

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had the

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duck, Raju Neil or the Hatter had the aha Dhakal jounal or the spread that sheen again, lash su Ian Bell de la

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yam belly sit with me yam belly. Now let your lips vibrate. Yeah, I'm belle de la ha.

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To the castle on our wall or Allah Laolu sir bu *

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tried again, and to the Cal Palma ra y la ley Lusa B

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na nah ha. committed that right at the end it's going to be heavy. And now

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we're cool. Lo Fi Falah Anki yes the Hoan worku

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FIFA learn King Yes Who wants you to spend some time getting the fella King into your nose? And then the Yeah, in that same letter is going to come out of your mouth fella Anki yes but who don't? What I am to whom and

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zhu li Urinetown whom pucker your lips hold this year shudder though re enter home feel full kill mash on full kill mash hoon I a number 42 Well while out on bounced off well floor allow on.

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Me, Lee he my

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Your kamoun mag commit to the raw your caribou loan we're in Nashua no real all home. The word here is noon wine raw light off bounce. No, gargle Devine no ideal for no ideal on home. We're in Nansha no deal or whom fella slidy ha ha fellas valance Lottie Harlow whom Wila whom you ba noon sukoon followed by off not in the throat floated Yong Yong bazoo Moon is number 44 e

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mudam mean

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e LL. E in one matha on Isla Isla please lift up your mouth. I hear you saying you law you law Isla he in what either be Lala who move the Akuma in a de ghoom or MA or found Gula I Lancome lamb connect la I'd love to have Moon tour how moon I a number 46 why my dad the him mean yen theme mean

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to be him mean? Yeah to be him. II

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can who on

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more do you lean commit more? Id lean more D lean

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go ahead and rewind that I won that the him mean

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team mean

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to be him Illa can or on her more easily in a number 47 Now what either

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what is our Lila whom?

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Fee who floated

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fee Figo meme

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was Uncle Moore's law who Kumu law who l aw the law of Allah. Me Mao was our uncle Moore's law who call lezzy CAFO Rue Lee Levy.

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Manu, Leela Dena Manu no worry mu Packer the lips, Lee levy nah man who no bull remove an old remove positive rewinded if needed. An old poor emo Molo drop the noon mellow Yasha

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Oh law Hu L bar I'm

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Maloja Sha. Law Hu L bar I'ma

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touch and float in and tune in and to eat Luffy ball V ball field while learning to be in iron number 48 wire Kulu now mantha ha yr do ng goon to fill the air slung directly in in cool two, four all do clean. I in number 49 My yen Luna float the noon if and then bring the tongue out for the

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Want my yo Vu? Runa Illa slaw Hey in

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soy Hana

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he that then that followed by that so we're going to do turn not touch flow to sound why he does

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that? Who moil whom Yeah, yeah it's light Ha is heavy well who Mielle he asleep? Yes please sleep moon. We're home yeah, Hall clears use the pump. yeah he'll sleep the moon is number 50 fella Yes. Tao ple dapoli top of the teeth being used twice. Fella yes definitely Runa Tao mostly and down to

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li him your G rune

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Lilly him your G rune

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count him off we're no fees or fees sue the one who feel or feel so ready for either home Meenal urges that the ILA be him.

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Ila or be him Yancey loon floated. Yes, si loon. I n number 52. To complete the IR or deplete the page, we're gonna see the sector here. Most of you that took the recite live class or are interested in taking an online class. You might see this in our explanation of tea for temperament. You're going to stop the sound, but not your breath. So it's going to stop

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and you're going to continue the sound. Let's read it together once naturally. Or Lou Yeah, way Lana.

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Ba I

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mean, no body No.

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notice after me mo wande nah

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The sound stopped. The breath did not so I didn't say Mark Medina has that that would be incorrect. And also it would not be following the rules of walk or where to stop in the Quran. Or Lu ja way Lana

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Sana mean no Medina

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wa no ra Manu wa while slowed down by

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while slowing down while more Salou.

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That completes it. Number 52. We've completed this page of surah. Yaseen, we're now going to do our best. This is the fourth page that we've completed, the next page the pace is going to pick up so you won't hear me explaining the rules as much, but I'm expecting you really to take the time and if you have a question, that's where a live teacher comes in. If you want to set up some reading sessions or you want to get the opportunity to read with someone live, either look for that on Hulu online.com. Or find the local person who you can read to be in LA I pray you become an advocate of Quranic literacy. And I will see you soon for the next page in sha Allah. I hope that you're

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practicing and I hope that you benefit from this Zach Allah Clayton was set out my day compartment Allah

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