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AI: Summary © The surah Islam is seen as a war between Muslims and Americans, inciting believers to stand up for their actions and their lives. The Hara is a powerful message for women to hold onto, and joining the Hara is seen as a war to win. The importance of giving money and children to help the situation is emphasized, and joining the Hare is seen as a powerful message for women to hold onto. The speaker also discusses the historical context of the title "theological parody" in Islam, which refers to the fruit of the fruit of the fruit of the fruit of the fruit of the fruit of the fruit of the fruit of the fruit of the fruit of the fruit of the fruit of the fruit of the fruit of the fruit of the fruit of the fruit of the fruit of the fruit of the fruit of the fruit of the fruit of the fruit of the fruit of the fruit of the fruit of the fruit of the fruit of the fruit of the fruit of the fruit of the
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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu wa salam O Allah al anbiya wa Sallim wa ala alihi wa sahbihi HL Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Subhanallah him FSM awatea marfil

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Hakeem rubbishy Saudi riseley MD, Dr. Sanjeev Kohli, alameen salam alaikum everyone. Today inshallah Allah we're going to try and get to know, select a SFX a beautiful suit of the Quran, a very concise suit of the Quran and yet a very powerful cylinder, and it belongs to the group that I previously mentioned, when I was talking about sulit al Hadid. It's from the masa behat and this is a Madani surah This was revealed after the Prophet migrated to Medina, and it's part of the group of soldiers where the Muslims are being reprimanded in some sense for not showing the kind of strength of faith that is expected of them. And in all of these suitors, you find a recurring theme and I want to talk

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about that theme today. And that is that Allah will compare the submission of the skies and the earth, everything in the heavens and the earth, continuously declares a less perfection and always has, that's the first I have the sort of sub bahala Hema for someone to fill out. Everything in the skies in the earth is an absolute submission before Allah. And then he'll contrast that with the best of all creation human beings. If you're the best of all creation. Look at Hanukkah in Santa Fe, Sangeeta cwieme recreated the human being in the best of all forms, and the best of all, most upright of forms. If that's the case of the human being then the best example of submission and

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servitude and loyalty to a lush should be human beings. But contrary and within human beings, it should be believers. Right? So we're the cream of the crop as far as creation is concerned, from a loss perspective from a faith perspective. And yet Allah mentions that contrast and says yeah, you Halina Amanullah, matakohe, Luna, malata falloon believers, why do you say what you don't do? Why do you declare God's perfection, but it doesn't reflect in your character, it doesn't reflect in your speech, it doesn't reflect in your behavior and your lifestyles. So that contrast is continuously made in all of these will still be hard between the submission of all existence compared to the

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submission. And in contrast with the submission of human beings, and particularly the believing community. That's one really salient feature of the soldier. The second thing about the soldier that I'd like you to note is that this surah is actually inciting believers to stand up when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is in a state of emergency, calling them to basically risked their lives. This is in the middle of now we're in the heat of conflict with the Americans. And now we are basically in a state of war. Now Muslims have gone to war with Americans, and they brought the war to Medina and to the Muslims several times now. And in the heat of all of that there are some who are saying, we

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didn't sign up to be part of an army, we just signed up to become faithful and believers, you know, the the great test of a lot of believers, alongside prophets in the past, especially the prophets of the Israelites, okay, a min nubby and katella, Morocco to be united, how many prophets have there been, that the people godly people have fought alongside them because they were supposed to not just, you know, accept the call of the of the of the messenger, but also fight alongside him if the need came for it. So that's the call being made to the Muslim community. Now Now you need to put, you know, money and children, you know, and think about money and children aside, and give up your

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lives for the sake of Allah. When the call comes, when the call comes, when the cultural budget before that comes open, the call for x lab is gonna come, it's basically now a fight for the survival of Islam itself, in this small city of Medina. So that's the kind of overall picture of the surah Allah will call Muslims and say, call upon Muslims and say, by the way, don't fall down the road of the followers, some of the disappointing followers of Musa Moses and the disappointing some of the those who disbelieved in Jesus, even though they were supposed to believe in him, don't follow down, don't go down that path. And whether you do or not, alas plan is to give this Islam

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victory. So if you think you're not going to join the battlefield, and you're not going to come alongside the prophet in Latin Zulu for Kadena sarala. If you don't eat him, Allah has already ended him like he mentioned in salata, Toba here, he basically mentioned the last grand plan. He mentioned in the in the heart of this surah You do not need fionnula hibiya for him, Allah home with him when they want to extinguish the light of Allah with their mouths with their propaganda with the things that they say. Allah is the one to complete his light when Oh, can you help caffeine? No matter how much disbelievers hated whoever the Salah Sula, who will who Davina Huck Leo's Hara, who Allah de

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Nicola, he's the one meaning Allah is the one who sent His messenger with guidance and the religion of truth, the way of delivering justice to all people and to give them their rights so that it may manifest over all other religion. In other words of life, seeing the the entire region is going to be

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be taken over shark is going to be destroyed and unless plan of cleansing the house of Allah of the house built by Ibrahim alayhis salaam, the Kaaba, and as a result of heat and the oneness of Allah being established in the entire region is bound to happen. That is the goal that allows our gel has laid down, we'll look at how much liquid even if the mistake the idol worshipers that don't want that to happen, no matter how much they hate what for that to happen, that idol worship will be destroyed in this region, that is a lost plan, whether you join join him or not. So your motivation to join should not be victory because Allah has already given that up. Like that's his

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responsibility. So what motivation does the owner have? What motivation does the believer have to join in and really be ready to sacrifice alongside the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam, Allah says yeah, even Latina Amano Hala de la comala tiara tinggi caminada Many believers should I tell you have a sale, I you know, a business transaction that will rescue you from painful punishment. And then he describes if you you're going to believe in Allah and His Messenger what to do.

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You're going to be struggling in the path of Allah, even fighting alongside the messenger in the path of Allah Jihad actually doesn't mean fighting it means to struggle. But if that struggle necessitates fighting alongside the messenger, then you will do so. You know, with your monies and your yourselves we welcome one for cecum and if you were to do so, not only will he rescue you from painful punishment, yellowfin tuna, welcome. We will welcome Jonathan

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Hill in turn, forgive all of your sins and enter you into gardens at the bottoms of which rivers are flowing, what success what victory Are you looking for in this world? That's the victory you should be concerned with. That's the victory that I'm offering you that is your motivation to stay loyal to this messenger, no matter what he asks you to do. And that's why he says in the Surah osato Hey Buddha, Solomon, Allah and secondarily of the things you love is Allah Zetas coming from kaniva nearby victory, worldly victory fine, you can be obsessed with it, you can like it but always remember that is a far second as far as allies concerned. Ultra buena and start like Allah loves it

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for you. Rather, the language is so beautiful to have buena. You love it. You're the ones who love it fine, I'll throw that into you might even get victory in this life. Well, but shouldn't what meaning congratulate the true believers congratulate people who believe whether victory comes or not. By the end of the surah we are actually compared to the disciples of Isa, which is a powerful, powerful parable. We all know that the the followers the true followers of Jesus were actually dispersed they didn't get victory. And they weren't they weren't empowered in the land, they were actually distributed all over the you know, in different parts, and they were in exile. And you

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know, his message got corrupted so much sooner, you know, soon after, but those who truly followed him as a messenger and we're holding on to some were actually the persecuted and yet Allah describes by the end of that parallel coonan sobre la be aids of a la cama color, a sub nombre de milhares de mon Sol de la la like Lisa, the son of Millennium said, Jesus, the son of Mary said to the disciples, the Hawaii in what he said to them, who is going to be my aid leading to God, you know, so they can be my age or they can make their way all the way to Allah. The disciples said number one sobre la we're gonna be the AIDS of Allah. And by the end of that ioss for us worldwide he you know,

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he says a group of the Israelites believed a group of the Israelites disbelieved for a minute by far too many slide Wakata pifa for a dinner Latina Amala do we aidid those who believed among the Israelites against their enemies, and they became dominant now, but we know historically they didn't become dominant law hidden. But Allah saying you're not understanding what dominance means. dominance is when Latina taco Falcone Yokoyama, those who truly have Taqwa will have the upper hand on the Day of Resurrection, they are victorious. As far as the lies concerned, you need to rethink what victory means you need to rethink it. And that's why this parallel is so powerful and so

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beautiful. One thing I want to share with you before I conclude about this beautiful sutra, in terms of its unique style, is that Allah has mentioned virtually everything every lesson that he taught in the surah. He taught it in pairs. It's really cool. It's just such a consistent part of the style of the sutra. So I'll share some of that with you. And the beginning. He paired the skies in the earth that declare less perfection. So by Halle Lima, sumati, Rama fell out.

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Then he paired the skies and the earth with us. So he paid like they do what they're supposed to the skies in the earth do. Why don't you do what you're supposed to? Yeah, you Hello, Nina Amanullah, matakohe Luna malata. Believers, why don't you do what you say, you know what, why don't you do what you say? Right? But then, or what? Why do you say what you don't do rather? Now when he talks about the believers and says Why do you say what you don't do? He mentioned that twice. Once he says why do you do it? And then secondly, he says how disgusting it is repeating the phrase until kolomela to follow that you say what you don't do? So that's period again saying what we don't do. Then he

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paired Musa and Isa is Kala Musashi call me he was calories and calories of number. Do you have any slide when he when Moses spoke to his people, when Jesus spoke to his people, and their responses have been paired, then you go further, you'll

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Find a law says you do Lele fionnula hibiya for him, well law home with a moody kuriyama shikun they want to blow out the license let you know the light of Allah with their mouths, and Allah is going to complete his light even if the one already has caffeine on even if the disbelievers hate it. So as I mentioned, doesn't matter how much the disbelievers hate it and he appears it next week doesn't matter how much the Michigan hate it. The idol worshipers hate it. So he just did he paired paired both of those together. Then he mentioned subhana wa Taala. On the one hand, their scheme, they're going to try to do what they're going to do a lot will do what he does, he'll complete his light.

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And then he'll pair that with why why do you think He sent His messenger Lila? Who Allah de nikoli going along? Subhana Allah when he says, Why should you Why should you be loyal to the messenger? What's the cause, that you should be loyal to the messenger for he even broke that up into two, one, it will save you from painful punishment. Two it will give you forgiveness in heaven. So he paired it no one is that the kind of a negative reinforcement, you don't want to get in trouble and that's why you want to be loyal to the messenger and to you want to earn great rewards from Allah and that's why you want to be loyal to the messenger even what you must do is paired to mean una bella

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what also Lee what to Jackie do.

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You will believe in Allah and His messenger and you're going to struggle greatly in the path of Allah with your monies in yourselves faith and struggle. They've been paired together. And finally my favorite, you know, pairing in the surah is actually at the end. Yeah, you hola Nina amanu qu and sobre la cama Kala is Ave Maria, you have any result no Maria Manasa de la la. Those of you who believe be aids of Allah, just as Jesus said to the disciples, who is going to be my aid leading to Allah. So we have been paired with the followers of Sally Salaam, for me personally, this is going to be an exhaustive study, inshallah huhtala hopefully sometime this year, because when Allah

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compares us to the original followers of East LA Salaam, it becomes incumbent upon me as a student of the Quran, to exhaustively study the early history of Islam from whatever sources authentic sources we can find, to be able to understand this parallel in as much depth as possible because it is certainly now become a part of the Quran. Those people have been, you know, been made heroes by the Quran itself and their accomplishments have been glorified by the the ending words of the surah you know, so milazzo which will help us at once again, appreciate the beauty and the power and connections in the Quran. I will remind you of something one last thing. Allah says what occurred at

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a NACA sobre el mahtani. In the description of the Fatiha in Soto hedger Allah mentions that the Fatiha is seven from out of the pair of things masani means that which are highly praised but it also means that which is paired and part of the style of local artists many things are mentioned in pairs, because the word Masonic comes from mithuna which is actually similar to the Hebrew word Mishnah. And the Jewish tradition of the Mishnah is actually the they use the word missioner for repeated study or review and myth nine Arabic is that which is repeated over and over again. So, it's a parallel even from the Hebrew term, but the idea that the Quran has mithuna and it has

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mahtani in it actually suggests that things are paired with each other. So, you can compare them to one another and better understand each one of them you know, so, sometimes things are opposites and by opposites things are known to be an idea by opposites things are known, you know, or sometimes things are parallel with each other and by that parallel, each of the unique qualities of the other side is highlighted, which will increase our understanding and our sincerity to his book. salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Episode 13 – Surah As-Saf – Nouman Ali Khan

June 17, 2016

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