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The hosts of various video covers discuss the importance of reading the Quran for word construction, starting with page three where they encourage viewers to practice word construction and make small marks on the internet. They move on to page four where they discuss creating a sound for the first day, followed by pages five through nine where they discuss creating a sound for the sixth day, and then for the seventh day. The transcript also includes random characters and symbols, but there is no clear exchange or conversation between speakers. The speakers provide examples and encourage listeners to take action, while also discussing various topics such as Christmas parties, success, and the importance of learning and reciting the Bible. Finally, the segment provides insight into various aspects of the Quran and encourages viewers to check out HP AQL for more information.

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Salam aleikum, wa Rahmatullah brothers and sisters. Welcome to our third page of surah. Yaseen, I welcome you to Q RC Quranic reading circles being hosted by advocating Quranic literacy. Our objective is to read through the entire story as in page by page, and today we're starting with speed 100 where we're focusing on word construction, and really getting through any of the hurdles that make it difficult for us to read Quran for example, if you don't know when to cancel a letter if you're not sure how to connect two words together, we're going to work on that keep your notes with your notebook with you have a must have the same Quran I'm praying that for the last two pages

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you've been using the same Quran today try to keep the same Quran make small market Max marks in your Quran. If you need to, if you need to remember something you can make a small mark nothing that the faces the Quran, and youngsters if you're doing this as well. Try not to make it too messy. You want to respect the text of Quran and once you've written in your Quran, don't lose it or share it with other people. Those will then become your markings. So let's start together. Let's start as we did the first day. Can you start by lifting the a

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pull it down, II pucker your lips, Oh,

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II who?

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E two. For those of you at home specifically mom's sometimes our A or comes out and the sounds not complete. So E two. Excellent. And if you need to use your facial motions to exaggerate it during the lesson, then do that. So that then when you get comfortable with reading, you'll hear things like one li li e and it'll be clean and clear. Let's start with is the other ODU biller application apples Rusu B law he means shape law new Raji new regime. Excellent. Let's count this off together. Wet mat. E wama. Leah. Leah. Sometimes we say Well Mr. Li yah, yah, we don't allow the yard to come from its right place. So open up the mouth and say warmer Lea. Warmer le le

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bu do

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the i Alif fine.

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Ah, good. Lizzie. Ah, boo, doo lovey. We're gonna make a connection between the EU and the lamb. Shuddha we're merliah Allah, our boo doo lady has been damaged energy. I'd like to start again. Yeah, do you remember your water?

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Nail dry out the mouth a little bit?

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I need it we need to get like lollipops or second candies.

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Do we need to take a take or just go for it? Okay,

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As salam o Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh brothers and sisters Welcome to page three of Surah Yaseen, Quranic reading circles hosted by Uncle online where we're intending to advocate Quranic literacy at each and every level in sha Allah today, we start page number three of surah. Yaseen, please have your Quran with you. And by now I'm hoping that it's one specific Quran, one text that's yours, one PDF that you're using, or one specific bound Quran that you're using, make small marks if you need to, if you're learning if you're you see, some letter needs to be canceled out, make small marks, maybe make circle some words that we do together some places that you will help you remember

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later on. It's page number three, series 100. So we're focusing on word construction, and recognizing what all the accents and sounds do. So let's start together. I'd like you to start the way we practice the first day.

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Make the sound for me lift it up though.

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Now pull it down. II. Oh,

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E O. Here Today I said that we were going to focus on making the e o sounds clearer. And as we see at the first letter, a lot of people say well, Mr. Li yah, wah, ma li ya. So we're going to start with is the other and you're going to say one? Li Yeah, Lee Yeah, takes that little second to pronounce it with your mouth. So let's start together. Apple's application say it, please. I

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application apples

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Rusu B love he mean as shade on your RA G him near Raji remember not to oh your lips. Let's start together 100 speed of page three of Surah Yasin one Ali, love ah boo doo ah boo do give the iron a little time to form la

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goo do now whenever lamb has a W on top of it we're going to allow the full tang to be used. Ah boo do levy levy bring the tongue out like the zipper. We're Malli

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boo do levy fair ball raw knee FERPA Ronnie felpa Ronnie why Maddie

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boo do levy fell Bharani what ELA he to Georgia rune a sector words together what II lay he tore Jarwin what la he to Judah. Pucker lips. Rune to Georgia rune good let's start iron number 2424 is going to have to Alif starting it so

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at the at the perfect now you're gonna say Kri zoo

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at delsey Zhu Min Min Dooney he mean do knee he float the noon man do knee he actually had done at Delphi to

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do knee he

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really had done a you so drop the noon bringing the yr e UD the NI e u the the Neil ra man who e you read the new ra ma nu B and now here's our friend that bought again that full rebut of the of the sound from the sides. Be Lu be

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below re below re below real love. Gargle your line love toe knee on knee on knee. So, B will rain we have the lamb Shuddha so blue Rain becomes more real for shudder so let that whole tongue get used be wool real love to me. I and me

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chef I to whom two lines here you got on me and shefa I do so I want you to lift it up with me shefa I tilt the chin lift the mouth i to whom? Che N connect to the while che l Wella Wella you Yong ki Zhu Jun Yong ki Zun remember on the first day we did the word most the team here we're going to do Yong KI KI like start with keys and then pull it back a little bit. So let's try again. Chef.

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i To whom che oh love Yong ki zoo Moon excellent. I am number 23 Let's try it again

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at the three Xu Mian do knee he

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Lee had done e u the new raw man who?

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Now remember, near Rock man, you want to try your best to give it a clear sound. Neal raw

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Man No be below rain below real love to knee and knee. Toe, knee and knee and knee.

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Count it off with me. Chef. I to whom? che l wala Yong ki rune. The rune great. I am number 24 In ni e then Luffy. Bomb ball. Lally. Mubi in. This is Ira 24. In knee full nasal sound in ni, eval, eval Luffy either laughy now give the complete sound of your mouth say wall. Walla Lim Moby in wall. Sad side of your tongues. Wha Lally Moby in. Iowa number 25 In ni

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men to

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men to

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to be Rob be cool be Rob be comb verse man rune in knee man to be a rock be comb when there's a shudder hold it be Rob be calm first man rune. Excellent. I number 26 Now key start with the key. The ladder who lead gen ah the ladder holy Jen ah. When we end on the top and the changing that is going to become a ha. The ladder who little Jen

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stretch it all year later. Yeah, lay down Go me. Oh me. Yeah, I love Moon. MAN iron has a spoon on top of it. I connect. It's gonna be a complete sound we're gonna commit it's not your lemon it's Yeah, I love moon I remember 26 The ladder who little German ah

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All ya later go me Allah moon. And I'll repeat that again. It's cold me Yala Moon Be careful not to say oh me mean don't bring the Year in. Try it with me. And the first time you heard it might have heard it off say Go me. Follow me. Ya Allah moon. Make sure this meme doesn't touch the Yeah. Oh mania? Oh me Ya Allah moon. X excellent. I number 27 B ma law for Ali. B mal law fair. Ra li or B Rob B. NOC counted off where?

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We're just learning wotja Isla nee Meenal Moke raw mean? wotja Isla nee Meenal Moke natural click, click milk. Raw mean? Try it with me separately say milk raw milk raw milk raw wotja. Iolani means smoke or army green mean? Good. Bhima Let's try together Bhima waffle Ali. Rob be one Jah Lani. Meenal Moke AMI in Iowa number 28. One

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and Zell na float the noon as Zelina I love Bo me he lifted up. I love oh me he means bar d we discussed this on the first day. Mean is

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going to be pronounced by letting the lips touch vibrate them mean

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bar d he mean June didn't mean June then is going to be pronounced man Julian then give it a little bit more floating noon. Man Julian didn't and if you want to at 100 speed no problem in reading me body he mean June DM meanness meanness, ma

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e y ma Gu

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Moon Z li in rewind that if you need to but if you want to you can read it without the tongue not touch without the a finance ha right now we're working on it but if you're trying to get that clean sound mean June then is going to be pronounced Mian Julian de minas

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e wama Khun Na more xili in take a deep breath rewind that you'll knock it out nice and easy. I a number 28 read together one

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Zelina Isla follow me he mean bar d he continued from there man bar d he mean Julian the meanness

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II one ma going

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Moore xili in great job. I am number 29 Ink say ink in Canada In Canada

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there's a natural pop at the end of it in cannot eat lunch slowly Hatha in cannot eat

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soy had down

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slowly had down

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slowly head down he that

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were he that and now we'll bring the fat in where he that for either for IE their home home all me do all II own homie dune Dune is number 29 In cannot eat

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soy slowly had

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he that then were he done

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for either home homey do

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excellent let's start with item number 33rd Page Have you ever seen yeah has rotten so I'm going to blow to the scene. Yeah has rotten year has rotten

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I love it. Reba

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yeah has rotten Allah rebored

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keep pausing if you need to. I'm trying my best. It's virtual. So we're doing our best here together. If you get tired just pause it take a note whatever minute it is right now taking take a break if you need to stop but if it's going well let's start from the beginning of the year has a lot done. I love arriba

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re bad arriba bad man. Yet be him. Man. Yet. The hem meal was so lean meal was so lean in luck. No, be he? Yes. The Z goon. Yes. The Z on the air empties out on the HA yes the Z goon

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let's take it number 30 Yeah has Roughton Isla rebored ma

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yet de Mille Rasool Leedon, e Lanka, no b He, yes, the Z goon. Excellent. Now we're going to take item number 31 We've hit the halfway of the page. If you want to take this as half a page a day you can, if you're intending to continue, I want you to stay fresh. Keep some water with you take some time to to move away to hear the sound. A lot of times we get overwhelmed and you know, I just want to knock this all out one shot try and then if you need a break, always pause and come back. Let's continue is number 31 lm LM yellow yellow. Lm yellow

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lac na auberlen Who mean l poor Rooney and now whom and now whom II lay him. Lie yell orgy rune lie yell orgy rune I number 31. While I'm young yellow cam

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lac na Barbara Allah Hu M Meenal. Guru ne. And now whom and now whom are now home. Or and now whom II lay him lie yo, yo, G rune. Yell or G rune. I a number 32. We're in cool. We're ink. Remember ink? We're in cool. Low.

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It's not common that you're gonna get triple Shut up. So let's take it slow. What ink was in Gulu? Gulu, good LOL, lemma. So you're going to press your hand or hold it three times. Go low

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go low love.

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Jeremy Roden. Jeremy Irwin, connect to the lamb. Jeremy row ladder in more Barun Jeremy day in more more rune Jeremy are they in? More Barun we're in Kulu

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Jeremy rose lead a more.

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More. More Barun I am number 32 Let's do it again together. You're gonna get that triple shudder. So relax it a little bit and try your best to get it was in Gaul. lol

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Jeremy lead de na more more rune more Barun i 33 We're here to learn we're here to learn connect to the meme shut the alarm Shuddha we're here to love who mole we're yet to allow who mole our goal may that two

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altogether what I don't love who moved out to do al may two so we're going to pull all four words together what

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yes to love love not love what is to love whom all our

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May the two together with a little bit more fluency what is to love whom or our bowl may two

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what oh?

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Roger, nah mean her mean her now let the air how Ben? How

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Furman who? Fair mean? Who yet? Kulu sharp it out yet? Kulu soon. What? Let's do the whole idea again. What I add to love who mole our bowl bowl may made to

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yay nah ha. What a

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ride you know

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I mean her mean her have been have been fair mean who yet Kulu don't remember at home I'm kind of getting the idea that I'm hearing your cologne your cologne Don't jerk it please. Yet Kulu Blue Moon Yeah, come up to the top yet. Cool Blue Moon Excellent. Almost done with the page we've got a few eyes left eye a number 34 Well, Jeff I'll nah Wi

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Fi ha Gen nothin Gen na team mean. Gen. The mean na mean na when you see the W hold that sound mean? Three minute he really

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mean Now Healing

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what from the beginning? wotja I love fi had Jan. Na team mean Nafi lien same thing connect. Now he lien. Wha Now Healing. We're now healing

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ah na bieden take a full commitment to say, ah no bieden not ought not been. Ah na bu third, Jo na lot of shutdowns in this idea. What third Jo Na, mean l RW you and I are number 30 For every letter 10 blessings, that's all I can say. Every letter 10 blessings and Allah multiplies that. So it takes a lot of energy. It takes some time and you might feel like oh man, this is a lot to do. But at the end of the day, this is what is going to illuminate our hereafter. This is what's going to give us a relationship with Allah. Oh Allah I struggled and I spent a lot of time trying to get other sciences. No Allah I struggled and I spent my time learning your book and speaking and reciting the

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way you revealed it is number 34. What job is

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00:27:30--> 00:27:31


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Team mean? Three you

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are now being

00:27:41--> 00:27:44

fed Joe now Nafi

00:27:46--> 00:28:02

Meenal row you separate the sound. Row you and I are 35 Lee yet Leah Kulu. Lee yet Kulu mele

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min Samarra, thumma Ra. Now you're gonna make a tongue not touch. It's ma ra he

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thumb out or he will you're gonna stretch it. Sama ra ke but what I want you to do is connect the min Juna float the noon liegt Kulu. Let's go back. Leah Kulu mele

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De he. I was saying them out all right. So it's Therma II it's Therma re he was former Army lead who was former Army lead to natural pop army. Let who? Now remember this is Salma Erie he about 20 seconds ago you were hearing some out or and it was kind of it felt very awkward. So you'll realize after a while your Quranic recitation will come to a point where you will be reading and if it's off, you'll be like, it doesn't sound right. So let's do it together. Leah Kulu Mian Salma re he samma re he, family he won.

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Me let who add him. Add him. Fall fala Yash guru Falah yesh guru

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Lea Kulu

00:29:43--> 00:29:51

Samory he wama AMI let Hu ad add him

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Furla yesh guru. Excellent we're finishing up 36 or 36. Poker live

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So you're gonna see this word many times in the Quran Suva Hana Suba Hana. lamb with a W full tang Suba Han levy levy Suba Hana levy for love or for allow for all air or holla coil coil coil as where J Hala coil as well. Jakku

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cool Ah ha, la ha, meme

00:30:45--> 00:30:52

you're gonna see this word hundreds of times in the Quran tracted practice it together. Me Meme

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Meme mall or MMA? From the beginning. super high. Level the hall up or as word cooler. Meme

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doom. The word is don't be too but you see that little baby meme in there? That meme is telling us to rest our lips against each other and vibrate me mad don't be too don't be too oh do mean

00:31:31--> 00:31:31


00:31:32--> 00:31:38

Be tool out do Wyoming

00:31:40--> 00:31:50

foresee him Wyoming and foresee him Wyoming foresee him again the word Well, I mean

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love ya love Moon complete a lot iron and then hit the lamp. Yeah, I love moon. I a number 36 together Suba ha lovey while out on while loud

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as word jam could

00:32:18--> 00:32:18


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to be to do I mean

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fool see him? One man Allah Ya Allah moon. I am number 37 To round out page number three of Surah Yaseen, what I had done what I had done lamb full connect, what year to whom, were I to LA to La, la, who Malay Lu who Malay do what I have to love who more Laolu what I have to love whom all Laolu NUS law who NUS law who mean horn

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nah ha or mean horn

00:33:19--> 00:33:24

na her or say it please say nah. How or

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for either for either home Moon Lee Moon for either home Moon Lee Moon, the Tang is going to do a little bit more than peek out this time comes out just a smidgen more Moon Lee Moon, the whole is 37 What I add to love who more Laolu nurse left who mean who have or fail either home more Lee Moon

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that will complete page number three. As you can tell, we're really trying to hold your hand and give you a step by step process here. Try not to fast forward. If we can get through Surah, Yaseen and one or two other major sources, it will help your reading and your fluency. If you're still having trouble in reading, I encourage you to look forward to our 100 series class, which is coming up just in a few weeks. It'll start from scratch, and it'll help build you through the process of name, sound accent that's name, sound of the letter and the accent and help you build some words together. Everyone at HP AQL is praying and work and working towards making the Quran easier for

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you. We pray that Allah subhanaw taala makes you an advocate of Quranic literacy. Zach Lachlan was said I'm on eco Warahmatullah