Omar Suleiman – Ramadaan 2019 Allah Loves – Episode 9 – Patience

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of patientism in achieving the ultimate reward from Allah's subhanhover. They stress that the goal of pleasure, loss, and reward is not just a temporary thing, but a permanent thing that can be achieved through patientism. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of patientism in achieving the ultimate reward from Allah's actions, such as his the patient's desire for excellence and excellence in worship.
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Santa Monica, welcome back to Allah loves. Allah mentions in the Koran will lower your herbal savuti. And Allah loves the patience. Allah loves those people who are engaged in patience. Now the connection of patience to trust is obvious. You can't be patient with a lot unless you trust a lot. You can't be patient with how things are going in life until you understand that someone else is in control of that life of yours, you're not going to be able to restrain yourself from acting out, unless you have a solid understanding that a lot is acting in a way that's in your best favor. And so you have this connection between TOEIC and subud. That is very necessary. And Allah mentions that

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he loves those who trust him. And he loves those who are patient. Asking a lot to be a patient person is a good thing, asking a lot that you have the quality of service that Allah makes us amongst those who are patient is a good thing. But here's the thing. Patience is not just restricted to hard times. Patience is something that we practice throughout our lives with Allah subhanho wa Taala. How do we do so patience and hardship is obvious. We earn a lot of love when we are patient in hardship, because we choose to restrain ourselves for his reward and his pleasure instead. And I'm loving this, although the alarm says something very profound in this regard. He says that most

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people on the Day of Judgment don't enter agenda because of some good deed that they did. But because of a hardship that they faced and the patience that they showed in response to that hardship, so you prepare your whole life and something is thrust upon you. A major trial is thrust upon you but you express your patience with Allah, your love of Allah, despite that hardship that's based upon a foundation of trust to what good that we spoke about last time. And that allows you to attain the ultimate reward from Allah subhanho wa Taala and his pleasure on the Day of Judgment, some kind of hotel. So patience, and hardship is very obvious. You hold yourself back it's

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restraints, because you see a lot of pleasure rather than your own misfortune. You see, the goal of Allah is pleasure, rather than your imminent hardship. And that goal is able to see you through that hardship. There's patience and ease patience with your own desires, patience would settle here, patience and ease here. What that means is that you hold yourself back from acting out on your lesson your desires, in a way that's impermissible. That's why Allah mentions sohm he calls fasting patience was there a nova Sabri or Sala, Allah says, Seek help and closeness to him through patience and prayer. And the scholars mentioned that patience here is actually replacing the word fasting.

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The Act that we are engaged in right now is one of suburb of patience, of restraining ourselves in ease. And when a person loses patience, in times of ease, they act upon those desires as quickly as they can, because they think you only live once. But we know that you live eternally, not in this life, but afterwards. And so you don't rush to act upon those desires, and to live out all of your lust and to try to consume all of the blessings that are around you, or all of the trials disguised as blessings around you, because you think that you're not going to live again after this. You are patient in your ease and patient with your desires, restraining yourself because you know that the

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reward that Allah guaranteed you in the Hereafter is far greater than anything that you could have in this life. So again, the element of loss, pleasure and reward is able to get you through your ease, just as it's able to get you through your hardship. The last form of patience that the scholars mentioned in this regard, is the patients in your worship of Allah subhanaw taala. If you're not patient, in worshiping Allah and upholding the commands of Allah upon you, then that shows a lack of regard for a loss of habitat. So the patience and the maintenance of those acts of worship is a form of expression, that you are willing to stay the course for the sake of Allah

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subhanaw taala because you want to see these good deeds accepted and done right and done with ersan done in a way that shows excellence and receives the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala in return will allow you hibel sobbing and Allah loves the patient, may Allah subhanaw taala make us amongst them along with me. See you all next time in sha Allah wa salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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