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Al-Isra 36-39 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 36-39


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The importance of following local Islam and not blindly pursuing actions is emphasized, along with the need for individuals to show their abilities and not be mindful of their actions. The use of command and behavior in daily valued moments, including stamping feet or being a high height figure, is also discussed. The importance of following regulations and respect for others is emphasized, along with the need to teach children to accept the rule of thumb of not being called a partner with Allah.

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Are you in a shared language? Or do you miss Malaya? Rahim

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lesson number 144. So, local Islam is number 36 to 39

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what at the end do not follow do not pursue Malay Celica here in that which you do not have knowledge of Why? Because in the summer, indeed the hearing while bussola and the side, one foot other and the heart kulu all Ola, aka those cannon who about it must oola want to be questioned over here another prohibition is being mentioned. And what is that, that a person must not follow things blindly. The quote is from the root letters are fair Well, from the word coffin, and often is used for the back of the neck, the neck, the back of the neck, and a fair way it is to follow someone from their behind. So, basically, it is a T bar to follow someone closely. So, let the clue do not

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follow. Do not go after, do not pursue my laser like I'll be hearing that thing which you have no knowledge of

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my laser Naka beer in has been understood in two ways. That first of all, something that you don't have knowledge of, do not follow it blindly.

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Anything that you do, open your eyes, open your heart, analyze it, filter it and see, is it really worth following? Does it have some evidence behind it? If it does, then accept it? And if it doesn't have an evidence behind it, if it is not supported by the dean, then do not follow it. We see that the machine of Makkah, what would they say? That this is how we found our forefathers to be and this is why we are worshipping the idols anytime they were questioned, this is the reason that they would give.

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But what does Allah say?

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Don't follow blindly. Allah has given you this eyes, these ears, this mind for you to use. So use them. And secondly, letter for my laser aka be random. This is also understood as do not base opinions on assumption. don't pursue what you have no knowledge off.

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don't pursue something based on assumption based on supposition. No, if you have a thought in your heart, in your mind, do not follow it up by action unless you can verify it. Because many times what happens? We see someone talking in a particular way we think, or she's talking about me. We base that opinion on our assumption. And we go and have a fight with them have an argument with them. We're following something. we're pursuing something that we have no knowledge about, we have no evidence to support.

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Why should you not do that? Because Allah has given you some abilities? And how are you going to be grateful for those abilities by using the property in the summer indeed the hearing, while bussola and the site, one full adder and the heart cannula aka all of those, meaning each and every single one of them? Your eyes, your ears, and your heart? All of them can earn houmous oola. Each will be questioned about

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that the person who has these abilities, he will be questioned. Did you use these abilities or not? When Allah gave you your eyes and ears? Did you use them to search for the truth? Or did you just blindly follow what other people were doing? When Allah gave you a mind? Did you just use that mind to see what color looks best on you? to see which jewelry goes best with your clothes? Or which makeup goes best with your dress? Is that all that you used your mind for?

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Allah gave you this mind so that you would search for the truth. You would understand the truth. You would accept it, you would live by it. You're going to be questioned about these abilities.

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And also these faculties will be questioned.

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So a person will be questioned. And his eyes his ears his full ad will also be questioned. That what did this person do with you? Did he use you? Did he abuse you? Or did he misuse you? What did he do with them?

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Every person will be asked

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why not?

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timesheet and do not walk fill out the in the earth. Monahan, exultantly

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do not walk on the earth exultantly. Monahan is from newsletters, meanwhile, her

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and Mara is to be extremely happy to be extremely excited about something. When a person is so happy that he begins to show off,

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you understand

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such happiness that leads to showing off

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that a person cannot keep it to himself. If he has that particular wallet, he has to take it out again and again. If he has that particular phone, he has to keep on using it in front of people. This is what is that extreme happiness that leads to showing off.

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And it's a stage that is after battle. That is after for after fire and after battle.

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So let them see feel optimara

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don't walk with don't walk with pride with arrogance, while you're showing off. While you want the entire world to notice you that as you're walking, you want everyone to turn towards you. You want everyone's eyes to be fixed on you to notice your presence to notice you walking by them. Don't walk in this way.

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And in particular, when a person walks, Monahan then what happens?

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He stamps his feet, or he makes his footsteps very noticeable. As he walks he can be heard. Or, for instance, a person is wearing extremely high heels that as he's walking, you can hear the Duck Duck Duck go. So this is what such a walk in which a person becomes noticeable. And he wants to be noticed by other people of us has led them shipment of dimora don't walk like this. Because what Allah likes is humility. What Allah likes is humbleness. And if you do walk with Mara, then remember that in the calendar

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that you will never tear the earth apart

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from the roof gutters horcoff Hark is the opposite of Hulk. Hulk is to create something and hurt is to destroy something.

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Hulk is to create something while following a particular order a pattern

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and how is to destroy something haphazardly without thinking without using one's mind?

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You understand? Like for example, one is that you want to destroy a piece of paper you put it in the shredder, as it goes into the shredder, it will be cut into you know thin stripes. And the other is that you destroy paper how by just you know tearing it apart in your head and then crumbling and and then tossing it away.

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This is what is completely destroyed something.

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So in like Atlanta,

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if you walk stamping your feet, if you walk showing off with high yields, that are digging into the earth, then even if you do so remember that you can never dare the earth apart. Even if a person stamps his feet on the ground all his life, can he break the earth? No.

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Then what kind of walk is appreciated,

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which is humble.

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Worry about the Roman alladhina Yamuna lllt honan, who walked gently upon the earth.

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So we should be very careful that when we're walking, we should not be stomping our feet, that other people get disturbed. Other people get harassed. That this person has a walk the standard feet so hard that each step of theirs I can hear each step of theirs, it annoys me.

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We should be very careful that none of our actions should annoy other people.

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While on Tableau Haji Bella Tula and you can never reach the mountains in pool.

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pool is the height the length of something.

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If a person is walking with his backup straight very arrogantly he thinks he can look at everybody. But can he be as high as the mountains? Can he know if a woman is wearing the tallest Hill out there? Can she be as tall as the mountains?

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No. In the colon does the Colorado well and Tableau algebra you can never reach the mountains in height than Why be so arrogant. Why be so proud? Why walk with so much pride? Be humble because humility suits man.

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Good modelica all of that. What does that refer to?

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All of the commands that have been mentioned thus far. Beginning from workato buka aleteia illa yo.

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We see that in all of these ayat we have learned certain commands and certain

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prohibitions, where we were told latter Budo Illa. Yahoo we were also told, will be wary they need

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certain commands are given certain prohibitions are given. So Allah says kulu Delica, all of that. Can I say you who it's evil is who's evil. The evil aspect of all of these comments. It is a lot of bigger in the sight of your Lord. It is mcru hair, it is detested. mcru is from the root letters for her

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Corolla and Corolla is this like to detest something,

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to war or something, to be disgusted by something,

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did not want to even see it, do not want to even listen to it.

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So the prohibitions that are given over here, they're all mcru in the sight of Allah. The reason why Allah has forbidden us from these actions

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is because Allah detests these actions. Allah hates these actions.

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And if a person wishes to earn the love of Allah, then what does he need to do?

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What does he need to do?

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He must refrain from these things.

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And if you look at the ad from the beginning, what were the prohibitions that we were given? First of all, do not do *. Unless are Budo Illa Yo, then another prohibition was letter Coloma often do not say off to your parents, then let another human, don't yell at them.

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Then another prohibition that we were given was led to by the WTO in number 26, do not be wasteful. Then another prohibition that we were given was in number 29. While at the Julieta kamalu Latin electronic wallet episode.

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Do not be stingy and do not be extravagant.

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Then an EIN number 31 led us to do oleta compassionate enough to not kill your children.

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I number 32 let Acropolis Xena do not go near Xena

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is number 33. let Dr. Lu nasality. Have Amala who 11.

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Do not kill with injustice in Aisle number 34 letter kerabu mallia team do not approach the wealth of the orphan.

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In aisle number 36. Let the family said the cabbie here do not pursue what you don't know of.

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I number 37 let them shuffle of the model. Do not walk on the earth exultantly.

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And if you look at it, all of these things don't make sense.

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Just imagine if a person is walking arrogantly. What do you think of them? Sure.

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If a person is walking like that, you don't want to pay any attention to them. If a person has killed another, how would you perceive that person? As someone who's so evil?

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If a person is yelling at his parents, do you have any respect for them? know if a person says off and disrespectful words to his parents, is he worth anything? No. So all of these actions, Allah says they're mcru in the sight of Allah, Allah does not like them. And if you want a loss of love, you better stay away from them.

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So we should all make a list of these actions and keep checking ourselves that am I doing anything of this sort, if I am doing anything of the sort, that my dog will not like me, because Allah detests these actions

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vaniqa that is meaning, all of these commands that have been given over here commands and prohibitions, that is mimma owha illegal book.

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That is of what your Lord has revealed to you.

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The addresses to who

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to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam.

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This is of what Allah has revealed. And this is what mineral hikma of wisdom.

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So, take these commands and prohibitions seriously.

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This is code of conduct that is being given to you by who, by Allah.

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And Allah is your Creator.

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He has created you for a specific purpose.

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And these are the instructions that he is giving you. So make sure you abide by them, take them seriously.

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And this has been a hikmah of wisdom. Meaning, these commands and these prohibitions, if you apply them, if you live by them, then this is when you will be able to put things where they belong because hikma is what

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To put something where it belongs. All of this is a part of hikma.

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If a person yelled at his parents, then what is he doing? putting something where it does not belong.

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If a person respects them, then what is he doing? putting something where it belongs.

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So, this is a fake one.

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And remember the word hikmah is also from haircalf meme, which means, hokum calm which is firmly established, firmly established mahkumat

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hokum a judgment.

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So, this is of hikma, meaning this is those commands, which you must follow, which you must live by. This is a part of wisdom. And this is also something that you must live by.

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Well epidural, and do not make my Allah here with Allah, Allah on our heart, another god. Do not set another god equal to Allah do not set a partner with Allah. Do not worship others with Allah. Because if you do so, for too long, then you will be thrown feed Johanna in the Hellfire maluma one who is blamed and madhura one who is banished. If you worship others besides Allah, then you will be blamed. blamed by who?

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yourself on the day of judgment

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in the Hellfire people will be regretting they'll be blaming themselves. Local nazma owner, Marco nafi has heard the story and they will be blamed by who? By the chef on what will shaytan say to them. I never told you to follow me.

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I never forced you I only suggested it was your decision.

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Similarly, the gods whom people used to worship, what will they do? Even they will blame the people. We never told them to worship us. It was their decision.

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If a person calls you to an act of disobedience, even he will blame you on the day of judgment that I never forced him I only told him there was this decision.

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So if you worship others besides Allah, you will end up as someone who is maloom someone who is blameworthy someone who is going to be blamed by yourself by others by the angel demon

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and you will also be motherhood. motherhood is Ruth letters that hello and hello is to chase away to remove far away to expel to banish and mother who must rule one who has been expelled. So you will be motherhood from what? From the mercy of Allah soprano.

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And you don't want that for yourself.

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If you notice, at the beginning of these verses, what was mentioned were called autoboca Allah darboux in a year

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and before that in number 22 What did we learn later on Mar ilaha illa Han ahora Fatah rudiment movement Maha Shula and now again, it is mentioned while at the Donmar Allahu Allah and Allah for tool coffee, Johanna maluma muda hula, what is the show to us?

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If you notice, in the middle, morals haven't mentioned, good conduct has been mentioned good behavior has been mentioned.

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A person may be very good in his behavior to other people.

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He may be very nice and polite to his parents, he may be very concerned about the well being of others about human rights. However, if he does not give the right of a law, if he does not worship Allah alone, then all of his effort can be wasted. All of his good morals are of no value if he does not acknowledge the right of Allah.

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Because many times people are good towards others, why? Because they have respect for humanity. They have respect for human life, they have respect for different people. This is why they have good morals, but how can a person have respect for people and not have respect for the one who created him? If he does not have respect for the one who created him, then all of his effort is useless. It does not carry any weight. Like for example, if a person is extremely rude to his parents, and he goes on being charitable towards the rest of the people, is this charity worth anything? No. What is he going to be told? Go and be nice towards your parents First, go and look after your children

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Then your other efforts will be appreciated.

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Similarly, if the heck of a lot is ignored, then everything else is useless. If a person associates partners with a

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Then he will end up as movement. Muscle doula, someone who is blameworthy someone who is abandoned without any help someone who is maluma blameworthy someone who has motherhood or banished from the mercy of a loss of predator.

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So we all should remind ourselves with these beautiful commands that are lost, and God has given us and make sure that we are living by them. Make sure that we are teaching our children these things, that we're making our families aware of these commands as well. Because only when a person follows these commands, then he can earn that

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then he can earn a loss of mercy. And when a person has that, then he has the head of both the worlds of dystonia and of the hereafter.

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We listened to the recitation of these

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Lohan will be hamburger Chateau La Ilaha Illa. anta Luca wanted to be a Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh