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The speakers discuss the use of "naive" in various cultures and its significance in writing, including the controversy surrounding the title of the Bible. They also touch on the use of "will" and "will" in Arabic, as well as the history of Islam and the importance of acceptance of Islam as a means of honor and building a life of one's own worth. The speakers emphasize the need for women to read and understand the message of Islam and caution against burning people with too much water.

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As you move

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on Java

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him in a shape on your Ragini Bismillah your Walkman you're walking whilst bill knapsack Mr. aladeen I adore owner abamune beloved Daddy, well I see you redo Nava wala Darren dorena. garden home to reducing Atal hyah donia. What to pray. Amen. final

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victory now what about

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rufaro por sokolova la vim. So just to wrap up verse number 27, we had commenced the discussion in which Allah subhanho wa Taala says nobody can change his words his versus his promises, while Entergy, Domine, dooney. Malta Haida, and certainly you will not find another place of refuge the only place of refuge is Allah subhanho wa Taala every other suppose that refuge is temporary in a lady tardieu meenal bury it Yeti miskeen Oba Nomi skini Wow, what did the Arabic poet say? The person you are hopeful of a favor from in this world is a pauper. The son of a pauper is dependent the son of a dependent is feeble, the son of a feeble he himself he might have little more clout

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than you is got pull he's got muscle, but in reality he also has a cut off point that he can Marbella who mineral me, this is the cut off point of knowledge. So yes, he you know what, he's the ambassador. He issues the visas, or the methods sits on his desk or the pool is with him. But beyond that, we're focusing only the redeeming Aileen. Allah is absolute. Allah is independent and Allah is sovereign. Everyone else needs approval, needs it to be endorsed needs it to be sanctioned by someone else, which the poet said in a lady tardieu whom in Halle Berry Yeah, Misty, no binyomin skinny one and 30 Domine Dhoni he Malta hada. And you will never find any place of refuge besides

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Allah subhanho wa Taala May Allah give us that ability to connect and have that relation with him. We move on verse number that was verse number 27. We concluded and now we move on to verse 28. And that's the verse that I just recited. Allah subhanho wa Taala instructs and impresses upon the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was big enough second I Lavina your own Ira belguim beloved daddy well Laci Yuri do our job. What's been upset and restrain yourself and restrain yourself was big enough suck my levena with those people. Yeah, the owner who supplicate robber whom the Lord bilhah dirty Well, I see in the morning and the evening meaning Allah Dhawan who worship Allah at

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all times. Yuri do in a word Yahoo seeking the pleasure and the rebar and the happiness of Allah.

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The backdrop and the context to this idea is that on a particular instance, some prominent high profile influential infidels, were sitting with Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and in that very same discourse and gathering, they were great noble companions are the Allahu anhu whom, however these companions are the Allahu anhu, whom were of low financial standard and financial standing doesn't matter in the eyes of the Almighty, but to those who look with the material eye with the mundane eye, with the transitory eye for them, you know what the grounds or the yardstick or the benchmark of grading someone is his his his worldly accolades, his his worldly accomplishments. So

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they took objection to this it was Sayyidina Umar radi Allahu anhu say he then so Hey brother, your loved one and who say you dinner salamander, the Allahu anhu the poor amongst the noble companions or the Allahu anhu and these were great great Sahaba every hobby was great, every hobby was great. However, the Quran makes a distinction and this is in the Quran, that certain companions are greater than other companions lie is that we mean GM men and for common cabal for a while cartel, Ola udara jetadmin alladhina and firpo member Dawa katello work Allah, Allah not lie yesterday mean gone it they cannot be equal men and for coming men and for those who spend and brought a man

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And strove in the path of Allah before the conquest of Makkah, and those who did post the conquest of Makkah. Those who accepted in the early stages, their rank is far greater. Allah Inca, bamboo, Dara Jetta Mina la Vina and fabu member diwakar Tallulah exist people by mudaraba are greater in rank, position and status compared to those who came later into Islam, so every companion rhodiola woman who was great, but the lights of Satan are salmaan and Amar and souhei brother, Allah will work great. So hey, so hey, brew, roomie. So hey, who came from from Rome. He was the same person regarding whom the verse was revealed in chapter two dues to wamena naszej wamena nyanzi, Mayor Shri

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nafsa Oba de la amaravati la when he was migrating to Madina, munawwara and the enemies tried to attack him, and they wanted to you know what assault him and he said, I don't look Amala kenzi I will inform me of my treasures in Makkah, and you can take it and just leave me alone and don't harass me. And so he gave them the whereabouts of his wealth, and he parted happily with his assets so that he can enjoy a safe passage to Medina. And as he came into Medina, the verses were revealed the wormy Nana's and amongst people man those yesterday enough so and if you know yesterday in Arabic, for Arabic, though lovers of grammar, you'll know that this is amongst the dads of dad is

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the plural of the word of wisdom. Wisdom means those words that have the opposite meanings, what shall obey summon embarks in your shadow in Surah use of chapter 12 just 12 can mean ba hoo hoo or is through it can mean they sold or they purchase. So in Arabic, certain words have both the meanings and they are referred to as as Dad, what kinda wha hoo, Malecon wha normally means in the rear in the back, but we're on in the context of this particular idea, which is chapter 18 Surah tulika have in the 16 jewels on the first page refers to Imam and that's the beauty of the language and that's the need we need to understand. Likewise, Allah subhanho wa Taala says For now Oh,

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fala XML bill harness for OPC mobile hanasi Java incanus. Well, lately EDA has SaaS, our service is also from amongst the have done in the October October battle by the night when it appears or disappears. I just shared few examples that came to mind. So wamena nas amongst the people many years *ty enough, sir, are those who sell themselves whatever they have, I can part with it empathy va amaravati love to please Allah, Allah.

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And Allah is kind with these bondsman. So these this believe is said, lesson O Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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We don't mind sitting with you listening to you entertaining what your dog, but you need to get rid of these poor companions, rather your lover and whom, you know what it's below our dignity, to rub shoulders with them to sit in a common gathering with them. And this wasn't the first attempt of these people. In fact, in the previous chapter, and I credit this to Allah Allah is putting these thoughts in my mind in the previous chapter in chapter number 17, verse number 73, and 74 Allah subhanaw taala speaks about a similar incident. We're in gondola if t no naka de la de

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la Lita 30. Alena v RA, y Eva lotta hadoo Casa de la now if I'm going to go into Arabic grammar Yep. So in in so you're in the scholars will tell you more mineral mythical. So Maha five means light Matata means heavy, light meaning that there is an attached deed on it and without meaning there is a test deed on it. Meaning India is in the meaning of inner is in the meaning of in nine in the means definitely Absolutely. Because in in the common average Arabic grammar you have enough here you have inserted the into negate or in that comes as a condition after which there's a merge zoom and there's a Joseph but let's not digress in here would mean in the meaning of absolutely

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definitely can do is Harpham. bokhara. But to come close what in gardo la la la come for emphasis again, we're in Kanto lefty new NACA Ronnie levy ohioana la and they were very close. And definitely they were on the verge lefty new NACA two layers three funa to divert you from the revelation that we send to you later.

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30 Aileen are laid up so that you can

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fabricate against us something later 30 years later, contrary to what we had revealed to you, this is what they came out this was their agenda. What he then and then if you are obliged and complied and and buckled under the pressure and surrendered to the impositions, let the hadoo Kahala they would have made you their Bosom friend. Now again, my mind is drifting, you know in Arabic you have the word Holly, then you have the word Sahib. Then you have the word, roughy. And then there's a fine difference between this but it's going to go into too much grammar and detail. So let's just focus on the idea. I told you chapter 73 chapter 17 verse 73 So what did they come and tell the

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Prophet sallallahu wasallam get rid of these poor companions move them away. And if Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam you had obliged and agreed with them and requested the poor companions to sit separately or they would have been too happy because that they their ego would be inflated You see, no we don't sit with these people is below our dignity. No, no, not at all. We need a separate setting. We need a private meeting. Exactly. My Profile. Sorry, I don't I don't I don't sit on the floor. I cannot sit like that. I cannot eat with my hands. I'm not comfortable. You know?

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This was the kind of demeanor and attitude but of course the Prophet sallallahu wasallam did not even entertain it did not even entertain it. So Allah subhanho wa Taala said, while Ola and Bettina calaca decade Dr. Kanu la Hinchey and Paulina, this was what they came with the request and it ties up with the same verse here what we do now at the moment, verse 28, and that was the previous chapter. So same, same request, get rid of the poor, we can set what them May Allah give us humility, my brother, May Allah give us humility, my sister, I always say this year.

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When you see somebody as well, then then he says, All praying for me that Allah must keep me humble. And I say to him, Well, you know what? The claim of humility itself is arrogance. When you say, pray that I must remain humble. I'm claiming him I'm claiming humility. In English, don't they say, humanity is strange. Just when you claim it, you lost it. Just when you claim it, you lost it. If I say I'm humble, I lost it. Only Allah can decide if I have sincerity. Only Allah can decide if I have humility. Yes, there are external indications etc, in dalla L, etc. But only Allah knows only Allah knows. When the messenger sallallahu Sallam conquered mocha mocha Rama would love to know who

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Allah affinity is blessed Chen was flush on the back of his convenience. He was so humbled, he had dropped himself and he's entering as the conqueror of mocha, mocha Rama and he is now facing those very people who banished him and expelled him and had you know what? forsaken him?

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humility. What did he say, in a calm letter? faloona. And if ballinderry bother you, people tend to ignore the greatest form of worship. And people asked what worship Are you referring to our mother Aisha or the love on her? And she said at the word, humanity, humanity.

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Yes, humility. You know, this is the most beloved action to Allah subhanho wa Taala by Lara, I will love Okay, what did Allah say in this verse here? Well, oh, Allah. But knock again. I'm saying I wish people will with me on one page. We're Lola. Anyway, it was not an Tibet Naga that we kept you firm that but that was a bit too desperate sabaratnam if it was not that we intervene and we kept you firm. Learn third kid the target, oh my word, oh my Allah, how do I translate this year?

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This speaks about the purity of the soul of a prophet. So there is our RT da, which the toad just comes in, and that is the risksmart Elias medulin ambia that the prophets are protected against then

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they are Allah subhanaw taala safeguards them Allah subhanaw taala protects them and the rest medu we declare the purity and the sinless nature of the profits. Now this speaks of how pure and clean and noble and pristine is the the makeup, the composition, the anatomy and the demeanor of a prophet. We rescued you O Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam and had we not rescued you? They came what such a conniving obnoxious

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Sly and cunning and and you know wicked agenda to influence you to dissuade you love God kita Targa no la him Shay n de la, it was highly possible that perhaps you might slightly somewhat inclined to what they said in your thoughts Allahu Akbar. And this is I'm still trying to simplify because kita means to come close to returning means slightly inclined, then Allah said Shay and which means letter, then Allah said Cullinan which means again little, in other words, we rescued you from the slightest possible inclination towards this had it not be in our intervention they would have been a wee bit of some but of suppose that on the verge of trying to incline

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that's how you're the nature of an OBE is, if it's me or you my brother, or my sister, and then if somebody comes in dangles the candy before us, and you know what, we will fall headlong into it, wow, we lose our faith, our morality, our name, our honor, and prestige in one, I just fell for it. Somebody offers my young brother, a recreational drug, and then he goes, or some porn pops up on my phone and they I lost it, or somebody offers you a lucrative deal. You know that it is shady and it is doubtful, but there's some serious revenue any day you gone, but Subhan Allah how pure was the character of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but the protection of Allah that Allah did

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not even allow him to incline in the slightest way. Not soon, not soon, not soon fee and racemate Allah He will have his level upon one of Seiya for either Ghana had the fish Chinese say you the receiving for K for bkm iskin. What can you tell the third row beta Kudu saika when this vertical bar printer and let the eisah enter Guna mo whom I mazuma mine would lead us in biannual Quran. If Allah is telling the purest of the pure the paragon of his creation, the noblest of his creation. We rescued you we protected you than average common regular mortal human. How dare you claim arrogance? How dare you quantify yourself? How dare you trumpet yourself? How can we ever claim nobility and

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piety? Let's get back into the verse.

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So what happened? No, move them away. So Allah told the Prophet Sal awesome. No, you restrain yourself with these people who worship Allah. You had the runer supplicating morning and evening you redo now what jaha who are seeking the happiness of Allah while at our door iE nagaon home and do not shift your attention away from them. Do not divert your gaze, I barraba Hema and sahibi meaning you don't leave them. Can you imagine the rank of these people that are lanto the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam took keep them under his gains to sit in their company while I go home to redo the Natal hyah donia do not shift your attention from them with the intention of acquiring

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the adornment of this worldly life. Of course the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did not do this. The adornment of this worldly life would be that if the messenger salallahu alayhi wa sallam had to shirk or shun or put the part of the poor Sahaba on hold and entertain these people. And in this is a strong message for you and I that remember, Islam is open and clear. Nobody can add to the honor of Islam. If you come into Islam, you add to your honor, you don't add to the honor of Islam. Islam is honorable by itself. Allah has given it honor by any celebrity accepting Islam. You do not make Islam any greater. It is the greatest you do not add to the globe. The greatness of Allah,

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Allah is the Greatest. Yes, by accepting the truth Good luck to yourself. You add yourself amongst those who hopefully can be from those that will be potentially saved from Hellfire, provided we die with Iman and we ask Allah to make that a reality.

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So to redo Xena tel hire the dunya with the intention of attracting worldly glitter would mean that if somebody has to entertain and you know what, be insensitive to the needs of the poor and hurt their feelings and accommodate these prominent people, then that would be the context of desire which of course

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The messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did not entertain in the lease. And it's a message again as I said that the glitter and the honor of Islam is done and is concluded, you accept Good luck for you. And if I do not accept then that harm comes back to me. monogamy lasala ha funny enough say you do good for yourself, woman Essa and whoever does wrong fire I lay the homies upon yourself, or men Amina Saleh unfairly unfussy him Yama, dude, you're doing good. You're paying for yourself. Anyway, where Toledo Xena tell hayati dunya wala toto falna and do not obey the one fell in October who and Vic Rena, whose heart We have made heedless of our remembrance, men are vulnerable by who we've made

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his heart he learns from our remembrance behind it he because of his arrogance, because of his arrogance, we have made his art heedless. So don't listen to him, don't entertain them. You want to come and sit with the poor companions, you're more than welcome. You're more than welcome. I know of a brother, who had once invited me for a lecture program. And then he cried, and he, you know, shared his own personal incident. And he said that, unfortunately, my life went in gambling. And then as we were going for Salah, and I was delivering the talk, we pass, you know what the ray scores, and he said, this is where I used to spend my money. And this is where I used to bet and

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gamble. And one day I was here, and it was the time of mulgrave. And anon was being sounded and the avant was echoing and it hit my heart. And I said to myself, like, how long will I continue in my voice? And I felt that inner calling. Was it not further in when I heard the verse? I lamea, and Isla de una mano and ashampoo Lubumbashi Vickery Lai woman as El amin al Hakim A while ago, no. colombina Nikita Burman cabello Fatah early himal Amadou fracassa tipo lubu, whom has the time not come for the hearts of the believers to submit to Allah and for the live near IR the said that was the turning point. So those brothers said I was here. And I realized I just had this inner calling.

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And I decided that you know what, I want to give up a life I want to give up a life of sin. And Subhanallah I left from there, I came out I came to the masjid. And I was so embarrassed that I wanted to pray but I didn't know how to read Surah Fatiha. The next day I mustered the courage and I went to the local Imam and I said, You know what? I am ashamed of myself. I'm in my 60s. And I don't know the basics of Islam. I would love to learn Quran. So he said to me, no problem. We have a regular madressa that takes place in the afternoons. You're more than welcome to join the class and sit down. So he's narrating to me. He said first, I felt no man. I mean, these are kids this age of

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my grandchildren. I cannot sit there that's below my dignity, man, you know what you need to I'm a prominent businessman. I'm a high flyer. And

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I realized that you know what, if I'm going to ask for a separate time, I'm not going to get that moment. And I'm going to remain deprived of the Quran. And then I told myself, it's your need, it's your request, humble yourself and go and learn. So I would come daily and sit with the children who were the age of my grandchildren. And I started learning Quran. And then he said, Would you allow me the privilege to read Quran to you? So I said, by all means, and as he started reading, I started tearing and he started tearing, and then he said, pray to Allah, that the day can come, that I can understand what I am reciting before my eyes close, and I continue to make that draw for him that I

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hope he has commenced that journey and May Allah make it possible for everyone. I wish that for every believer we're lucky I wish that for every believer that we can read and understand the message and it's not you know, an Arabic it's just not Arabic. It comes with related sciences, the passion of Quran and and and understanding and having that desire.

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So if you want to see guidance, come and sit in the company of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when he said in with the companions, perfect, but don't come and dictate to him move this one and tell that one to leave? What are two terminal

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crina and do not listen to those whose heart We have made heedless from our remembrance behind it because of their arrogance, whatever Aha. And his whole life is just following his base desires. What Ghana I'm Rahu furuta and his matter entails transgressing all bounds. That's what his nature is is gone beyond all bounds.

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I'm referring to the infidels of mocha mocha Rama, so ignore them shun them, don't entertain them. Of course the prophets Allah ism did not entertain them. But the revelation of this verse sends out a strong warning to these arrogant, obstinate infidel people. That day you come and try and make such a request to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, because it will never be entertained, it will never be entertained, but it will become Robbie Lola to overcome your value in the eyes of Allah is through your worship and your servitude. If you fall short in that, then there is no recognition and credit to you. The benchmark and the yardstick in the eyes of Allah is your

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nobility. We move on to verse number 29. And this is what Allah says in very strong and very stern words. Don't listen to them, don't entertain them, or Mohammed says and keep yourself in the company of the buyers who worship Me morning and evening. And don't take your attention of them. Tell them oh Mohammed sallallahu wasallam Weill Cornell hakomi Rob become say unto them, the truth has arrived from your Lord Thurman Shah fell your men woman Sha failure for this is what we refer to as studied Umbro. Lita, did

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you know when you study also to Shashi and neural Anwar, then you learn the different different meanings that Amar has with it. And one out of it is I am really muddied where it gives a command or a reflection of a command. But in essence, it is a warning. You tell your child to go go go jump, go run, Go, Go fall, go, hike, go, go do what you want to okay. My dad said I must do what I want to know. No, that's not a command that's not an injunction. That is daring you that is alerting you that is warning you famine Shah failure. I mean, whoever was telling me must bring a man or woman Shah affiliate for and whoever ones he can denounce and may Cofer But hang on. If you choose the

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latter, then listen properly in our dead denial live volley mean anara in Navarre really are dead now we have prepared live Ballymena for the sun as in the oppressors and the criminals now run a fire what's the nature of this fire in this blaze in flames, now run a higher power be him Sora depot Ha. That we have prepared for them a fire and the nature of this fire is such that it has been surrounded it has been surrounded a fire the walls of which will be surrounded surrounded with words surrounded with flames. Now run a fire a hotter surrounded surah de ko ha So radico has a four star to how thymoma should be happy so it's like you know it should be has been given it has been likened

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to like like a covering like a like a a attend meaning you'll be surrounded by flames all over la hoomin folta him volet Amen And now roaming data him zonal above will be flames beneath you will be flames la hoomin jan namami hard your bedding will be a flame sarabi lumen Cartier on the clothes will be highly flammable the clothes will be highly flammable.

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So Allah subhanho wa Taala says that naran aha Toby hymns Radhika was yesterday through what he yesterday through and due to the intensity of thurs if they were to ask for any drink or help or aid or assistance you lost to they will be a dead by your want to be my in Kalma holy, what water which will resemble the residue of oil. So the residue which is at the bottom which is murky, which is dirty, which is unclean, that's how unpleasant it would look. Meaning Kara here told Mandara in its site in its appearance, it would look so unpleasant. You're extremely thirsty and somebody gives you a glass and the class says you know what stains on it and blotches on it. And the water is murky.

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You're like okay, no, thank you. You can keep it you know what, I'll stall my thirst. I'm fine. You need to use a loo you have an urgent need of the washroom. You get into the bathroom and unfortunately the person who used the washroom prior to you did not have the common courtesy of leaving the facility decent enough for the next person. You shut the door and you stole your need. The desperation of thirst will ask for a drink. They will be aided by water, which in its look would be so unpleasant like the residue of oil. Yes, you will would do and it would be so hot and so

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scorching that as you bring the goblet any closer to your face, it will roast your skin completely and burn every layer Bay assess shrub evil indeed this would be as a drain was saw a tomato Taka and the worst and resting place May Allah save us from hell daily we should ask Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah agera na min and na Allah ajilon amin and na our law protect us from the fire our law protect us from the fire our law protect us from the fire. mean yo Bella alameen wa sallahu wa salam ala nabina Muhammad was early he was happy he edge marine al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen