Surah An-Najm #08 – How Islam Responds to Trends

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AI: Summary © The importance of theible Bible is discussed, including its significance in the Holy Spirit, the history ofductions about the Prophet's size and weight, and the potential for disinformation and controversial statements. The use of "na" in Arabic and "has been revealed" is emphasized, with the use of "has been revealed" being a way of making it seem like the event is happening. The title of "The deeper Look" is discussed, including its series of videos and lectures, and various topics such as discovery, communication, and the meaning of the book.
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These trends have come and other trends will come and yet others will come. But this is a constant and every time new trends come, guess who they cannot tolerate? They cannot tolerate this religion so the fact that they cannot tolerate this religion doesn't make the religion invalid

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when Najimy the

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man what NASA people come why man

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that's when a group of men surprise King doubt in his chambers. He's the prophet that had 99 wives, right? Oh, it says hey, just us being a TV we break down every section of the Quran into straightforward understandable pieces. I started by doing a TV to make the Quran accessible for people of all levels of understanding the beauty and guidance found within this passages shouldn't be limited to scholars click the link to start your journey into the Quran and Arabic today

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on Showtime and Raji.

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Bismillah hum watchman huashi When Najimy the Hawa male one Lhasa he will call Mama hauwa qui Marian take one in Hawaii in Hawaii. We have a lemma who surely don't

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do it for slower or whoever will also kill

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some Medina feta then

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come say any app for

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Kevin Duma

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alpha to male who now who is your

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probably shocking somebody will send the emery wire who looked at me Listen if the Holy Phil hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah. By the early he was happy Jemaine and Murad once again everyone salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. A couple of things to highlight quickly before I move on to item number four, for our discussion,

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I want you to take note of the institution of the Salah rissalah, meaning revelation itself, the institution of rissalah, the belief in Revelation is made up of three components. The first component is the angel. Second component is the book or the message that the angel is delivering. And the third is the receiver of the message, the messenger. So the book, The angel, and the messenger. And what we're seeing in this passage is going to be a discussion that involves all three of them. It's not just about the messenger. It's not just about the angel. It's not just about the book. It's all three components. Right now. So far, we haven't been introduced to the angel Jibreel

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Elisa, but what we have learned are two things, we learned one thing about the prophets lights on them. And one thing about the Quran. So the one thing we've learned about the Prophet size of them is that he is not lost or diluted and his character and the time that he spent with them his credibility enough. And the thing that we've so far learned about the Quran, we're going to learn some more about the Quran now, is that this speech is definitely not rooted in Hawaii. It's not rooted in, you know, desire and ambition and things like that. One thing I wanted to say I said a lot about speaking from Hawaii yesterday and different, you know, dimensions of that one dimension I

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didn't talk about is, obviously, when someone wants to become popular, they say things that pander to the crowd and cater to the audience, and what's going to give them more momentum and more following. And then some people come along and say, I don't care about the majority, I'm going to say the unpopular truth, right, and then they spew other nonsense to be antagonists and to be controversial. But that's because they're going after another audience. So they position themselves as heroes. While actually it's just another kind of how it's just, it's the same thing as what the others are doing, because they're just cornering their own share of the market, if you will, right.

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And the Rasul of Allah Salam is neither of those things. The thing the reason this is important to mention is these are diseases that you and I are not immune from. And neither is the messaging of Islam, when the messenger of Islam was being presented by the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that is the purest source because he's not blinded. Now how am I anticlinal? Haha, it's that's, that's him. The rest of us the Quran is pure, the message is pure. But we could be lost, we could be diluted, we can also have Hawa we could be, we could be molding the teachings of Islam, to cater to to make it more socially acceptable in certain environments, that it's not politically

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correct to say certain things. So let's

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not talk about those things, let's reinterpret some some things to configure better with modern trends, etc, etc, right? Because it's otherwise it's too hostile, it's too unacceptable is too offensive because somebody will be offended by the way, a little surprise for all of you. The Quran is offensive since that since the day was revealed, that's by definition offensive. So that's one one extreme. But the other extreme is, yeah, we don't care about the school far, we're gonna speak the hook. And then they spew all kinds of nonsense also, that's not in the Quran, you are now being aggressive, because you think the Quran wants you to be aggressive. But you have to be loyal to the

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text, not really not trying to cater to society, and not trying to react to society either. And go against against society, either. Both of those are just how they're both just something you want to do. You want to react this way or that way. The religion the book of Allah is not a response. The book of Allah is not a reaction, the book of Allah is a constant, you know, a slew has sabbat will follow it will have a summer presented for what it is, you don't have to make it respond to something that that, you know, that comes and goes. And by the way, that's kind of inside the language of when Najmi that how are two, there are things seasons will come and go trends will come

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and go. But the book is here to stay. It's quite human, it stands up, right? It's gonna stay. Our value system is like that. And the reason I get worried now is I don't just get a lot of questions. I'm sure scholars speakers, I'm not one of them. But they get questions, right. And a lot of the questions I get is How do you respond to this trend? And how do you respond to this new idea? And what's our what's the Muslim response to this and this, like, we want the Muslim response to things, right. And the the issue I have with that is there's something we're trying to build a building, but we haven't built the foundation, if we had the foundation, right, then we would know these trends

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have come and other trends will come and yet others will come. But this is a constant. And every time new trends come, guess who they cannot tolerate, they cannot tolerate this religion. So the fact that they cannot tolerate this religion doesn't make the religion invalid. And doesn't mean you have to re configure the message of Islam so that they can less offend the new trend. Because these trends, let me tell you, they're cannibalistic, they consume themselves. And new trends come in reaction to these trends. And then others react to those trends. And they keep collapsing on top of themselves. And that's the history of these trends. They're actually rooted in Babylon, and the high

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E. And how are the three things that the Prophet SAW Selim is being told he is free from and this message is free from are the three things that are the basis of all these trends, at the at the heart of all of them is trends. And, and today, more than ever, you know, I've said this in the series of surahs. I'll say this for you guys, too, because it will come up in the next section in more clarity.

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religions in the world, ancient religions in the world, they had something in common.

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They were all based on one fundamental idea. Whatever God it is, that are gods that is that we're going to worship, they're gonna protect, if we don't worship them, they're gonna hurt us in some way. So we should we should worship them, because that's the best way to keep them off our back. Basically. Also, you can pass by it's fine. I wasn't saying also to you that you get started with my also, that was an aggressive also by I confess, okay. Also.

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They have wishes, and they're like, if we can worship these gods, they will grant us our wishes. So why did people go up like 1000 steps on top of a mountain, and then sacrifice a goat and sit there for eight hours and do this? Why not for spiritual enlightenment? They went up there because, you know, whoever you are, just make that girl fall in love with me because I really want to marry her. And her father said no, and that he went up there to just make that happen. Or somebody else made that happen, because my neighbor has two goats, and I just have one goat, and I just need, I need to be the ultimate goat. So give me another goat. You know, every people had these wishes, and they

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just want their wishes granted, and what are these wishes that you love so much power?

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That's what they are.

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Our religion, and the message of this religion is not rooted in why it's not rooted in our and you know, what's happened in every other religion. Every other religion is rooted. Why should I follow this religion? It will fulfill my Hawaii in some way.

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And what I'm saying this about other religions, and you and I are sitting here like hath not Islam, we're immune at handling that. No, we're not. We have brought Hawaii into our religion too. And you know what's happened? I made so much dua to Allah that I should get into med school and then I didn't get in

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And that's why I don't pray anymore because my haha wasn't fulfilled. And so because the religion should cater to me. I didn't come to surrender to this. I will follow this message, what do I get in return? What are the benefits? What's the package? Right? This this is the consumer religion. And we've brought that mentality into Islam and now people are having a faith crisis because their consumerism isn't being met. Because it's not on their terms. Lisa be an eagle and we're gonna see this explicitly in the Surah. Allah will say a nice handle in sunny la masa, you'll say, you know, I'm Lillian Sanema Domina Oh, the people human being is going to get whatever he wishes for. That

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what his thought processes. And that ties directly to Mr. Jung, woo Anil, how're this religion is I cannot sell this religion to someone and say if you follow this religion, there is no more stress, there is no more anxiety, you're not going to have financial problems, your health will be okay. Your cancer is going to disappear. Diabetes, you know, blood sugar. In fact, you're going to lose weight. Everything's going to be great. Just follow Islam. Islam is going to make everything right. Anybody who followed Islam in Makkah, did their life get better or harder.

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Life was easy before Islam man. And then Islam. Sahabi accepts Islam. Now his family's calling him crazy. He's getting kicked out of the house. He's getting beat up. He's getting spit on. He's getting insulted. And he was having an ear an easy life last weekend. And I was like, What is this? What latest sign up for? It's the opposite of what someone would want. It's the opposite of how are you understand that. And so the, the way that the message was presenting itself, and the, the price you had to pay for following this message itself was proof that it's not howa. Okay? So that's another important consideration. Now let's move on to iron number four, in Hua in what you knew her.

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Now the language is getting even more aggressive, because the word na in Arabic is used for negation strong negation. But in is another it's in Mafia. There's two kinds of or three kinds of n or even more kinds of in in Arabic, and one of them is called the in Mafia, then that the end of the end of negation. And that's what's being used here in the beginning of the I in who are in LA, you knew her for for Arabic students or people who are familiar with the language. If you were to say this in very simple language, it would say, Hua Hua, Tian Hua, it's revelation. He doesn't speak from his whims, he doesn't speak from things that he loves. It's revelation, it is revelation. And the way

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you say it is revolution in Arabic is Hua Wang. But what's happened here, in Hua in Washington, and then also a, you ha, so there's a lot of additions here. There's an It's not here. Right? And there's, there's an excessive speech here. And we have to process why that it, you know what that's doing there. But before we do, I'm going to tell you a little bit about the meanings of the word ye which we commonly translate as inspiration or Revelation. But what does this word mean? What are its secondary meanings? Where does it come from? Right so what one is MK two che one MK two what he was used for something that was carved into a stone scratches on a stone light scratches that you can

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barely read. We're also called what he what you and Phil hedger, meaning it's, again, carvings in a stone. And you can tell I think somebody wrote something here somewhere too hot. For who or so to who Ullman doodle coffee, if you barely heard thunder, and nobody else heard it. And you're like, I think I just heard the wahat. From what what? You know what that means? You barely heard it. And that the barely heard thunder that's very low in volume was actually called wahat. And then what ha II were Ohio Eagle Lama who became and up. So what had the verb was used when you speak to someone in a secretive way, or you communicate with someone in a way that nobody finds out? Like when you

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message someone and their phone goes, Oh, that's not why. Because now everybody's like, Hey, did you guys get it? Somebody gets their phone.

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Right? That's, that's not what he but if, for example, they do this and you guys don't watch movies. So I don't know how to explain this to you. But like, you know, in, in in the, you know, movies and stuff. Sometimes people are communicating with each other without saying something and they're like, I think it was like, you know, what, they make it all too obvious. They're like

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but if they're communicating with each other in ways that other people can't tell, which is by the way, what what athletes do sometimes in sports, baseball players, you know, soccer, etc. You can have motions, body motions, and they know they're speaking each other's code. That kind of code can also be called Wi Fi. Or a whisper can also be called Wi Fi. Okay? Mommy and Daddy can eat ha ha

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that will line up will be totally cut in half here. So from this came the idea of oh how you he, which is using the Quran for inspiration to put something in the heart in a way that is very secretive for Ohio led him and said the whole booklet and booklet and Russia. Exactly. And Islam was told not to speak. Right he was told not to speak for three days you remember that story? When he came out of his quarters and people wanted to talk to him like what happened with and he had to tell people you know that they should do this we have Allah He did it without being direct because he couldn't speak so Allah uses what indirect speech or you know, by by way of gesture body language.

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Oh, hi name. Right. So similarly Wamena persona che in Kuwait, Phil Hausa, we looked. This is another interesting meaning. It's not related to our discussion, but it's part of the dictionary meaning of the word. Aha was used as a verb for someone who used to be poor and then became rich like they transformed. So how was also used for a great transformation? That's one of its subtle meanings. So subtle communication, putting something into the heart of someone. The idea here is Allah is revealing these words so the prophets I send them but nobody else can hear that communication. There Sahaba sitting next to him Gibreel is talking to him. Nobody hears everyone's

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voice and the prophet speaks on just starts reciting so the communication is happening secretly. Right? That's that's why the word outcry is important here that they are like, when did he get it? When did the we didn't hear anything? We don't see an angel are but it's in Hua Allah wa Hyun. It is communicated in a secretive way. But it is a very powerful communication. Now let's go into the language. This English list will make sense. I use these big words to intimidate you, but they're actually summaries of the Arabic side. So I'm going to just explain each of them to you and you'll understand. First of all, first of all, attend, attend. When you feed into Aleem here you notice in

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Hua, Allah Yun, the owner on huahai, that and when that is that can actually be a representation of something grand. That doesn't mean every time when in Arabic is Taleem. But certain ones are and when you study grammar enough and Bulaga enough, you'll understand which ones are and which ones aren't. But here this would mean it is nothing but a remarkable revelation. It's not just it's an incredible revelation. And that's coming from the tangerine in Washington. This is me trying to tell you that one of the important things to contemplate in the Quran is not just the words, but the way that the words are being used. Right attend when can make a difference and Allah can make a

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difference. A monsoon can make a difference and Maduro can make a difference. These things make a difference in what we're how the Arabs were receiving this, we have to do all this technical work to understand it. This was coming this was hitting them naturally. Right there was an adjective associated the greatness the grandness was associated when they heard what you're in. And it didn't need an explanation, we have to go through the exercise to be able to appreciate that. Then there's Hawaii deletes. Now, what that means is there's an overuse of certain things. There's in Hawaii law, instead of saying it is Revelation, it is nothing at all, but Revelation, it cannot be anything

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else. But an incredible revelation. That's how it's being spoken as if there are three or four exclamation marks at the end of this, the sentence. And it wasn't just Revelation, He says you have what you you have, which is extremely strange, beautifully strange. You don't say it is revelation that has been revealed? Obviously a revelation has been revealed. You know, I, you know, I shot a shot, you know, cuz you already shot it. So you don't have to say a shot. Right? Or you say I ate a you know, or I bet a bite? You bet that's good enough, I got it, you don't need to see the by heart. Right. Or, you know, I wrote a writing you you wrote is enough, I got it. But here he says it is

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nothing but Revelation, a grand revelation that has been revealed, that has been communicated secretly. Why add that? What that does is it adds another dimension to the meaning it actually adds the dimension that it keeps on being revealed at the right occasion.

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So it is the whole thing is nothing but Revelation, but it keeps on coming at the right moments, and will continue to keep what was a Google was the mirror and it will keep on coming. Like Allah says, well, Quran and ferok now holy Takara who Allah Nursey Allah mixin when Allah Hutan Zilla, the Quran, we broke it apart. So you can read it to people at the right occasion. And we broke it apart as a gradual revelation. So he keeps on revealing it at the right moments. And that's part of what makes it so grand woman Fody him however you have. Also this idea could mean this what you're listening to right now sort of to najem

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is nothing but revelation that is coming down as we speak. In other words, Gibreel is here, the people that were listening to this, we're like, ah, what did he make stuff up. And when the Prophet is reciting the Surah, it's as if he's telling them by the way, the communication is happening right now in this moment, in this moment, and that you should be on alert, like, I'm not alone right now. Gibreel is here too. And he's the one giving me these words and I'm sharing them with you. That's, that's a really heavy realization you understand? That's inside the word you have. And then the in who are in law also says law you can and you're gonna do not working. It's not possible for this to

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be anything else. Contemplate this and you will come to the conclusion. This isn't human. This isn't made up. This isn't poetry. This isn't like any other religion. This is nothing but revelation that is coming down. This is nothing but inspiration communicated secretly to this messenger SallAllahu. And then in Akka, do Nafion minion mean map and encounter Somalis? batana Aqua so what that means is you saw in the beginning now Baldassarre Hebrew con one na our one na young people and into our na na na So the expectation here was one Ma Ma Hua, you knew her because the MA would have continued, but he switches from the matter what word in to make this the climax of the ultimate statement

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that's being made. As if the whole point of everything that's being said so far, rests on this one thing, this is the top of the peak in Hua in our new Ha, you can think of it like this, when Najmi either howa in who I love your new heights like that, that this is the connection that's being made, this is the peak of it all, nothing but this. And so. So this, this ultimate intensification happens inside of this is if you have time, I want you to after you know we finished the solar chart, one of the courses that I did was called divine speech. It was done a long time ago. I've written a book on it too, but it keeps getting out of stock. I think it's in stock now again, but instead of I know

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reading a book can be torture for you. So I understand. But on buena TV I have the course called divine speech, I consider the whole course just an explanation of this statement. How can this only be revelation? Why is it not humanly possible? Right, and inshallah I'll be making some updates to that course because I've been studying a lot a long time since, but I think you should watch it. And it's good, especially for younger audiences, because we need to have firsthand appreciation of why we believe this isn't just another religion. This isn't just a faith. This is there's no alternative. This has to be revelation from God in what Allah hewn you okay.

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Hey guys, you just watched a small clip of me explaining the Quran in depth as part of the deeper look series. Studying the Quran in depth can seem like a really intimidating thing that's only meant for scholars our job at Vienna is to make deeper study of the Quran accessible and easy for all of you. So take us up on that challenge. Join us for this study the deeper look of the Quran for this surah and many other sources on BNN under the deeper look section