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So I want to live okay.

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shirt everybody.

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Have you been laid off?

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Alhamdulillah Nakama don't want to start over here you want to stop you don't want to study whenever we lie to Ireland and Sharon em fusina woman sejati Amina and no meah de la sala mobile Allah, Allah.

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Allah, Masha Allah. Allahu Akbar hula Sheree Kala wash Edwin Mohammed Abu hora solo or solo la hora maternal alameen wa co de Watson momineen Mahajan, Mr. Li Qin leaking, or doesn't require the money in and out a lot would be local wasabi Hill pseudo Warfighter Javi aryan and omean Why then on Suman wapo Lubin wolffer belong medzi hieromartyrs eight and Abby and I met him what also when? An hour to hear what he said That's him. Well, so the llama is in robotic alley while he was having wila Jimmy Minister nevison he was the dean, banjo si como FCB choco lightoller renomia tequila Yahoo Maharaja Isola

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operated due to a lot alone and then we seek aid and assistance and damn we turn both in repentance and for forgiveness to him Allah subhanaw taala guides none can mislead and he Yama la leaves to go astray there is none who can guide and I bet when it said there's nothing worthy of worship save a law alone. And then Mohammed Sall Allahu alayhi wa sallam is both a servant and His Messenger when a loss of Hannah Horta either created this world, this dunya he did not create this dunya as a place of permanence. rather he created it some kind of words either as a place of bitterness and hardship. A loss of Canada Allah decreed from the day he created our father Adam, that servants would

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alternate between states

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state of good health in a state of illness between the states of wealth in the states of poverty, between union and between separation between joy and between sadness and loss, the penalty added decided His servants would vary between these states. And he decided who would be given wealth and health and who would be afflicted with poverty and with illness, a loss of hemodialysis what a bouquet of pneumonia shot where, indeed, your Lord creates that which He wills and he chooses. And so it is in the wisdom of a loss of panatela, the one who does not lose the reward of those who show beauty, who does not lose the reward of those who are patient during difficulty, that he chose that

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some people would face hardships in their bodies in their minds. And some people would have children that would be living with disabilities.

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And however these disabilities occur, or however they present themselves, whether they are disabilities in the body, or in the mind, whether a person is born with these disabilities, or whether it is due to a tragedy that they have

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suffered in their life,

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or whether they're born with syndromes like autism or Down syndrome. However these disabilities occur if a person expects their award from Allah subhanaw taala, that indeed, they will be of those who have been given a tremendous reward. The prophets have a long way to send him said in the Howdy. Yo, what do I do last year Yeoman piano Hina, yo,

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Bella Bella, throw up. He said, on the day of judgment, when the people who have are the people of trials, when the people have difficulty on the Day of Judgment are brought the people who suffered when they are brought on the Day of Judgment, because they had difficulties in their lives, hardships, barriers in their lives, when those people are brought on the Day of Judgment. And a lot begins to give them the reward, and who laughy are those who are in good health, those who are unharmed, largely in this world, they will wish that when they were alive in the dunya, that they had suffered the most

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in this world, why we live in this existence. Everybody who has a perspective, or a viewpoint that is grounded in the dunya in this world, that all we see or think about our desire is this world. All we think when we see people who have gone through hardship is we feel pity towards them. And we think like we have better than them. On the day of judgment, the roles will be reversed. The people who live in complete health and sound lives are going to wish they suffered in this world. Why? Because they see the reward of patience through hardship that is given to those who suffered in this world, meaning when they witness what a lot has prepared for people have gone undergone tremendous

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hardship in this dunya. From being blind from being mutes or other hardships that people face in this world, they would wish that they could share and those blessings on that day by by having had a difficult life in this world. And this is a very difficult perspective grounded in our faith. Why? Because civilizations in the past, whether we want to talk about the ancient Greek,

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they would consider those with disability to be unsuitable for life. And often they would just kill them. The Romans in the past they saw disabilities were a source of entertainment people with disabilities were a source of entertainment for them for the wealthy, they would bring them to their coliseums and make fun of them. But it's them rejected this type of degradation

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for people who have physical and mental disabilities, for this reason, not once in the Quran, and it's quite interesting that a lot compare the perfection of someone's body

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to the perfection of their soul. In fact, we see the opposite. When allies criticizing the hypocrites in the Quran. What does he say about them? way though at home to advocate

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if you were to see them,

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you their external appearance would be pleased, pleasant to you. You would look at them. They're healthy, they're strong. They look like they're wealthy. Everything about them is something that is attractive to the person. You look at them and they are

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They have a pleasing external appearance, but unless of handle data then mentions about them all of their negative negatives and says katella home along for Conan, may God curse them, how diluted are they? And so Islam looks at the disabilities that a person might have been tested with in this world, not as an inherent problem in that person. A lot gives you two archetypes, by the way, in the Quran as well. He gives you the archetype of fear own, who is the King, who is in power, and most his opponent, who is whom a man who is suffering a stutter who can't speak properly. For Darwin says to the people, are you going to abandon me and follow this guy who you can't even understand the

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words that he's saying, yet who was greater in the sight of the last panel, Tyler, it was more Saudi has sent him. So Islam does not work at the disability that a person is tested within this world, except as being a door that leads that person to the mercy of a law, a door that leads them to good and to reward. A woman once came to the Prophet Sall, Allahu Allah, you send them and she said Yahoo law in the austro whiter cache, she said, O Messenger of a law, I suffer I am afflicted with seizures. This is a disability that she is living with seizures that would violent that she would have in her life. And I become uncovered meaning these seizures are so intense, that she suffers her

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body is shaking, that her clothing becomes terror, and sometimes parts of her body becomes uncovered. So what does she want from the Prophet? She said yet also law, federal law and Nish Vianney on messenger of Allah make dua The I Am cured, make to either like heals me,

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the Prophet sallallahu wherever you send them, said to her, but it and ship it down to LA and yes via key. He said, If you want I will make drop for a lot to heal you. Were in shift t but if you want

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Wayne shift to subharti If you want, you will be patient. Now imagine this, someone is suffering a disability in their life. Someone is suffering seizures in their life. Because of this. They're suffering their father, their mother, their husband, her husband, her children, all of them are suffering with her because of this illness. And she goes to the prophet and says make sure that I'm what heals me. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam says if you want I can make you I will, I will heal you.

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But if you want you can be patient.

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Someone might say, if you have the power to make Diwan, and that person will be healed. Why are you even giving them another option? Why are you even giving her the option of patience? Why don't you just make the door and have her healed right there on the spa? Why are you even asking her the question to begin with.

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But the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says but if you are patient, when Shouldn't you 17 Wallachia agenda, but if you are patient, you will have paradise.

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Let's This is something that if you really think about it,

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if all you cared about is the dunya you might think the Prophet is being callous. Why are you not making that on my heels her. But if your viewpoint if your perspective is not just dunya, but it's dunia, and era,

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like the perspective of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, then he looks at her disability, not necessarily as being an evil thing.

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Because if she's patient with the disability, she will be guaranteed Jenna, how is that a bad thing? Is it better to be healthy?

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100% No Barriers, nothing holding you back. And that leads you into arrogance that leads you into sins that leads you into forgetting those who are unfortunate, or is it better to have a disability like you have seizures in your life, but you're patient with it. You remember a lot you turn to Allah subhanaw taala you make dry you do the curve a lot throughout your life. And because of that patience, you enter agenda, which one's better?

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It depends on what your viewpoint is. And if your viewpoint incorporates the zero as our profit center long lesson, as you point was, and it's not necessarily evil, that a person has disabilities. So he tells her if you are patient, you will have gender. And so she thinks about these two options. She evaluates one offer and the other the offer of being relieved of her illness and the offer of entering into the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala and she said yada Sula, by that bell asked me

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I will be patient. Rather I will be patient when the agenda and I will have agenda. I will rather be patient and have agenda. But then she said to the prophets a little lower it will send them what can either a law howdy Allah to Kashif, but make to our to a law, that my body does not become exposed when I have these seizures, and the prophets have a long way said him agreed, and he made draft for her. And so after that they said she would have seizures, but her body would not be exposed, it would not be so intense that her body would become exposed. And under the time I'm the loving, I'm best for the long run, even after the Prophet passed away, I belong and I bet sometimes would see

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this woman walking the street, and he would tell his students, do you see that woman? They said, Yes. He said, that is a woman of the woman of paradise. That woman is of the woman of paradise. This is the honor and dignity of the Prophet so long running insulin and the companions. And the early Muslims understood that those who were afflicted with these types of disabilities deserved that a lot prepared for them a high status when they were patient during their hardships and their disabilities. And the profits in the long run. He would send him every time he would pass by one of this haba Abdullah bin Omar Maktoum, who was a blind man, when the Prophet would see him he would

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say motor have been demonized 73 europei he would say welcome to the person whom because of you a lot criticize me. So Pamela, even though the Prophet Sall Allahu Allah, you send them is the most beloved of all the creation to a lot of xojo a lot criticize the Prophet. Why did he criticize him? The famous story where the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was sitting with some of the chiefs of Quraysh. And he's giving them dalla, and he's calling them to a snam. And he feels like they might, you know, really be seriously considering becoming Muslim. And I'm loving to walk up to him. And of course, he's a blind man. He doesn't see what the prophet is doing or who he is sitting with. And he asks

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the Prophet is it time for prayer has the time of prayer begun, at the time of salt last happened, and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam ignores him, because he feels like he's dealing with something more important. If these people have Christ, if they accepted snam, the whole city will become Muslim. He thinks this is a big deal. I need to prioritize my time with them. So the Prophet ignores him frowns and turns away from him. And a loss of power out of them reveals in the Quran.

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Allah subhanaw taala reveals the verses in the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala. And john will Amma he found and he turned away because the Brian man came to him, when I recall Allah.

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Allah says, but what made you think that maybe he will be purified? Maybe these people, of course, are not going to be purified. But maybe this blind man will be purified? Oh, yeah, that can attend Farah with Zika. Or he will be reminded and that remembrance will benefit him. And it's still gonna as for those who think of themselves so that we need to give them their attention, and yet it is not upon you that they are purified. So let's kind of add in these verses reminding the Prophet admonishing him for preferring to speak to the strong and the powerful, over speaking to the poor, old blind men. And through this last panel data shows us that sometimes we might overlook or

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belittle the abilities and the contributions of those with disabilities. And yeah, less penalty Island values, their abilities and values, they're striving towards purification and striving towards him subhanho wa Taala. And through this allies agenda showed us incredible sn excellence towards even oma Maktoum reminding us of our obligations in relation to people who are living with disabilities, that we have to treat them with a sense of excellence and beauty, and Sn. And so if we are obliged,

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if we see someone with a disability, brown able to move their hands, or someone who has children, and dealing with these types of disabilities, we have an obligation to treat them with excellence as the Prophet as the last parameter, Allah instructed the prophet to treat everyone with Maktoum with excellence, whereas you know in a lie your hebben mycenean show them excellence.

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And Allah, Allah loves those who act with excellence. And so we need to show them excellence by helping by being gentle by lending a helping hand. A man came to the profits in the long run, how do you sell him he said the Rasulullah dulany

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Allah Baba hydro messenger of Allah informed me about the doors of doing good. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said and tornado sign Yeah, so lengthy had mentioned a number of points, but he says that you help labor someone is doing a labor issue.

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job he's painting he's constructing, you give them some help, because not only the astronaut or that you are working for someone who is mentally challenged, right, but you help people who are unable to help themselves in certain areas of their life, that you're there that you support them that you help them. And so the profits in the long runs encountered this, amongst the greatest ways of connecting to a loss of hundreds data, and the profits along where it was, and I'm sitting Muslim, when I can, just as Muslims are like one body, if one part of the body is suffering, the whole body should be suffering with a fever and suffering with a hardship. And so it's not conceivable for a

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true believer to see that he has brothers and sisters afflicted with disabilities, and we turn away from them. And we abandon them. Always he sees his brother struggling with his own children that some of them might have disabilities, struggling. You see, you see them struggling to put their child in their car, or struggling to bring their child to the masjid, I will not offering any support or any help. And indeed, this is not part of our history, I would have not done it is one of the early qualifiers, he sent to each of his governors, that they need to hire people to be in the aid of those who live with disabilities, to hire people pay them wages, what we call today's social

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workers, is found in our history. And I've been Malika Marwan once wrote to his governors.

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Sorry, I'm worried about that. As he says, Well, he wrote to his governors, and said to them, what are you giving in stipend money and support to those who are suffering with disabilities? And they said, we're giving them as a cat. And that's it. And so I'm going to nominate as he's responded back to them with something very powerful. He said to him, Hannah, and Nicola, who don't mean home, imagine that you are one of them. How would you want to be treated?

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And that is an incredibly important phrase that we should think about. Whenever you're dealing with anybody in society.

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Imagine you're one of them, how would you want to be treated, and treat them in that way. And the profits on the low end is something very powerful about him, when he would meet people, if he went to another tribe, and other society, another city, you know, who was coming to meet the Prophet, the profits and important person who will come to meet him, the chiefs, the wealthy people, the important people, the people of influence, would come to meet the Prophet. You know what the Prophet would say, bring me the weak amongst you. Bring me the ones who are poor, bring me the ones who are suffering, bring me the ones who are going through hardship. Why? Because the Prophet sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam understood, The true measure of a society is not how rich the richest person is. It's how much they take care of people who require help and support. And so the Prophet said, in the map tools up on our Wi Fi, you can, you only receive risk from a lot, and you only receive the help and the support and the victory of a law, by your aid of those who are weaker amongst you, those who require more help and more support. And no doubt this is a massive responsibility in our community, to the parents who are out there who are dealing with this, they should know that they should be expecting reward from Allah subhanaw taala hopeful for the reward of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And

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that they should realize that this test that Allah Spano, dada has given them it's really a door of good that Allah has presented for them. And their first obligation as parents, but for all of us as a community is to not abandon the responsibilities that Allah has given us. And so it's impermissible for us to turn our backs on those with disabilities, for a father for a mother not to recognize the obligation upon them. You know, the father sometimes leaves the mother doing all the work dealing entirely with her child, we need to realize this the responsibility A lot has given us we have to all stand up to dealing with this. And Allah subhanaw taala will give us tremendous

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reward through this door. That child might be your key to entering genda they might be the reason you enter agenda. And all of us as a community have to realize that the people who are in our community that are have barriers that they have to overcome, that's in order for you to enter agenda. And the profits in the long run, he will send them to

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those who are merciful will be shown mercy by the Most Merciful subhana wa Taala. Secondly, we are partners and building people. We are partners in strengthening each other's abilities. When we see someone who is afflicted with disabilities, whether that disability is in their body, or in the learning ability, it's our job to build them up to strengthen them. It's not our job to close doors on them to tell them they're incapable Islam did not treat those who live

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disabilities as though they are useless. We do that a lot. You're not allowed in here. This program is not for you, this event is not for you. That's not how it's now I'm treating people with disabilities. Rather than profits on the law, I send them for instance, when he would leave Medina, he would put him in on the Maktoum as the mayor of the city, in charge of if there's a problem. If there's a conflict, he wouldn't be the one to deal with it. He was blind. Maybe he couldn't be a soldier in the army because he was blind. But you know what he could do? There's nothing stopping him from being a mayor from being in charge from answering questions, making decisions. The Prophet

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empowered him and what he was capable of doing. The Prophet didn't close the door and say, Sorry, you have a disability, you are now useless. The way that sometimes our community does know he might have a disability, there might be certain things he can't do. But that doesn't mean that everything he can't do, there are certain things he can do. Look at, I would have been Jim Moore, who was a man who had a disability couldn't walk properly. But he demanded to be on the battlefield. He demanded to fight. And he said, I wish I will enter gender with this limp of mine. And he fought and he was killed. And he fought valiantly. Look at our boy,

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who was one of the early scholars of Islam. And a student of Abdullah, given our best were the alumni. And he was born asleep. Now we want to talk about barriers. He was born asleep. He had black skin, he was blind in one eye, and he had a limp. He couldn't walk properly.

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And then his slave owner released him. Because imagine you can't walk properly. You can't see properly, what kind of labor could he do? He couldn't build anything he couldn't. So this, his owner set him free because the owner didn't want to pay for his his food and his housings to the owners that are free. He felt despair. What am I going to do now? How am I going to eat? How am I going to live? And he was trying to his mother. And his mother said to him, Do you want us to do no one else? Do you all have the honor of this world in the next world?

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Is enforce as mother said, go and seek knowledge? like yeah, you can't do labor jobs. Yeah, you have trouble seeing and trouble moving. But you have a mind that thinks that understands go gain knowledge. So he was a homeless man. And he went and he lived in message of how long homeless

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for 30 years. They said he lived in the masjid. But he wasn't doing nothing.

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He was listening to the scholars there. He was learning from them. Every time there was a gathering of knowledge who would go and sit and listen and learn and understand. Ultimately, he became so knowledgeable. He was considered the Mufti of Mecca. Abdullah bin Ahmed, who was a companion of the Prophet. One day he came to visit Mecca. Everybody came around him asking him questions. He said, Why are you asking me you have our lives here already? Go ask him.

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That's a great endorsement, a companion of the Prophet, the son of honorable hapa. So go learn from this man.

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And he was so he was so influential. People would line up to ask him questions. One day, the honey facility manager, medic, who is the honey for the king, he comes to ask him a question asked, I bought a question. And he comes to line comes to the beginning of the line dance, he thinks he can do whatever he wants. He's the king about tells him No Go to the back of the line.

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He forces him to go to the back of the line. And so the manager I'm the medic, he turns to his kids who are with him.

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I'm a king. This guy is, you know, a freed slave. And he's, you know, blind and he can't move. And he is the one who is ordering me to do stuff. So he tells us kids Well, he tells them look, a lot gave him more honor than me right now in this situation, because he has more knowledge than me. I need him to answer my question. He doesn't need me for anything. Right. And so he told his kids, this is the this is the reality knowledge will give you honor over all the people

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for one party had a list of Manjula cristoforo in order for him.

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to spell out how to love Santa Santa Monica rasuna, Nevada, he will suck the almond oil out of the shadows of the westerly embryo with a melissani of color coli.

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In today's photo was about disabilities because, you know this day I believe this week as the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. There's a couple of really great organizations in our community. One of them is smile Canada, which deals with children with disabilities and supports them. And another one is Dean support services who arranged this clip

00:30:00--> 00:30:33

campaign that a lot of flippers today in the city are going to be about this topic. And that's an organization also that helps and supports persons with disabilities. You know, we should realize that, you know, people with disabilities are part of our community, sometimes we make it more difficult for them to be included in our events included in our messages included, and all the things that we do. And I take responsibility myself, because sometimes, you know, I haven't done maybe everything that I can to make it easier for people with disabilities. And this is an important reminder for all of us, that they are part of our community, they have helped over us, they have

00:30:33--> 00:31:09

rights over us, they can complain to a lot of our treatment to them. And it's important for us to try to help them to try to support them support these organizations try to make sure that our communities are more you know, inclusive to them as well. You know, people your age, you should be trying to make friends with people who have disabilities for your similar age because they want friendship to they're human beings, they want social, you know, a social network as well. And so that's something that you should, you know, realize that this is something power that you have, that you can offer people inshallah as well. And so all of us need to take stock of our own actions take

00:31:09--> 00:31:35

stock of who we include in our lives, and we don't include in our lives and try to do the best that we can to include everyone in our community. May Allah subhanaw taala mail us printout to aid us and help us and mail us penalties to make us worthy of supporting each other in the lahoma because I know some of you will, you know, salvati he was sending with schema and all of a sudden he was sending me a CD and I want to be you know, have you been remembered? Allah Allah Allah Mohammed the Mercado de Huron abroad? Also yada yada.

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yada, yada salatu salam under you mean no Medina while he was happy for you being applied in? Well, I don't mean Well, I mean, I got the last on the hain allama to that in a FEMA caminada Manila fortune. Well, I have Manila fortune, well, I think than la colita when Mr. Evil ashrita when I moved to LA feta, well, I had to tell me how I had to do and after I hear like, no one else in the local data center.

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I mean, along nicely someone with Simeon why honey before they can you help me with Dean, how long have you been in and Eamon was a novena. Well Kevin in elanco for one for Super lucianne well Jana madrasha Dean in the lion water bladder live with us anyway to the point about why and having the fascia and mechanical belly into the colon. what's called Live skokomish worldwide and ami is it come with a lovely animal. It's not one under locking