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The upcoming month of Shabbat is a crucial month for shabbaters, as people will take up to their [unsure], and the annual review of deeds will affect acceptance and rejection of deeds. Pr practicing daily learning of Islam is crucial for personal health and physical and mental health, and avoiding mistakes is essential. The importance of forgiveness and avoiding mistakes is also emphasized.

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In Al Hamdulillah Hina do who want to stay and who want to start funeral one Oh, do we learn him in should orient fusina Or see Dr. Medina, Mejia the healer who Fela mobila. Will my youth live further ahead the

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worship of Allah ina illallah wa the hula Sharif can one know Mohamed and Abdi Hora su Salah YT you Allah He was so happy he was sending them a MOBA don't fit in here on Hadith Nikita Allah He to add a while here on the head you have your Mohammed in sallallahu alayhi wa salam Warszawa OMO reminder to her Wakulla Mahabharata team be the Wakulla be the ATEM Bala Allah who love Allah Allah team phenom

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it is part of the Mercy of Allah has

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that he had blessed us with the month of Shaban before the month of Ramadan

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and in that he SubhanaHu wa to Allah wants us to get ready

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for the incredible opportunity of forgiveness and bounties in Ramadan

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by leaving the month of Shaban

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and receiving

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the training necessary for Ramadan before Ramadan even starts

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just like we have a sunnah before affordance a voluntary sunnah before the obligatory borehole and also

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and Mercury Benicia and Fajr that there is a sunnah that surrounds them.

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So is there a sunnah

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that precedes

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and Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had a habit of fasting most of this month, most of the month of Sherborn. And the Sahaba noted that

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can I assume Shabana Illa kalila. He would fast all of Shaban except for a little bit of it.

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And in fact, they asked him at a Salatu was Salam that we would see you fasting in Shaban

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what we don't see you fast in any other month. So they're asking him what is special in this month that you are fasting so much. So he said Allah He is Salatu was Salam vaniqa Shahana full of hee hee pneus meaning this is a month that people overlook banal Raja Ramadan, it is between Rajab and Ramadan and people overlook it. So he cites that as the first reason.

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Then he also said before Sharon, tufa, ofI healer, a man who in Allah, it is a month where deeds are lifted and take it up to Allah, for people who are a unifier I met me when I saw him. So I love that my actions would be taken up to Allah while I'm fasting.

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So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam tells us about the month of Shabbat and two important things one, this is something that people neglect and overlook. Previously, people used to honor

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and respect and honor Ramadan but overlook shotgun.

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So this is also why he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam we did not want to empty that month of worship. people overlook it, but not him. Ali Salatu was Salam. Because his habit was to populate all of his days and all of his nights and all the months of Allah azza wa jal with worship, so not to cease worship, because people cease and stop. So he would worship in the morning and he would worship at night. As a worshipper of Allah azza wa jal in your mind, there is no time when you stop being I've done leader, a worship of Allah zoton even when you're not physically active in worship, your heart is and your mind is, there's no break. Because you don't need a break. Because that thing is what

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enriches your life and gives it meaning.

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So this is why Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa early he was salam would worship Allah azza wa jal in the month of Shaban to remind us that it's not just simply Ramadan and when Ramadan is over, then when or when we're on a break till the next Ramadan, or June Iran wants to Maya is over. We're on a break till the next Jamal. No, these are times of worship that are so precious that you need to seek them every day at night and

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during the day

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and then he said Allah He Salatu was Salam. And this is a month where these are being taken up to Allah azza wa jal. This is the annual review of deeds. There are month there are there is our weekly ones that take place every Monday and Thursday.

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But there's an annual one where all that we have done is taken to Allah azza wa jal. And then when that happens, we wonder what of our deeds will be accepted and what of our deeds will be rejected? The good that we've done, will it be accepted or not?

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And the bad that we've done will it be forgiven or not? So the time when this takes place, is when

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when will this review take place the acceptance and rejection during the month of Shaban preceding the month of Ramadan.

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So this will happen in this month. So we asked Allah azza wa jal to accept the best that we have done and lead us to do more of it. And to forgive us the worst that we have done and protect us from repeating it. So he said, Ally is Salatu was Salam. My entire year is going to be reviewed in the month of Shaban so I want to be fasting when this happens. Because this is more likely that Allah azza wa jal will accept and reject and forgive and not condemn.

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You know, when you want someone to accept something from you, you offer something.

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And the prophets Allah Allah Allah He was in the morning to be in the best of steak which is what that is provided by fasting, so that Allah azza wa jal will accept more and forgive more.

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So another reason for us to practice the Sunnah of fasting in the month of Shaban

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is that Allah azza wa jal is looking at we have what we have done in the past year.

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And it is also incumbent and prudent for us to ourselves look at what we have done in the past year if Allah is doing so with our life.

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People at the turn of the year

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they speak about New Year's resolutions.

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But we before the advent of the month of Ramadan, and as we encounter the month of Ramadan, we need to do this for ourselves, not only for the sake of our dunya but most importantly for the sake of the earth era. What was your last year like from Shaban to Siobhan or from Ramadan to Ramadan?

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This is a time when we need to contemplate that because it's being done for us. Was it a good year? Was it not?

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Was it a year where you've done things that you could be pleased with when you see Allah azza wa jal or was it a wasted year?

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Was it a year where you were overtaken by sin? And you will let yourself be overtaken? Or was it a year where you were striving against what displeases Allah azza wa jal and you want a new last, but at least you were trying. What is it here that you were striving to be better? Or was it a year that you were only worried about the dunya? And not conscious of Allah azza wa jal what type of year was it? Because if you don't appraise that year, the past year, you will not be able to improve them next year. And every wise business person does this with their business, if they want to improve, they look at the past year, profits, gains and losses, tactics, techniques, what they've done right

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and what they have done wrong, because only then would they be able to learn from it and improve later on so that they can increase their profits and minimize their losses.

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Till you think about it, is your life less precious than a business? Even if you own a business, you're a business person? Is your life? The days and nights that you spend less precious than the money that you're making? What you're selling and buying? Or is it more precious?

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Is it more precious than your phone? or less, more precious than your car or less? So people who manufacture all of that they review what they've done, but we who are marching towards Allah azza wa jal, we never stop and think about what we have done. And the lessons that we can learn from him.

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If Allah azza wa jal had enabled you to have a prosperous here and proud

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asperous in the sense of not only the dunya, or mainly the dunya, but the AF era, you were great with your Salah, you were great with your Quran, you were great with your thicker and with your DUA. But you also could note some areas that need improvement, then you thank Allah and praise Him for the two that happened. And ask him for support for what you are missing. And think about ways that you could be closer to him subhanho wa taala. But if it was a year where we have neglected our responsibilities and indulge in what Allah hates, then we have to learn from it.

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We have to ask ourselves,

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I'm about to enter the month of Ramadan, the month of Rama, the month of forgiveness, and I want to cleanse myself from all of this and I want to learn from it. Because if there is an opportunity to adopt a good habit that Allah loves, there is no better time than Ramadan. But you have to want it and you have to have a plan for it. So if you don't have the habit of reading the Quran, if you want to develop it, for it to stay with you, after Ramadan, Ramadan is the time to develop that. You don't have a habit of dua, and you want to make dua each day, and we should each day as you plan your meals.

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You should plan to do it each day. But you have don't have that habit. Ramadan is the best time to develop that habit. But we must know that we're missing something for us to strive for it.

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So what was the last year like, if I was conquered by sin, I have this sin and this sin and that sin, and I'm striving and I'm trying but I'm losing the battle every day and every week. Ramadan is one of the best opportunities to kick off, to kick to kick this habit out

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and rid yourself of that addiction but you must have a plan and must have a desire. So look back at this year and say, This is what I've done good. This is what I've done bad and this is how I can be better. One, two and three. And enter the month of Ramadan with that intention. This is what I want to acquire and this is what I want to flee from

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Surah Surah Allah is Allah Allah wa alayhi wa sallam said that our entire year is going to be in review.

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So let's review our own gear.

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And as he said, of the Allahu Anhu Omar, the Allahu Anhu.

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A say way yourself before you are weighed. Before you were put on the scale, you weigh yourself and bring yourself to account before you are brought into account. Because this will be easier for you when you meet Allah azza wa jal, you know of someone, if he's being he's being audited, and before knowing that he is going to be audited, or there's a possibility of it. He has all of his receipts, all of his accounts, everything that he has spent and acquired. So if they audit him, he presents all of that and he said, read all of it, I'm ready. Versus someone who's scattered, doesn't know what he spent, and what he acquired. That person is in trouble. So if you get yourself ready for or

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Allah will ask, What did you do with this? And what did you do with that? You don't want to search for the answer then. You want to search for the answer now ya allah Yes, I did that sin, but in its place, I did this thing that pleases you. And yes, the Honorable Alameen I was negligent. But I repented from that and I tried to be better you have an answer for the questions that you will be asked then the account on the day of judgment would be easy. So let the month of Shaban be a reminder we don't meet January for us to have new year's resolution. Our resolutions are in Shaban and in Ramadan, and they are tied not to fitness and looking better or earning more money. They are

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tied to pleasing Allah azza wa jal because if you win the pleasure of Allah, You want everything and if you lose that, tell me what what have you gained? a hold of Holy hell that was the federal law it would have come first.

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Hamdulillah He handed cathedra on the Yerba Novara confy he was Sunday or Salim ala Rasulillah. He Muhammad in one early he was so happy he was sitting them

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also in the actions of Rasulullah sallallahu ala he was in the more he would fast and fast. Most of Shaban is a hint

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that Shaban is a preparation for him.

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if we're fasting in Ramadan rather than delay the fasting on the first day of Ramadan where it will be hard on us difficult and we'll be struggling for the first few days until we physically can cope with the realities of fasting. We do this in Shaba

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so that we will be at an optimal physical but also spiritual psychological condition. When we are in Ramadan

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it's a type of conditioning or a type of readiness a warm up before the advent of the month of Ramadan. So whatever you want to do in the month of Ramadan, start that process in Shabbat.

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And the reason again, is because we need discipline,

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there's physical discipline, but also there is that spiritual discipline that is needed. Take an example for instance, reading the Quran.

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If you're not used to reading the Quran, and we stopped reading from last Ramadan, try it today or tomorrow. Sit open almost half and try to read for half an hour and you will find that it is hard for you to be still and for your mind not to wander. Because the body is not used to it just like any activities in this world when the body is not used to it. And the mind has not been disciplined. It's hard to excel at it.

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So month of Shaban comes to train you that yes set. Maybe in the beginning, you can only manage five minutes, but sit for five minutes and discipline your mind for five minutes and increase your email and for five minutes. And even if you don't feel like it, do it.

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But just keep doing it. And you'll find that with the passage of time, day after day, you'll gain more power and stamina to read longer

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and contemplate more. And your iman will increase to enable you to do all of this. And you see that clearly in the month of Ramadan itself. Measure your Ramadan in your iman at the beginning of Ramadan at the end of Ramadan. Measure your tolerance, desire to worship Allah azza wa jal at the beginning and at the end and you'll see that there's a difference. Practice and rabada they do actually matter. So if there's anything that you want to do in Ramadan, start practicing that in the month of Shaban, which include but not necessarily limited to fasting, to practice your fasting you can fast most of Shabbat and hamdulillah not practice few days here and there.

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reading of the Quran, so a daily portion of the reading of the Quran in anticipation of finishing the most half or as much as you can

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in Ramadan. And then daily do

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couple that with your reading of the Quran. So it's a session you read for let's say, five minutes, 10 minutes you could do more half an hour and give five minutes we'll do that daily. That's your daily medicine that's your daily nourishment that's your daily connection to Allah azza wa jal and then vicar of Allah azza wa jal assign another time for it if you want, or the same time period if you wish, whatever works for you, but five minutes where you Say Subhan Allah he will be handy 100 times you say especially on a Friday like this sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allahumma salli wa salam ala Muhammad, as you leave the masjid going back to your work or going home during that entire trip,

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sal Allahu Allah Muhammad Allah wa Salatu was Salam ala Muhammad la masala Selim Adam Mohammed to make a point of doing it not only once or 10, how about 100 times? How about 200 times about 500 times, get your tongue wet with the remembrance of Allah azza wa jal

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Subhan Allah who will be handy La ilaha illallah wa ala sharika lah who will call I will handle who Allah coalition and Hadith just keep mentioning Allah zodion and then tell me by the end of that day, and by the end of that night, and by the end of their week, how does your heart feel?

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Isn't it not softer, calmer, closer to Allah azza wa jal you brought Allah into your life into your tongue into your family, you will know the difference, but we need to try and in the beginning Yes, your tongue could be rebellious. Your tongue wants to sing wants to gossip want to do things that displease Allah, your eyes want to do something else your body wants to do something else. Bring it back to Allah as a discipline. It's like a wild horse, be patient and it will listen to you. It will listen to you.

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So that

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all of the things that you love to do in Ramadan, just practice now, in Shaban every single possible day.

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Another thing in Shaban

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The Prophet Sall Allahu alayhi wa sallam had pointed.

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He said about the night of the middle of Shaban and the Hadith about it is Hasson wa Allahu Allah.

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He said your Talia Allahu Allah jhemini He laid out in this stream in sha Allah and for every religion me i Hulka he in the mushrik in Omaha when he said Allah, His Salatu was Salam. He said, Allah looks at all of his creation and the night of the middle of Shabbat and he forgives all of them except a mushrik. Someone who has shipped and will share him someone who is has friction and enmity in their heart towards their brother.

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There is no about that night this is the only hadith of Allahu Allah and that is sound, there is no special vicar there's no special Salah there is no special dua. But this is what the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said about it. And in itself, it is significant, because this is a forgiveness that precedes the month of Ramadan. And in a sense also it is a signal for everybody gets yourself ready for the month of Ramadan by adopting two important things. One, ridding yourself of shame. And the other one ridding yourself of Shahana hatred towards your brother and your sister. Get ready. And this is how a Muslim is because your relationships are divided into your relationship

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with Allah and relationship with humanity.

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So you have to take care of both before you enter the month of Ramadan if you want to be forgiven. And a lot of people will say, Well, of course I don't have *.

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I'm Muslim, I'm white. But we don't know that there are a lot of things that you guys that we do, that are shaking Allah as origin.

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So a person goes to a psychic what is the

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and the ask them about the future

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of abortion reads horoscope? What is that? consulting them about what's going to happen for that day?

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If a person goes and he says, I am sick, I am bad and they think that they're consulting a shareholder or what have you. And they keep them at a minima. What if some people call it a weed and they tie it around their arm? Or they put it under their pillow and they think their thing protects them? What is that? That is *can Allah azza wa jal

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and that is the apparent shear.

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And there's hidden ship. What a person stands in they pray or they give sadaqa for the sake of being seen, being heard being praised. So it's easy to say we have no ship.

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And yet of the dua of the prophets, Allah Allah Azza wa sallam Allahumma, India over began oceanic epic Allah and Allah was the Pharaoh Kalamunda Allah is here Allah I seek Your protection that I would associate partners with you knowingly and I asked you to forgive me for what I do not No,

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no, it's not that easy.

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When people will call go and consulting magicians, some of the sisters Subhan Allah, so and so he's not married so and so hates me, so and so loves me this and that. So they go and consult, and they don't call themselves magicians, but they go and consult them. And they say, Bring me a trace of this, bring me his name, bring me his photograph, and they go, and then catastrophes happen after that.

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What is that?

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So there are practices that we do that are haram and we need to stay away from them. And we need to attach ourselves to Allah Zoa Jin, too much reliance and trust in the dunya and in the dollar and in Golden silver, but not Allah azza wa jal, that's also a part of a hidden ship. You trust the money more than him. Subhana what Allah Who created provides that money, so where is your heart? So that's the thing that we need to work on from now till that night, so that we have cure to hate of Allah azza wa jal.

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And the other part that we should work on is a Shekinah.

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If you have boycotted a brother of yours or a sister of yours, mainly because of worldly reasons, because of the dunya you don't talk you hate each other. Allah azza wa jal will say, overlook these people until they reconcile.

00:24:11--> 00:24:17

So the question here is, do you want the Ramen forgiveness of Allah azza wa jal? Or do you want to still be angry with so and so?

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Even if they are the one at fault.

00:24:22--> 00:24:39

Would it hurt you to pick up the phone and say Salam Alikum walaikum salam, I just wanted to check and see how you're doing and then adapt in the past is the past and though and forgive me if I've done something wrong, simply not for this sake, but for the sake of Allah zoton Because you want Allah to forgive you.

00:24:41--> 00:24:59

Why not forgive to be forgiven? Why not be gracious to that you would receive the Mercy of Allah and generosity? Why not overlook people's mistakes and not harp on them? Because at the same time you want Allah to forgive your mistakes and consider if it were the case that you Allah, that Allah azza wa jal would hold you respond

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Ansible as you hold people responsible that as you hold grudges Allah will be angry with you. Imagine if Allah treated you the way that you treat other people that we treat other people.

00:25:11--> 00:25:13

Now we need to change and be closer to

00:25:15--> 00:25:52

the attributes of Allah azza wa jal if Allah loves mercy be merciful. If Allah Allah's forgiveness be forgiving. If Allah overlooks mistakes and likes to conceal them, be a person who does the so be gentle and kind to people and forgive and remove that hatred. And know that if a person has taken something from you, because it's dunya know that it's only dunya only worldly things, and Allah has the compensation. And it's better that they take it from you in the dunya so that you would receive the other worldly compensation. If somebody had wronged you here, in a sense, they've done you a favor.

00:25:53--> 00:26:05

They've done you a favor because Allah azza wa jal has more for you. Just forgiven let go and remove that hatred and friction and get closer to Allah azza wa jal and make Shaban

00:26:06--> 00:26:09

the stepping stone into Ramadan.

00:26:10--> 00:26:47

So ask Allah Allah, Allah Amin or hamara hai mean, to make us of those who have to heat and who are clear of shake to make us of those who do not have Shanna in their hearts and in their actions toward their brothers and sisters. Yeah, Allah make us of those who are forgiven in the month of Shaban make us of those who prepare for Ramadan in the month of Shabbat and era but I mean, Allah was horrible Allah mean to physically fast the month of Shaban Allah was to read the Quran in it every single day. Allah was to make dua in it every single day. Allow us to remember you in it every single day Allah was to give sadaqa in it every single day. Give us your love, but I mean the best

00:26:47--> 00:27:21

of intentions give us the eighth loss and our deeds and give us the following of the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam He Allah as you're looking at our deeds in the month of Shabbat and we asked you that you accept the good that we have done and that you would overlook the bad that you have done your Allah make the next coming year better than the year that had passed. enable us to do more good for your securable al Amin and stay away from what displeases you your hammer Rahimi you Allah we ask You that You make us and our families and allow our loved ones of the people of Ghana of the highest people of Jannah and grant us and for those who the ally or enemy and we ask

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You that You protect us from hellfire and our loved ones and oh Muhammad Ali Salatu was Salam Allahumma attina for dunya Hassan Ophelia kala de hacer una Joaquina either now along my I'm a liberal Kulu with a bit blue banana Dini Allah my Alma suddenly fell Kulu be somebody Fluvanna ALLAH Ta RT Allahumma in Niconico a Shiplake burnetii Aloha My name is Luca Jen Natoma Robert E. Lee I'm in call environment 102 becoming a Nereo Makarova, E. coli environment when a local hero Kula who I de la who de la Houma I didn't know I mean who am I alumna alum Wanda Oh to becoming a Sheree Cooley he actually he was in the HEMA I didn't I mean who am alumna alum when you came in Haiti masala cab

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Dukkha. Mohammed Alayhi Salatu was Salam. When he became injured we musta came in who Abdullah Mohammed Ali his father was salam. A Julio Kohli Harada was the Kula li Walakum wa ala