Musleh Khan – Tafseer Surah Al-Mu’minoon #09 V57-71

Musleh Khan
AI: Summary © The importance of fear and caution in knowing one's oneself and achieving one's goals is emphasized. Believers can use their experiences to make the best of their own success and prioritize others. The speaker emphasizes the importance of finding purpose and balancing personal growth with one's values. The segment also touches on hedging the truth, finding a creator, and the negative consequences of following one's desires. The importance of gentle and staying true to one's values is emphasized.
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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah. And he asked Allah Salah woman while I said Mr. Li Kumara, to Lahore barakatuh. Where at verse number 5556, onwards all the way to 71 in sha Allah, let's get right into it. Because as you heard from the title, or at least see from the title, the color n, we talk a lot about what the poor end can do for us what it should do for us. But particularly, as a connection to the previous conversation, we talked about division.

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When communities divide when people divide how the poor end becomes the ultimate unifier, how it brings people together that despite we might have different outlooks and different understandings of theology and Islam, how the core and still keeps us together. Take a look at what Allah subhanaw taala continues with. Now, the last verse that we paused that new said, Allah whom Phil Hi, all right, at the end of the day, all of these different groups and chunks of people in communities they all have one goal in mind is that they're trying their best to do as much good as they can. You said your hula hoop and feel hi rot, Bella Sharon, but they can't seem to internalize the differences

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that they harbor and withhold from other communities. In other words, we're all striving to do one thing we want to do good for Allah subhanho wa Taala. If you ask all these groups, they'll say the same thing. We want to just please Allah subhanaw taala we want to do what is right, we want to gain a lagenda and his forgiveness. But deep down within the heart, they have forgotten really what has placed them, or separated them. From the rest of the community. There was a lot of pride, Miss, understanding, the lack of cooperation, there was a lot of ego, there was struggle for power, all of these things you disregarded or you forgotten about. That's what Allah refers to when he says Bella

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Sharon, they forgot the feeling of what brought him to the state that they're in today, that they're taking and sucking the resources out of the community, what to just fulfill and feed their own desire. So then a luck continues, and now takes us back to how the school began in Olathe in our home, Mihashi at Europe became most fearful. And indeed, the ones that have the highest level of fear are the ones that are most fearful. They're the ones that are in their own special category by themselves. Russia here, it's the kind of fear that you see on someone's face. So Allah says that part of the qualities of a true believer is that you see it right off the bat right off their face.

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You know, they don't, you know, just even the way that they eat, they eat with the sense of calmness and humility, even they take their time. You know, some of the scholars they say, you can tell a lot about somebody's personality just by observing the way that they eat. You know, some people you can see that whether they have patience or not, whether they're calm or not, whether they have anger issues, or not just by observing the way that they eat anger issues, like oh my god, how come this doesn't have enough salt? Where's the ketchup? Where's this bottle of Bring me the drink. You can tell and judge a lot about someone's character just by watching them eat some kind of lump. So Allah

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says that it's really clear and it's obvious right on their faces, just exactly how much fear they possessed with their Creator. subhanho wa Taala. while letting you know who will be it will be him You may know and it is with the aid of their master that they truly believe in. This is the area where I got the title of this video from itself.

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Verse number 58, verse number 58, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, then it's also the set of their master that they truly believe in, you know, every so often I get invited to speak at a Masjid where I normally don't attend, because of course, you know, they have a different perspective or theology or approach to different things. But still, they might see something in me that might be beneficial to their community. And I look at that as a great opportunity for me to share a reminder, so I enjoy and I embrace that. But you have to be clever. And you have to be wise when you're talking to an audience that you're not accustomed to talking to. So the only thing that when I speak to an

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audience that I'm not accustomed to, the only thing that I concentrate on is an A of the horror. And that's it. I won't throw out a headache at that particular moment, because it's not the time to have that conversation about whether Hadeeth is authentic or not, or this, because this audience right has clearly over the years denounced the importance of Hadeeth. Or they don't see it relevant, or it's just a core. And so I try to use an A of the core n and indirectly explain using a headache, but without mentioning the Hadeeth. And that's how you start. That's how you spark a connection. Once you're able to do that, then privately in other settings, you can have conversations and

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debates and other things about the importance of having Ethernet or so on. So everything has its time and place. But the point is, you never go wrong when you stick with the knowledge of this book, in whatever group or Masjid or community you're talking to, no matter what their perspective is, no matter how you know, their approaches to Islam. At the end of the day, you never go wrong when you bring about a set of the Quran and simply stick to what is in this book. It's the ultimate unifier. And that's what this a highlights for all of us that the believer at the end of the day is able to put his or her preferences, choices, put areas of our Shetty where you don't have to be as dedicated

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to as other places you have some room to play around and change a couple of things. Then in that case, the Quran you stick to it. And it brings people together, every Muslim on the planet at the end of the day will appreciate something from the Quran. So you're always safe this way. And a believer knows that. Well Athena home bureau became law you should recall and it is with their master that they never associate with well Athena, you told me to walk Oulu mochila when and it is also those other believers that the ones who we've given what to what they have, while kulu Boone so they give from what they have whatever Allah gives them, they are able to take from what Allah gives

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them and share with others as well. What kulu mochila to allow to be him Roger, oh, my goodness, this word wedgie. Allah, I love this word is one of my favorite words in the Quran.

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Allah says in their hearts, what Gita is when the hair on your skin, it sticks up out of fear or you're nervous or you're scared. That's called what Geeta, les is their hearts are wodgina their hearts are constantly aware. And when they are reminded of the core n, it penetrates their hearts that even the hairs on their bodies start to stick out and rise. And so it's a spiritual thing and of how that happens in the heart. Your heart starts beating a little faster it starts to become more aware. You start thinking about my God, I got to change this I got to do this differently. That's all part of what Geeta

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and allowed him Roger on in this a law highlights that wedgie. That came because because they reflected and they were reminded they're going back to their master. See at the end of the day.

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If you have Zhu Bora, which we mentioned in the previous episode, if you separate into chunks of communities, the end of the day, you still got to go back to one master and be judged. So the true believers is one of the ways you know you're on the truth. When you hear an A when you hear had teeth, you hear a reminder of your deen, it strikes your heart, it penetrates your heart. You start thinking you start reflecting, you are reminded something is not right in my life, or something is good and I gotta keep on doing more I gotta increase. That's wodgina the best way to develop wedging in the heart is to always and constantly be reminded of the day you shall return to your Creator.

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You can use your own feel hierarchy now that you have wedgie law. Now that you feel something in the heart. That's never enough for a law by the way, you don't just feel things internally.

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That's it. Okay hamdulillah I think I'm good to go with that. Can you set your own nothing higher on the people who have wedgie. Let are the ones that rush. You said your own from soda. You run you race you rush Phil Hira to do good. You don't hesitate every opportunity to the best of your ability, you have a chance to do something good you do. And you don't just do it for the sake of getting it done. You rush you make time you reorganize your day your schedule to accommodate you do everything in your power. That's your Saturday owner feel while you're on. By the way, very few people have that.

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Very few people on this planet. Have you said your own feel higher? Not many people have higher rot. They have the willing the will and the desire to do good. Very few people have you said your own feel hierarchy. They rush and take advantage of the opportunity to do good. They put aside everything as like oh my god, sure I'll be there. No problem. got a chance to do something for Allah Go for it. Very few people. The best of the best have this quality. What did we say sorted minimum was all about was not just random, generic qualities of all believers. This is the special category. You know, I like to think of pseudo Mino as like the dream team of believers. That's what this is

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about. So this is the qualities of Allah Dream Team of believers. This is the special category. These are the ones that are slightly above the average layman believer or Muslim. These are the ones to really, really push themselves and prioritize everything for the sake of Allah. That's their priority. That's what they're concentrated on the most. So they have you said, your own effing pirate wahama has sabich when everybody else was just left behind. Everyone else was just left behind. You know why?

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Because most people that talk about doing good

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talk about you know, we have to this we have to ever hear those kind of conversations. Lots of Muslims like to have Yeah, we need to change this a better community, we need to do this, we need to do that. Our communities are so messed up our communities so backwards. The Muslims are the worst to do business, the Muslims, the Muslims, the Muslims.

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They're usually the ones that are I mean, I apologize for phrasing it this way. But just to make my point. They are usually the ones that are the most useless members of the Muslim community. They're absolutely useless. They do nothing to help and forward the community to become better. These are the kinds of Muslims that sit in masjids hours on end go to coffee shops hours on it, and talk about how messed up Islam and Muslims are. And the guys just sitting there sipping I had the oma is so messed up. So panela never, ever do business with Muslims. And they just keep going on and on. Okay, so would you do what you do about it?

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What have you contributed? How come when they're asking for volunteers to sweep domestic? I never see you there. How come when you know, we're setting up for Juma? I never see you there. But when we have dinner, you're there. When we have a thought you're there when we're having a bizarre or barbecue. You're there when it has when we're when we're all just getting together for a nice wedding or evening where you have no responsibilities. I keep seeing you there all the time.

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Why did you never volunteer at the hospital? They were looking for 1000s almost the entire community was there except you How come I've never seen you in downtown campaigning for something standing up for some kind of you know or advocating for someone's rights doing something serving the community in some way. Sitting there complaining day and night What use are you to any of us so well whom law savvy horn Allah says just they're left behind? They're just gonna sit in their bubble in their own Zubur their own category and they're just gonna be left behind because why true believers You said your own Ifill Hira. They're running towards good while the others are all being left behind. Well,

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and who can live for laughs and we saw how we never burden a soul. Then more than it can bear well a day Nikita boy young tickle bill Hopkins, and they will all have the book which will read its truth.

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Our book of deeds. books don't read themselves in this world. But our book of deeds in the author will start reading for us

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Allah will give it a voice. And it will start to read to us everything we said. And we did so panela What a powerful statement. Because why the people who don't have these qualities are no No, no, that's not me.

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No, no, I don't I don't do those things. No, no, I'm a good person. You know, you know, fine. I've never volunteered in my life. But you don't know me. You don't know what I do. You don't know what my life is about. You don't know how much I do behind closed doors. Okay, I've never seen you in a Koran class. I've never even seen you recite? Yeah, but just because I'm reciting behind closed doors all day. Okay, we'll see about that. We'll keep tabs on key tab we'll click will bill how the books gonna start to expose really here's what he or she really was doing behind closed doors. Here there's so many people that do it a while home let us learn more. They're not gonna harm anybody.

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Because the book will expose all the truth embedded how a less so it's gonna be like this is going to be the deal breaker like you're not going to run away from anything moving forward. That's the book will speak on on its own. So we don't have to listen to you. We don't have to investigate whether you're telling the truth or not know the evidence is going to speak so Pamela Bell kulu Boone feel hombre here we see hombre again. We saw hombre In the previous episode of Humberto we said his means the depth of the ocean. What did Allah subhanho wa Taala tell us about when you have these factions within the community at some point you need to know when to to let go and unless is

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fed out of homefield hum Marathi him had to he just leave them alone Let them drown until an appointed time. Now Allah is going to talk about the hearts that have hombre Bengkulu boon feel humble rotten men have their hearts are actually drowning in all of this nonsense all of this craziness.

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What is it? What's the craziness is referring to everything that we've talked about so far plus, what are men and women doing he that he Coahuila, her me alone, and they have actions that are otherwise continuous that they're constantly involved in? What actions is Allah referring to? Most of the people that we meet in this world have one particular thing in common in their lifestyle, most of the people that we encounter, people go to work every day, same schedule, or to go to school every day, same schedule. We all seem like man, you've been working tons of extra hours. What format What are you doing? as well go on vacation. It's horrible chill. What am I dream trip somewhere want

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to buy? My favorite car was spent on this and that? All dunya dunya dunya dunya stuff. So Allah says their hearts are drowning in this. And that's the only goals you have in your life. That's it. It's all you want to do.

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You sadly, only feel how you're not. What about that. All you want to do is just work, work, work, work struggle each and every day. Just think about almost everyone you meet and have this conversation. It's not just about survival, survival. That's one thing that's separate. Because the survival aspect of work is already bad. Luck tells that's that's us worshiping Him. When we're caring for ourselves. We're not talking about that. Talk about all the additional things that we do. What is the ultimate goal and aim behind it? If it's good, then you get the reward of good. But if it's anything else that allows like that's what your life has become to, you know, Allah gives us a

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scenario to compare with another surah and tells us that

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we will first see a boon. These are the people that whose hearts have become fast ship, they become inherently corrupt. fiskerton is when you leave a fruit out for a long time and it starts to get moldy and decay that's called fish spawn. So Allah tells us in sootel hasha, the people who wake up each and every day every day, and they go through the same routine like a zombie.

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They have forgotten themselves.

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They forgotten who they are.

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and sell home and foster home. You don't know who you are anymore. You just became like this robot every day. Wake up, brush your teeth breakfast work out work School, home sleep do it again. Friday comes by tgis Thank God it's Friday. Chill relax, call up boys called friends. Let's do something. Do something saturday sunday chillin chillin chillin chillin Monday, same routine all over again. And that's your whole life and then you die.

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This is what a lot calls Oh, Mel kulu boom de hombre.

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Their hearts which is that's it. That's all it's amounted to is dread.

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to know purpose all you end up doing sitting there same routine every single day and then you die.

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So this really taps into something deep penetrates the heart real deep. What do we see about the heart already?

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And their heart wodgina causes this little head start stirring up whether you're hearing this and you start thinking like God that's my own life that's what I've been doing the past 2030 years if you're thinking like that you have YG that now

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the A yet is talking to you see who sets of Angela that how poor and unifies us liquids Talat Look what it's talking to us about only poor n can spiritually punch us in the face this way if anybody else did it we take offense to that well oh poor and does it for the believer to just like oh my god

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that is me. I gotta change I got to do things differently had either of them with trophy him

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this continuous Allah says Oh, until we get booked on a fee him You know what, without a fee him is the elite from amongst them. You know, those big shots that like have all the PhDs that you know, really up there in the social ladder, you know us by martial law, right? really intelligent, really stablished great, recite Surah Fatiha. Impossible.

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Whoa. So you mean you've got all those skills, but you have no connection to Allah, you've never even sat in an Islamic class in your life.

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You know, this is the thing that really

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discomforts me in a lot of ways. You know, every so often when I go on social media, and I look at different programs and things like that happening across the globe, and some of the speakers that are there, I would know some of them.

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And I would know that they live a very different life. Aside from what you see on the poster on those flyers, like I would see videos of him or her doing the most, you know, absurd things. But then you're just like, man, we're gonna take advice from this person. Now, this person is an example to us. But then they've got like a tick tock account, and they're just doing everything like they're on a different planet. And you're just like, is this what Islam really had boiled down to

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look at the qualities that Allah and pour and was looking for people who have wedges in their heart, people that you said, your own, I feel hierarchy, people that the end of the day know how to put aside their differences and unify on the message of the horror as a whole. People whose hearts are not the hombre they're not drowning, but they are listening, and they're paying attention.

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either of them with opium, all of these individuals or less, so don't worry, we're going to catch all of the ELeague bill either either alone, and they will have a less punishment, even if they are out on

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the edge room is the description of describing the seal when it's crying out, and it's being attacked by a shark. So when the seal is being attacked by a shark, that sound that it makes, that's called the edge.

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So the same people that we for whatever reason, looked up to, you know, and we followed, but they had a completely different side to their life or to their personality or so on and so or they didn't deserve it to begin with. Just like our Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam told us that come a time where people it doesn't necessarily send you holla they'll take people as leaders that were do had they were completely Jaeho people who were nowhere near qualified for any ounce of leadership somehow got it. So these are the visuals are less says on that day. So Allah will let the rope loose for some time but on that day he edged out on all they're going to be screaming like the seals being

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attacked by sharks panela out of fear.

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Lateral Leo Laporte alaris mazon Don't you dare scream today in knuckle minella Tom Soto in you from us are not going to get any aid whatsoever but you can at Tila la calm our yet used to be recited up it fell into my lap are called become tunku. Soon, then you would retreat away from it. Our club you can tell too soon is like, oh, there's those religious people sitting there. Let's get let's get out of here.

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I don't want to say something to him or her. Because as soon as they say something, they might judge me or they might say something, just leave them alone. I don't I don't need to be that. I don't need to hear that reminder. You know, we're learning from it like this is that people who are up to no good 99% at a time don't want to be told the truth. They don't want to hear it. They don't want to hear the truth. You'll say to them, Look, Allah said hijab. Allah said five times a day prayer, Allah said Hajj, you can afford it. you've traveled the whole globe. go for Hajj, you should do it. You have to do it. Like at least once you you can do it. You can afford to pay for so many hedge for

00:25:42 --> 00:25:53

so many others, but just do it for yourself and stop lecturing me You know, I'm not ready for that now inshallah. Don't worry. I'm a good person. I have volunteer every day. I don't need hydrate now.

00:25:54 --> 00:25:55

This is what Allah says.

00:25:56 --> 00:26:10

Those people that are always going to miss Jude's and sitting in class and has APA become 10 K so just as we don't need to be there. I've got four PhDs in whatever so I'm good to go.

00:26:11 --> 00:26:25

Not going to have somebody younger than me teach me about my religion. I'll discover religion all by myself. Really. That's what Allah describes. When our yet we're being recited and reminded and presented over and over.

00:26:27 --> 00:26:29

You did everything you can to get away from it.

00:26:30 --> 00:26:39

mystic beauty to be here sent me on Judo while listen to language guys. Mistake beauty Kubota is when

00:26:40 --> 00:27:09

somebody who has power and they show off with that power that's kibber so that kind of pride you've already got it and you show it off. Most tech you've been in this a stick Bowden means that you want the power. You want the power to show off to others. So these people who act this way Allah saying mystic beauty Nivea, they're looking for every ounce of attention possible

00:27:10 --> 00:27:20

every ounce of attention possible so panela on social media, you will see this a lot go into some some people's profiles and look at their profiles. This

00:27:22 --> 00:27:28

is like 97 lines long of every little thing they've ever done and said and their whole

00:27:30 --> 00:27:31

and why it's the regular social account.

00:27:32 --> 00:27:41

And every time they put up a picture or video of themselves they're always praising showing Yeah, somebody just took a picture of me and said I was so beautiful.

00:27:43 --> 00:28:13

The hashtag tag I'm so beautiful. I have to Lila is like what are you doing man? My God. No humility Come on. And so let's let's mystic beauty and they're going to be looking for every opportunity to flaunt, flaunt this power, or these gifts that Allah or they claim that a las panatela gave them semirara. Sameera is when you're telling stories late at night, that's a sample that had your own death your own.

00:28:14 --> 00:28:34

God This word is really something dodgy rude when it's linked to the tongue. So Samet or somebody that's telling stories and speaking all night long, gag rule, it comes from the word hedgerow. We all know what hedgerow is, don't we? So here's how you migrate. So link the word hegira to the tongue, and put it together? What do you get?

00:28:36 --> 00:29:11

This is when your tongue is saying things that it was not designed, or meant to stay, to say. So the hidden power of the tongue is when you're speaking about things. Your tongue was never meant to speak about. You if you lie, you've made hedger from the essence of what the tongue is supposed to be in represents, if you backbite if you slander, if you have Kubota, if you do these things, or you talk about everything in this world, or you gossip, right, just eliminate all of these things.

00:29:13 --> 00:29:15

That's called the hedgerow of the tongue.

00:29:17 --> 00:29:19

The tongue was never made or designed to do that.

00:29:20 --> 00:29:45

It was simply designed for communication. And it's literally all every form of communication you can imagine is based on some level of truth. That's what the tongue is. It's all about exposing and telling the truth. This is why the profit hourly software services you have nothing good to say fairly, fairly awesome. Just be quiet. or smart is not the same as as Scott

00:29:47 --> 00:29:59

was good. Hey, be quiet, or smart literally means to shut up. That's literally what it means. One is a little bit harsher than the other all smart. Process elements tell you just don't even think

00:30:00 --> 00:30:10

Think about seeing a word if you have nothing good to say, because that's not what the tongue was for suppiler law in this day and age who thinks of their tongue this way?

00:30:11 --> 00:31:03

a fella Mia de baru cola a human and yet to a willing well they take the time to reflect yet depth boat deep reflection poll on a statement code here is the polar end in context is talking to the Porsche don't they ever take the time to just listen? Now why is poor end called How will one word in this area code literally means one word or one statement the Quran is being referenced here as a code Why? Because every single word in poor and in and of itself is a point of double. It's a point of reflection. Everywhere. We've been doing that almost the entire episode from hombre Tae Joon Serbia * Moto, Fie him all of these words whose everything is just like, like God, just sitting

00:31:03 --> 00:31:10

there reflecting on this stuff, and it's just one word, and it really penetrates deep. So Allah says,

00:31:11 --> 00:31:50

Don't ever take the time to just reflect even if it's just one word, I'm Jamal am yet to a wedding. Or they think about the things that never even came to the fathers and the cultures that came before them? Is that what they're preoccupying their time with? Or did they not even take the time to reflect on what happened to previous generations prior? Prior? And let me add for our solar home for hula hoop monkey row? Or is it that they don't even know the messengers that were sent to them. So as a result, they shun them away monkey rule, they denounced them, they shun them away. So I Anna, the profit center is archaic, and it's old fashioned. We don't need that in this day and age 2021.

00:31:50 --> 00:31:53

And like, come on, we don't need to be listening to that.

00:31:54 --> 00:31:55

Let's make your own.

00:31:56 --> 00:32:23

There are lots of Muslims that denounce sooner and the Prophet hardly saw to Islam, saying these old fashion his rules don't apply anymore, or the suddenly needs to be updated and reformed. There are actually groups and circles across the globe that are the call for this. who claimed their Muslims as just as we don't we don't need that. hijab is like an old thing of the past. Now you Your hair is your hijab. What? Really?

00:32:24 --> 00:32:33

So that's the first claim. That didn't work. I mean, una de Gina, did they say that these profits then were Jin's?

00:32:35 --> 00:33:18

Is that what they said? They were possessed, something's wrong with him. So these religious people that go to mesquites at fudger time, like come on, really get go there that time of days. Something's wrong with you people. But they'll help the Federal Home they'll help the carry on the truth eventually came to them, but most of them think he hated the truth. I love remember, we just talked about that is a hate the truth would just don't tell. I don't care. I don't want to know. You know, I was speaking to a foot doctor a couple years ago, I never forget this. And he was describing to me all the nerves and the veins that are attached in our feet supine law.

00:33:19 --> 00:33:49

And this this, this guy wasn't Muslim, right? So he's explained to me breaks down is when I was getting orthotics for my feet. So I'm showing to me all these nerves, and then never in my life thought for a second just because I don't know right? how complex our feet are, and you know, how our feet are designed, and how we use them and how we walk and how the bones have to work. And synchronized perfectly in the moment that there's a

00:33:50 --> 00:34:04

disalignment in any way, from your toes, to your feet to your heel, anywhere, how it throws off your back pain, your brains, nerves, and your brain starts going off and just like so many things connected to our feet.

00:34:05 --> 00:34:17

And I remember, you know, this was a doctor that I had for ages, so we could we always had conversations about religion, he was always intrigued about the work that I did, and so on. And I remember just asking him, I was like, man,

00:34:18 --> 00:34:48

tell me something. When you you're an expert, you're a specialist on the feet and everything about it. Don't you believe that this design this complex design of the feat? Don't you believe that there is a God? Like you have to believe that there is a creator? Do you like like, would you still say that there isn't a god? You know what he said to me? He's like, thinks for a moment he says, I don't know. I can't say that.

00:34:50 --> 00:34:59

Like I can't say that there's no God. After studying just the feet and specializing in the I can't say that there's not a god. So there'll be like, so why won't you just

00:35:00 --> 00:35:12

except what Islam says to me, this is like the ultimate truth that there's an ultimate creator. He's the hub. He's the muscle word. He's the Creator, he's the fashion or in the designer, why don't you just accept that? Nobody said to me,

00:35:14 --> 00:35:16

I'll never forget this. He said to me, he's like,

00:35:17 --> 00:35:43

I just don't want to change my lifestyle. I want to be able to wake up when I want to eat what I want, go out who with whomever I want, I don't, I don't want those rules. There's a doctor guys. And this is what he's saying to me. What does the law say here? What Thoreau whom lead happy carry who and most of them will, they will just hate the truth. So Panama, last a guys. Well with Deborah.

00:35:44 --> 00:36:02

If the truth were to follow their desires, the first set that is somewhat well auto, the woman fee when it will destroy everything in the heavens and earth and everything in between. In other words, if you really followed what your heart desired, you'll destroy this everything in this world. Because let's face it,

00:36:03 --> 00:36:35

this Islam is all about self control. We have a desire to do a, but we don't always do a 99% of the time we'll do everything else. That's what Islamic keeps us together under control. This is saying that if you let that loose, and you just whenever you felt desired or thought of you just went and did it, it will destroy the entire earth and everything in between. And every society every culture of regeneration will be corrupt and destroyed in every way, shape, or form.

00:36:37 --> 00:37:17

But attain our home the victory him a lesson, then we bring them back to their own advice when they used to say no, no, no, I just want to do my own thing. I don't want no restrictions on me. Unless I'll expose it. I'll give you back the exact same advice that you say to everyone else. For whom on victory him meridian don't. And when you hear for yourself what you used to say to people, you're going to be Meridian, you're going to reject me and be like, no, that's not me. No, I wanted to hear the truth. Well, your life you didn't live that way. The decisions you make you made didn't reflect that. So on that day, Memorial Day, so panel era, like no no. Talking about I would never do that. I

00:37:17 --> 00:37:31

would never say those things. Unless is victory him. It was your own words that elect came back and throw it in your face. So panela. So now you can say Oh, it wasn't me. No, no, it's actually your own words that are being brought back to you. So

00:37:32 --> 00:37:34

this surah

00:37:36 --> 00:38:05

what a what a punch in the gut man, this surah pili really talks about a suitor that puts us in our in our place. And on top of that, really calls out our mistakes. Our fault really just calls it out without no barriers. Just this is what I used to say, this is what you did. You had this problem and just call it out right to our face. That's what the Buddha does. And you know something

00:38:06 --> 00:38:09

true believers embrace that.

00:38:10 --> 00:38:14

We embrace even if the truth is uncomfortable.

00:38:15 --> 00:38:26

Even if it's uncomfortable, we embrace it. Isn't that true? is now what we do. Man comes up to our face. I say you know, I know you lied. You shouldn't have lied. Bubble.

00:38:27 --> 00:38:31

True Believer like yeah, it was a mistake. I did. I'd lied, I admit.

00:38:32 --> 00:38:47

And then the three other people say yeah, he did. He did now you're being embarrassed on the spot. Yeah, I deserve that. You know, the true believer goes home after a really intense or embarrassing situation and they start thinking and reflecting on it. Like Yeah,

00:38:48 --> 00:38:54

I deserve that. I deserve to get treated that way because I was up to no good. Nobody knew that except me.

00:38:56 --> 00:39:03

So when you have a surah that's literally talking and yelling to you and I in our face.

00:39:04 --> 00:39:49

The true believer embraces that as Okay, I needed that kind of reminder. So I'm always going to be gentle. It's not always going to be peaceful. Sometimes it's going to get allowed sometimes it's going to be put on the spa. But as a believer I embrace it because it will help me become better and better and better each and every time. inshallah so I hope that you take some time to really think and reflect on some of the things that we've brought up here today. And inshallah hotel we continue tomorrow. Okay, guys, may Allah subhana wa Jalla continue to increase us, purify our hearts, purify our actions. I pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala always makes us of people who do our best. We try

00:39:49 --> 00:40:00

and we do our best. It's all we can do right? do our best, do your best. Keep pushing yourself and be amongst those that are

00:40:00 --> 00:40:31

are amongst you said your own feel higher art that people who are not only just do righteousness but look for opportunities to do it and they run towards it may Allah azza wa jal always in forever make us from amongst those who do that a lot. I mean, such as a Camillo Hydra to all of you all of your salons while it was summer to love all of your doors, may Allah return it back to you 10 times more alone than I mean. So we will resume tomorrow in sha Allah, Allah or said Mr. alikum warahmatu Allahi wa barakato

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