Zakir Naik – Difference between a Muslim and a Non Muslim Brother – Why are Musical Instruments Prohibited in Islam

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The caller asks the agent about the difference between the two types of brothers in Islam, and the agent explains that they are both brothers in faith and within humanity. The agent also discusses the importance of avoiding alcohol and drinking in the context of Islam, and the importance of finding a brother in faith to avoid being called a Muslim.
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Mr. Poe, my profession I'm a postgraduate teacher. My first question you call me as a brother, then what is the difference between the brother and Muslim brother? Second one, I saw that in the exhibition, there is the musical instrument put into Mario and are supposed to use the musical instrument. My brothers are not supposed to use the musical instrument means some of the instruments make their mind calm and brings the alpha level that is Qadri brought him Malaysia he said that, so it is the correct reason I want the correct reason. There's two questions. The first question is that you call me brother, towards the difference between me and the Muslim? There are two types of

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brethren Islam. One is brother and humanity. One is brother and fate.

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Now all the human beings whether Muslim or non Muslim, He is my brother in humanity, because we have common grandparents Adam and Eve. Correct. Now, a Muslim is my brother in faith.

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So if we accept Islam, if we accept if you submit a will to God, from better of humanity, I will call you brother in faith.

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So today if you say fine, I want to submit medals to God, I want to get peace. So from brother I will call you brother in faith two types of brothers brother and humanity better than fit Cumbria second question. In the exhibition you saw cross on the musical instruments some musical instruments being serenity calmness to the mind of our in some Malaysian recorded so why is it prohibited

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if there are various hadith of beloved Patna Salah Salaam was prohibited musical instruments he did permit Duff one side open drum, during weddings during etc. But as far as all the other instruments are concerned he privated the reason is because these musical instruments they take you away from Almighty God. And you see this today the musical instrument the string instruments the flute you know you have rock shows going on and people get frenzy that they got the claws and the dance.

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You hear the frame song you know fan song

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It has music it is meaningless ignore teen what a 13 a 13 Jarman JSON, and we keep on repeating what do you keep on repeating and then we hear the song The hero telling the hero in my mind a chance Okay, can

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I get the moon for you? I will get the stars for you. We know it is illogical. Can a lover get the star for the girl? Any? No. But yet we recite why music with music, you go into strands, and you don't realize what you're saying. And you keep on repeating it so takes you away from the truth takes you away from Almighty God, that the reason and Islam our beloved Prophet, peace be upon him to prevent you from an intoxicated. It may have some good points also. But the law says more like the Quran says in Surah Baqarah chapter two verse number 219. When they ask you concerning intoxicants, alcohol tells them and it is lost and profit. But the loss is more than profit in

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alcohol as a medical doctor, I know. You know the beer, it keeps you warm. So people tell me by the Zakat, you know, the beard is good. It keeps you warm. I say if you want to keep yourself warm, have honey, honey will keep you more warm, but the honey doesn't and the kick with the beer gives you

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more for the kick rather than the bomb. But there are good points, but the loss is more similarly with music. It's more of a loss. And that even today we find with a musical instrument, the songs and all we find people are deviating away from the true message of Almighty God that there isn't a beloved prophet as prohibited musical instruments of dance is a question

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a float particularly float will they listen to Florida? No, that is my question. See, I'm not asking about the drum sandahl so you thought you thought that your brother that that also brothers who know that is Kron brothers who doesn't know grant that is also mentioned the same thing? No I don't recall like that. You're talking about brothers in faith and within humanity essays I couldn't follow two answers both the questions they commented one is on you talking about flute. The flute comes in that only Yes, I thought it'd be anyone. It intoxicate. So many of the indie film songs have got flutes, you know, flutes.

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Many of the indie film songs, and even maybe 10 million frames on malayalam. I don't know. They have got fruit also. It intoxicates the person you know, and it also mentioned Bhagavad Gita in the Bhagavad Gita, Shri Krishna use the flute is what

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brings it to bring the mind calm. Used to go on the bank river bank. Yes. And play the flute and do what you're doing dancing with the Bobby's three, go up free.

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So we don't believe in doing that. We believe we respect a woman. When we see a woman, we lower the case, it should not be a sister, it should not be a mother, it should not a wife. When you see a woman, the Quran says in Surah, Chapter 24, verse number 30, that the man should lower his case, the woman should lower the gaze. We don't believe in, you know, Gopi three, whatever you said. So all these things, takes a person away from the throat, that there isn't whether it be fluid, whether it be guitar, whether it be the other instrument, it privated coming to your first answer again, that why don't we say brother Ruffalo, the Quran. And by the way, don't follow the Quran.

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Whether there are many people who say they are Muslims, and yet they don't follow the Quran.

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We have to say brother who's a Muslim, and not following Quran, so I say brother in faith,

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rather in faith means brother who has submitted his will to God, he may not be a good practicing Muslim.

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Fine. So Brethren, humanity means you're a human being, I'll call you brother. But brother in faith means a person who agrees that he has submitted to God. So today if you say you want to acquire a piece, by submitting a will to God, first you have to find out what is the will of God. Go to the VEDA. It will speak about Almighty God, it will talk about a messenger to come His name is Prophet Muhammad.

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Last and Final revelation, the foreign so if you believe in that, I will call you brother in faith. So brother in faith is more closer to me than brother in humanity. But both of us to me hope that answers the question. Okay, thank you, sir.

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