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Mufti Menk
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smilla Hayward hamdu lillahi wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah, who Allah, Allah has hobby of mine,

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my beloved brothers sisters,

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just a quick reminder, a few minutes, that we are all the creatures of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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we have come on to this earth. And there is only one thing that is absolutely certain that we are going to leave this earth.

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People have left before us, and we shall leave and people will leave after us.

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The one thing we all need to ask ourselves is, how did I prepare for the day my heart stops pumping? And if you want a solid answer, you put your hand on your chest, and you listen to that heart pumping.

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And you tell yourself, this is going to stop one day.

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What have I done to prepare for the day that I am lowered into my grave for the day that people will be carrying my janazah or prior to that they would have given me the whistle, or they would leave me having buried me and they would have returned and I will be all alone. myself. My amahl my deeds good or bad? And I'm at the mercy of Allah. What have I done to prepare for that day? What have I done for the day, I will be returned to the soil such that when someone really digs that grave, they won't find anything besides a bit of dust and soil, perhaps some bones that have been degenerated? What have I done for that day? What have I done for the day that I will be resurrected and brought

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in front of Allah subhanho wa Taala what what have I done for the day, when I would expect to go to Jenna have I really made a payment that I will enter

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and inshallah we can always do better than we are doing right now. We can quit our bad ways and habits, that's a preparation. And we can become more serious about our duties unto Allah. It's a simple message. But it is a very serious message. Because my brothers and sisters, I only give you one example. On Earth, the first million that you make, you will work very hard to make it when you make it, you will start looking at a property to buy so that you can live. And if you've made more than that, you will want to renovate your property in order for you to have some comfort, you will make sure there is electricity, water, and perhaps air conditioning because it's becoming a bit warm

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these days, and your driveway, your scenery, everything is good, not realizing you only going to live in that house maximum a decade or two. If you're lucky. Many people the first 20 years, they are still being raised second 20 years they spend with their spouses, the third 20 years they can be widowed either this way or that way. And after that they go back to Allah. I know of people who've been widowed at 40. And they've lived another 20 years or another 40 years. After that what happens? Trust me, this is the dunya the reality of dunya.

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this dunya is actually an abode that is going to come to an end. Let's understand this. We just need to prepare, have a good heart. Try and reach out to people think good about people. Try and make dua for people try and help because when you help Allah will help you that's a hadith of Rasulullah Salah. And in that way you will be building your IRA. And in that way the day you die, trust me you will go with a smile, a true smile with him. That will never ever fade because do you know what? The Mullah iica they come to such a person prior today to their death by moments by moments? And tell them don't worry? Don't worry, I'm sure you will gentlemen this is in the Quran. In an arena Carlo

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Mr. camo.

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For a while I know what to build.

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If you do two things, the angels will tell you three things. If you believe and you try and be as steadfast as possible, at the point of death, just as you are about to die the angels will say

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latter half Don't be scared.

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While others No No need to be sad about Giroux bill Jenna, we have brought you glad tidings of gender. So hello what a smile. You die with a smile. You're looking forward to it. May Allah make us from those and a lot of the times

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We've done things in our past lives that we are not proud of. Don't lose hope make Toba seek the forgiveness of Allah make amends, change your ways. The sooner you do it, the better it will be. Even if you've done it moments before your death, you are lucky but the moment that comes too late, too late. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us a changing before it is too late. And May Allah increase the love and the muhabba that we have amongst ourselves and May Allah subhanho wa Taala be pleased with all of us. akula Kali hada Allahu wa salam ala nabina Muhammad

Very short reminder by Mufti Menk
Masjid Al Kawthar Polokwane

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