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From the realizer of Bill alameen, or Salatu was Salam. ala alameen wa aalihi wa sahbihi woman one of whom the attorney in a yummy Deen will ban focus upon Allah Jalla wa ala Chiquita Pedro Connie Hill Hamid.

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Upon your game This will learn roughly why in order to stay with el mecanizado de una

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una vaca Salatu was Salam melomania School in salami a school in La, La La La hispana to a Salaam, honorable scholars respected brothers and elders amongst the many misconceptions that exist. One is the misconception regarding marriage. The day I get married, I'll be happy. Today I get married, I will abandon flirting woman and I will attend the evil practice of fornication in immorality. Now both these are the deceptions and the delusions of the devil on the reverse categorically we know of many people who are more promiscuous after marriage than they were prior to marriage. And with regards to happiness in the marriage, really, it's naive, if not foolish on our part, to expect a

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healthy relation without constructively contributing to the realization until and unless we will not discipline ourselves with regards to immorality, infidelity, disloyalty, marriage, per se will make no difference to your life, dislike a person. He was still even today he's got enough. I don't buy into the theory that he is stealing cars. If he's not hungry, he will not steal. Those are the slogans that are chanted. Yes, we might agree this much that a hungry person is more vulnerable to saying he is stealing because he's hungry, entertain, he is not hungry, and he will not say I'm afraid I beg to differ. In the same way with regard to the happiness in marriage, we have to

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constructively contribute to this and reflect for a minute reflect for a minute. The purpose of the law isn't comes out of his house, to speak about the rest of the night of the night of power. And in the interim two people are arguing. He says the effect of this argument is did the specific night of Qatar. While we know we've got it in the arteries of the last 10 days of Ramadan. But as a result of this argument, this specific knowledge has been lifted away from me and from the whole ummah. Now one argument left and in turn, you're deprived of the specific time. Can you imagine what would be the condition the plight, the situation of those children? We are humans by the parents is the order

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of the day house? How deprived won't be that generation? How disturbed won't be that individual? Then you come out and say add attention deficit disorder, but it's starting at home. Because of all these types of collections. These are the types of problems that are happening at home It is definitely disturbing. The object of Nita what is expected what is what is out of marriage, the promise of a lot a person

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who had a trace of yellowness on his clothes. Now this was symbolic to married in those days like you see a car maybe with balloons on it. So you will ask the man what's happening. So the problem is awesome. Looked at this yellowness.

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Java Java, I got it. All right, you married? He said yes. Again, look at the teachings of Java. Okay, so you don't let us know. Now there wasn't the words of the prophets of Allah. Allah was seldom big run and say even if you got married, you know who you got married to? Unfortunately, I got married to Oh, you were married to Ayesha. We were schoolfriend given my Salah I give my wife your salon what a stick society we live in.

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I couldn't be your challenge to my wife,

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Baker and Unforgiven who got married to a young girl also that was previously married. So he said thank you and I got married to a woman that was previously married. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said Jabir man, you didn't want to go for someone compatible to your age. Allah speaks about the dangers of paradise.

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Cause hirato torossi

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Allah says two qualities they gave will be modest, and they will be equal to your making it so much more compatible, so much more compatible. And under the commentary of this is caused Iran to follow free reign. Allah says the gazes will be low and they will be striking in the appearance. I just came across a beautiful quotation of ebony Josie rahima Humala, generally the scholars interpret the lowering of the gaze as a gesture of modesty by them. But he says they will be so beautiful, that not only the cases will be lower, they will keep their husbands gazes also know.

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I read a book that speaks about the service of marriage, it caught my eye, the hitting his mother in law and daughter in law to ensure he didn't meet I'm not a reader, but immediately it caught my attention. So let me bring this book and see what it you know, makes a good reading. Anyway, it was a survey that was conducted in the USA in the light, late 90s. Just to give you some stats of what's happening in the world in relation to

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married, they sent 5 million people marry across the religious and the cultural life, creating potential conflict in compatibility in the religion. More than 62% of women admit that my religion was my teen law is 10 and 10 was 10% confessed to say I hate 64% of daughter in law say, I love my mother in law, before I get married, and 34% of them only love them after marriage. So anyway, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, David, why didn't you get married to a young girl? These are the words not not this is what is expected. Why? To learn what to rebuild, what to say, or what to think of. Jabir, you could entertain her, she could entertain you. W could make her laugh. She could make

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you laugh. You could set a spine as

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they say what the difference between a man and a woman

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a woman expects one man to satisfy every need of us and a man expect every woman to satisfy one need

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to know what to cook what to learn what to learn. This was the intention of delighting a boss in a politeness. Rudra be a lot of both agree and they both narrate the narration. When a Lazzara created Satan or other Medina Salatu was salam, Masha mutawa. He walked around in Jeanette lonely and aimless. He was born in Jenin attended in the pinnacle of joy, paradise, but he was born, put a man in a palace. But if you can hear his footsteps, the whole house is haunted. But if you will, also with his partner with his legal spouse and his partner, so behind the law, it is unique the bond Allah puts together anyway otherwise salatu salam had nothing to do so he went to go sleep, even to

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go imagine internet he goes to sleep. When he went to sleep, a lotta created me in delivering a laser from his neck. Allah created our mother for Alina Salatu was Salam. And for the record, however, means Leanna holy ketamine, hi, she was created from someone who was living so we not only gotta from this deep sleep, lonely, tired, depressed, and when he looked on his site, he didn't have on his side

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the natural the natural instinct of men was triggered and activated and immediately he stretched his hand towards her you know, that's why they say you will never able to separate men from women. Why because the word woman got married in its own email got mail in it, he got he got mosquito and the best part of it all is met him got added in it

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was around immediately that that the human inclination, the human intelligence. Now what I'm saying is today in my brief time, I thought we discussed some constructive contribution I mean, a guy you want maximum service, they use adequate you don't you got to maintain the car, one on the car, you get what? You know. There's a natural walk, you're playing on it in marriage, there is no motor plan. There is no motor plan, you got to work towards this relation. You've got to constructively contribute out of the religion. So I thought I share a few principles as men how we can contribute obviously, if I will be addressing woman they will be different. The first thing that we need to

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understand by job to make constructive contribution to the to empowering and promoting our religion is told in principle, enter your house with a smile and a salon. Enter your house with a smile and a sternum. The Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam lot of Tirana, venal Maru fish a willow

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do not trivialize the virtue of any app, even if it is as simple as greeting your wife while in face, even if it is, don't underestimate it. Allah tala spoke about the advice of lokman in the Quran to his son, Allah to stop the calenus Oh my son Don't frown when you meet people. I read a beautiful saying I don't know the exact words but the gist of it is that when you frown, you exerting more facial muscles. And when you smile you it's cheaper to smile. It's costing you more, you're maybe venting your anger, expressing your rage in your anger, but when you are smiling, it is easier for you. And again look at the words of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he was a Muslim, a

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Muslim, when the Muslims meet two of them

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and then they shake hands while he could

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be watching you softly be here and each one respectively smiles to the letter, transmitting warmness law your father in

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law, your father in law, the law, the only reason for doing this year is to please Allah.

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For Allah, the prophet of Allah says you barely separate all your sins are forgiven. So entering your house with Hakeem intention Omar narrates the Hadith

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said I came to it

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Viola 100

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and I said tell me what was the condition of the visa lottery was Alameda fella and he said he wouldn't met his poses. So I showed him your lawn I said, What do you live in return eco. He was like a man like a husband from amongst humans and your partner's Ilana who can from nothing.

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However, when I say he was like you, I mean he was ordinary, he did not come in with a professional image of a prophet. But I must say the noblest of the people can sama whenever he came with me since I married he was smiling and he was cheerful. Now I know and many of my sisters will bail me out on this here and maybe I in my wife will tell me the same thing. Many of us and outside the house we ever smiling and in the house never smiling, outside the house, smiling and inside the house never smiling. Again get the question of if you haven't done your make mentioned in his kit on his printer

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on the authority of jumper if no Mohammed Avenida de Milan. What does he say? When a person needs another Muslim husband meeting a Wife Wife meeting a husband and he greets with joy transmitting happiness. Mark Rogers, meaning he brings joy to wine or to anyone in la sala

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de Luca Suri Malecon, Allah tala gives the joy the form of an angel. So you came home you created your wife with a smile, not typically within the house with the phone in the back, see what's in the cup bring this you see that. So what happens is critical moment is lost. The critical moment is lost or called drop, you're walking with a smile and a greeting. Allah creates out of the joy the shape of an angel, Allah gives it the appearance of an angel, and Allah designated angel to now worship Allah subhanho wa Taala this angel now worships Allah. He loves up poverty when this man is lower into the grave, the joy that he brought to his wife in the form of an angel comes to him and tell

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him tarricone Do you know me? Not joy to a strange woman then the devil will come in your grave my brother?

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Tony, do you know me? He says no, I don't know you. And a pseudo levy are the hunter Allah Fulani. I am the joy that you brought to your wife daily. And then

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what Filipino Kappa Jetta what

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was what was he doing?

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I am the joy you brought. Listen to what I have to offer. Today I remove your loneliness. Today I do the trials I make you stand the severity of the day you have to make the seed before your Lord and hold your hands and put you in paradise.

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One Salaam one smile in turn around in the footnotes I came across this quotation monitoring dinar is walking to great people they learn from everything. He seen a little young child plain. So he took a step forward. And he said Should I create this boy but he's a child he's playing then something you turn to him and something you know the gaming this this this consciousness kind of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam you suddenly want a cigar but the Prophet of Allah used to bleach children also so I don't think it's right for me to pass by without greeting this boy. Now we have been taught you know, because the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said if you greet first that's a

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declaration you free from pride. That's a declaration that you are free from pride. So don't wait to be greeted be the first to greet and we took two steps and then he said no, let me greet the boy. So I came back. I said a salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah. How are you my young boy? So this boy was no ordinary child, you know, very learned respected intellectual child. He said while he was salam, ala Malik, same to you me the peace and the blessings of Allah be upon you. Oh Malik. Malik says when the way he answered I realized this boys got some talent. I said let me encourage the boys. Let me encourage the boys will test the point. How good is he? You know, on politics on score on sports is

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a sharp lady who's playing today? Who won? Like he didn't try it that way. He said let me try the boy out. He said malphur Cobain actually won nothing. Let me tell you you playing Let me ask you a question. What's the difference between the human ego and the human?

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He said not to can let the man Afghan is Salam. Wa caloocan the hora de Cali the which prevented you from greeting me and the intellect is that which exhorted you to greet me.

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What's the difference? Your ego is the one that made you walk beyond me. And your intellect is the one that made you take two steps back and come and greet me. So really my brother, if you are looking increasing, then that ego is in a crisis. That ego is in a problem. That's the first principle walk into your house with a sternum and with a smile. That is my sisters will make dinner for me.

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Let us learn to appreciate the favors of our spouses and our partner, the honey that I quoted the Prophet sallallahu wasallam

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At Melania screen NASA love your story law. You are dreaming to please Allah and we will never do justice to the gratitude of a lot. If you first cannot be grateful to the servants of Allah, being grateful to serve Allah is a stepping stone to get to being grateful to Allah subhanho wa Taala until and unless we will not appreciate, look at the qualities of Allah. What can Allahu Shakira on the last verse of the Jews? Allah said to the world, you won't find someone who will appreciate your work more than me. When the dwellers have an antigen, Alamitos among them. The first thing they will say, in Nara Bana Allah Vokoun Shaco All praise belongs to Allah and he has taken grief away from

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us. And indeed, we have to confess in one voice our Lord is one who appreciates so little but see what he gave us. We did so little, but see what he gave us. Scientific Research makes us that animal needs to be acknowledged if you want it more. I mean, I once attended, you know, from the police force, they had a dog unit that had a display where dogs would run in snuck the drugs and pick up the bugs. But I noticed very diligently on every achievement of the dog got a pet. It got a gentle acknowledgement the animal was embraced. Occasionally you see the dolphin shows the dolphin flap one in three fish you pop in? It's a costly thing but an animal to stimulated this acknowledgment. My

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brother Have you ever acknowledge your partner? Have you ever said a kind word derivative in very happy one villager 111 bed one comes to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he asked for something. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said give him the date we have. So when he was given the date for hacer Bihar, he said a lousy day so we're gonna make a difference to my stomach you can do with it. Professor Lawson said no problem. Another person came the professor said give him the same day. He was given the date he says so hon Allah tomato min Rasulullah not only has he tamama but a

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berkata Aveda This is sentimental value and a date from like you know you see the person before he's married. His wife gave him a jacket even a jacket in summer.

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Okay, I know you understand it, you attach to it love, love the things she loves also whatever it is, but I mean it's summer. He says to handle a date from the Prophet of Allah this date will live with me in this date will die with me and I will look towards appreciating this date when the prophets realized this he said 40 Durham's take it out individually now. Now look at what acknowledgment got this man going. But that's not all the revised continues from our lobbyists or radula stuff now a few days past Allah and rich this man so much he became one of the wealthy people of Medina. And he started discharging so what I'm saying to engage the situation acknowledge

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acknowledge a kind word goes a long way. I say this in acknowledgement to Allah there was a brother that was attended, attended in the congregation. Yeah, he's left us his name, his brother, his heart, he phoned me the other day to listen to your talk very diligently. And one particular day you spoke about the virtue of acknowledging, he said apart from that improving my family life, it is improved my commercial life. He said the opportunities I got the the corporal opportunities and then how I climbed the ladder simply because of the the etiquette and the courtesy of thanking people, acknowledging people SMS, email, phone, whatever it is, and acknowledge I'm aware I've received it

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deserved a lot. He said, I've climbed the ladder so rapidly, that this one advice has really made a difference to my Deen and my second humble message, you know, let's appreciate and then when we don't appreciate and the woman responds, we feel offended. I mean, look at her. Look at her. She's like, this is like that. You know, I came across a beautiful Friday.

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It's painful for any men might raise his voice. What do you say listen to your wife. She gives advice, sound advice 10% sound 90% 10% advice. 90% sound?

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What happens? You feel offended when you're in your face. But any person who's not acknowledged and any person who's abused in their position has to inevitably open up the heart and speak. We hear from the previous Hadith the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in the previous nations, some people got into the pack of a cow. And they started writing it this comes in Muslim sorry. So the cow said in

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a lesson I'm not a war to a cow. So the Sahaba around setswana la vaca Ratan Tata column all the way over the head. We understood you correct human accounts without proper salario Some said if you have your reservations Well, we eat I know my Abu Bakr and Omar trusted without questioning me. Now the point that I want to explore your even in animal when it was abused, he said, You know what? I haven't been sent in this world does not have been sent. If an animal can speak up. I think she's legitimate in opening her tongue. Really. I think she's justified. Again, I'm not trying to make her innocent. I'm speaking to men if I have to speak to actually this 20 messages for the ketoprofen

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Advice. Obviously it would have been totally different. But acknowledge, acknowledge. The third thing. The next thing that we need to understand is we need to interest in the things that interest us. something that interests us, it needs to take interest until we don't take interest in that it's a losing battle. Now, Satan or Moosa is returning from Marion with his wife from her parents died pregnant and she's in the final stages of pregnancy. And she's now coming to, you know, the nervousness of the woman and the anxiety and she doesn't know what to expect and whatever else have you. They come in by night it is cold, it is done. On the way they lose the election. She's

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pregnant, she's not in a stable condition. The Quran codes for men like Satan or moosari salam, aleikum. couteau in neon tonnara lively rt caminhar because Okay, if you sit here, I'm going to go look for some fire I'll go bring it and give it maybe you can warm yourself up taking into sentiments commendation the sentiments of your wife now you walk or you're heading for ever been in your head before ever been in London. I do I need this year. I really don't need accommodate accommodate profitable return from taboo. Listen to the three whitey returns from the booth. When he comes in the house. I started the alarm is set in there for have batteries, the wind blows for

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kassapa cetera is the curtain moves. It exposes little paper dolls of ice or via marwaha paper not Barbie dolls, paper dolls that she had made. I mean, she was a young girl, you will always find girls are more inclined to play mommy medium boys with any day. So anyway, she had little paper dolls returned from the battle. I mean, what is his vision? What is his spirituality? There's an economic mahasaya Oh, I saw Mashallah, Webster's, I What did you make? So I started banality. These are my daughters. Were albina hoonah for us. And between these little girls, he seen a little horse. So he said I saw and what that picture I see. She says that is my horse. So nice. Awesome, said

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master. Now he's returning from better, but he drops himself accommodating the feelings of his wife. I said this was got wings, nine for feumaidh men. Did you get this

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on? So I said I'm assuming a man. I'm assuming. He said a man.

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Look at my horse with two wings. Don't you know your brothers today? Man? He had a horse with 100 wings. Nearly Sonam I said no. He's also in love so much. So much. So much. I carried on doing my thing. One woman by the name one elderly woman used to come home and she used to get a lot of respect from the visa lottery. So this obviously offended offended I sort of the olana just now we have the largest Muslim has now been a profitable ICU really respecting this woman about suddenly What's the reason? So let me start from said Canada In Canada, Tatiana in the UK. She's a good friend of mine late Khadija. And Ferdinand has got along well, I respect the sentiments of my life,

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but I have nothing to do with her. But in respect of my late wife, this is what I do. So that's another thing we need to take interest. Then the next that very briefly, I'll run you through this year, the importance of sharing gifts. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said mahato give the heart Buddhists will unite your heart, finally, to the Hebrew word. It's the prescription and the formula of Doctor allottee was seldom that a gift will remove the malice of the heart. Obviously, it's a key issue that we don't give gifts on the days when others give. So we don't give on 14 February and we don't give on birthdays. And we don't have and those are not the days we give. But we say gift

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giving a gift per se is great, but we don't give it on the date is that our other share gifts. Wife surveymonley Salatu was Salam who owns everything, but I read this year he said even I enjoy receiving even I who elect nothing. The scholars say when you give a gift does two things. It is either definitely harder, or inherently mahabhava you're given a gift either to remove the product, someone so that is badly in and let you know by my washing machine. So you solving a problem, or he likes nothing, then a gift is just to express love. And when we give a gift is very important. We give something that the wife likes, you know, I don't wish to be obscene. I know one brother and

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give his wife gift. But he gives a certain clothes to a Nazi, you know? And she says, I mean, did you give him point? Are

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you telling me to wear this and this is how I should dress? Maybe I'm wearing it but that's a gift to appease you not to appease me, so keep something that she likes.

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The adopted son of the Prophet realize and never ever, ever, ever studied the history of how he came into care of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam before married Khadija the Alanna got married, to learn about the slave baatein he came into care of Khadija, when Ilana got married to NaVi Salatu was Salam. She said this is a gift I'm giving to your prophet of Allah. So that very boy who became the adopted son of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, the history of him coming into the care of the prophets of Allah was a gift that he received by his wife. You will notice that when we will say a gift, it will promote warmness. It will promote understanding. I mean, one

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must understand and can create too much problems in the relation. This man was in Mauritius, you know, relaxing at the beach. So in his excitement he sent a message to his wife. I'm having a fabulous time. I wanted to say I wish you well. He said I wish you are her own marriage broke up. One he one he must talk. So we've got to have communication, express your love to express your love to my last point. And I conclude, very importantly in the relation actually I want to mention 1020 short of time. Yeah, there's so many other jokes in the mind also.

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Very important in the relationship, there must be there must be some form of lightheartedness. I had a sister that called me three weeks ago in tears. Every time we sit down in the car, my husband is making liquor. I say, let's talk now we wasting time. If you want to speak I'll answer. She says now. I mean, we work in the bedroom.

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Now it's just not let me show you that this is when we don't have understanding. Then we have the wrong image of Islam. You look at the revised and then you make the conclusion image nessa mentions the district of Abu Bakar. So, I started the analysis we assume I will conclude with this last point. We are at home the Prophet of Allah is by my house. So Dora the Ilana comes to visit us as our Athena so that we are woman and she comes the home for telephoto. sterilizers in benei ouabain lamesa set down between and between her if the ridgeline at

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some point is one leg on my lap, he put his other leg on her leg. I mean the Navy have a lot and we set in, I started the olana set, so not too long. harira Alcala computing for the Prophet of Allah and so that gave me the wife So listen, I made this year you also eat fabric. Now I'm not going to eat. So I said let the acqualina Allah Allah Quito si smear the for shove it down your throat

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now he's awesome he's laughing. I saw the Alanna said I presented it she did not eat I took out this anything Amanda say which is authentic. I took out the pudding and I started smearing her whole face. And nobody on Instagram is laughing I'm looking at

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my eyes cry. If you only knew the Nabila is when you if you only study his biography, if you only Mark things to life, if you only reflect over his relation with the spouses, no marriage will break up leave these magazines and all these TV programs and all these immortal woman you jeopardize your religion. Anyway I started the Alanna says as soon as I smear her face, Rafa Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam regional human featuring he moved his leg from soda chelina soda is your chance now look to see what to take and smear on her face. So we came took the pudding and smeared it on my face I shadowed the Alanna said we will be arguing nobody saw Sam is laughing and then we heard Omar voice

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nobody saw sunset Kumar

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Kumar scan of wash yourself before Omar comes in.

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Now this one's the nature of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. A person by the name of God says I'm sitting you know,

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sitting with his wife Fatima lightheartedness. You say you know what? inland Nisa aqui con Elena will learn you can certainly say Athene You know what? I don't know Fatima woman. Sometimes they can be like devils, man. They can be like devils, Allah save us from the evil. You know, they say this whole place was full of worshipers in for the priests to come in. Suddenly the devil pulls it. Everybody please. For one old man is sitting there. So the devil says you know me It says yeah, I know you. Who am I? You the devil? You're not afraid of me. So I'm married to a sister for 40 years.

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For 40 years, what are you worried about? When you say 10% of women only into paradise anymore? It will get suffered a lot. Not

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a lot of study real life one, let's say. He says you know what? Woman sometimes they can be like devils.

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Now to build on him in service, say it in my Alaska. Now you know, if it was one of our woman, I'm not a devil. Okay, my mother doesn't give birth to a devil. Maybe your mother

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or your father can't get along with your mother also.

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No, no. What did Fatima say in Misaki? Ali, I think you got it wrong. Maybe even flowers you can do till you don't smell you can manage without us have mutual understanding. You know, you have some correlation. To me this woman comes he comes to faith and

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he says God assume will lead us we assume Nah. Yakumo lead. My husband he passed whole day and whole night is making a bad

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law and he obeys Allah one o'clock one school and really, you know, I don't complain about him.

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Don't complain that he's a good man. I mean, all night is making about it. So she repeats the same thing. You know, I don't want to complain. But you know, he reads numbers all night. So as long as they don't complain, anyway, I said he was they said, Oh, can I speak to you for a minute? She's actually complaining he is not visiting her at home in the bedroom. That's what she's trying to say. So Ilana said come up. Tequila mahapatra the brain haha. I didn't understand the problem. We all know the solution. You got the problem you decided? Is it no problem pain go call your husband and come

00:30:00 --> 00:30:24

So anyway, the husband comes he said, they're like, Man, I'm in your study these life I'm taking you leave the 14 February and tell me after all, what does it tell me how you get somebody to lie to love, I will, I will die without understanding that. So anyway, she comes the clown who says that the harville, maracas Coker, your wife saying that you know what you're not looking after very well. So he says he or she must be complaining adding food in Sedona will.

00:30:26 --> 00:31:07

You know, the deep emotional, so, no, she's not complaining about food and drink. And just then the woman started singing couplets. She said yeah, you're Hello, Carville hockey Masato Allah de Leon chirashi mosquito dama de woofie mosquito Budo faac will cover qaboun wala karatedo now when a Luma europeu first up I'm really sorry if my dog Oh judge I ask of you with the wisdom that you have. My husband's such that kept him away from my bed is about it kept him away from my bedroom. He's night and he's dead. He doesn't sleep. So I'll be honest in the bedroom life I don't have good workplane on a straight so he says he hasn't had any papers in our Phil hotel anymore on

00:31:08 --> 00:31:45

another piece of tall poppy Kitab in Law Journal. You know what the uncertain so that gives me the shiver. And because of that, I don't ever have an inclination towards my partner. Now I when I read this I said I wish we had debt for a woman at least I wish we had it for her on that debt consciousness. recapitalising up with a kid you know like poetry or you know you sing in poetry. I'm a poet. Don't you know what? So he said, listen, listen to what I have to say Jamba Juice in a cup can nothing hoppy or lemon alcohol. fava beans, aka uncle oil doesn't leave all your stories in your piety. Everything is in its place. Allah said you can get married to four wives. So that means every

00:31:45 --> 00:32:20

fortnight you come by and sleep with her and I'm telling you you are going to see you leave the market after Isha and you go there, leave all your Excuses, excuses and go and see to the need of your wife. I could have said much more My time is short. And I've ended. I hope the little that I have shared with you can do good to some relation can alter the relation of someone positively. Whenever I get feedback from any couples that are familiar with progress and our hostility. We took your advice in the marriage has been you know reconcile what life brings joy to me one marriage that is saved is saving the throne of Allah from taking May Allah subhanaw taala save us from being those

00:32:20 --> 00:32:30

immature husband who throw the threat of divorce at everything who become immature and irresponsible and give us the ability that we constructively contribute and let that separate us endeavor to lockwasher

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