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AI: Summary © The importance of Islam is discussed, including giving gifts and sharing information to increase one's mind and avoid negative consequences. It is emphasized that anyone can do it, but it is important to make it clear and understood. Consent to sharing information and learning about one's job is also emphasized. The importance of practicing good deeds and not calling people to die or do any other thing is emphasized, along with the need for organized and systematic messages in public settings. The speakers also discuss the benefits of giving invitations without negative language and practicing good deeds to gain control over one's behavior.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salaam Alaikum. That's the greeting of all the messengers and the last and final messenger greeted his followers. Jesus greeted his followers Moses, Abraham with this greeting of peace. And we're wishing you that same greeting peace be unto you. Thank you for tuning in to another episode of the deen show. To check out our show times, visit the deen show calm. We're here every week trying to help you understand Islam and Muslims. And today, we're going to be talking about dour, what does it mean is an obligation? Is it something you know, I just do for fun? Is it something that you know, we just leave for the guys with the bigger beards? Or the guys who

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have memorized more? Or the people who are the scholars that we just leave it for them? Or is this something for everybody? What are the do's and don'ts of it? We want to get you motivated. So you know that this is something wonderful. This is something that all the messengers of God did, and you lose it out if you're not doing it. And also for our brothers in humanity, the non Muslims. Our life is an open book. We don't have no secret meetings that you aren't invited to. You're invited to this too. Are we there to try to proselytize to you? Are we there to try to just convert you and force Islam down your throat? Are we just trying to give you an invitation to something I'll give you

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peace they'll give you life?

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When we next when we come back with our next guest we're gonna be covering this very, very important topic.

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Is his messenger

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Jesus was his messenger.

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Maybe it's just to break the ice. Let's bring out my brother and your brother.

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Please have a seat. Have a seat.

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Excited. Excellent. So am I not really excited, rather great. Excited. Oh, let's do this man. Because this is something that's dear to my heart. Excellent. So exciting to have you here. Pleasure to be on the show.

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How's your flight? So it was great. Yeah, everything's 100% under the law you have your own section on the dean show so people can go there and see some of the other shows that we've done. But we got to break some ice and we got it you know, it's encouraged that we give gifts

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of a gift and this is I mean, we thought this would be a great gift. The brothers that have date Have you heard of have date now have date, they help do a dial drive. And they have collected some things for us that we were able to get a lot more what we call DVDs for your the dollar machine. This is a whole truckload truckload, but a bag load of DVDs for dalla Masha loves Okay. Now, you know when the show's over, I'm not giving this back to you, man. Those are all great people. These are the Volume Two. Fantastic. Yeah. So they helped us well as drive together and we want to give it to you and get this out this message of peace out to the world. This is the part of that dial. We're

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talking DVDs. You've got the doctors economic you've got the Sunni mystery. They're excellent. Mashallah. Yeah. Well, yeah, excellent. So now, this is something that is crucial.

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Our, let's get right to it. so little time, so much of brain picking to do is an obligation. What does it mean? Let's start with that. Excellent. So let's start with the meaning. Because when you understand the meaning, you understand a lot of other things that come with it, because it comes from the Arabic tempo, right? Which means to invite, right? So it's an invitation, that was an invitation, and you invite people to something. So because when you look at it, and it means invite, it can't be a fight. And a lot of people think, though is a fight. It's a debate. It's this mini debate you have with people, you you trap them into a corner, make them uncomfortable, and then

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that's it, then they become Muslim. But that's not how it works. Like I'm right, you're wrong. That's it, and they take it or leave it. It is like kind of a debate, but it's not. And it's an invitation and have you ever had anyone invite you by by grabbing you putting a face to your face and saying you got to come to my house for dinner? No, it doesn't work. No one invites like scaring people. And so for first thing I'd like people to understand it's an invitation. It's an invitation, it can't be a fight. So don't fight with people and don't try to make people uncomfortable. You gently calling them to Allah, you want them to be enveloped in the mercy of Allah azza wa jal. So

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you don't want to make it a fight and you don't want to send them away from the religion because of the harshness and the crudeness and your behavior. That's the first and it's a definition so invitation

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Do we have this mindset like we have to now convert people that this is our duty that now we have to make them see that Allah God Almighty is one worshipped Him alone Prophet Muhammad peace be upon them was a messenger like Jesus the last and final messenger? Is this like our obligation to make their hearts believe this like some other faiths do? Absolutely not your obligation is just to tell people what the truth is just delivered a message and a large region would even say about his messenger sallallahu Sallam Allah, Allah Rasool Allah, the only obligation upon the messenger is to convey the message that's his job is not it's not anyone's job to go into someone's heart and change

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their heart. Your job is to tell people what the truth is, right as clearly as possible and as nice away as possible to make it as understandable as possible, then you can remind them again next week, a month from now, it's not a problem. But the point is, the rest is up to Allah azza wa jal, if you opened your heart to Islam or not, you did your job. That's it. And you can do your job again and again and again, with the same person. There's no limit to the number of times you can call someone to a lot, but that's your job. See, you know, the problem is it when people feel that their job is to change people's hearts. Most likely, you expect that there'll be unsuccessful in them. And when

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they're unsuccessful in that they feel let me just give up with this dollar thing because I'm not good at it. Yeah, that's because you put the wrong task in front of you. That's not your job. Just tell them about it. So now you tell them my job is this as I said before, for someone who has more knowledge someone who's a shake or a scholar or someone who's memorized now so you know what that that's that's for the big dogs as they say that's for the people who went to Medina went as hard went to this school Islamic Academy, who is this job for? Unfortunately, that that is the thought that you know, the people anyone with a beard over three inches they give just sitting watching. But

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the truth is, there are levels of Dawa, right? There are different levels of Dawa and some levels. You need to like fix, for example, giving a fatwa, you know, that's not my job, but it's not your job, the Mufti gives fatawa that's a very high level, right? Then there are certain things like, you know, teaching people in the massage, that would be like an Imam, or someone well versed enough to teach and explain al Qaeda or something like that, then there's a very basic level of Dawa very basic level of forbidden for building anything that's evil and enjoying what's good. This basic level, anyone can do it, that's basic, anyone can do it. So on the basic level, it's an obligation

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upon every living Muslim, let's hold off and come back on that point, we write about

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machines, I call you the dollar machine, you know what I mean? Because you know, what, a machine keeps going doesn't it doesn't stop keeps going and working. You know, we try to take a break here and there. But the idea is, we're going to die. And Angel death is coming. And this is a beautiful way to get closer to this way of life by constantly sharing it with others. And it's helping you also to increase in your mind. And that's like that machine I'm talking about, you just won't run in any people park the car, the machine and they don't turn it on at all. But you keep it going. Well, for the benefit of the doubt. First of all, it's maybe not as you described it, but anyways.

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So basically we're saying that, because look, some people argue they say, Not everyone's obligated to give down and they cite evidence from the Quran. Allah says no Quran will come in Come on Allah let there arise out of you, a group of people calling to Allah. You see, yes, I clearly says lead a group of people called to Allah. So they say that we don't all have to give Dawa. You know, if there's a group if there's an organization or in Chicago, that gives doubt, then that takes the blame off of me. So the scholars explained that a group here is talking about the specific things like the high levels of data that only certain people could do, but then on low level, anyone,

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anyone, I'll give you a simple example. Suppose there's a guy very uneducated, doesn't know much about politics, history, Islam or anything. He just prays five times a day. And let's say he has no skill besides making brooms. One day, he'll make brooms the next day who sell it in the market. That's it. So no, no level of knowledge whatsoever. He makes brooms and he sells them the next day. Now, you might ask me, okay, what kind of obligation? What kind of that was obligatory upon this guy? No knowledge. There is something you can always think of something he could do. He's walking to the market. He's his two kids cursing each other up. Can he tell them you're that boy Don't say

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that. Can you do that? He's definitely he can tell his children don't lie. Yes. Can we can he tell the person he's dealing with in the market that they know I don't lie or can you give Dawa by saying things like, you know, I'm gonna give you the honest price and in when I when I deal with someone in business, I don't swear by Allah's name, but can he give that one like that? Absolutely. So you cannot think of a scenario where anyone in the oma cannot

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Do any kind of enjoining? What's good or forbidding what's called

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a law?

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Let me

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say Allah is one. Yes. I mean, if you just know this even that you don't even have it memorized the whole surah just called who Allah had, say Allah is one. And so you're talking to people, you're delivering that your glory is one loaded set. And the person who said convey about me, even if it's just one verse, so that said this, are we saying everyone's obligated to give Jim a hot tub and explain books? No, yeah. But on a basic level, everyone's obligated to enjoy what's good and forbid what's evil, which is thou Yeah, though, isn't just specific things. And I know a lot of people like to make our you know, just walking in the street just handing out pamphlets. Yeah, no, no Jim

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hoppers, our teaching analysis dog, you know, telling someone, don't do this, do that enjoining, good, forbidding you all that is Bauer. So anyone can do it. Now, what should the main theme of the Dow be? What is the main thing that you're trying to get across? Not to the people? Well, this dow with this invitation, okay, now because like we're using Jin Tao as the general term, yeah. The scholars say that your goal is to make people more knowledgeable or better worshipers of Allah Subhan. Yeah, that's your goal, you know. So whatever it is, that will get people closer to Allah azza wa jal, or have more knowledge of Allah or more knowledge of the religion. Now, if you want to

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use Tao, and in the sense of talking to non Muslims, or calling people to Islam, inviting people to Islam, then here, obviously, you would, you want to keep a specific message and a clear message that comes through when you talk. Because a lot of times when people give Dawa, in that case where they're talking to someone trying to tell them about Islam, they just throw random bits of information at the person hoping that something will stick and or something might strike the right chord, and then they'll become Muslim. And that's actually not the right way to do it the right ways to have an idea. You want to take them through a thought process and explain it clearly. But you

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also need to find out, you know, what obstacles they have, what other belief system they belong to that because that's your obstacle, you remove that you present them with the oneness of Allah azza wa jal, and you move from there. So it's got to be systematic and organized a little bit, not just not scattered all over the place. Absolutely not. So the main thing should be the would you say the oneness of a law? Yeah, suppose I'm talking to a non Muslim, then I want to start First of all, I need to know who they are. Yeah, right. If I tell you right now, Eddie, just outside the studio, there's someone who's not a Muslim, go speak to him. You will cannot prepare your entire speech

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right here. Yeah. Right. Because you might plan Okay, I'm going to go outside, I'm going to shake their hand and give them a hug. Then you go and suddenly it's a woman? Yeah, there it goes. Plan A. Right. So you plan it based on the individual? So what if he's an atheist? You have the atheist speech ready for him? Right? where he's someone who believes in Trinity, you have the Trinity speech ready? What if he's someone who is a Hindu, you've got the Hindu speech ready? And what have you, someone who just has no religion, this is what Tell me about Islam, then you got the speech on Islam prepared. So that means you prepare your talk based on the individual, you don't have a, you know, a

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prepared rehearsed speech, and you just give it to anyone you meet. Yeah. Right. And this is what people need to understand that the dire because though, there's so many variables, that that it has to be malleable, has to be flexible, you have to be able to adjust and based on the situation. And there are many situations you run into, and you find you need to adjust your talk, you keep adjusting the talk. And one time I was talking to a man, and he had his child with him. He's a young boy, maybe eight, nine years old. But it was very important for this father to show his Sunday, his but he's a man. So every time I spoke to the Father, he kept telling me you're talking to both of

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us, right? He wanted me to look at his son. So now I had to adjust my whole speech, I had to keep looking at him and spending a lot of time looking at this kid, you know, so it does something that would have been used to or, or put in mind before, but I had to now adjust my speech to satisfy that. So basically have to be flexible, you have to be malleable, and have to go with whatever is the situation, the problem the person has, you know, some people have different problems, this person will believe everything you say, but I don't like the issue of divorce in Islam, or I believe everything you say, but there is a specific obstacle that I have, or I'm ready 100% but my mother is

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not ready for me to so then you have to come up with solutions. So the intention has to be there that look, if we get to talk about baseball, football, you talk about everything under the sun, but you're not talking about the purpose of life, why you've been created sharing that with the non Muslim colleagues or the people that you interact with. That's a problem is it? It's a big problem. And how do you know those people aren't going to come on the day of judgment and use you as an excuse, you know, for their misguidance or for their co for they might come in and use you as an excuse. Well, I knew this man for 20 years. He never spoke to me about

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Now, here's my neighbor for 15 years not wants to invite me to snap, the everyone wants an excuse on a day of judgment. How do you know they won't use you as an excuse? So that's why you got to go out there and talk to people and don't just like it. You said, You're talking about baseball for two hours. Why not talk about a low once? And it's I mean, it's real simple. I mean, just when people get down to the nitty gritty of life, and you just start to have people to think why they are here in this life, why they've been created simple things like that, right? Is this I mean, tell us now is this so why is this effect it's incumbent on every person who is a Muslim, to give the invitation

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to this way of life? This is without a doubt, no shadow of a doubt that this is an obligation? Well, there's some there's some scholars who say that since you chose to live in Atlanta, that's that's where the Muslims are minority, then one of your obligations is to tell people about Islam tofu, but a lot. Now, you might think that okay, well, someone might argue now, that not everyone is able to do that. I mean, that takes you have to have your, you know, know your verses and be ready and be eloquent and be brave enough to walk up to people. the mercy of Allah azza wa jal is that he puts so many avenues through which you can do something. He didn't ask every single one of us to go stand in

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the street corner and just call random strangers and just let them have it. No, you could do it through the internet. You could do it through you know, articles, you could do it through passing out material and not talking to anybody real simple. You can mail people material, mail it to them. Yes, give them an email, anything I mean, the pamphlet and get that message to anything, give them CDs, whatever it is. Give them the deen show that they go Volume One and two. Just not from my bag, though. Yeah, we got the 10 minute Shahada. Okay, well, that's mostly for Muslims. Right. Yeah. To learn the the techniques. That's that's a great tool there also, and the guy who does it very

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handsome martial law they can see right now and the screen is seeing the cover. Okay, great. Great. So okay, so we know that this is something that's incumbent, it's something that brings blessings in your life. Talk to us about the benefits, people want to know, what am I getting when I do this? All right. First of all, like, suppose now I tell you look, Edie there is there's this investment opportunity. All right, but it's going to close in one hour. Look, whatever amount of money you give me right now to invest in this. Whatever you put in, it's going to be multiplied by seven, then it's going to be multiplied the seven, each one of them will be multiplied by 100. And then the hundreds

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could just keep multiplying. Now, you will do everything to put as much money as you can before that out one hour window closes, right, you're gonna borrow, you're gonna put as much money as you want. Say here, here's 10 bucks, but that multiply by 70 to 70. Multiply by 100 each. That's fantastic. You can say, wait a minute, let me get all the money I can get Hey, can I borrow this from you? Hey, Dad, can I borrow 1000 Hey, can I book and you put as much money as you can? Because the reward is so great. Yeah. You know, Allah subhanaw taala multiplies the reward for the dad so much and, and just the fact that you're giving Dawa. Allah says no Quran woman as no colon. When men die in Allahu

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Allah is asking, and it's a rhetorical question. So he's really telling us, no speech is better than to do that, to call people to Allah. And to do the word, no speech is better. No, nothing is better than that. Let's hold off on that. No speech is better. And we'll be right back on the dean show.

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Show, talking about that invitation, invitation to thiess. That invitation that gives you peace, that invitation to worship, the one who created you serve him along without any associates.

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That is Islam. Talk to us. Now some of the benefits the wonderful benefits that a person gets from giving the invitation to his brothers in humanity. Excellent. So last thing, we said that it's the best speech that we can say that's better than this better than calling people to Allah. But interestingly, two things, though, you call to Allah. It's not about you, not about your ego, not about, you know, telling people to die or the donation, or anything like that.

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And then also, so you're calling it but then what's the ISIS? Well, I'm in a Salah, and you do the good deeds yourself? Yeah. It's not like you call people you know, you show them the light and you practice what you preach. Exactly. Yeah, you practice what you preach. So like, you find other things like very interesting how if you teach someone now how to pray, right? Every time you pray, you get your reward, every time they pray, because you taught them you get reward, then if he takes what you taught them, and he teaches 10 other people, every time those 10 him and the temporary, you get 11 rewards for each time they pray plus yours, then if the 10 go and teach their kids how to

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pray, it just keeps going on and on and on. And it doesn't diminish anything from the other person at all. Now, if someone told you there is a stock where your dollars multiply, like that people would sell their clothes to to invest as much as they could into it. But then when Allah tells us this, and the President tells us this, we're like, Oh, that's nice to know. That's great. That's great. Is it

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Is there any wasted time if the person doesn't even, you know, he turns a blind eye to what you're saying, you know, that's what people think they think that for you to get reward for that what people need to convert know, if the act of you standing there giving Dawa or sitting or whatever it is giving you get reward for that. No highlights around the profit. No, he gives down for over 950 years. He told me he's not and few people believed. He told me he doesn't get much reward for those 950 years. That's amazing. He gets to show us how easy it is give us some stories, examples. Okay, I'll give you one example. And this is something basically that I mean, just about all your

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listeners and shut up, probably more than 99.9% of them would qualify. You could do a higher level than this man. This is a man paralyzed from the neck downwards. He can only speak and he sits at the hospital all day and night. He just lives at the hospital. So he's paralyzed from the neck downwards. You can only speak and he brought 100 people to basically when a non Muslim walks by, he says, you see the bench bunch of problems on the floor there, sir. Excuse me, could you please take a look? He's paralyzed, he's paralyzed. He can only speak can even point like I was pointing when I was saying take a bath. You can't even do that can't do it. He just says you see the pump was on the

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floor. There was one read it. This should be encouragement for us all. Look at that. That's it. So there's no way that your listeners know. or below that. I mean, they're able to at least move and type send the email do something. Yeah. But like I said, again, it's from the mercy of Allah, He makes so many avenues through which you can do Dawa. Yeah. So if you if you feel like, you know, speeches and going out and speaking and this night is not your field, find an avenue, because there's so many go out and feed the poor. Dude, there's a million in one minute and then that is brought to you by Islam. Exactly. Yeah, you gotta you gotta plug the sponsor. Exactly. Yeah, yeah.

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Excellent. Tell us now we're almost out of time. And again, so much things. And this is just to give people that motivation that they need to get out there and do what all the messages of God did. But there's like, some stigma people be like, you know, what, a lot of times when you bring up religion because of some other faiths now, it's gotten a bad rap. But we know Islam is logical, rational makes sense. And usually when people hear it, you know what, it just stimulates something because it's not blind faith. How do we get past some of these stereotypes? This is something I'm sure you, you, you've experienced yourself. You missed all the people who have given down in America, you

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know, Canada, Australia, people try to think like all religions are the same now. But if you ask that, that is true. Most people think there's a stigma, there's an issue and they might, you know, might meet some aggressive people and they want to hear it from you. But talk to us all around the world. It's a great experience, you're out, you're talking to people, you put your hands on their shoulders, you laugh, you exchanged phone numbers, you it's a it's not a fight when we got to dow University, wherever it's not a fight. It's a good day, do I love it, they get in a rush, and their demand increases. And it's a very nice, secure mine increases, right? So it's helping you to develop

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us. It's like one day said, you know, if you're watching a garment with your hand, at the end of the process, your hand is cleaned. Yeah, but you were trying to wash the garment. But your hand became cleansed in the process. Same thing you're calling people to allies, drawing you closer to Allah. Is it true that if one person and Allah giving you the ability to guide someone with a loss permission, the creator's permission that is better than everything in this world, but in the whole world and everything that's in it, in another generation, it's better than the best of wealth? But if we really felt that Edie, would we not be giving out giving Dawa, we really felt that we would never

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stop giving. Okay for our non Muslim guests, people that can tune in every week. And we're encouraging them because they're our brothers in humanity. Let them be our brothers and faith. What is this call? What is this doubt give them the doubt. The call is basically if you believe in Allah, you believe in a creator, that he is the only one who has no partner and no children, no relatives, anything like that, that he's one eternal and absolute. And that he sends all the prophets to guide people to humanity, just like He sent Jesus and Abraham and Moses and all the other prophets. He also sent the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam in Arabia 1400 years ago, who came with the same

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basic messages, all the prophets did not deviate from it. And if you believe that he could have possibly sent the Prophet Mohammed as one of his prophets, then you already have the ingredients with which to become a Muslim. Because to become Muslim, all you have to do is say exactly just that with your tongue, that there is no god worthy of worship except Allah, and that Muhammad is His servant and His Messenger. That's simple. That is and the reward is the reward his agenda, paradise paradise, because we're all going to die. That's a reality. Not a fantasy, that's something that's a fact. Everyone's gonna die just real quick few seconds, okay, some tools that they can use. For the

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Muslims you have. If people want some more things that they can get familiar with, you have this 10 minute Shahada for the Muslims, yes, if they want to learn our techniques, there's a workshop called How to give a Shahada in 10 minutes. You can find that on YouTube and many, many other websites have it and they have different versions of it.

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A lot of people have heard that and they brought someone in brought 100 and some of them brought 50 people to Islam just by listening to to that workshop, it teaches you that with techniques what to say what not to say how to dress, all these things are mentioned in it and inshallah very beneficial. What pamphlets Do you like those things that, you know will address the common misconceptions of Islam being associated with terrorism, which is something that Islam condemns. The other false misconception stereotypes that people have, you know, the concept of God, the what is Islam? There's some beautiful pamphlets by what, who, who prints it, like why Islam or Yeah, they

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have so many of them, whoever has them, you know, is what are some of the pamphlets that you recommend? What what the we recommend is that you read each the best pamphlet is based on the individual and the individual. Yeah, so get those. They're real nice and colorful. And I mean, not just because we do the show, can I get one of those? One of your gifts, you'll get it back? Okay. You also I mean, we've gotten the best out there. And a lot of people like yourself, we're going to have you in show on volume three, I mean, you got the DVD for dollar. I mean, if someone has done the work, take if it's the flyers, if it's someone else that you like you suggest this, whoever it

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is, if they put something together use it. This is something that we thought we have some of the people's stories, how they've come to Islam, some of the great duels, students and knowledge scholars. And this is something that we encourage all the essays, all the Tao organizations, the machines to get this, we want to print more we give these to the non Muslims for free for free for free. We want our brothers in humanity to become our brothers in faith. And at least even if they don't accept the message, there's no coercion, coercion in religion, it's up to them their free choice, but at least they understand us a little bit better now. So this is what we have. And with

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that said, thank you very much allowed the accrued reward you for being with us. And that is it for this episode of the Dean's show. Do that simple tasks that God Almighty has asked you to do be the best human being that you can be you can't do that following your own desires. You have to do it by the game plan. The best game plan is God's Game Plan A laws game plan and that is

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to submit your will to his will Islam and that's how you gain peace. Is that simple. Is that easy? And then share it share with your colleagues your neighbors everyone around you. And nothing less than Paradise is the final reward. I hope you have gotten understand some of the beautiful things that we have said we'll see you next time here on The Daily Show Salaam Alaikum. Peace be unto you.

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eats comb eats lay everybody sleepy.

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Arise and asked ask a lot of thinking me. Oh la You see? Oh la you know all the scenes I do. A turn to you to begin cinema.

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Have you seen a

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guy be

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