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The speakers discuss the main ideas of the Koran section and the importance of the dowry of the prophets and brides, as well as the hidden dowry of the men who are not married. They also touch on the complexities of the Islam system and the importance of fulfilling the dowry in a relationship, including financial support and intimacy. The speakers emphasize the importance of following prophets and not changing what one community has given. They also discuss the negative impact of graduating early on in life and the importance of peace and being acknowledgged as an Christian sister.

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This Ramadan, we are taking a journey through the Koran,

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talking about the main ideas of the Koran section by section to accompany our recitation of the entire book at night.

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Last week, we pointed out that Allah azza wa jal discusses the communities before us who were given revelation, but turned away from it, or lost. It's in Surah Al Baqarah. And they're now the next few chapters of the poor and focus more on us, the Muslims, the final community to be given a was divine message. Allah subhana, who was our other begins to lay down our Shediac the guidance that we are expected to follow as individuals, as families, and as a community. It is significant that ALLAH SubhanA was the other deals with certain issues before others. And the issues that he deals with first Isaiah with Joe, are issues related to the family, marriage, divorce, inheritance, all of them

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feature heavily in this part of the core and I'll also panel with artists as well as when the size of the party hitmen they don't leave another quote, I'm sure you won't have Santa but Google honey Marie, and give the women upon their marriage their bridal gifts graciously. But if they give up some of that willingly to you, then take it in satisfaction and in ease. Allah subhanho wa Taala is talking about metal, the dowry. The dowry is one of the essential elements of any valid marriage contract. It is so important that the prophet is at so that

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if someone wanted to get married, but it was too poor, the Prophet alayhi salatu salam would not waive the method or entirely, he would not waive the dowry entirely. He wouldn't tell them, Don't worry about it. Instead, he would lower it to make it very affordable no matter what someone's economic situation was and he would accept as a dowry. Whatever someone could manage. The dowry is essential because it should prove that the potential husband is willing to financially provide for his wife. We need a way to differentiate between the men who are serious about their responsibilities and the men who are just playing around. The dowry is one of the ways this is

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accomplished. How much should the Tao repeat

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ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says what in the ultimate stupid that is? Oh, again. Zoji McKenna's oetjen Tito devil nothing in the fall. But that's that follow me who Shana if you wanted to get divorced and remarried. If you've given the first wife a great amounts don't take back anything from it. Allah says would you take it with injustice and manifest sin? Allah azza wa jal says a phrase here can fall that proves that it is allowed it is permissible to give a very large amounts. Many scholars points out that this verse proves that it's allowed to have very large galleries however, the Sunnah reminds us that while it might be permissible it might not be a great idea. The process

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of a loved one he was suddenly said Hallo Sadat a so how can I be happy? The best dowry is the one that's easy. We'll call it football with the last one he was so the party Musa solder to Mesa in low Karen that's macromol tan fit dunya our top one in the lobby Canada Hola, como welcome. We have Mohamed Salah Lavalle he was on ma Robbie Alomar who said, Don't go to extremes with the dowry, for if there had been any worldly honor in it, or if it if it had been an act of piety than the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa southern would have been the first and most entitled to it. All might have continued mastica to minisite if he will, austere cuts in tune mean Vanetti he acted our

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minister can say Asha tell the none of the prophets wives or

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Word his daughters were given more than 12 will pee as a dowry. The dowry of the prophets wives and daughters is the preferred dowry, according to many scholars. So it's worth trying to calculate and to see what it is in today's currency. Swell a little thing Thea is around 500 did him at the time of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, The Deer Hunter is a coin of silver. But there is a problem when it comes to calculating a dowry or calculating your as a cat or anything based off of silver. And that problem is that the price of silver has collapsed relative to the price of gold today, silver is very, very cheap, compared to the time of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, at the time of the

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prophets of Allah Allahu Allah, he was suddenly the price of gold was 10 times the price of silver. Today, the price of gold is almost 100 times the price of silver, that is a huge difference. To show why this is a problem let's let's calculate our as a cast real quick. While we're on the subject. All of us know that for the cats to be an obligation upon you, you have to be in continuous possession of a certain amount of money, minimum amounts of money for an entire calendar year. If your bank account goes over that minimum amounts, you start counting the days, the weeks, the months, if a year passes, and your bank account is still above that minimum amounts guesswork, it's

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time to pay zakat.

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If your bank account ever goes below that amount, at any point, you start counting over again from zero until your bank account passes that minimum amount once more. What is this minimum amount, if we calculate it according to silver, it would only be $490.

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That is very low.

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$490 is not even a one month's rent. And Zitat is about purifying the wealth of the rich by giving some of it to the poor as a Prophet alayhi salatu salam said in that he leave with more eyes when he sent him to Yemen. He said that if any of us have a loving sort of level, I think he was involved in the Conservative government itself. But they were only that she had a deep love lava and he also will walk until he says

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the inner authority that he can leave home and the lack of follow him. So the content talks about me and helped me in

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first of all, to people who are even the key part of the hadith is at the end the prophets of Allah while he was summoned, defined as the cat as something that is taken from the rich and given to the poor, if you have $490 Are you rich?

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No, of course not. That is because the price of silver has collapsed compared to the price of gold at the time the prophets of Allah or aqueous and if we calculate our as a cat in gold, however, we get something much more in line with the purpose of the cat, the minimum amounts becomes $5,411. If you have 5000, at least $5,411 in your bank accounts, and you have it continuously for a year. Congratulations, according to the city if you are rich, and now you must pay the cat 2.5% Of all the assets that you have given to the poor. By the way, the hadith of Maya also indicates that it is better to pay yours a cat locally made of money in

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Toronto either for good or evil.

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And this method of handling that collects and distributes the cat funds to the poor in our community. If you are interested, you can pay as a cat in cash, with the donation boxes in the wall on your way out or through your card via the website, the app or the kiosk.

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Now that we have taken care of the cat, let's get back to the dowry. We have shown how calculating prices in silver will not work. If we calculate the recommended dowry in gold. We find that the dowry of the prophets wives and daughters was no more than $10,000.

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Being part of this community for the last couple of years, I have seen both extremes. I have seen galleries that are

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so high that you wonder how the groom will manage to pay it off and take care of his financial responsibilities to his wife, and future children. I have also seen dowry so low that you wonder how committed the husband will be when the relationship experiences hardship. This is especially a problem with our many convert sisters in the community, who often do not understand that they are even entitled to a dowry at all, let alone what the reasonable dowry is, it's extremely important that the dowry fulfill its purpose. And in order to do that the dowry has to be in between those two extremes. It can't be so cheap, that men do not take marriage seriously. But it also can't be so

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expensive, that it makes marriage difficult or even impossible.

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One of the reasons we mentioned we mentioned for a dowry in line with the Sunnah is not to burden the husband when it comes to supporting his family. Because in this part of the Quran, Allah azza wa jal lays down the responsibility that husbands have within the family. Allah azza wa jal says we're actually open the bidding battle and live with them, meaning their spouses according to what is recognizably good. Allah subhana wa Tada commands men to treat women well, no matter how the relationship is going. When Allah Subhana Allah, Allah says live with them. It includes everything. It includes your kindness. It includes how you divide work in the home. But there are two

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responsibilities that a man has to his wife that are the basis of everything else. That is financial support, and intimacy. The husband is responsible for providing enough money or enough food, enough clothing bills.

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That is accepted as a standard and normal for the society that you are living in. You do not have to build a castle gentleman. But you also cannot abandon your wife to fend for herself. When early a lot more on who was the Khalifa. The soldiers that were fighting in Iraq and in Shem had gone from their wives for a very, very long time. Some of them had not sent back any money to their wives, since they had left home or long run the alumni who actually wrote to the commanders of the army and told him to force their soldiers either to send money home or to divorce their wives. That is how serious the issue is. The second thing is intimacy. One of the most significant transformative

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experiences in a woman's life is to have a child and the majority of women, they enter marriage with hopes of having a child. No one has the right to leave her alone for weeks and months at a time. Her clock is ticking. No one has the right to waste her time, men, if you're not going to give her the opportunity to fulfill that part of her life. You need to get out of her life and make way for someone who will finally turn into inheritance Allah subhanho wa Taala explains in detail the Islamic system of inheritance and stresses that these are limits that are set by Allah subhanahu wa taala. And whoever distributes inheritance according to a different system is committing a terrible

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sin. He says Tilka who do the law. And then he says when they sit in that household level, we are taught that for good of who you that pinnacle now and I call it don't be her, whatever you are, that will Mohit. These are the limits set by Allah and whoever disobeyed Allah, His messenger and transgresses his limits, he will put him into the fire to abide eternally they're in and he will have a humiliating punishment on the eyes of Allah. Someone might look at these inheritance laws today and say, Wait a second. These don't seem fair. They're not equal. What is this brothers inherits more than their sisters, daughters inherits more than their fathers. How is this right? A

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lot of system of inheritance only seems unfair. If you think of people as individuals, Allah subhanho wa Taala is trying to teach us that we are not just individuals. We need to have relationships with other people and relationships involve a certain degree of dependence. If our families and our communities are going to be me best that they can be we all

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can't do the same thing. You have a job and I have a different job. You rely on me in some ways and I rely on you in other ways. That's why after a lot explains the system of inheritance he says what else as a man no man football alone. We'll be back tomorrow about the project Lena Siegelman, Baxter Cebu what is in the same room with Metro seven was a little low, I mean, probably in the LA County could be shaken or aneema and do not long, don't wish for what Allah has given to others, for men is a share of what they have earned, and for women is a share of what they have earned. And ask Allah for his bounty. Indeed, a law is ever of all things knowing men and women are not in competition

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with each other. Men should not envy women for what makes them special. Women should not envy men for what makes them special. We have different roles to play. Sometimes they overlap. But above all, we have to work together we're on the same team. That's the type of family and society that Allah subhanho wa Tada What's up political

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savvy Muslim.

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First of all in

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come to Villa Fionna. was super well typically you want in anyway. I think a lot of laughter will actually get a hotel Lima, or shadow and then the Vienna will seat and then Mohammed INNOPOLIS, who are sort of

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some of our body while he was here with us when it was Sunday Walters Lehman could be wrong.

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By dealing with marriage, divorce and inheritance first, Allah subhanho wa Taala is telling us that a righteous community begins with a righteous family.

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After Allah gives us the most important guidance we need to establish that righteous family. He gives us guidance for other aspects of human life. sort of tell America and uncover our food and teach us to be mindful about the things that we consume. Allah Subhana Allah to Allah teaches us that leaving a clean life is not just good for the body, but also for the spirits as well. sorrows and fowl and Surah Toba cover warfare, because warfare is sadly unnecessary part of human existence. Later in the Quran, Allah azza wa jal says put in a linear linear path, I'm gonna be Anna homebuilding, we're in Allah, Allah now streaming, live and learning hopefully Domina the array can

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be very happy and ill and Yaku rasool Allah, whatever the Allah in so babbling about the hook demands, so wherever you won't be arguing not whatsoever. So when I say I do, use kettle V has moved on with the view of Allah says permission to fight has been given to those who are being fought, because they were wronged. And indeed Allah azza wa jal is competent to give them victory. Those who have been evicted from their homes without rights only because they say our Lord is Allah. And we're not set Allah checks that people some by means of others, there would have been demolished all the monasteries, all the churches or synagogues or the mosques, in which the name of Allah is mentioned.

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Often. Allah subhana wa Tada says that if we weren't allowed to defend ourselves, not just all the mosques, but all of the churches and all of the synagogue's will be destroyed. There are out there in the world of some people who are evil and will not rest until they destroy everything that is good and sacred in this world. And so Allah subhanaw taala has made it our duty to stand up to those people and to protect what is good and sacred. This is something we are generally not comfortable speaking about in North America after 911 Muslims have been targeted, we have been spied upon, we have been interrogated, and worse we have been treated in society and in the media, as if we were an

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enemy. The sad reality is that most of our children, sooner or later, will be called a terrorist by a bully at school. We know that's not what Islam is about. We know the peace that Allah brings to individuals through Islam, and the peace that Islam has to teach the world. But it is a mistake to ignore or downplay what ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada said

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It is about warfare when it's okay when it's not okay, what you're allowed to do, what you're not allowed to do. If we are ignorant of the rules and limits that are lots of having what the other has set, we, and especially our young people become vulnerable to being deceived by any well spoken person with extremist views that comes along their newsfeed the cure for ignorance is to ask is to learn is to know not to hide and ignore. Beginning and sorrows are often then in sort of the Toba. And in sort of unison who the use of ALLAH SubhanA wa, without it turns our attention away from the Shinya, and more towards the prophets that Allah azza wa jal has sent throughout history. In this

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section of the Quran, Allah subhana wa Taala wants us to understand a few essential things first, Allah subhanaw taala guides us and He wants us to be guided back and sorted and if Allah azza wa jal had told us that denying the revelation means denying who Allah is, well man, other Allah Akbar, Padre it follow a plan that Allah Allah investment in new shape. And they underestimated Allah when they said that Allah did not reveal anything to a human being. That is because Allah loves us too much to leave us wandering without guidance. Allah loves us too much to leave us without knowing how to tell right from wrong. Allah subhanaw taala knows that the stakes are high, we're talking about

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the afterlife. He wanted to make sure that we had perfectly clear guidance, either to accept or to deny. Next Allah subhanaw taala wants us to know that he has chosen prophethood for our main source of guidance. Allah azza wa jal says at the beginning of Surah Yunus, a candidate Nancy Ahjumma, and oh, hey, nagila are the people are the people amazed that we have revealed revelation to a man from among them? Allah subhanho wa Taala did not send the tablets from the sky. He didn't give every single individual their own personal revelation. He didn't send an Angel to teach us and our dreams are not fully reliable. He sent prophets. It's right there in the testimony of faith. More important

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than following our dreams or our intuition is following the prophets. That is the one source of guidance that we can be absolutely sure about. And Allah subhanho wa Taala chose Prophets for very good reasons. First, prophets are people just like you would meet. They're not angels. They're not perfect. They can make mistakes. Giving us someone like ourselves, helps us relate to them. It gives us a role model, and it gives us hope. If we had been sent an angel, at some point, they might have said, I give up. I can't be like that. I'm no angel. Allah subhanaw taala also sent prophets so that we could ask them questions so that we could seek clarification and understand how everything fits

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together. If Allah subhana wa Taala had just sent us a book from the sky. We would have been wondering, are we interpreting this the right way or not? Are we giving priority to the right things or not? The Companions they had lots of questions, and having the Prophet with them on a list of them gave them the opportunity to get further guidance as to how to understand the Koran and how to apply it.

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Allah subhana wa Azada also set prophets so that the message came from outside ourselves, it would have been too messy. If the revelation were given to us through dreams or directly to our hearts, separating out the good impulses from the wishful thinking of the delusion is not always easy. Sometimes our thoughts and feelings are motivated by self interest. Settling down revelation to a different person to teach us saves us from that confusion. Next, Allah azza wa jal shows us that the prophets all came with the same message of Tawheed Your God is one. So worship the one God over centuries and different parts of the world. Allah has made a message has always been until feed and

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that does not change. Because top here it has to do with reality. The reality of the universe, there can only be one reality you

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There's one Creator, or there's not. Someone might ask if Allah's message hasn't changed, then why is it that we follow different rules that previous communities? Or why can't we follow the rules that other communities were given?

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And the answer to this is because of the shoddy off that each community was given can change from community to community a lot, as widow says, because Jonathan, from the shear on someone we've had to each of those communities, we gave them a show yeah. And away.

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Reality does not change. But the rules for how people are expected to interact with that reality might change somewhat across centuries and continents. Islam, Allah wants us to know, is a continuation. It's the final piece in the puzzle of Revelation. It contains the same information about reality that Eliza Dell has always revealed, with a new study hard for us to worship by.

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When we see other beliefs that contradicts us how feed we know that this did not come from a divine source. This was not revealed by the Creator. Rather, this was something that people invented on their own. Allah says, well, not Kevin. So he led omens. And while Peterson

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and mankind was not the one community united in religion, but then later, later, they started to split up and different.

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It's very simple. Allah subhanaw taala is asking us to submit to his original teachings, the only divine teachings to heed and to take the final messenger and what happened some of the love for it he was held on as our guide. We submit ourselves to this guidance, we submit our families to this guidance our communities,

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and the success that we have in this life and the next will only come through this guidance