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Waleed Basyouni
AI: Summary © The importance of Islam is discussed, including the need for independence and being wary of others' actions. The segment touches on the topic of being a free person and the importance of knowing one's own values. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for a woman named Anna oma. The segment also touches on the misunderstandings of the legal system and the need for people to make their own decisions, as well as the importance of protecting one's health and community during the pandemic. The speaker mentions a recent interview with a woman named Maria who is "very happy to see how committed she is to one thing is to make the ground on the ground."
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Hi Hey.

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hamdulillah salat wa salam ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallim ala Mata Sleeman kathira

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all praised you to align His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family, his companions and his followers until the day of judgment. I bear witness that Allah is the only one worthy of worship and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his last and final messenger. My dear brothers and sisters,

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our religion told us the story of the beginning of humanity

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and told us how Allah Subhana Allah created Adam in the best way that he created Adam with his own hands, and he fashioned him and he blew the room, the soul inside Adams body, and he made him perfect. He taught him languages, the names of things that the loss pannacotta made while Allah Adam usma akula pata abri Suma. monarca answers to the Lima Hara to be a de and also not only that, that Allah Subhana Allah made the angels to prostrate themselves before Adam out of honoring this creature of a las panatela who was created in a way that is different than any other creation. What are the columna Benny Adam Oh Hamel now homefield very well, we have honored the children of Adam

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and we made them be carried in land and and see and loss of Hana data set available now Humala, Kathy Reman Halak net of leader we have favored humans, over so many of my creations are lost my data set

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and that honoring for human beings. Part Part basically essentially you might say, it is has to do with you being a believer to Las panatela the angels are more righteous and more obedience than us. But there is also something else beside the Eman the faith that obedience the following of Allah subhanaw taala part of it is a component of many things part of it you making that choice to obey Allah subhanaw taala and to abstain from the Haram but no doubt one of it is your character traits. Allah Allah Allah tala vihara Muslim I will movement out and inside that your character traits also has a lot to do with the honoring of this human being. That basically the attitude that you have in

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life and Allah Subhana Allah as he cared about our body he cared about are also manners and about how we behave. That's why the religion was never just a bunch of rules has to do things that you do with your lens and that's it, or just some theoretical thing that you think of no religion is all of us and a components of all this and add to it, what basically conduct and how we interact with each others in the Islam

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Much more and with the Canada minute piatto Tsuchiya Eva dat well I'm Amanda via our Valentina. Well, Aquila.

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And one of the thing that I want to focus on today, and it is very important for us to keep that especially living in a society that a challenge, assimilation, the dill, Islam builds in Muslim, a very interesting concept, which is the concept of being independent.

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And being a free thinker and a person who make decision based on you know,

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a valuable resources and clear evidence. And it's very interesting. It makes you very strong person, and very critical critical as well in your thinking and the way you make your decisions from day one. Al Islam told us that you are independent when it comes to responsibility. So for example, you Islam teach us that your actions you will bear the consequences of your actions, no one else will bear and you will not be responsible for other people's actions, larger 00 to zero, you will never carry the scent of somebody else and no one will carry your sins you will carry your in your own cologne fcmb my cassava tahina. Each and every one of you will be hold accountable for their actions

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in them a man who Kumasi halochem femin words interferon gamma dilla woman was an early Kapha Illuminae lanessa Allah said it is your deeds. If you find good praise your Lord. And if you find something else, blame no one except yourself. And Islam teach us that your family your lineage, your last name, your ethnicity, your skin color, your position, your degree will not make any difference when it comes to how you will be judged in the Day of Judgment. And how you will be looked at by Allah subhana wa tada and in the B cell allow yourself Sallam said, I swear by Allah if my own daughter would steal something, I will punish her like any other individual in this society. Now

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NFlt may have been to Mohammed Salah cut to Allah and had the appalling Nabi sallallahu sallam, and he said also in the Day of Judgment, you have any Hashem your father, you have been to Mohammed Saloni Machito maluma for inilah oneone Komiyama Okay, I met him in Malaysia, he gathered his families on a large scale. And he said, my relative, my daughter, whatever you want from me, Now, tell me because in the Day of Judgment, I will not benefit you with anything. Don't think just because you're from the province or solemn family and the Day of Judgment, you're going to have a pass, you know, you're not going to be hold responsible, if that's applied to the processor and

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daughters, and the closest to him and his grandchildren. How about those who are just people like us, and individuales Allah subhanho wa Taala said Farah and Saba Bina homeodomain, even when our whom you had to say alone, your lineage will not benefit you anything your family members, and the day of judgment when you are facing your own record.

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And Islam also teachers, we have we build in us that sense of independency when it comes to belief, you choose your belief, and you have to it's not an imitation. It's not just because you know what, my parents Muslim, I'm Muslim, I do I choose that. Nobody can force religion on you. Nobody can force you to have a belief. And if you force someone to believe in something that's not called an Islam, I believe, you know, that's why I'll put on filled with versus criticizing those who build their belief on just you know, I don't care whatever my family are, I am just following them. belcarra What about Anna Anna oma, we're in a 30 meter Dune fissara that Allah Subhana Allah is

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telling us that we found our fair forefather doing something and we just following the foot steps. were either ketola homotopy ruma answer Allah pallu balneotherapy ruma. And finally,

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I want to can about whom layer I'm a layer eluna Shea and voila, Dune.

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And many verses in the same line on tells us that when it comes to believe, you have to make your own research. You have to make your own. You know, you think about it. That's why I ever come to wahida and tacoman in LA he must now have Radha filmoteca co workers family averted a balloon. I've read many verses in the Quran saying, why don't you think about this universe to come to that conclusion to

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Now that you are in need of our last panel done, to know the reality of your strength, this is something from your own research also, and Islam, as we all know, put that condition like it cannot have a dean, you cannot force anyone into the religion has to be a choice. Why? Because if your belief not coming from within, from your own choice, your own decision, you will never be proud of that belief. You will not be willing to make all the sacrifice for that belief. What would make someone to give half of his wealth have all his wealth? What if someone work hard for all this money then we give it away for people that stranger he doesn't know it just that believe that he built in

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his heart? What would make someone give his life up sacrifice willing to die for it? It is because he believed in it.

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What would make someone be proud of Islam unless he really believes in Islam, proud of sooner, unless you really believe in the Sunnah of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam. As for those who are forced into something at any time, they will, they will never stand for it.

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Communism, years and years and decades, were shoveled people throats

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and communist country.

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And people just kick it out. In no time when they not there is no police officer behind their back.

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And Islam.

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Teach us also to be independent. It's polite. It's interesting when it comes to many acts of worship. And Islam tell us you do this and you don't imitate for instance, he said don't pray in certain times. Because this is the time of the people who worship the stars and the moons and the sons they worship or they worship the fire. That's how they worship you don't worship like them. A place where they celebrate certain ritual we're not allowed to pray there, or we're not out to celebrate they're in Nabi sallallahu Sallam in his time. See how he built that sense of, you know, in dependency, when they talk about how we can call people for Salah people said what about the

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bill? No, that's Christians way. How about the trumpet? He is this ad now that's how the Jews do. Then they came up with their own they were thinking about it to somebody even saw dream about the Adana and he told the process on them and that's how it became, you know, in fasting the same thing. The story also goes that how in fasting that we been asked to fast Ashura, then we add extra days so became independent, not like the people who celebrate Ashura. The day that Allah spent Allah save Moosa in hajj, we do a lot of things different than the sugar cane of maca used to do to the extent that in Episode One, even when they asked him about approaching your family and you know the

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intimate with your family, in certain positions, it was forbidden and in certain position is does uninor says Don't worry about them, this is how we do it. He many, many, many incidents you see that the person building in their community members the sense of independency just we not just blind follower to what commonly out there over common belief out there unless it makes sense unless it is correct. Ellison's beneficial

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even in Nabi sallallahu, alayhi wa sallam when it comes to interaction, like for example, in the town of Rasul Salaam, woman during their menses, they were abandoned, not allowed to enter places, according to the Jewish scripture at that time in Medina, in the midst of Psalm said no

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that's for Karina Mahalo to Kira Sophia Dickey. When you when you have your menses, your hand still pure. You don't you know, that's has nothing you can shake and you can walk you can touch things. And he said sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Can you are allowed to intimate with your wife during her menses with everything except *? That's not allowed, but anything else it's allowed, had tocolytic who will lie in the Mohammed library to Anoop cache anila Hanafi.

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To the extent the Jew said with the scholar among them, they said, Muhammad left nothing. Nothing we do unless he does the opposite.

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Or make a difference or make the distinguish. That's how they think but that was not very true. But the point is that this is not about creating animosity as much as about creating a sense of being proud. Feeling special, feeling different.

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But not to feel arrogance. You know, that's why in Islam, we don't even the process but don't wear this type of clothes because that's how the machine came dress when you saw a man wearing a complete red dress. He said don't for men is not allowed and many of them are himolla said that this is macro that you were

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just nothing but read from top like top and bottom said it's macro and nobody solemn said don't wear that. That's not the way the Muslims that's why we don't wear things that is so distinguish to be to other religious like a cross or the you know, the yarmulke or the hot for the Jewish or the collar for priest, we don't allow to do that, in that to create sense of independency there is certain etiquettes in eating and drinking and clothing in Islam all this, it is meant for a bigger picture, which is to feel that sense of honor sense of independency. And that's very important to make you proud to make you strong.

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And in the same times to keep your religion pure, not influenced by other elements from outside. And in the exam example I can see and I put a lot of them. There is also an interesting point when you're looking at the city at large, that Islam wanted to be independent financially. Because the moment you depend on someone else, you are controlled by that person. So this time tell you to be independent, to earn your money not to live off people's charity. And Islam tells you whatever you earn, it's yours. In the old days, woman when whatever they earn is not theirs, that's their husband's money. It's their father's money, and Islam came to cancel that said no her money, it does

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belong to her, you're not allowed to take it, you're allowed to have control over it. And that creates a sense of responsibility over the money. He said some are seldom your money, something you will be asked about where you earn it from and how you spend it.

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I hope what you heard today

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will create that sense of filtration in our mind and heart that we just not observe everything out there have been taught. Every fashion comes up every trends the society have. And we just blindly following every cool things that people might have

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returned in social media we just run after. After all these things in the legend that meant to build that resistance to blindly following others.

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I hope when it comes to actions, we show that these teachings really have built in us that sense of alterations and sense of independency I asked last panel on your piano Yakutia on Phaeton Academy similar to Mr. Rolando composto hero

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and him to rely on salatu salam Ala Moana Viva, my dear brothers and sisters,

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as we all heard, even though I wasn't planning for this hope, but to be connected to this topic, but now, as I said, actually thought it's a good point to bring out. I was thinking about next week, when this mandate came in effect, which is the issue of num masking going back to full capacity. As you all I understand, that need for our economy to be boosts in the state and all this kind of things. But what solid thing that it makes no sense to me at least is why you were left the mandate for a mask. You know, you're still even if you open 100% capacity for businesses. I don't know why would we you put people's lives at risk, especially if you're not supported by any scientific or

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communities to back your decisions up even your own medical advisors team in the state of Texas, you know, don't recommend that. But at hamdulillah I didn't put my mask because I've been told me to do so.

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And I'm not going to take it off because he's saved. So

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I do that not because my government saying that I do that because that's what makes common sense to me. It's about protection for my family and my community and my, you know, neighbors. I use common sense.

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And that's the independency that's the, you know, the personality that we want and the choice that we can make as individuals as business owners. You

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No. And that's one of the beautiful things in America that people

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And believe me, there is no one would like to get rid of masks and stuff like that I have very hard time breathing with it and getting used to add a little bit more. But, you know, like many of you, I'm the most, but many of you, you know, I would love to go back to normal as much as fast as I can. But we there, and it would be foolish just to rush it. You know, it's like, you know, it's like you're driving your car. Okay, oh, Has everybody got to be vaccinated soon. It's like you're driving your car, and you are

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about to go to your home and you're three blocks away from your home. Then he said, since I'm only three blocks away from my home, let me close my eyes.

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Because I'm almost there. That's just foolish.

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It makes no sense to anyone. So I hope that we as a community became more vigilant and more aware and more, you know, have more sense than our government, which is ironically, that's the case most of the time, people have more sense common sense than their elected officials.

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But this is something for me an important because I care about people, I've seen a lot of people dying to do 20

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I know people die, and to die. I know a lot of people suffer your near death, I don't want this to anyone of you. And I'm not scaring you or anything. Like don't take my word. We have a lot of doctors here smart.

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He can tell you, and he can advise you about. And I really appreciate our community's commitment to that. And Sharla I want to also say that we looking in the mustard turul release some of this structions and the rules as much as we can to bring things to normality, according to, you know, to the safety measurement for public places like this. And that's something like we discuss as a team every day because I care Na Na can say that my soul and everyone on the team in those mustard and around this community we care about everybody's to enjoy the experience on the most especially as Ramadan coming. So I have a request for all of you.

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As you leave this hotpot, you will find in the whatsapp group. And if you're not asked all the time, and you're out a survey, the survey intend to get if people vaccinated, or people have that natural antibody and when they got it that will help us to determine 100% will help us to make a better informed decisions about how can we have the mustards and promobot. Can we have a big section for it, for example, where there is no space still with mass? Can we make give us like room to make many decisions if we in 90% of our community get vaccinated, or you know, how many in the last month or so got the anti natural antibody and tested negative, I will help us to get a better idea. And

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that's what the doctors saying. And we consulting also with the health public experts and city level from our community hamdulillah there's so many resources. So please take just one minute, just think do three questions only just answer it replied to it. And if you not, make sure that you reach out to them to get that text message to you, so you can fill it up and send it to us so we can better serve you. I'm 100% was motivated last night until midnight or shakeela house, me and a group of brothers and sisters, you know

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very, very happy to say that I'm very happy to see how committed they are to one thing is to make the common ground on 21 one of your best experience in Charlottetown so we're all looking forward for that we asked our last panel to Allah to give us the life and to the Baraka and honor live to witness the month of Ramadan as a community alarm I mean alarm have fallen on him now often our foreign worker moves in and out often and abroad over lemon mathan minimal Tana water muslimeen alarming and I said okay, I am about to shift our life here locally. Maria clearly moved her an aqua leaf up here and until Antonia who are qualified in an interview john, Allah whom I've never heard

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it can hello and without the government sewak Laila hotlanta subhanak and Nakano, manabadi mean masala Allahumma barik ala nabina, Muhammad Omar Satya hungama

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