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That's why a man came to him and hassled in the bus three came along to either the Imam of unpossible or the Imam of a tambourine. He said, your best aid or movement on and with all abou say I was so nervous please. You are not

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Are you a believer

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has an industry being scholar of Islam a 40 person who understood the Quran says an E man who Eman Eman is two levels

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a mill email

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below he will surely

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ALLAH Hickety he will cook to be here with Yeoman fkT about a will photographer animal meno McCready daddy conviction, Allah is the only one who deserves to be worshipped that Muhammad is his messenger or Salam. There is the last day there is angels. There has been message messages, messages sent down revelations and messengers and the pre decree of Allah pada. I believe in all of this, I'm up. I have a conviction about all of this.

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And he says there is the Eman where Allah subhanaw taala says in a minimum you don't wanna Lavina either to kill a lot would you like to boom what Eman en

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la vie man Lilina Allah Allah Kofi him and Adina eternal kelabra in the minimal Muna Medina Heda to kill Allah Who would you who were either to the Italian to who's either Tommy Manor, where I now have behavior toward Quran?

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Allah says Allah Iike, who will move me know now

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refers to the verses that there's another level of Eman where Allah says, Indeed the believers are only the ones that when the name of Allah is mentioned, the hearts tremble.

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Hearts shake, something resonates with them at a deep level is the faith response to the words of Allah? What do you let alone what either utterly utterly him as to who's either Tommy man and when his words are recited to them, the increase in email and they evolve in a man they they accept them favorably, they look forward to them, they embrace them, they embody them, they absorb them, they submit themselves to them.

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Why not be immutable?

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Put your trust in Allah. So inner things.

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Lithium will be Naoki Mona salata will be models of those who established the prayer read through the Quran, the beginning of salted Bacala Allah mentions but the Quran be guidance for the Matatini who then again livina Umino web where ut Munna salata when we mouse over now homeopathy on

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those who believe in the unseen those who established the prayer, those who spend from what We have given them

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has an imbecile he says heaven Eman livina he doesn't kill Allah. What do you look to Google Home and agree among me on Anna amla. He says as to the higher level of Eman which is when I hear the name of Allah Maha cheeks.

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And my whole inner dimension is caught by the beauty of the words of Allah Oh by the name of Allah. I don't know if I am that level of iman.

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Thus, we have to have this humility and not take the name Islam for granted that I'm a Muslim. We don't know. We don't know how much faith have. Do we have enough faith inside? That would save us from the Hellfire that would make Allah subhanaw taala forgive our sins on the Day of Judgment, allow us into Paradise because none of our deeds is going to get us into paradise. Messengers Salam says Then we had to hold on I don't mean come on Jana, Tabby and many. None of you will enter Paradise because of their deals you teach won't be enough. Maitri into paradise.

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Cold weather until Rasul Allah the companion said O Messenger of Allah, what about you your deeds won't get you into paradise he says water Anna.

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What an inland yet have a mutiny Allah who get off my team in homophobia. Even my deeds won't get me into paradise unless ALLAH showers me with his forgiveness and mercy.

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His balancing

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So, as a Muslim, there is no sort of ceiling that among Muslim I take that for granted. Every day. You have to grow in faith. At least you have to strive to grow.

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Every day you wake up, you open your eyes. You realize this is a day that was given to you to increase your level of man to become a better believer, a better Muslim.

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Every day is a challenge for you. It's a constant struggle every day you raise the bar higher for yourself.

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You focus on the things that Allah loves the most and what are these things? As Allah says in the Divine Hadith merkaba, Elijah ibdv che in the era yummy mythos to Allah, hey, my servant does not seek near destiny by anything that I love more than the things are made an obligation. Allah made them obligation because Allah loves them the most. And the hallmark of Tawheed.

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The hallmark of worshipping Allah subhanaw taala, is to make your will your desire, follow the will of Allah.

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So you try to align your will with the will of Allah. So what Allah loves the most is the obligations so you do the obligations before you go about refining your worship and fine tuning it you get the foundation's right, you get what Allah loves, right? And then after that, you go into the details. You start fixing them refining and improving the quality but you have to get the foundation right because that's what Allah loves the most that shows sound heart

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and reasonable mind. You ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us from Bozo