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Waleed Basyouni
AI: Summary © The importance of Islam's love for men and women, particularly for those who receive the favor of Islam is discussed in a series of segments covering the topic of Islam's love for men and women, particularly for those who receive the favor of Islam. The importance of fulfilling obligations and staying consistent in one's actions is emphasized, as well as the importance of showing off one's love for Allah and being recognized as his partner. The segment ends with a mention of a night prayer and a statement about a humble foundation. The importance of honoring Islam's teachings and values is also emphasized, along with a video about tech talkers and the addition of value to people.
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Lulla Isla

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hamdulillah Hua Hua salatu salam ala Mala Anna via via the Hoonah Vienna Mohammed Abdullah Abdullah who either early he or Sahibi woman who Allah, wa that all praise due to Allah His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Allahu alayhi wa sallam, his family, his companions and his followers until the day of judgment. I bear witness that Allah is the only one worthy of worship and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his last and final messenger. My dear brothers and sisters, it is not a surprise when you see someone who helps someone who support someone who gives someone's who save someone, that that person who the favor been done to him or to

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her, to love and to appreciate the one who provide all these kind of kind act to the person. That's not a surprise. But what's really interesting, when you see the one who provide all these service or kind act, love so much the poor, the people in need, the people who receive I understand you love the giver, but when the giver love the receiver, that will be an interesting

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as Pamela, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada one of his qualities and one of his attributes, and Allah and ministry, fatty Hill Jeeva and who Yohimbe worry that, that Allah Subhana Allah loves His servants. He loves you as a human. He loves you as a believer, even though he is the one who has the Mina who was the father was the favor. He's the one who guided you even though we are the one who are you know we have so much shortcoming was sins and not far away from being good or perfect. Yet, in Arab be Rahim when we're doing my lord indeed is Rahim, so merciful, and so loving. So he loves the believers, said Jariwala whom Rahman would they will receive love from ALLAH SubhanA wa

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Nana, those of people of Taqwa. So in this hotbar I would like to explore some of the things that Allah Subhana Allah and His Messenger Salam told us about what Allah subhanaw taala loves, and whom Allah Subhana Allah loves and what are the things that if you do, you will be loved by Allah and Ammar and to help learn to have Colonia there it was slumber ala Willa to Corolla home bossley and Flickr and Nick and to have the point is not only that you love Allah, the point and the bigger question is, Does Allah Subhana Allah to Allah loves you? Does Allah subhanaw is the last one to Allah does he loves you that Allah is Allah subhanaw taala any fever you and He loves you? That's

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the big question that you should ask yourself. That's why it's a habit of the Allahu Anhu when they heard the price of Salam once sang, fie in the Battle of Caliban God Allah in a riot and then the rogering you Hebrew Allah, Allah rasool Allah type Colonia here Belarusian lacking Kenneth and vicar where you hit Bula who are pseudo, for bet and NASA do coonelly letter Whom are you whom your PA and that night when the process Salam said tomorrow, I'll give the banner to lead the army someone who loves Allah and His messenger and Allah and His Messenger loves that person. They love that person. So that made the Sahaba compete with one another, to say to basic to be that wishing to be that one

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who will have the puzzle and testify that the person loved by Allah and His Messenger saucer love to extend the term or the Allah and He cares so much, and wish so much to be that one who get that honor that day that can Omar yet to show off in nubby sauce Allah and He will stand on the tip of his toes behind the vivo just to be seen here and he also Allah then in the reason will look right, some of the Sahaba will go to the right, he looked left they'll go to the law. Just see me then in the present Kalina Ali, what is Ali immediately Oh, he's sick the next year news. So now there is even a chance for me to be the next. I know many of you are sticky. I

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can't wait to show off and you're gonna have the Rajala disaster on the Vsauce column.

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in Ibiza Salam chose earlier on the Allahu Allah Allah and the Sahaba get another occasion to get that confirmation of the love of Allah subhanaw taala when a headbutt to Lhasa Tomasi fatty then it will be Jelani can tell me why it was Riva wa can me was, he will masala he Subhana wa Tada tell you it will be July that we believe and confirm that Allah subhanaw taala loves the believers and that one of his attributes the same way we understand that he sees and he hears and he

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pleased and he will and His life and the rest of his attributes of her know what to honor in Allahu Hibben with dugin Balamb an alpha b and he will tuck off for in Allahu hibel monoterpene Allah loves the people of Taqwa and Taqwa three levels. Based on which level you talking about. The more love you receive. A Taqwa. Aslo How am I to heat which is to be a Muslim and to worship none but Allah subhanho wa Taala in America carbon aluminum with taking any mineral more hidden that those people have Taqwa than the second level, those who fulfill the obligations and abstain from the haram. And the third level, those who will do what will benefit them in the era and will leave the thing that

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it will not benefit them in the akhira or it might harm them in the akhira and Mata on the raja Hasani Alenia tune, but for right away to Conan Muhammad, what Daraa Jahan sadita alladhina if I don't mind Pharaoh whom Phil Astra were to * man I am Farmville aka

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Ramona B and Mr. Habad way to Kona and macro hat and Allah subhanaw taala also said pull In Kuntum to hipbone Allah Fett, Debbie Rooney, bib Kamala, those who follow the Sunnah of the Prophet SAW Salem are loved by ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada in Allah you hibel Hanafi at osimhen where Krahula us is Surah Al Avalon. Amin Edgerly dyadic merger out Allahu Allah and if you didn't even how much one of the things that Allah loves that he loves subhanaw taala to make things clear and easy and smooth for us. Subhana wa dawn? Well I see no in Allah yohimbine Mycenean Allah loves and my son in men well my son and my son, who are leather used in illness, why even in Morrison who will have the

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youth can Amira? You can Amman and my son means two things. The one

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Who is kind to people and those no doubt are the best kind of people. And also an Moxon is the one who perfect his actions. When he does things, he does it correctly not nearly Correct. He does Correct. Also in Allah how you Hibou Tobin, where you hibel Matata hearin and Medina tapa Haruna. Amin Arthur Zulu buhoma RC you are Jessie Ha, one Jessa What Can I lick your papa Haruna fee Abderrahim minion Naja set

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that Allah Subhana Allah Allah loves a Tobin, those who repent to Allah subhana wa Tada. Constantly repent to Allah azza wa jal and also Allah loves those who purify themselves and the purification of the of the of you two sides, the Theodorou to purify your soul by repentance, also purify your body with the Becca Fatah hair that you don't let no Jassa in your body. In Allah, how you Hebrew and with our Killeen. Allah loves those who depend on rely and trust him. In Allah. You hibel Moxa 18 Allah loves that just people, those who are just unfair in Allah Hibben mocks it. He actually obeyed it. Well, Manny will ARD will Mr. Ma, what min Hawala, hola who Umrah amerihome WOMAN Yeah, combine

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a nurse, those who are just unfair with their family members, with their neighbors with the community whenever they are in charge. And when they rule between people. Wala who you hit Busaba in Allah loves those who are patient, your spirulina annata It was to be ruined and Maserati was to be ruined. After that he Subhana wa Tada. Those who are patient when it comes to their commitment to the religion, those who are patient when it comes to abstain from the Haram because it required effort and also patient when good as a calamity strikes them in Hola, a hub Boomer LA and you're coming up to BMF Tara who Allah Allah loves those who fulfill the obligations or Salawat a cm and

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hedge What a beautiful windy day in being good to your parents. These are obligations are something that Allah Subhana Allah loves you to fulfill the obligations. Then the next he loves the volunteer Act, the recommended Act and the more you do of these things, the more you are loved by Allah

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and Allah Duomo. However in Qatar, the most beloved deeds to Allah are those who are consistent, and even if it feels even if it is small amount, but you're consistent every day, you never mess with her. Even if it were raka even if it's three raka you never missed a day without reading a page from the Quran. You never missed a day without doing the car even if you cannot see the whole entire car. But you know what, I'll do a little bit but I'm consistent in it one or two.

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I'm consistent in my setup, I'm consistent in you know whatever a bad that you do, you'll be consistent in it will mean I've I mean it you I have been in Allah, Allah nibio Salam, a Salah to when he worked here, a solid in the beginning of the time. You don't delay your Salah Pina from a what's next Allah loves the most quite a bit of invalidating to be good to your parents. Then what's next? And she had to face me Rila to stand up firm for what is right for what is just for what and to stand against those who are unjust those who are corrupt and then it'd be so solemn also said well suited to our ham. The to basically to reach out to your family members to your kinship and to

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connect with them. Thermal Camera Wilma roof We're now here and in mooncup then to again in Ibiza Salam said to say what is right to see what is correct, and to forbade and to stop what is evil and what is wrong.

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What Allah salAllahu Alaihe Salam in regard to the night prayer, a humble salatu lady in Allah, Salah to the root can emulous for Lady wherefore Masuda when Mr Sousa had Buscemi it Allah cm widow would Kenny asumu, Yeoman or you have to remember and the most beloved fasting to Allah the fasting of those he fast one day and break his fast the second day, the following day. Then he fasted the following day. So one day fasting one day not also the most beloved to Allah salah is the in the night solid doubt he used to sleep half of the night and he will pray 1/3 of the night then he will go to

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sleep after that,

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and have Bucha Marathi Illa Mecca Thoreau added to have a solid and the most beloved salatu, Allah subhanaw taala, the one that has larger number, that's why it is recommended for you to come to pray in the masjid were a larger number than whoever at your home have a man in Hola, Colin abuso, Salam saloon Tuthill who handle Muslim to make your Muslim brothers and sisters happy Outotec Shiva and Bukoba to relieve one of their you know calamities or hardship. I'll talk to the and Medina to pay that person's debt out toploader and who do is to provide food to a hungry person? Well, I'm out eat Allah, and to moot what is our new corruptible medical biller that you're continuously mentioned

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ALLAH SubhanA wa atta Anna, and your tongue is moist with ALLAH SubhanA wa ADAD welcome in the visa Salam haben, Nessie in Allah and Pharaoh homeliness, the most beloved one to Allah is the One who is good to others. Well, I have very bad delay in Allah, I sent him Hanukkah, and one of the the one that Allah loves the most, under the arm possessed of the best of manners have broken will be it Allah, the Most Beloved heart to Allah, and yen Ha, ha ha, ha ha

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Misaki in those who their heart is soft, when it comes towards poor people need people in calamity. They don't have that solid heart when it comes to seeing people who are in trouble or in need. Well, I have book by me and Allah Magatha Allah Hill ad and the most beloved food to Allah, where there's many people gathered around it, because that means you invite neighbors, you invite family members. And that's interesting today. This particular point I put it as thing is it's really important. I think it's important in our days, because unfortunately, today, we learn from this particular point at home, make sure that you eat dinner together. There's a dinner table where people gather, it's

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better than everybody you know, go sneak to the kitchen and get a bite and snack and when you tell the kids hey, let's have dinner I ate I had, you know, no, the most beloved food is when people gather to karate, he'll add herbal soda to it Allah and it's la Hibino and with the hustle mean, while Isla till bein one of the best deed to do towards people it to reconsolidate between those who have basically who cut each either cut each other's off reconsolidate between them and bring them together.

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Humbled can me Allah, Allah, Allah, the Most Beloved words that you can ever say that Allah loves you for it Subhan Allah and hamdulillah Ilaha illa Allah Allahu Akbar, humble Khademi Lee and also among the words that Allah loves the most see you to hear you saying it Subhan Allah had Alim Subhana Allah who will be handy Subhan Allah he will be Hamdi Subhanak Allah whom will be Hemric What about a customer? What Allah did took any of them or took a gentleman and Obama well Lena what Illa Europe kind of SallAllahu Sallam Kelly metallic attorney huffy, Attorney Allison appeal attorney from Reason Habib attorney law rushman two things are so heavy in your skill on the Day of

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Judgment, so easy to say by your tongue, but there are so loved by Allah. Allah Subhan Allah he will be Hamdi Subhan Allah and Allah Subhan Allah who will be handy Subhan Allah Allah Allah, Allah, you He will Jamar

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will Hebrew and your athalon imita. Who Allah Allah loves beauty. Allah loves when some beautify themselves and just looking missing and not clean and that's not something I lost father loves and Allah loves to see the impact of his bounty on you. For Allah blessed you with wealth plus the little littlest fallacies that you utilize that don't be among those who stingy, who hold back for in the Lucha Kareem, you hipbelt Karim Jawad, you hibel Jude, I fool you hibel Allah generous, he loves to see you generous, and Allah smart Allah is always possess of the best of quality and he wants he loves those who possess of the best of quality. Allah loves to forgive, and Allah loves to

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see you forgiving as well. Allah is gentle. Allah raffia you hit bedrijf we are the LRF melawati Allah loves to see also gentle, easygoing, kind, you know, not

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aggressive, we're in Allah, your hip will enact will he will help him. Allah loves

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forbearing and he doesn't like those who rush things. Take things in your time. Doesn't mean to be too slow. Don't need to be slow no means you do things correct you take your time and doing it in the right way. May Allah subhana wa Tada I know you're coming out with that lady, you know you hit boom or you're a Buddha. According to Mostafa Rolla Hollywood

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hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Milena vivad Hobart Allah you Hebrew hola hola the named Jonah who

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when he that he could kind of maybe you know Solomon had been healthy lately and Herman m de Himmler. Allah loves to be praised. So make sure you praise Allah subhanaw taala alot and I'll tell you a point that I see missing here. I'm going to share with you a Jeeva when fever been done to you in the Hila Ethany LA and no sorry I've been further but it hamdulillah hadn't been for the La la la manera de la la when something good to happen to you don't say I work hard for that. You know, that's you know, I'm no say hamdulillah Allah save me. Allah guided me. Allah protected me. Allah favor me. Allah blessed me with Alhamdulillah the first word come from your mouth when good or bad

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Even Allah you

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will keep on your octagonal a nurse. Allah loves to give excuses for people find excuses for you for you to be forgiven. And he loves to see you doing the same to people. Allah you hit you then in your email hit Jalla Abadi, Allah likes to clear things for people. So they have no excuse. Very clear and instructions what will happen to you have this happen and he loves from us to do the same thing. To be clear with others. It's not good to have vague contract, give a commitment be clear, even in Allah azza wa jal

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with WITR you hibel with Allah Subhan Allah is one he Oh he loves that odd numbers in general. That's why there's so many things in Sharia are based on seven or three will allow you to handle more were corrosive Safa. Allah loves the things of value,

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things of value, and he hates the things which is has no value.

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It's sad when you see people consumed. And, you know, by a tough a minute or more with Taffy minuteness. My son just came from a conference. I asked him how was the conference first time need to go to the conference. It's interesting that the first observation he said Baba, what's interesting, I saw people very crazy about tick talkers

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and not much about you.

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So I said that I'm in the wrong business guess.

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But it's what and he said let me show you some of these tech talkers, the so famous that people crazy about we are in a time unfortunately with people care for the silly things.

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Not the things of value. We spend money time, efforts over silly things

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are beneficial thing, not honorable things. Even the word honorable and being honorable something like old fashioned old school hours or whatever.

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That's not something else whether you hit Boomer ally or more, to aim high

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and to be low

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and in the end,

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there's so many to be said.

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But Allah your ship will add a huffy and naughty

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that's another quality. The person that was huffing the person doesn't like to show off who do things in private

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and not be the person who always keeps himself cleansed.

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Nothing you can nothing you see nothing you will occur nothing you'll have

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nothing you'll Qalam their tongue or pure their hearts are pure their mind and thoughts are pure. At somebody Allah subhanaw taala loves so much wala who Hebrew masajid we Bhumika we put Medina

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we will him gonna be your Salah Salem. We will he will elevate in Ibiza salam for in an episode called in Allah him Bill Hassan our Hussein

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Obama. What a hit menu Hey Boomer.

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Allah loves Mecca, Medina, the mustards. Allah loves. In nebi Salah Salam he loves his family he loves it campaign.

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Indians, he loved abora or the ALLAH and he loved our Bakr and Omar and Hassan and Hussein and Fathima.

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That means loving those things and loving being in these places. He loves Ramadan, he loves laser powder, the 10 days of the red, that means I look for these things and he cared to be there in that time in that place, and I love those people so I receive Allah subhanaw taala as love and if you already do that, that's a sign of philosophy and Allah loves to you, when Allah He the Habad, then yes, sir Umbra wa follow them was a hella Hayato was Salah hirato he said, job, job and Allah Hua Yoku minim. Allah whom I mean, when Allah loves someone, he makes his life easy, smooth, and make his grave and resurrections and the day of judgment and judgment easy, looking forward to bring him

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to him. subhanho wa Taala with honor and love and reward, may Allah subhanaw taala make us among those who loves Allah and Allah loves them. And Allah may Allah subhanaw taala make us among those who Allah forgive and guide Allah who I mean Allah for Allah no illegality in our home in our home. Well I for another generativity, Karim Allah minion, Barack Obama you hymnbook but I'm going to Lydia rebula Allahu Allah whom only are a Muslim in fer Amin and who sharara Amalia fer en el Amin, Allahu Allah Jalla Quran and Sunnah Allah has a Mr. De La Bella Karthik and Allahu Madonsela la now Ali embolic article metric el amor what you mean Allah who should be called a Marie as well if you

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could remove Tara wife of Kula Ebenezer generally when he crime?

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I mean, Allah morpholino Tana Allah Who Missoula Montana it was a new idea now you know that you know karate now whether we are harming Elena among men and I said okay other general economic Christina Katima are suddenly Allahu wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad Muhammad is so that your family are hungry

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