Why Do Muslims Call Allah by the Arabic Name Allah instead of the English word God

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And we Muslims.

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We prefer calling Allah subhana wa Taala. But the Arabic word Allah, instead of the English word God, people ask the question, Why do you call him Allah? The reason we call Allah by the Arabic word Allah instead of the English word God is because a person can play mischief with the English word God. For example, if you add s to God, it becomes God's plural of God. There is nothing like plural Allah. Allah says Allah and only

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if you add b e, ss to God, it becomes goddess, meaning a female God. There's nothing like male Allah, female Allah, Allah subhanaw taala is unique. He has got no gender. The moment you add further to God, it becomes Godfather, we've met Godfather, he's my guardian. There's nothing like Allah father of Allah by an Islam. If you add mother to God, it becomes god mother, then nothing like Allah mother, Allah Ameen Islam. Allah is a unique word. If you prefix a teen before God, it becomes 10 God, meaning of a god. There is nothing like denial and Islam. That is the reason we Muslims. We prefer calling Allah by the Arabic word Allah instead of the English word God. But when

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the Muslims are speaking to non Muslims, who may not understand the concept of Allah, and when they use this word God instead of Allah I have got no objection, but I would like to remind them that God is not the appropriate translation of that because Allah

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but when we speak to non Muslim then you use this word