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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh How're you guys doing? I've actually broken down.

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Yes, broken down and the technicians that come in to fix this car. But in the meantime, I'm going to be speaking to you guys about something very important, an allegation, which is a very serious allegation. And subsequent, I don't know if it's imprisonment, I should call it or what term I should use of Andrew to our brother, who obviously I've just done a podcast with. Now, the reason why I didn't make a video in the first instance, is simply because the situation was ongoing. And sometimes when you make a public statement in the first couple of weeks even have an ongoing case, it can compound a problem. But the first thing I want to say is that it's very clear that, from our

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perspective, not just as Muslims, but most people in the world operate with what is referred to as natural justice, that someone is innocent until proven guilty. The Prophet Muhammad Salam told us a world, which would be if you don't operate on this very paradigm, which is that everyone would just claim the rights of everybody else, somebody would claim the wealth of another, someone will claim the lives of another. He says, Well, I can tell by a unit other day

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that the burden of proof is upon the one that is making the claim. So we just simply ask, if there's any situation, which is being alleged, just like with every other human being on the face of the earth, we would like to see the evidence. This is something that Quran repeatedly us will have to perhaps, come to so the thing that bring your evidences, if you're truthful. Now, the evidences have not really been provided for such a serious and egregious crime of human trafficking.

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It's a very serious crime. And we stand in wholehearted opposition to such a thing. And this must be clear.

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Human trafficking is a modern form of slavery. In fact, there's something called a slavery act, there's a slavery Act in the United Kingdom, which attempts to track or to document the amount of human trafficking that's happening. And I made a video some years ago, and don't ask me why, or how or when,

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maybe when it's fine some years ago, I just mentioned, but in Holland in the red light district or not inside the red light district, but it's around peripheral areas. And basically, a lot of the the argument I was putting forward to people as to why this is immoral, leaving on the liberal paradigm. Part of it was because of the abuse, it facilitates for a lot of women, human trafficking is an abusive situation, horrible one is completely out of slamming. But of course, if someone's going to be accused of something like that, my question is, please provide the evidence that says, Oh, my statement is that if there is no evidence, there is no case. Having said that, I'll be honest with

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you. We as Muslims, from a theological perspective, believe that if someone becomes a Muslim, that whatever they've done in the past, whether is murder or shirk, which we believe is a higher form of

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decadence, or moral aberration is forgiven anyway. Now, I'm not saying that, therefore, he's absolved from anything or therefore people or victims, potential victims or anything like that, that we're going to minimize pain of any No, because that's another issue. In fact, Islam says, although you come into Islam,

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it's not a Get Out of Jail Free card from for example, if you had taken from the rights of the creation. Now, we're not saying that he has or hasn't, the life that he was, obviously living before wasn't an Islamic life. By his own admission, he referred to himself as an atheist in the past. We've seen this and also the fact he said with his own words, and retweets and that he was living SME had the hedonistic lifestyle. So obviously, all of that stuff is an Islamic

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is beggars belief sometimes that we have to kind of mentioned now there are some things, words of disbelief and so on, that have come up after his

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conversion after the podcasts that we've done. So people think that so I've asked him about that. And he said that those things and also personally, were recorded before and then released afterwards. Now that despite not withstanding these points, there are some things which are still problematic which have been coming out of his Twitter feeds and stuff like that. But there is something called the other project in Islam, which is that the excuse of ignorance someone has just come into Islam. You have to excuse some of their even some words of Cofer or disbelief or whether they because they are new to they're fresh to the religion of Islam. He is just reading. He was

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going into the prison is reading the translation of the Bible.

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or art or something like that. So just give them some time. What I would say also in addition to all of this guys is that to be honest with you,

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There are some things which in my in my behavior and agitates behavior, many other people's behavior, extroverts in general, which we can we can exhibit, what can seemingly be seen or could be, yes, arrogance, I'm going to be very clear about that. And I don't absorb. Well, I operate on a set of answers. You know, I don't absolve myself from this myself. And that's why I feel kind of uncomfortable making this point. Because the thing is, some will say, well look at it, and rotate. I mean, why are you? Why haven't you addressed the fact that the man has got a pompous self aggrandizing self congratulating tone? The reason why I don't speak about humility to people like

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Andretti is because I myself need lessons in it. You know, the Quran says imata, coluna. Mallet alone. Why do you say that which you do not do? Okay? I don't, I can't give anybody a lesson in something I don't have because something or someone bereft of a quality cannot give it all I can do. Or faculty Sheetla RT, the famous Arabic saying, All I can do is point people to some verses and say, Listen, I'm still I'm still working on this stuff myself. Does Andrew Taylor Muhammad hijab what other people exhibit Islamic humility? I don't think so at all. And of course, that is something from Hamad hijab and Andrew Tay and other exhibitionist, extroverted individuals, who if

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we can even even because they have narcissistic traits, or, of course, losses, ism is itself a is a problematic notion. I was reading a book recently actually called the narcissist test, I liked the way the author

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describes narcissism as a sliding scale of self importance, I think that was a good way of putting it. And certainly, and he basically makes the argument that you can't be completely cause. The opposite of narcissism echo is that, if you're an echo is you're going to be a self denier. So there is a middle ground once again, a virtue to be found between being a so called Echo list, and a narcissist, a happy medium and middle ground, a virtuous middle. And that isn't found in let's say, Muhammad hijab or Andrew Tay and other people. And that's not where you're meant to look for virtue anyway, you're meant to look for virtue from the prophets, we have 6236 verses of the Quran, we have

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so much narrations of the Prophet Muhammad wa salam, the character or the masiva, or the calamity that befalls the Muslim people today is that because there's a lacking of, I'll be honest with you, kind of masculine energy, if you want to put it like that from the religious clergy who have been,

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you know, I don't, I don't want to use it. But who, because there's no actual defense or defensive jihad or fighting or conquering or any of these things or Gani going on, that men have reduced in their ability to exhibit certain characteristics. So someone like Andrew Tate is going to attract young men. That's why he has such a great following within Muslim men, because unfortunately, religious, the religious clergy, and some, especially in the English speaking world, religious people, they don't exhibit that level of if you want to call it that traditional masculinity or whatever it may be. So He's appealing to them. But it doesn't mean that that's a perfect model. Of

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course, it's not it's far from quite frankly. And as I've said, there's many things he said and done, videos that he has, which are an Islamic to watch, and I'm saying this very clearly to young people, filled with promiscuity filled with wrong notions, like one wrong notion, I would say and hopefully he has changed it. And if not, there's time for him to do so. Is the importance and rotate in the past has placed on monetary capability or the monetary capability of a man

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in my view, this is misguided notion because

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the RSC guy because actually, you know, because actually, the Quran verse clearly states that the people who are raised the rank the high value people if you like, both men and women, I'm not saying that to try and be woke or left wing because I'm far from any of that stuff.

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But is an increase in knowledge and faith. Allah says Quran yafai Lola, Xena, abdomen Camilla and also laminins our jets that Allah raises a rank amongst you those who have higher faith and higher knowledge. And obviously the most important knowledge

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is religious knowledge the pronouns are some said, may you really let her be home of a dean that whoever Allah was good for that he gives them understanding of the religion. But that doesn't just it's not just specified to religion because Salam used to make die every morning and evening seeing a llama in the SLO Chi Minh Neff and what is confiable Ramona moto. Kabila, the ally seek from you.

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goodly provision and like alarming. Yes, alcohol my Neff has a useful knowledge. So knowledge is and if you look in the history of the world, you'll find that the most influential people, okay. And of course influence itself as a concept which must be unpacked and spoken about there's different definitions and different

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conceptions of it, but just for the sake of simplicity, and brevity, I will say that, if you look at some lists have been, you know, put in place by some individuals like Pantheon, or whether, even though a lot of them are Eurocentric, Western, Western centric, some of them are not. I mean, what's some of these lists have the professors at the top of them, you'll find that the most influential people in human history have been either thinkers or political actors. Why because they've had the most demographic, or the most

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demographic, or, you know, changing effect on on demography, on sociology, on politics,

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on culture,

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the Prophet Muhammad, Allah, what made him the most influential man in human history with the majority of these lesbian communities, even by non Muslims agreeing to such a thing is that he was able to change all these different spheres of influence,

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the religious, sociological or the social, political and geopolitical, and so on and so forth.

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It's it was revolution and every sphere, ideas have, this is an uncontroversial statement. Ideas, we're about to have a more lasting

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effect, or more influential impact than money unless, of course, money is good for the formulation of ideas, or the production of knowledge. Or, more, of course,

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for military reasons that we've seen, you'd have to really compete

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heavily with money, the money that would be required in order to compete with the global hegemony now, which is the United States of America, for example, and military would not be the kind of money that only one person can, can accumulate. So what I'm saying is that this, these notions need to be reevaluated. However having said that, so there's two or three things I want to say in this video, guys, number one, in relation to entertain, and allegations, there's just simply isn't any evidence. And unfortunately,

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people are jumping on the bandwagon, bandwagon, and that they're seeing things that is just pushing the Islamic boundaries, especially from our communities, you cannot celebrate the imprisonment of a brother, a Muslim brother, who you're meant to love, who, in Islam, Allah, and the Prophet SAW Salem, advise us or commanded us even to love follow up brothers. And there's a there's a camaraderie there's a there's a, there is a brotherhood, there is a family, this is all a family. So I'm examining the ALMA seeing another person being punished to go and put in prison. This says something about one's own faith. How can you like that kind of thing as a Muslim? How can you want

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that kind of thing for a newly practicing Muslim? Do you not feel sympathy? Or do you not feel some level of sadness seeing the brother go into the prison with a Quran in his hand in the English language, trying his best to learn, even before he was asking some questions and he can see his genuine, authentic, I sat with him, we sat with him after the podcast and he seemed

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he seemed very authentic, I have to say to you, so I am not happy with what's happened. Why? Because he's our brother, his entire family is a family now. There's a there's a degree of loyalty that I have for all the Muslim people, including, but not limited to Andrew.

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So long as you are not a monolithic, and not a hypocrite, and not someone who's treacherous to our community, then we have to be loyal to you.

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That's the first thing. The second thing is.

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The second thing is, of course, there's some things in the Andrew rotate, product or brand or whatever you want to call it, which are or have been historically unassigned, we can continue to be what the man is a new Muslim. And it's always been the case in Islam, where we make provision kind of for new Muslims, or we Yanni we give them a chance. And these couple of minutes come from very strong kind of Jamelia. Like he's coming from a situation where he's really had a lot of temptations in the dunya is

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The world and so you got to give them a little bit more time. So my, what I want to say to the people here is, I have personally been inundated with messages and videos and all kinds of things of people embracing Islam because of this guy because he became Muslim.

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Islam. Even people may not notice that there was a category of recipient of zakat, which is a pillar of Islam, meant for people who are sympathetic to Islam, which are called a Lefferts equilibrium. You see,

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the fact that people who are influential, and he is influential, I'm not talking about his he's influential even from

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I would even say, a cultural perspective. Yes. From a discourse perspective, someone like Andrew Tate, extremely influential, especially to young people coming into the religion of Islam is something we should want to preserve. And the some the fact that some of us don't want to preserve that or are angry or with him or resent him or want to see him in pain or something like that may indicate that our allegiances are not in the right place. And someone will say, well, Muhammad, you're being very gender bias. If this was a woman, then you wouldn't have the same attitude if this was a woman, this and that, and no, I'm not. And no, we're not. For example, Sinead O'Connor, she

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became a Muslim, and she lived a very unassuming life before, and she was celebrated by the entire Muslim community, none of her previous sins. In fact, I, I challenge anyone to bring even forth some level of criticism of sinead o'connor corner, about her previous misgivings. And since that rival that of undertake that you won't find it at all. And in fact, I believe that this feminist influenced individuals who are jumping up and down because they're triggered by undertake for whatever, four reasons, some of them are justifiable, and some of them are not.

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You see, they would not be able to, they would be very upset. Yes, at Muslim people doing the same kind of thing with someone like Sinead O'Connor, who became a Muslim, and who was welcomed within the community without almost any mention of her previous sins or misgivings. So this idea of you're creating a fake gender narrative. There is recent or contemporary examples of individuals who have become Muslims who are women

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who have not received the treatment that Andrew Tate has received. And I do think that it's an intentional maligning and manipulation of the narrative, which needs to be called up. This is who the true people who have been gender bias in this situation have been those who have been triggered by and rotate. And we've already spoken about that. So I think that

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the lessons in summary, therefore, because I've spoken for quite some time, I will say the following number one, in relation to the allegations, there is actually no evidence. So what am I what am I meant to do with this? What are we meant to do? You have not provided any evidence you've just made a claim.

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So what do I mean what we meant to do with that, number one, number two,

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yes, there are some things in the Andrew tape brand which are totally incommensurate in attitude in in speech and in vice with with the Islamic narrative. Of course, there is an A you'd be a fool not to know that. Of course, we're not telling you to go copy him or me or anybody else. Kulu in sending your huddled men who were your rock duallie as Malik said, in less or hypothetical Harbor that everybody kolloquium Rajan Ali, you take something from them, or you reject something from them, except for the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam and he pointed out the cover of the Prophet Muhammad Rasul Allah. So what are the other graves from outside salah. What I'm saying to you,

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therefore is don't look at undertake as a final finished article, product role model. Of course, he's not he's a new Muslim, give them time to acclimatized to the environment.

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And also, I'd add to that, those who are happy to see the man go into prison, you might have something wrong with you, man, or there might be some

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trauma that you've gone through in life, to give you some, which his kind of parlance and discourse disturbs you, in which case, you need to work on yourself, a man or woman, whoever you may be, you need to work on yourself, because, you know, Sinead O'Connor, or somebody else coming into Islam doesn't upset you as much. There was a model who became a Muslim, a French model recently. You know, no one's speaking badly about her very famous French model. She's a woman. Many women are in fact the majority of converts that comes from a woman they're not Yanni treated in the way that to be honest as guys treated. Some of them come from very Yanni. Strong generally background.

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And finally I'll say you know

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What was the final point? The final point I wanted to make to you guys is

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yes, just follow the Prophet Muhammad SAW Salam follow Islam, because at the end of the day, a lot of the reason why we're not getting yes, we're not getting

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a why young people are going to someone like Andrew Tate is because there's a dearth in the masculine product. In traditional masculinity. There's a dearth in traditional masculinity, that what is required is for people not just to show

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humility and compassion, but also to show bravery and assertion and these kinds of things. I would say that if Muslim men held that standard, if there's a lot of Muslim men that did that, then young Muslim men wouldn't be looking at Andrew t as a role model that replaces the Imam or the father got in the house that can't fight and can't speak

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or can cannot, you know, make a point about properly because they haven't studied so these are the kinds of things I would say and hopefully we'll send them out as well. Hopefully he comes out of prison inshallah. You know, like it's in victory and gives the Muslims victory against these forces, which are very negative forces with someone in class. Okay.