Using Miswak & Brushing Teeth May Break Fast

Waleed Basyouni


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Among the common mistake that I have seen people saying or doing during Ramadan or believing during the month of Ramadan that they believe if the mecca miswak brush their teeth that will break their fast but that's not true. If it's a flavor or no flavor it will not break your fast also some people think that taking a shower while you're fasting is not support macros are not right also does not correct the process. I actually took a shower in a hot day while his fasting had the water be for above his head So allow it to cool down from heat. Also some people think they cannot to for example, clean their ear because that will break their fast that's not also correct. Even eardrums

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will not break your fast because your ear will not is not linked to your stomach. To all these things will not break your fast mail loss panic to Allah except from all of us.