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In Alhamdulillah, Hinata who wanna stay in who wanna study he wanna stop hero wanna Oh to be la Himanshu rhodium fusina Omen sejati armanino Maja de la dama de la la Hua my lil fella hodja wash shadow Allah. Allah Allah Allahu Allah Sheree Kala wash Adana Mohammed Abu rasuluh yah yah Latina man otaku la patoka de la buena 11 to Muslim moon Johan NASA Pura vida como la de holla Kakuma nuptse wahida Ohara caminhadas o Jehovah thermen humare gelang Cafiero Vanessa, what Taka la la de de Luna Viva La ham in a la Hakka Ana la cumbre de la yeah you holla Deena taco La,

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la pu Colin Salida useless. Manoj Kumar, Baku Baku, Mama UT la hora Sula, who faqad philosophers and other human amudha for in hiral kurama kurama la hora de Hydra Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, or Chavo Morimoto de to have a cool demo data team beta Bakula Middleton balada wakulla banality infinera

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all praised you to align His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam, his family, his companions and his followers until the day of judgment. I bear witness that the law is the only one worthy of worship and Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam is last and final messenger. Today, Allah has blessed us with two great deeds coming on the same time that he would have had that he did not. He will have just about the day where the prophets Allah Allah Allah you it was seldom said is the greatest day of the year. And also Friday which is the best day of the week, that the coming together. And that happened during the Prophet sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam and have been also to be one time Friday to be out have fun in the day of alpha which is also another day of read where people gathered and celebrate the mercy of Allah subhana wa Tada. And when this took place during the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he sets a low audio to send them men Shahid, Allah either follow him on a walk on Mencia, I mean come on, you suddenly found you suddenly for in dementia fell yet Rocco laity in Jammu and Kashmir when that didn't be subtle allow it seldom said that when the lead comes, came in the same day of Friday happened to be in the same day of Friday. He said, Whoever prayed eat tomorrow, it is an optional for him or for

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him. So if you wish to come You can come and if you don't want to come, you basically not obligated but you are obligated to pray the whole. And that issue in America law debated over it, not something that agreed upon, even though surprisingly surprisingly, you will not find a dispute among the early scholars among the companions about this issue, you will find that the companions river differed over this issue. There is an agreement between the companions on that that's a lot to do more are not became followed on the person who prayed to eat, but he must or he must pray the hook. And you will find that this is the position of Roma rhodiola on an earth man and Ali Abu Zubaydah

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and hurayrah had been a boss and had been Omar, and a long list of the companions and we don't know any other companions took other position than that. But later on some of the fuqaha have taken another position by saying no, you must pray.

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You must pray Juma. Even if you pray, eat, and you must pray even if you're going to pray

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Juma and will allow that the strongest opinion that it is an optional and because the whole point of Juma is to gather the people and to give the speech and to give the reminder, and that happened during the AIDS hobo. So the gathering itself happened. What's left is the time of the Salah, which is the board time to be praying and that's why you pray the whole and also it became hard for people those who are celebrating IED going to slaughter their animals if you tell them Juma is part of the month that will kind of basically disturb their schedule in many cases, which will not be easy for them to attend both.

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That's why those who attend like yourself, Allah daddy word you especially if you have witnessed salaat I'll eat and those who did not, we should not think less of their actions or they're missing an obligatory

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But actually it is an optional for them. What I would like to cite today while we're in the midst of this last day,

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reminding myself and my brothers sisters of one of the most common Sula that we are very familiar with in the Quran to short surah is a very unique to the extent that remember shafia Rahim Allah said koloman as elemental or an alumnus in the Hadith Surah lacava.

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He said if there is the only surah Allah revealed to people, it should have been sufficient for all of us.

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This should be sufficient for all of us. That kind of Nicosia Rahim Allah feet of theory. And the Sahaba can occur about Omar about how the surah editor for a

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living he mentioned that some of the companions when they're about to depart from one another, they will recite to one another the song to remind each other of the soul. And this is known as Sadat and as well as the internal insan lfv who's in the lead in Amman where Amira Saudi had what are also we have what are called the sub

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This is a very unique saw that the last part Alistar the surah by saying well us is whereby Alaska, Alaska we all familiar with Alaska which is the time of the apostle prayer, but some of the enema him Allah said like you've been Ambassador I'll also hear it. Yes, it is the time of prayer which is the midday but the point here alarm making an oath by the time Carl was asleep and he will work and anytime Allah Subhana Allah make an oath was something either XM Allah will be shade for Allah hula yoke Sumo in libido a woman in the who, Allah only make an oath with something that is so valuable and the last mother's eyes so special. So everything that the last month that I make an old word

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missing, what bohart what lady does was shamcey whoo Ha ha, welcome Merida Tara well idea to have a powerful so anytime Allah make an oath was something it is because that thing is very valuable and very special.

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so here also the time is something very valuable. And will work to emphasize that we need to be wise huduma arnicare view that the time is the most valuable thing, the most valuable thing that you can ever get. And unfortunately it is the the thing that all of us wasted and when you have something valuable you don't waste it. I saw people in this hurricane, you know got flooded their home. I need holding into this chair and his wife keep telling him Hey, Hoss, just it's it's rolling. That's all water has. He said but it is so valuable. It is so special. It is something value he doesn't want to give it up. You know you don't waste something valuable. You have a valuable car you have a good

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amount of money you don't just waste time. So here he is saying the most valuable thing that human beings ever can have is time. But still we don't pay attention to it. We wasting it left and right men speaking of killing time, while time surely slowly killing them

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well as the time

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Allah Subhana Allah that is where your Polish Shafi Rahim Allah Sahib to Sofia deferment de facto minimum in LA ba I spent time with the Sophie's I didn't learn anything or benefit anything from them except two things.

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Can well worked. Yeah, and he can

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work time. If you don't get advantage of it. Already you make it for you. It will be against you.

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Worked case safe in lambda Park Park. If you don't use it for yourself, it will be used against you basically.

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So here, people say time like gold, and that's not true time is more valuable than gold. Gold can be repurchase but time will never be repurchase.

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When you run out of time, you never be able to get extra money. So to the weekend, a movie about the madiha Isla de la casa de la vida. De is carrying you to a moment where you will not have extra moment to add to your life. That's why has alabaster Rahim Allah said, You have been Adam in Nima anta Yama muchmore. Either Mama, yo, Mama Babak, Oh son of Adam, you nothing but a collections of days and nights. Every day goes by every night goes back. You basically part a few. You lost part of you Until one day comes and nothing left in you. That's why it's so interesting what Allah said after that while asleep.

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Now in San NFV hosts, indeed, human being in great losses. History and Mr. Sorrell inside the Coronavirus team Italian jameelah arrives you mentioned something very interesting. He said I saw a man. And I was thinking about this or on this verse, When last month. I swear by the time indeed human being in constant great losses. So he said, I understood it when he went to the market. I understood what this verse means when they entered the market. And I saw a man selling ice.

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You have ice and he's selling it in the market. And at that time, there is no refrigerators, there is no freezers, nothing. So he broke this ice. So every moment goes by in the market and he didn't sell the ice, what happened to his capital,

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get less and less and less, constantly, he losing his capital. He said that what it is in insanity, because constantly you're in losses,

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human beings lose every day. You're in constant losses that and one thing that you lose, you lose from your time. So if Allah subhanho wa Taala give you 100 years or 50 years, 60 years, 100 days, whatever your day is left. So every moment goes, you basically lose from your capital, and the most capital the most important capital that you have, which is your time.

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It just coming up very quickly.

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Also losses human being in great losses if you hustle Lima De La Serena new Kira Lita Khun Amma Tishman and work a theorem in a salon. It's an indefinite the word kusa, indefinite what that indefinite means in Bella on the science of, of language, literature, it means a different type of losses, just not one time. So it's not only your loses, losing basically your from your age and your time and this dunya know, another type of losses your health, the older you get more you lose from your health, even your cells, you know, your your memory, and everything in your body is as long as basically as you grow older, you start losing. That's why you have to take you know, these proteins

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to build your muscles again, because it's getting you know, after you get in your 50s it's getting bigger, you go to gym and do because if you don't you keep losing. And you just tried to keep up with it, your memory and everything and you just keep losing also losses, one of the losses the meaning of losses, because the more we live, the more sins and shortcomings happen from us. Couldn't have any other mahatva Yeah, anybody in the ownable anyone know how all my servants you make sense day and night. So we are in losses.

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Then the last character Allah said in levena,

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except there is some people not inconstant losing losses.

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Who are they? And Medina, Amman, why middle Sally had what are also been helped What are also the Saba those who believe in Allah, those who offer good deeds, and those who basically remind one another with help and support.

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And it's interesting. So last one that I mentioned for things, that it will stop the losses, that you have the faith that you do the good deeds. And you remind one another of how certain knowledge, sir, does bring certainty into the heart. And also what will remind me of one another to be patient.

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If you notice, two of the four are something you do individually.

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And the other two, we do it collectively. Because in Islam see that the only way we succeed, the only way you survive, if we work together. If you think you can survive in your own, that's not going to happen. If you think that you can basically stop the losses just by being by yourself is not going to happen. It's required from all of us to come together to remind one another, to be around each other's to basically pick each other's up and push each other's high. That's how it works on the last part of data make it very clear for us to our soul. You need to remind one another the work collectively. So the first one is an easy man to have the faith in the lady in Amman middle

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Saudi hat. And he man the faith is also something never stay in the same level. That's why you're in constant losses. And this is something very interesting to know

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that an Amen faith now

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stays in one level, you imagine either going up or going down. Those who think that they can maintain their Eman and their faith and just one level. They're wrong about they don't understand the nature of faith, the nature of faith, it's either going up or going down. It doesn't stay in one level. So it's up to you either you push up high and you increase your Eman or if you just basically lower your guard, you start declining and you start decreasing in your email. So one of the things that Allah Allah telling us that those who have faith in levena Amman, will Islam hoonah douleur Allah Sabha what is Dima? Those who have faith and this faith is strong a solid and cannot be solid

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and strong unless it is followed with the good deeds. That's why last week I said why am he lost sight he had not because good deeds is not part of the man have faith. No, it does indeed. But I'm also gonna mention it to show the importance of our faith will not be just to claim our Eman will not be just that our acclaim that we have or we words that we say Eman Lisa Hawa. mujtaba too many voila

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calam ucol b lisanne nakina hamanaka rafiqul masataka one ml chemical hussen it is what is in the heart and translated by your actions. So inland Latina M and we're amylose side he had the do the good deeds. I'm an assignee, and I'm an assignee, who are Mr. merrit Fishel Attia to consider this a good deeds that must meet the following conditions. The Muslim movement. Morehead Villa, it happened his good deeds by a person who believe in Allah as the only one worthy of worship a person who believe in Mohammed Salah LAO. He was setting them up if he is among the oma of Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, I believe and also that you do this sincerely not to show off not because you want to get

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attention or reward in the dunya and the third one and the akuna Allah we've had the Nabi sallallahu Sallam come up Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that FEMA now has the mallee Seminole firewall. It has to be done according to the way of a sort of loss of Allah How do you send them not according to your why not according to this, it's according to the Sunnah of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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and if you meet these conditions, this is what I are referring to diversity fitting Illa Latina amarula amaroo aside he had a slightly had been added for lamb and let attorney and assignee hat. Who the hell man Luma makarora, Shara rofa asylee hat, we put this elephant lamp on it to make it the known deeds. And it's only known because it made these conditions which it came in many other evidence in the Quran. What tawassul the remind one another and it's interesting. It comes with that fairly Movado mopod. What our saw about boom ba ba, ba ba, ba ba ba ba ba ba ba tawassul which it means continuously there are reminding one another. We don't give up on one another. We don't stop

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advising one another. We don't stop encouraging one another. We don't stop teaching one another. We don't stop learning from one another. We don't stop inspiring one another. That's why it says tawassul continuously have feminine mobile and Lydia doula Allen stem Radha Simona Titan mobile era and we do this collectively tawassul been help. And the word tawassul also there is a very unique meaning in it comes from the order to Aasiya, which we'll see here the well which is something that you say or do you do out of sincerity, out of love out of care? Why would you write a well because you care? Why would you write a well it's out of mercy and love for those who comes after you. So

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this is what it does. When we advise one another we inspire one another we can help one another because we care about one another because we love one another because we want to help each other to be among those who will be in Jannat in or even saved from hellfire. What are also been half and half is the truth. And how is the knowledge? I'll help is the signal I'll help is an I'll help is an Islam. Yeah, I need to remind each others of these principles of the Dean of the faith of the Islam of the Quran of the importance of it, of learning it teaching one another about it and inspiring one another to learn more about it and to practice it. What tawassul the sub and also they remind one

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another they inspire one another they help one another to have silver

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Because in order for you

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to do the faith to be to fulfill the man, and to continuously do good deeds, it needs some. You think it's easy to wake up every day for fudger it need patient. It requirements require from you discipline. And I notice a lot of young people

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commit themselves to the good deeds of Islam, because they lack a very important principle, which is the ability, the discipline, that the not discipline, they don't know how to commit themselves. A lot of people today and the lifestyle that we have doesn't help us to be very disciplined with ourselves.

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You know, we get bored quickly, everything changed. What is that a part a role model they allow and say, setting you up the worst of all manners and Shall I have a whole host of about this? called sayani? So allow us Well, hello, Mum Can you can finance with Roger? awful, awful weather? I'll see you

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and Milan

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and Milan and HTML bisola a person who quickly get bored that's the worst of manners. The worst of attitudes.

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Con for in Zoho JT

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here muhabba tune in a for over a year without will be Yes, Tony found out

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what that Betty

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hacker that.

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He said my wife gave me everything. You know, maybe she's not the most superduper You know why? Neither you as a husband. But you know what we're going along things going good. I'm good to handle I'm happy.

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My my throat my clothes is good. I'm happy with it. I keep I'm wearing it. My Ride is good. I'm doing it. But those who keep board cannot stay with the same thing. Those people cannot commit themselves to the deen very hard for me to see how the religiosity will be strong, how their commitment to the good deeds will continue. So that's why we need that soccer patient to basically continue also avoiding the Haram required some require patient

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patience. So this is something you need to avoid what is not allowed and to practice what is allowed. And these things remark need to be reminded by your family members, by your friends, by your community, by your by people around you to keep you in this truck. I asked a las panatela to make us among those who listened to the speech and follow the best of it. rakudo masamoto sobre la

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hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Milena via the Herat, my brothers and sisters,

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I would like to say that indeed, it is part of the cinema is to make the children happy and to make them

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have a good time and the family associate and Leon what a lot. And I noticed some of the people were circulating in the social media an idea of Hi, I'm not giving my kids any aid gifts or any clothes or anything, you know, we got to put that money to the people who are in need, or people who are basically suffering from the hurricane.

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And in some cases, I know it ended up the kids not getting any gifts, nor the people of the hurricane getting in to get thing. So it's like double losses. Basically, I just say one way from the shutdown to make use of your money, I guess, not splendid, and a good cause. But what I want to say, Just hear me out. If you're gonna do this with your kids, make sure that your kids are happy with that.

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Make sure that your children understand the logic behind that. Because the last thing that we want, you want your children to hate the setup. You want your children to feel that the sadhaka take away from them and make them lose something. If you can at least give them a little bit of good like for me and I told my game my kids were going to do that. And they excited but in the same time when they did that I took them just a half an hour ago to toy place and they said hey, we can have a limited budget to get some toys for you guys, because you have been very good and willing to give the money to the people who is in need. So very important is not to basically make your children turn alike or

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Hey, because there are still kids. So be very smart in the way that you deal with them to make sure to inspire them to understand the concept behind it. And I always believe I always believe one of one of the worst attitudes and live in my opinion.

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is to always put yourself in a narrow corner. Smart people in life, they don't narrow themselves in this narrow corner. You always try not to put yourself in a position which is you have only two choices. You always have multiple choices, or one choice, you know, multiple choice, you know, I can do this and I can do this and they can do this and they can do this can be smart about it, and divided to everybody became happy. And I hope that this is something you think about it and this eat and not to, but on the inferior solvere family. But in the same times you enjoy it and you help others and you in the same time you can combine between all these things together. I ask Allah to

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bless you and bless your wealth. And in this regard, I want to say also, this area of the mustard we double the carpet because this area got Tet, we extract 160 gallons of water from that part of the mustard and constructions will there's other parts of the mustard get tipped as well. So your support is really highly appreciated to the mustard as well. And also on the same time on a site that our mustard with many of the organisers in Houston putting a funds lunch good that it's called a united relief funds for the people affected by the hurricane Harvey and it's the goal they want to raise 100 million $1 million between the Muslim community nationwide so please go to lunch good look

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for that fun relief led by ice GH and clearly economic center and follow up many organizations with about 30 organizations locally come together and put it together. And if you don't want to go that you can come to our message today I want to give this $1,000 this $500 and I want to make sure that this is will go to that relief funds if I don't want to if you don't know how to go online to do it on your own and we will take that money collected all and we put it all the end we'll try to do that inshallah tada on your behalf. It's a long term recovery, so And please, there's a lot of people who really need help. Today we just we talked about the age so be generous with our last panel to Allah

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to reward all of us and to protect our family and to protect our city and to protect our businesses and our lives alum I mean a lot of morpholino ham no often or fun no to Allah Marana was thriving I was the heroine I was reacting I

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was Elena hamachi me No father no stone and tabula

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rasa bannerghatta Natalie Medina cafaro Robin our Filipino livadi Deena alarm, you know Martina

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Martina Well, I asked you to bless the brothers and sister who's suffering an Boerma and those who are been dislocated from their homes and targeted and killed over their ally asked you to shower them with the mercy and to protect them as not many people protecting them today. They are from you. They are your servant. I asked you Allah soprano to Anna to help them and to aid them. And I asked her last panel to alibi, his names and attributes to forgive our sin and to bless our family and to bless our city and to bless our life. Allahumma amin masala Allahumma salli ala nabina Muhammad wa salatu salam Kuma