Can I Begin Fasting 6 Days Of Shawwal Prior To Making Up My Fasts

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If one has fasts to make up from this past Ramadan, must they attend to those first before fasting the six days of shawwal?

Shaykh Abu Eesa answers


AI: Summary © The speaker discusses different scenarios for holding an obligatory fast while a long time away from the show. They suggest starting with the first option, which involves completing the fast before starting an intensive one. The second option involves holding the fast for a few days and then finishing it later, but it is important to avoid missing out on the obligation. The third scenario involves holding the fast for a few days and then finishing it later, but it is important to avoid missing out on the obligation.
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If you have many fonts to make up from Ramadan, do you start with those first? Or can you just get the six days of show while done first?

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This is a very common problem that of course affects our sisters from illustration and ethos, or maybe because they were traveling were because they were sick and the brothers if they were traveling, or they were poorly at some time and couldn't fast, now you've got to make it up. Let's say you've got quite a few. What should you do? Well as a priority, the first option is always to make the obligatory actions up first, and you can never compare the importance of obligations with soon and you wouldn't even from a logical point of view, go for that which is non obligatory and leave that which you owe to a loss of parents are less. So number one, you would go and complete

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your obligatory fast and then follow the up with the six days of show what a quick note here on the six days of show, while it is recommended that you do them consecutively. It is not a must. The scholars don't obligate it, but it is good as a practice as we have seen from our scholars. And also because it helps you not to miss and not to, you know, getting in that zone where you are in the fasting kind of framework helps, it makes it easier as well. And so that's the first, I guess, option. The second option is that let's say you had many fast to make up like 20. And you already started an intensive show while so once you finish, the obligatory you're going to be outside the

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show while so what are you going to do six days of show while Well, what do you do there is that you would actually do the obligatory fasts, and then you would follow up with six extra with the intention of it being show one, even though you're not in show well, even if it's two months down the line, you will have those funds accepted because you had no other choice but to do those six days a show while outside of show what is the federal shareholder say mean? And I agree with it very sympathetic to that I like it. But Let's now move to a third scenario. Imagine that there's too many that you have and it's too difficult to do such a large number. Is it possible? Is there some kind

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of solution? Yes, there is a position that some minority of scholars hold and I am offering it to you as well as the action of atisha. We know that in Bhagwati, she stated that she made up her obligatory called the Ramadan orifice in shaba. And the next year, which would indicate that throughout the year, there's no way that someone that guy, Chateau de la is missing out on normal supererogatory non obligatory fasts. So it's possible if there are many, and there's a reason and you don't feel like you can do the obligatory now. You do the six days a show while now and then you do it later, the obligatory ones afterwards, that's acceptable, but as a priority try please to get

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the obligatory ones on first, no cheeky double intentions, kind of folks try to do that. And I answered that in another video. You can't say today, I will fast with the intention of making up my cover. And then I'll also you know, add a little cheeky kind of show on one on No, no, you can't do that. These are separate actions and obligatory fast has a separate individual action and intention that has to happen and stop before fudger is very, very important. So I hope that makes sense. Get the obligatory ones done first and then get the six days of show after even if it's in the next two months off the show while you'll be accepted in sha Allah does that come alongside