Can One Break Their Fast Due To An Exam

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Shaykh Yaser Birjas answers

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The speaker discusses the potential for individuals to have a hard time focusing on their studies during online exams due to the requirement of hardship. They suggest that individuals may be able to continue to practice while breaking fasting, but it is important to ask their doctor before they take a risk of fasting. They also mention the importance of fasting during the winter season.

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So the question about somebody who's having an exam during Ramadan, and they're having a hard time to focus on their studies, while they're faster, so can they break their fast for that purpose, and what of their diabetes, we have diabetes actually

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going through an exam while fasting, many people, they have exams that they have to spend hours and hours and hours, you know, in the exam room, so they spent days and nights and weeks probably in preparation for this exam, it's a very, very important exam for them, whether it's for the medical school or for the law school or for any other school any preparation for anything. So is it permissible for them to break their fast just in preparation for the exam? Well, Carla, when it comes to fasting, part of it is actually needing certain level of hardship. And if the situation becomes unbearable, which means if people have heart conditions, whether they're bakers for example,

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like Gollum and classical books are filled, they say, who work in front of the fire, for instance, or people to work long hours in order it for instance, well, they always have to deal with hardships, and heat and so forth. So if this is the sort of situation circumstances where people are unable to continue fasting, they are allowed to break their fast but studying for an exam again, I cannot really give an answer to say yes you can or you cannot it's case by case scenario. Some people handle Allah bless them with an ability to continue and be and stay strong water fasting and other people they say actually, that I focus more when I'm fasting because I don't have to worry

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about the structure of food or anything else. So really it's a case by case a case by case scenario if a person reaches a level where they're unable to endure the hardship of fasting while they're trying to focus on studies and so forth. In this case they break the fast and they continue they make it up after Ramadan inshallah the water Katana but if it's not that level of difficulty, then they shouldn't they should continue shall endure that level of hardship A lot of it, hopefully inshallah Allah azza wa jal is immense as greater than the hardship that they're gonna have to go through inshallah Xhosa as for someone who's diabetic and Ramadan obviously it's if their level of

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diabetes is

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so much so that they are unable to fast all they need to ask a doctor before they take a risk of fasting they need to ask their doctor so this is not just a matter of luck it's also a matter of right now life and death probably circumstance situation. So I would say for those who are diabetic who don't come to the fasting during the month of Ramadan, ask your doctor if your doctor gave you permission inshallah to fast and that's fine. If your doctor says No, you shouldn't be fasting then you should listen to your doctor break your fast inshallah. And if your situation circumstances improves, you know throughout the year, if it's possible, and if you're allowed to make up these

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days during the wintertime when the days are shorter, then go ahead you can fast later. But if your condition is so hard that you can't even make it up in short days like in the winter days. then in this case, you just break fast and shallow and pick up the video which is feeding the needy for every day that you break out you don't trust in Ramadan Allah