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Difference Between Muslim and Mu’min

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Hussain Yee

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Every Muslim is not yet a movement.

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And Allah say that in the Quran, Allah arabo mana column domina wallop in Kula Islam, in Surat, Gujarat, in a time of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam when a group of atoms, the atoms, they are not us, we are them.

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They came to the Prophet, and they say we are believers.

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Allah subhana wa Taala revealed this ayah

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respond to the acclaim.

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So, the prophet will tell them, say to them, you are not yet a believer,

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it is sufficient for you to claim and say that I am a Muslim.

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Now, this ayah is to remind us there is a difference between a Muslim and

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while I'm Maya, a man of the coup de come into de la hora, Su La la la, la, la, la, la La,

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La La is telling, the man is not there because a man is not your name. A man have nothing to do with your dressing your name because your father your mother are Muslim.

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You can just be a Muslim, but you are not yet a believer.

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But demand is something more than what you claim.

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When the man and the heart allows it, while Am I a man people who become when the man penetrate through the heart and stay in the heart, then you will see that one of the signs that you are a believer is that you become so responsive to a mass command and the teachings of the prophets are Muslim.

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Meaning a person who have a man is a person when Allah commanded you to do something, and the Prophet wanted to do something. There is no more question.

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There's no more saying let me king over. You will respond summit now what

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I hear and I obey when you have the man

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and woman is a person who have no more doubts in Allah. Whatever Allah want you to do, you just have to do it. No question as there is a moment

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our Eman also will be tested, it will increase and it will decrease increase with more righteous deeds. And it will decrease when you start to commit sins.