Torch Bearers Series – Umar ibn Abdulaziz

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A Sultan, a ruler, and scholar, a man of justice, and the grandson of Umar ibn Khattab.


AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of learning from past experiences and the successors of Islam's leadership. They also talk about the importance of combining knowledge and power in policy implementation. The speaker encourages people to join the discussion and support the leaders who combine those elements.
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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah here but I got

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to be good. That's something to be great. That's something else. And that's who our organization was, was just not a good person who was a great person. Oshima, Lodi, mubin Mohan and even other than remote why Moodle has one of the great scholars of Islam. Among the successors said that we came to Omar and knob disease thinking that we go on to teach him and we ended up learning from

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them at bay, they kept the law, when the scholars come to visit him, the world looked like students who are learning from their teachers. And I'm not talking about any scholars talk about the one or any this time. The greatest scholars among the successor lived at that period of time, like any mom had been, she had been so many and so many others. A lot of Z's from the early age. He was aiming very, very high. When he used to tell his mother, that I want to be like my heart, my uncle, I'm delighted to her model and then hotpot, his mother raised the bar even higher, and she said you will be better than him. And in

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some sense he was because a las panatela give him the power of knowledge and the power of soupon the power of politics and became the leaders of the Muslim at that time. You know, in torchbearers, I always ask my students to write down what they know about Donald disease than to compare what today know about him afterwards. And there's a huge difference between what we heard about him, and what we what his legacy was really, and what his life looked like, on him that I see. So a lot of people didn't know that one of the reason that he went that far, he became so influential, that his outstanding relationship with his family has a very supportive wife, I don't think this would have

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make it if his wife wasn't so supportive of him to that to the max, and it allowed and how a lot of him how Allah May Allah subhanaw taala

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accept both of them. And when he decided that he will turn his back to the dunya and he didn't want don't want to be among those who possess gold and Silver's and money and who gives all this for the sake of Allah. He asked his wife if we would agree on that. And she would give up all the gold that she got from her father who used to be a king before on him. And she did she give it all for the sake of Allah. And even after he died on disease, her brother became the honey found the king and he offered her back the jewelry and the money and she said, Would it be shame on me to obey my husband and he is alive, then disobey him after his death? That faithful woman has stood beside him and she

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was very supportive with every step in every decision he made. Not only her even his son up did medic A lot of people don't know that one of the reason I'm one of the guys became so ascetic and Zahid and worshiper, the way he was Rahim, Allah tala, just because he was influenced was his son, Abdullah medic, who was an avid worshipers, he used to pray a lot in the night and even been said that he died while he's reading the Quran in one of the nights. You know, he, one time he told his father and what I've realized is when he became the halifa, he said, that's good for today. We continue tomorrow. And he, his son looked out and he's found very long line of people are waiting

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for notaries to bring the back justice to them, and to remove the injustice that happened to them during the previous

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a honey for King. So he told his father, father, if you can guarantee me that you will live until tomorrow. So you bring justice to those people, I'm fine. But if you can guarantee that how can you meet a Lost Planet, Allah tonight if you die, while you have people at your door in here, one justice and you did not provide it for them. Then he said Alhamdulillah that the law have given me some like you, you know, I can go on and on. But the point is not what some of that is, was that this? All of what I talked about in torchbearer is how can we learn from this? You know, I think we as a doc today, we can go very far. If our family are not supporting us, you know, our community

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cannot survive on its own if it's not we all together as a family come and support the dean in the Tao of law. So again, you know, today we need this leaders who combine between knowledge and politics, knowledge and power in every area. So I'm looking forward to continue this discussion about policies. And my course, torchbearers does that. Come on, look at some money. Come on.